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>>/fascist/4810 >>4807 Since I've started working to weed him out, I've noticed that his posts are associated with a certain ASN number. Recent
>>/fascist/4807 >>4805 I'd believe it, but proof?
>>/fascist/4806 >>4791 If you're right this ''really'' makes me think. Because if his post was deleted and he instantly goes on to post a pro-p
>>/fascist/4805 >>4778 This is Integralist-kun btw
>>/film/26 I emailed admin @ theguntretort.com two days ago, no response, but I'll try to get his attention later. I'm not opposed to movin
>>/fascist/4804 >>4792 >>4793 Fantastic job!
>>/fascist/4803 >>4776 You'd quickly learn whose side those supposed "friends" of yours are on, I bet, if you said that you support the Fourtee
>>/fascist/4802 >>4799 > How do you explain mishima's ««ARMPIT AND DEATH FANTASIES»» Armpits aside, I was surprised to learn in reading the b