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>>/k/20940 >>20935 But if 90% of the case is made of steel, and 10% is a brass cup at the very end of the case, then 90% of the case will
>>/comfy/6155 neighbour
>>/f/2067 >>2056 Thanks that's very encouraging Anon. >>2057 Pretty clean looking gear there. Nice. >>2060 Happy Belated Thanksgiving /f
>>/k/20939 >>20937 >>20938 It actually looks rather like a bubba'd ppsh-41
>>/p/292 >>291 >failed wedding photographer Top fucking kek, that exchange is imageboard tier. Rekieta had De Bruin on his show today
>>/loomis/1140 trip test
>>/loomis/1139 Let's tripfag a bit more. (I'm testing this.)
>>/loomis/1137 Let's tripfag a bit.
>>/loomis/1136 Either you enable JavaScript and use the no cookie id (Which retarded, because javascript is way worse than using cookies.) or
>>/loomis/1135 *Pic related shows that I was right about LynxChan derivatives requiring a ~~captcha~~ '''cookies'''.