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>>/k/59789 >>59788 >the mass killing of ethnic russians doesnt matter Typical pole.
>>/k/59788 >>59787 It doesnt fucking matter you fucking nigger stay on topic.
>>/k/59787 >>59783 >why would there be need for a color revolution? Never mind suppressing the opposition after? To kill as many white Uk
>>/k/59786 me-ga extreme k i d s - p o r n kinky sex 5 - 13 years p r e w https://alias.live/aULreG l i s t - of - l i n k s
>>/britfeel/5944 Got my first grey pube.
>>/cuckquean/6086 Alright they are competing now.
>>/k/59785 >>59784 You said it yourself, that was a balloon, not an airship. It is made out of materials thin enough that radar goes throug
>>/retro/3617 >>3524 >that intro Hits like a freight train. Thanks for reminding me of a time when I could learn stuff by watching TV. >
>>/k/59784 >>59757 >build a proper rigid airship Why make it rigid though? I am sure that with modern tech we could make an inflatable sk
>>/k/59783 >>59748 Tell that to Medvedchuk. If the clowns could win even obviously crooked elections, why would there be need for a color