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>>/k/15054 >>15000 three words and two are "intelligence agency"
>>/k/15053 >>15046 >This was a clear-cut case from the very beginning and it's pretty disgusting that there was ever a controversy about t
>>/retro/1084 >>1079 Even the games that sound like they could be interesting in theory I tend to lose interest in when I see what they're ac
>>/k/15052 >>15046 How the fuck am I defending cops? I'm simply stating that Chauvin was fucked from the beginning. They gave him a sliver
>>/loomis/995 Drew a bunch of facial features from references
>>/k/15051 >>14718 Yeah, I wanted the other one. I thought I found it on /k/, but...
>>/comfy/4260 Does /comfy/ know where this music comes from?
>>/cuckquean/2449 >>2448 Continuing, post is too big >>2386 >polygyny discussion next time Seems to be a general mix of threesomes or watching, wh
>>/k/15050 >>15049 Boomers are still attached to the notion of Officer Friendly, and will be the largest obstacle toward mitigating the pol