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>>/christian/24118 Jesus left a Church, and gave her the Holy Spirit to guide her. If you are separated as a lone sheep you are easy pickings for t
>>/christian/24117 I did keep them, although they werent that harsh (no videogaymes). The positive aspect is that i recovered my devotional practi
>>/britfeel/5146 >>5142 What can you tell me about bluetooth speakers? I'm looking for something compact with good sound quality
>>/agdg/478 So up until now, we've had a lot (lol) of off-topic posting, a lot a one-and-done "how do I make game tho" posts in various thre
>>/agdg/477 Finally got A* path-finding working after a couple of days of banging my head against it. Test program here is done with Raylib.
>>/agdg/476 Hello everyone. I'd just like to give everyone a heads up that the board is under new management. You can call me Newt if you wa
>>/k/49114 >>49113 what if im NOT an abbo
>>/k/49113 There is nothing wrong with eating meat, however you must show respect to the creature that was slain for your meal. If you refu
>>/k/49112 >>49082 It seems to be happening in Israel.
>>/christian/24116 >>24108 >irish >white name one single irish physicist who wasnt Anglo-Irish or otherwise a Protestant