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>>/christian/25643 >>25642 And by curses i mean simply getting called a retard over and over again.
>>/christian/25642 How do you protect yourself against curses online? I didn't care about it until i was delivered and God announced that i was get
>>/christian/25641 >>25640 I do study the Bible a lot but there is a lot i don't know so i don't talk about it, i mostly hang out with Christians.
>>/retro/3367 >>3365 Fair enough but again It's going to be seen as extremely retro in a very short amount of time. Mark my words.
>>/christian/25640 >>25636 >i'm becoming more and more incapable of exchanging with people in real life, I have nothing to talk about other than o
>>/britfeel/5702 >>5701 Never promised one lad, and I recall asking what a "music stream" would even consist of, and not receiving a proper answ
>>/britfeel/5701 >get promised a music stream by musiclad over 7 years ago >Still hasn't delivered
>>/k/56040 >>56027 >They will probably use your posts as proof of insurance fraud too in order to not pay out. Lol. How's ''that'' Strelo
>>/christian/25639 Anabaptism Appreciation Thread Can we have an Anabaptism thread? Do we have Anabaptist brothers around here? It dawned on
>>/k/56039 >>56038 Kek. I'm guessing Jamal and 50 of his closest friends were planning to smash-n-grab anything they could lay hands on du