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>>/lang/514 entire John DeFrancis spoken and written Chinese audio series on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/audio?query=john+defra
>>/k/19216 >>19208 >The Japanese would probably just design their own Carrier They currently lack any sort of nuclear propulsion or CATOB
>>/k/19215 >>19193 not entirely false but not true either https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Crockett_(nuclear_device)
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>>/l/148 >>145 Nice.
>>/k/19214 >>19188 >Activision
>>/christian/1507 >>1390 1) Christ clarifies in the following sentence that it is sowing with intent after the desires of the flesh that reaps cor
>>/comfy/5803 v i d e o g i r l s https://gcc.gl/HrmU4
>>/k/19213 >>19159 How strong is that silicone caulk? Let's say that we have a belt-fed gun and a few boxes of belted ammo. If you sealed