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>>/valis/2658 >>2657 Watch they cancel it as well.
>>/christian/11461 Don't care for nujak memes personally.
>>/christian/11460 >>10966 Hey blackpill, I see you're crossposting again.
>>/k/34688 >>34675 IIRC he just did some business with them and acted as a decent neighbor and was otherwise unaffiliated outside of like
>>/k/34686 >>34518 Christcuck shills
>>/christian/11458 https://earlychurchhistory.org/beliefs-2/long-or-short-ending-in-mark/
>>/christian/11457 Silence lay person! You speak out of turn in front of your Bishop. You shall be denied Eucharist 3 weeks for your insolence. Dea
>>/christian/11456 Friendly wood elf with book of level 4 healing spells says worship your bishop.
>>/k/34685 >>34632 >Then why didn't the Americans obliterate every village in Afghanistan? I mean at first they did. That was basically
>>/k/34684 >>34673 That's generally a bad idea. That being said you sometimes see it in air-to-ground style planes as a retrofit for air a