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>>/fascist/24393 >>24376 >I am still an abrahamist in the sense that when clown world makes me disturbed, I shudder and ask for the kike to do j
>>/fascist/24392 https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2021/03/05/karl-marxs-ancestry-and-elite-connections-what-is-being-hidden-from-us/
>>/k/13845 >>13843 Could use a nuke without repercussions but choose not to* is what I meant to type. I need to stop editing my posts mid-s
>>/k/13844 >>13838 >and their timetable to overrun and capture Taiwan is a short one I imagine. The official party line is that if Taiwan d
>>/fascist/24391 >>24389 >carriage CATFISH. Fuck my life for using a phone
>>/k/13843 >>13836 On the contrary. It's knowing the truth about nukes that makes for even more interesting shit storms. When you realize t
>>/fascist/24390 >>24389 >White surprised quite
>>/fascist/24389 >>24359 The thing is gypsy LARPs as White. I'm White surprised /fascist/ is fine with him when Telegram people aren't. They cl
>>/fascist/24388 My dad just got the vaccine yesterday. I'm hoping he doesn't get seizures or any weird side-effects, but even if he is completel
>>/fascist/24387 >>24308 > ‘Paganism, Traditionalism, Nationalism: Narratives of Russian Rodnoverie” by Kaarina Aitamurto