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>>/comfy/1354 Normally I'm not a fan of models, or sets, preferring drawings, but the artist hit the nail on the head with the comfy here. Her
>>/k/1756 >>1753 You’re missing the point then.
>>/britfeel/332 >>328 ねむ >>329 そうだね
>>/loomis/527 Interesting. How do you decide how big the canvas is gonna be? Also, do you set up horizon lines and stuff for every panel?
>>/k/1755 >be me >in Greater Serbia >see on newspaper ARKAN and his family >ask GF "this is arken, no?" >Many musims come very angry
>>/k/1754 >>1366 I was in Bosnia and heard many stories from the old men who lived there. One thing that stood out was the likelihood
>>/britfeel/331 >>330 they honestly might just be desperate for any story that's not coronavirus or the great chimpout of 2020
>>/k/1753 It's a bit ironic that these riots started over a cop kneeling on a nigger, and now the niggers want all cops to ˝take a knee˝.
>>/k/1752 I have lived in several warzones, and I can tell you how I survived. >Tl;DR >carry a red herring identifying you as a member o
>>/k/1751 >>1749 White people can't protest against cops or their government. >only people to protest cops killing people are right wing