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>>/meta/15212 >>10741 /doll/ is dead. Its ready to go
>>/comfy/5919 Please post pumpkins frens.
>>/k/19841 I like the way those Egyptian ones all look.
>>/lang/529 >>526 this is a nice thread please do more
>>/comfy/5918 A beautiful rainbow appeared right outside my house today. I've never seen one so close and vivid before. It was like it was alm
>>/comfy/5917 good evening/night today i went out with a friend and his friends. it felt nice after so many days alone
>>/k/19840 Fuck off and die, faggot
>>/k/19839 >>18078 Almost as if this was intended so that no one can outrule the head.
>>/k/19838 >>17124 Damn this would be cool and all yet all of this would result for /k/ not existing and that is kinda sad.