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>>/christian/21836 >>21663 >Faith Apart from Works is dead >By their fruits you shall know them. James 2:10-12 Exodus 20:8-11
>>/christian/21835 >>21785 >what's your argument? that men are sinful? catholicism defeated buddy! you did it! well done! >imagine the pea braine
>>/christian/21834 >>21800 Big bang theory says nothing exploded into everything by purely physical processes. >b-b-but a catholic invented it!!1
>>/christian/21833 >>20724 It's torpedos who shit up the place every time I've been here. That and the faggot moderation of this place that delete
>>/christian/21832 >>21798 >"fake Popes" >implying any of them are real "Fathers" I guess this is where you post your mental gymnastics to twist
>>/icup/4902 >>4887 Unless someone still has the WEBM for it then that's gone too.
>>/icup/4900 **We have a thread for this >>3** I've talked with the /eris/ guy about this and seems to be more of an issue with SKF being MI
>>/icup/4899 >>4897 read >>4850 btw you read like a faggot
>>/christian/21831 >>21821 >That doesn't even follow, logically Science is the name given by modern man to the strange god he worships. This god
>>/meta/15957 Title. Are the guys that organized the crossover event from last year here? I'd like to help moderating and organizing stuff thi