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>>/icup/3934 >>3926 This old version of PES doesn't take advantage of the skeleton rigging (and makes long hair is a pain to do) but I think
>>/icup/3933 >>3927 If you use disc0rd-- Panda4Huh#1135 ^ the VRoid model maker You can commission him DesigniChats#2922 ^blender / a
>>/christian/15880 I remember reading an old book about some christian topic,i dont remeber much(it was one of those old hand-written non-transcrib
>>/christian/15879 >>15622 i SPIT upon you
>>/k/39038 >>38992 After seeing the aftermath even Sadam's staunchest opponents agreed he was right and many of the officials are in Iran'
>>/icup/3932 >>3925 I think that's an issue with Blender's transparency, it's super annoying. Try just ignoring it and see if PES is fine.
>>/k/39037 >>39003 >>39030 I'd recommend making some pinto beans and then putting lard when you are refrying them. It's a traditional way
>>/k/39036 >>39018 >>39015 If war between Iran and Israel breaks out, could this possibly mean that China and Russia will start making mo
>>/k/39035 >>38967 >that the bible erases 20 years of Jesus' history Yes, that was my implication lol but also because not only buddhism
>>/christian/15878 well, christianity predates rabbinic judaism, so is actually 'true' judaism, islam also literally means 'submission', so submiss