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>>/britfeel/4691 >>4690 Seeing as it's Japan, I'll have some vintage Roland, Korg, and Yamaha gear please lad, cheers.
>>/christian/18696 >>18695 Because communism is inherently satanic; castrating children is a great evil, yet it is one of the entry level requirem
>>/christian/18695 >>18694 Why not? The popular church of Nicaragua during the Sandinista revolution is very inspiring to me. But I'm against the
>>/k/41855 ==9 NATO members urge support for Ukraine after annexation== https://archive.ph/YLqqa >The leaders of Czechia, Estonia, Latvia
>>/k/41854 >>41839 >shooting wildly >towards a bunch of rocks >when your buddies are standing in a circle around your targets Seems lik
>>/christian/18694 >>18686 Commies can't be christian m8.
>>/christian/18693 >>18691 >do they have a website?? ya https://www.orthodoxchurchpr.org/
>>/christian/18692 >>17783 > Do they not even look at it from the Christian perspective? Do those who kill, lobotomize and expell their gay chil
>>/k/41853 >>41852 The main issue is probably his follwup. You can usually forgive an initial miscalculation, but when you keep fucking up
>>/christian/18691 >>18688 >>18688 >There's only one such church near me, but it's weird in that it calls itself Orthodox "in union with Old Rome