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>>/k/37106 >>37093 Daytime probably useless. Nighttime could be spectacular if you used those big commercial ones. Seems like a trip to th
>>/k/37105 Russian Ruble suddenly fell in value. Speculation is either Washington doing some number fudging to try and forcefully lower oil
>>/k/37104 >>37101 Nothing is happening because they control the FBI and part of congress. I'm not gonna sit and pretend the Republicans w
>>/k/37103 Apparently Boris Johnson is either gonna get a no confidence vote or he's gonna get the boot soon, based on two of his cabinet m
>>/comfy/7091 Makes me want to play Wave Race again.
>>/k/37102 >>36921 >I like to look down on normalniggers and like the feeling of wallowing in my weird mixture of self hate and contempt f
>>/k/37101 >>37089 >it's likely illegal Nobody has done shit to stop him or anyone else in DC so far so why should he give a fuck? Becaus
>>/k/37100 >>37098 Nice.
>>/k/37099 >>37080 >inb4 Russia ends up hosting missiles and military bases in Mexico
>>/christian/13779 Science has essentially proven at this point that a de-facto God of some kind must exist >The universe is not infinite, but had