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>>/shelter/5817 >>5661 HangingFlesh, aka. weasel is one of the Alogs.Space main admins and runs the Guntstream on the cytube, he is coping in t
>>/shelter/5816 can i post loli there?
>>/shelter/5815 >>5807 >before this rotting corpse decomposes Need clarification, are you referring to Ukraine, Europe, Russia, Trump, Biden o
>>/cyber/705 >>704 >muh jobs Recalibrate your llm
>>/shelter/5814 >>5812 It's just Becky. God, she's such a (You) slut. In her mind anything that doesn't conform to her very specific autistic i
>>/valis/3517 Since this site is closing, don't forget to move to /kong/, anons. The best vidya alternative. https://alogs.space/kong/catal
>>/shelter/5813 What happened this time goddamn it
>>/shelter/5812 >>5811 You told who what, faggot?
>>/shelter/5811 >>5805 >Becky Didn't I tell you to leave the webring? Nobody wants you here.
>>/shelter/5810 >>5805 >he thinks Chobitsu made that fed post Another retard to add to the collection