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>>/k/9670 >>9642 If you are using it indoors why not just use regular sandbags? Stick em in trashbags so they dont spill everywhere. Alte
>>/f/1235 >>1230 I don't want it on the 1000A because the damn thing is anemic: one 400MHz processor, and 320MB of RAM. Debain probably w
>>/f/1234 >>1205 Anon, it's still technically vanilla **or I just take it as one** but it's not the shit kind of femdom and not everyone t
>>/film/875 >>872 What channel on Rizon?
>>/icup/2006 If we're joining again, got some changes to be made to the team. We don't want to bite the watermelon again >>>/otter/1386
>>/f/1233 >>1232 e.g., this $30 one https://www.ebay.com/itm/174470398574
>>/f/1232 >>1230 Oh, apparently Fujitsu also made a 68-pin version of my drive (called the MAT3073NP). I can see a few sub-$100 ones on eb
>>/f/1231 >>1229 Also, *byte-switching
>>/f/1230 >>1229 You seemed pretty dedicated to not trying it on the Alphaservers, that's why I mentioned that. I feel like I remember re
>>/f/1229 >>1218 I know it sounds like I'm hating on Debian, but I honestly wouldn't have had a problem with it if the PPC64 version work