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>>/k/12160 >>12155 Realistically, it does make more sense than having them fall under the Europe command. I would have guessed they were
>>/fascist/19458 >>19408 >The only thing that can get past 4chaim is socks5/ssh(service) preferably paid anonymously like crypto for sure if you
>>/fascist/19457 >>19413 Very good. >Secretary of the Shekels Always a kike here, most important! Fuck, these kikes are getting Whiter and
>>/k/12159 >>12147 >Even total manipulative psychopaths have limits to the amount of insanity they're willing to cause. Most psychopaths
>>/fascist/19456 >>19401 You also have that piece of degenerate modern art in the far right (lol) background, black rectangles on ''w''''hite''.
>>/fascist/19455 >>19372 > There have been no confirmations nor any further research into proving that White Caucasians created certain societie
>>/fascist/19454 >>19447 >many I doubt that. In fact, you just don't get it. Jews are hateful of everyone else. We don't need this to work f
>>/k/12158 >>12155 Not surprising in the least. On the other hand at this point I welcome WWIII so maybe it's a bit of a left-handed gift
>>/fascist/19453 They shunned tanned people for some time. Notes on the southern Okinawan accent relate to this too. Usually, civilized people
>>/fascist/19452 >>18598 This is an interesting point. I wouldn't say DaVinci denied a clockwork-like working of the universe either, for it's a