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/agdg/ is moving

The pulse-pounding adventures consisting of long nights and undiagnosable errors shall continue, courtesy of trashchan. Everything in life is eventually temporary, but for a while, this place was home. Sarabada, Goodnight.

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1. Follow the Global Rules 2. The Board is SFW, so spoiler any mature content 3. That's pretty much it But wait, there's more! 4. This thread will work as a META THREAD for the rest of the board. Feel free to post your complaints and questions here. Please use the meta thread: >>1 3. Obey the spirit of the rules, not just the letter. Please be constructive in your comments and critiques. Try to be positive and supportive without pandering or cheerleading. Any obvious board disruption, shit-flinging, crab-bucketing, or nigger-pilling will be removed. 4. As of 03/27/2023, post IDs have been disabled. We're all adults here, we shouldn't need them in order to carry out discussions. Please be mature and don't samefag or accuse others of the same without basis. 5. Have fun. The board was set up merely a bunker and repository for developers, waiting for 8chan to come back online, but since it's in the process of committing sudoku, this could be your new home. List of other bunkers:

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/meta/ thread

Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.

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6/6 GAME JAM Planning / 2D Platformer Research Thread

Alright faggots, as I mentioned in the meta thread recently, I would like to start doing board game jams on a regular basis. Unlike other jams that just give you a theme and a ridiculously short deadline and then you're on your own, the game jams here will come with a ready-to-go, runs out-of-the-box codebase so that any participant will have a working, playable game from day one (however bare-bones and exactly like everyone else's it is). You may choose to use the provided code base if you want, but you're free to bring your own as well. Think the code is ass? Does something you don't want or need? Rewrite it then, I don't care. The provided code is simply to bring as many people up to speed as quickly as possible, as well as to provide a common ground for collaborating with and assisting one another. The first /agdg/ Game Jam game will be making 2D platformers - no theme or gimmick restriction, it can be whatever. The provided game skeleton will use Raylib for graphics, sound, and input, and be written in an easy-to-grasp subset of C++ (nothing fancy or hyper-efficient). The Jam will officially start on June 6th, 2023 (6/6) and run until July 7th, 2023 (7/7), one month. By start, I mean a thread will be created and the code base, along with building instructions will be provided on that day. You are free to do whatever prep you like in the meantime, of course. 7/7 will be a "demo day" of sorts, where everyone uploads their games for others to play, and an informal competition will take place to decide the best game. I say "competition" but it's just for fun, maybe we'll come up with something stupid for the winner though. >why? For fun and practice. Do I expect any masterpieces in a month? No. Will anyone make a "real" game to put up for sale or something? I highly doubt it. What I would like to see though, is everyone at least trying - hence lowering the barrier to entry as much as possible. Can't program? Learn, you've got a whole month. All code provided will be straight-forward and well-documented as to which lines are doing what, start by tweaking that. Can't draw? See and similar for free assets. Can't do sound or music? Again, itch and the like. Do I want to see a whole bunch of Super Mario-clone asset-flips? No. Take the time to try to do something new or do something well. Can program but can't do art? Spend the month developing your art skills and pipeline, even if it means a barebones game program-wise. Are you an artist but can't code? Take the month to learn to code or collaborate with someone who can. Can do everything? Awesome, show us something new then, a novel gameplay mechanic, setting, original character, whatever. I want to see everyone push the boundaries of their skills, using the provided code as a springboard if they like. In this thread I will be gathering ideas for what constitutes the "barebones platformer", and posting my research on that, experiments, and other progress on this project. I would also like to see the thread used for general 2D plaformer discussion. What's out there? What have you played? What's state-of-the-art? What are some cool mechanics you know of? Styles - low-res/pixel, high-resolution, limited-palette, tile-based, pseudo-3D, you name it.

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QTDDTOT - The thread for all those burning Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

So up until now, we've had a lot (lol) of off-topic posting, a lot a one-and-done "how do I make game tho" posts in various threads, especially the meta and progress threads. This is now the new dumping ground for those posts. Do try to put some effort into your posts though, you'll get more responses and won't have to face the wrath of jacked Carmack and his dragon dildo sword+2 that way.

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Fluffy Dating Sim

This is my first ever finished videogame, and I think it's worth sharing here too. It was originally supposed to be just a little joke, but when another artist joined the team the project really kicked off until it escalated into a real full-size game. Give it a try and me what you think:

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Progress General

Post what you're working on.

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3DChan V2

Hey! Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan: >What is 3DChan? For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life. >Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post) This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing. BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.

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Blender and CGI tools Thread

There are few layers to learning Blender, but before learning, the Main Principle is to do as little as possible to get best possible result, by using tools which blender provides. You dont draw textures on everything by hand, you use procedural textures. You dont make rigs for generic humanoids(and some animals), you use rigging addon. Also, I would say that 12+16 gb ram is required for comfortable usage of blender. You can live with 4 gb, sure, but it will not be comfortable at all, and you might never be able to use sculpting(or using displacement in textures) or make proper renders. Also, nvidia cards work better, and if you have older radeon card, its not supported by newer blender, and 2.93 is the last blender version you can use. First one, is learning how to do anything, learning interface, hotkeys, etc. Most of it is very simple, and the more you use it, the faster you will do everything. At this point you should just watch a bunch of videos on youtube, I can recommend a few channels, which mention every single button press they do. And its pretty much the only way to learn it. I would say, you need to know how to do simple modelling, adding random primitives, installing generic must-have addons, such as node wrangler, basic understanding how to render something, and basic understanding of shading, aka materials in blender, how to use hdri and basic unwrapping. Additionally, for simple modelling you need to understand why you should use quad topology. At this point after watching videos, you should be able to make a simple house, or a chair, or anything similar, and make materials for it, place a camera. You dont need to understand what you are doing, just copying what you seed others do. You probably should watch a video or two on how to optimize rendering, to save your time, you dont need 256+ samples for test render, 32 will do just fine. I cant help you at this stage, because everything is just learning which buttons to press. Next is understanding how to do more advanced stuff, like using modifiers for objects, using advanced materials, or even geometry nodes. At this point you should start to understand what you are doing. You should probably start working on a stuff you want to make, however consider it practice, not something you will end up using. I think, you should understand how to make something what you want, instead of just copying some video. You should know what modelling terms mean, like subdivide, rotate, extrude, scale, cut, add object, install the "must have" addons (they ship with blender anyway). And for materials you should understand(just play around with it) what different coordinate systems do (object, generated(aka global), uv) what textures do voronoy, perlin/noise, waves, and what bump, roughness, and displacement means. I am probably forgetting something, but all of it will be adjacent anyway. At this point you should be able to make something like a snake, with proper scales, out of curves or modelled in a couple of minutes. Or maybe use an addon to add a cat rig, model cat around it, and cover it with hair, with procedural shading. (Or naked cat, if your pc cant handle fur). And maybe even animate it. You should use core principle of "do less" and use addon to get armature with premade animation, use automatic weights and make whole animation in just a minute or two. At this point you should notice parts which your pc cant handle. Mine for example cant render volumes anymore, due to "fuck radeon cards, their drivers suck", and some other stuff. There are often ways to sidestep it, but sometimes, if you dont have enough ram, for example, there is pretty much nothing you can do to sidestep it. I would say you should be able to at least render a model with 300k vertexes, a couple of materials with varied roughness, metallic parts, bump map, hdri + a couple of lamps. I would say it is the bare minimum of using blender for gamedev. You might consider translucent/transparent/glass materials, but honestly they are not important. Requirements are lower for eevee rendering engine, and it is faster, but you likely will need cycles. I would say you should be able to make "test" renders in a minute, with low sample rate, otherwise everything will take too much time. Anyway, at this point you should probably think about making something cool via tools you are provided. Probably something based on procedural textures. For example picrelated is a model for a well, and procedural texture for it, it might look complex at first glance, but in reality its quite simple, and only uses a couple of procedural textures and some math. And model is just a cylinder. And lamp uses same model as a bucket, just with a couple of modifiers. Same with orange galaxy-like splash. Its just some camera tricks, and a couple of procedural textures mixed. Doing something like this is really not necessary for gamedev, but it is fun and educational. At this point you should start thinking about making game-ready models and exporting them to your engine. Be it 2d sprites (with that I can help a lot) or 3d models with their textures (with that I can help a little). And you should look through cc0 websites with textures, models, etc, like ). For example you can spend a day trying to model a tree, or you can use an addon to generate a tree in a minute. Cont...

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ARPG project with Raylib

Greetings and salutations, faggots. I'm currently working on a 2D, isometric-perspective action RPG. The goal is a Diablo-like, minus the Skinner-box loot pinata bullshit and adding a party system with simple but configurable AI party members - think Seiken Densetsu 2, 3 and Final Fantasy XII. I'm using C++ with Raylib as my primary graphics/input/output library, no "game engine" to speak of as yet. As I'm going through a bit of a refactor, I thought I would re-organize the project from scratch and document it here in the form of a tutorial slash dev blog. I'd like to use it to dump progress updates and code snippets, as well as for it to be a place to discuss Raylib and general RPG development. If you follow along, you should be able to build a similar game without too much difficulty. Disclaimer though - I am not a pro (game developer, I do a different kind of engineering for my day job), and am new to C++, so don't expect perfect code, best design practices, or anything like that. Stay tuned for an intro to Raylib, my project/build system, and design document.

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Hi everyone and welcome to the first /AGDG/ game jam (please clap). >what is this? This game jam is an opportunity for anons to learn and practice their programming/game dev skills in a more structured environment than just "read this programming book and then make pong or something." We (and by that I mean individually) will be making games in the "2D platformer/side-scroller" style of which I am sure you are all familiar - Mario, Sonic, Metroid, Kirby, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Slug, Contra, the list goes on and on. I pulled that out of my ass thought long and hard about what would be a good first jam game, the sweet spot between trivial "hello world"-like and overly complicated, and came up with platformer. In general, at the least, it's got a player character, a 2-dimensional map, obstacles/hazards, and enemies. Controlling the player character requires being able to take in and process input from either a keyboard/mouse setup or a USB gamepad and apply that to the current character state. A map, of any significant size and complexity, will require an external editor, as well as code to convert the exported map data to something your game can understand. Obstacles/hazards will need to checked for collision with the character, and the character to react appropriately upon contact (take damage, power-down/de-level, get knocked back, die, etc.). Enemies require graphics, sound, and a way to update and manage their behavior/internal state, as well as to be "cleaned up" on death or otherwise expiration (off screen, etc.). Now, this game jam is aimed at all skill and experience levels and, to try to keep people on the same page and to make things easier in general, I'm highly encouraging the use of Raylib, C++, and your choice of text editor for development. C++ is the current de-facto language for games development and in my experience, isn't as horrible as people say once you get used to it. Have to say it's grown on me this past month. Raylib is a popular games framework - not an engine - that also hits that sweet spot between extreme low-level, "to the metal" programming and "tries to be everything to everyone and fails" game engines. It respects your development freedom by staying out of the way and not hijacking your workflow, while providing all the typical low-level functionality games require - window management, input, rendering, sound, etc. >cont.

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Anon makes an MMORPG (LOL)

Alright, I said I'd stop shitting up the progress thread so here it is. I'm beginning to plan to prepare to lay the preliminary groundwork for an old-school 3D MMORPG in the vein of Everquest, Meridian 59, Ultima Online, and others. I'm pretty much rolling it from scratch, using Raylib for a lot of the input/rendering/sound/etc. functionality plus a few more libraries for XML handling, UDP networking, serialization, and that's about it. You can see some project background and the progress up to this point in the progress thread starting from here: >>755 Spent some time yesterday working on the character controller. Getting capsule -> mesh collisions working wasn't too bad, but getting proper FPS style movement out of it was a fucking nightmare. I ended up raising up and shortening the capsule so it wasn't colliding with everything and anything, using a raycast from the center down to handle different surfaces and steps and the like, while using the capsule to collide with walls/ceilings/very steep slopes. Played with the swimming a bit too, still some funkiness with getting in and out of water. Some shots showing part of the setup for developing the movement metrics - slopes to test walking up and down steps without skipping and bumping, as well as test walking into slopes too steep to traverse. Also got some steps to test what heights the player should be able to automatically step up onto without jumping. TODO: handle sliding down steep slopes, determine jump height/distance, and support crouching and movement on ladders. I would like to use crouch to enter low/tight spaces, hide from enemies (LOS is currently handled with a ray from eye to eye), as well as disabling walking off edges when crouched, so you could carefully approach a cliff edge and look over if you wanted to, or move carefully on a narrow/icy ledge or something. Will be dumping progress here from now so keep an eye out.

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Billy's Quest for Love. june 2023 instruction manual → UPDATED JUNE 2023!! r18+ nudity , drugs and course language. Guide Billy in his life searching for love. go to school, interact with the residents of the village, and find love! maybe.. Your choices will affect later events. Working time clock 1 sec is 1 min. game ends on the 5th day. the usual game flow goes like this: go to school in the morning, wait for it to get dark outside, then go to sleep in the bed, repeat until day 5. Controls: Arroy keys to move. z is accept/interact. x is menu/cancel. Bugs:-flying the airship over doors will get u stuck. -dont press any directions during scripted events like the intro, u will get stuck. update 2023: -fixed skipping school bug. -removed save from menu. -removed garbage from pocket watch. -removed junk hud. -more information. more dialogs. changed some dialogs. -signs. -school music is quieter. -a message to sleep at night. -more wheelz interaction. -princess doesnt run away after festival. -airship now requires chocolate. -chocolate is much cheaper. -longer window for finding magic tiger. -skipping school being triggered at the wrong time glitch fixed.

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Tools Thread - post em up

All-purpose tools thread - post anything you found that's useful to you. 3D/2D CAD, image editing, digital painting, animation, audio/music creation, level editing/design software, the essential game developer's toolbox. I came across these two sites a while back, online 3D game level viewers. The first is noclip: ht tps:// - a site where you can load up levels from a decent list of games and fly around in them, no-clip-mode style. Some very cool stuff in there, gives you a nice "behind the scenes" look into how your favorite game levels were put together. Definitely check out the Dark Souls maps there, absolutely brilliant. The level of detail put into far away parts barely visible is nuts, try to find all the low-poly firelink shrines there are, visible from other sections of the game. The other is a similar tool, but for Everquest maps - ht tps:// . Awesome old-school, low-poly, 90's BSP/CSG-type levels, if you're into that. Check it out and get a look at the kind of claustrophobic, meandering MMORPG dungeon maps that existed before narcissistic 3rd-person cameras took over. What are you using, Anon? What's your workflow look like?

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How does this look?

Not spoiling anything, but how does this look?

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Star Sentinel

Hiya /agdg/, I have this neat GBstudio game that I made. Its called Star Sentinel. Its only $4.99. It has 13 levels. You can see the gameplay in LV 2 in the picture. You can get it here:

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Seeking developers for ZZT game

If you have any experience in ZZT game development, or are willing to learn (8th graders made their own games with ZZT-OOP), then I am looking for help finishing my ZZT game "Seasons". I will be handling storyboarding and planning. I've got a couple pieces of it done, but at the rate I'm doing it all myself I won't get done before I turn 40. Even if you help make ONE board it will be greatly appreciated and you'll be credited appropriately.

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Demo day?

Where's everyone gone?

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Ok, seems like I'm a fucking retard and this is above my head, so I was hoping that /agdg/ can help me. I've been learning a bit of python as I made some visual novels over the years, I thought I had it ok but I'm stuck with what potentially be something stupid only because I bite more than I could handle. I'm trying to do a simple "Breakout" style mini-game for a new visual novel I'm developing. The gameplay will be largely inspired by both Touhou bullet hell and the original 4 or 5 touhou games that were more in the breakout style. I wanted to have the main character hold a shield and him being able to hold it and toss it, holding the shield would protect him from some projectiles, but he can toss it to damage enemies to either the right or left using the mouse buttons. He should be able to move freely through a portion of the screen, and he would get upgrades through the game like extra shields, more health, and the strength of the shield, and there would be a couple of boss battles using these mechanics. I had the flow map already planned, but the problem is FUCKING REN'PY DOESN'T HAVE SUPPORT FOR PYGAMES ANYMORE Reading some of the documentation, it seems like using creator-defined displayable is the way to go, but I for the life of me can't manage to display the mini-game correctly. Can /agdg/ walk me through this like a retard? Any example code lying around? There are plenty of pygame breakout games around, but I couldn't find a single one ported to ren'py in order to at least see what I'm doing wrong. My other option is moving to godot and trying, but since the game will largely be mostly a visual novel/trainer game, I think it would be pretty retarded to switch engines only because of the mini game, and ultimately I may drop the mini game, but man, I don't want to since I really like the concept.

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Stacking two sprite makes it cheaper?

How was this coded? The screen projection? I imagine it s the usual trig but the frame rate is so goddamn low and but the thing also dont look like it s missing framerate like it comes in steps What to do Curious of the source code Also whatexisting tool that can do this by default, preferably lightweight and libre?

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Saint11's tutorials

There's a guy that goes by saint11, he makes some pretty good pixel art tutorials.

R: 20 / I: 1 / P: 3

How do I make a 2D action RPG?

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Any other tool where i can prototype game features quickly no need to shit out exe or apps, maybe just record gifs of features, to quickly test a few things... graphic programmings and whatnot

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Would you guys be interested in participating in the next iteration of the Infinity Cup? Asking cause some anon mentioned it on

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Engines for potatos

hey all, recently became homeless but i still want to work on my game. i'm currently on a shitty laptop, are there any game engines that might be able to run on it? i'm thinking unity but i want to hear suggestions

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Uncommon Time Full-Rewrite Project

Tenative Name : Uncommon Time Retuned Demo day builds (Latest at feb 13th) : I am doing a full rewrite/edit of Feralpheonix's game Uncommon Time. In addition to the purging of literal-faggotry and tumblrshit, it cuts filler and adds in new story elements. Included are more main characters, a few new side characters, real villains, and gives the both the player and characters more agency in their actions. For the gameplay side, spells from all fronts are being tweaked to make them more useful. Characters that were otherwise shit for one reason or another are changed up to be better. Yanfly Engine Ace scripts are added, so the party limit has increased to 7, and there are various other additions to make the game better. as well as a few oversights with the scripts that I need to work around to make time less-wasted >why are you doing this? To prove to myself I can emotionally get over my nodev status and make "something big". >You're not gonna fuck up Teagan, right? Hell no, she's still snide and critical as ever. In the rewrite, she's a legit monk instead of a "fighter", no longer a carbon copy of whatever anime character FP used to template Teagan, and will still be critical about the party over their shitty playing. And for you glorious waifufags, I got you covered, fam. >Is FeralPheonix's self-insert (Alto) less of a cunt now? Yes. Alto as a character has been split into triplet siblings now: Alto, Mezzo, and Soprano. The bitchyness and autism have been shuffled around the three of them, so you'll see how things pan out as the game progresses. >So you purged the tumblrshit, what about the worm and the faggot? The worm is going to be a half-fairy male, the faggot-in-a-dress is now going to be a wild-man in elk and bear furs. Once I get around to doing actual art, that is. For the record, the ex-worm's mother is for-real a fairy, she's plenty alive, and she actually plays a part in the present story. >What about Meirin? Meirin doesn't change too much. Her heterochromia is going to be much a modest green/hazel rather than the red/green of OG-UT. Other than being an alchemist and a few spoiler-worthy changes to her family/backstory, she's not much different personality-wise. >Is the story still a generic "humans bad, humans broke world," enviromentalist bullshit? Nope, fairies are humans allies now, and have more of a "look at these silly humans and laugh" attitude, but the "breaking of the world" is seen more of a "oh shit, we both fucked up" moment. Demons were the adversary of the two races in the past, but have been long-since disappeared. At least in the rest of the world they're gone. >Can I fix the world for good this time? Yes. But you'll have to find the secret final arc to get to that. Not available in this version. >Is the boring-ass sidequests still fetch-quest-bullshit? Right now it's technically unchanged, but my plan is to streamline the padded parts, and expand upon Solenne's backstory. And an arc for one of the new characters. Approximate Progress status >Raw Script Act 1 - 98% Act 2 - 33% Act 3 - 42% Secret Final Act - 93% Overall - 66% complete >Implementation to the game, and gameplay itself. Act 1 - 32% Act 2 - 3% Act 3 - 0% Secret Final Act - 3% Overall - 34% Complete >Art 0% complete (I guarantee my art won't be great, but I'll be satisfied if it's "good enough") >Music ???% Complete (I've decided I will use both music from OG-UT, but also make my own. Tracks I intend to use as mine use either fillers or stock RPGmaker music. I have the means to make music, but right now I want to focus on the gameplay itself.)

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 3

Is there a free/paid engine preferably unity/godot that allows me to assign assets so they are interactive like this Paris scene from Bioshock infinite ? My goal is not really a game but an interactive virtual world that are exactly like that scene. >NPC greets you >NPC doing their own things >First Person View >Interact with objects >Sitting, enjoying the slow pace >Ambient and object sound >To exit, just needs to enter back the door/go to sleep Sort of a trip to the past where time was great. Reminiscing the childhood and buildings recreated from photos and scans.

R: 18 / I: 22 / P: 3


OFFICIAL DEMO DAY THREAD ~ /v/ + /agdg/ Next Demo Day: 02/02 >What is demo day? A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best. >That is? Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck. Obligatory Notices Please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread. After this thread is culled, please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 3

RPG Maker general

Anyone here using the RPG Makers? Which version do you use? What are your favorite projects made with it?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 4

2D Platformer Physics

Is there anywhere I can read up on this, or a book or something? I wanted to make a 2D platformer, I made a crude framework of sorts, but there's no real physics system. I have no idea how to program projectiles, jumping, running physics, etc. Currently, i just have the player rise slowly until they hit the ceiling and then fall down when you hit the space key, and if you land on top of an enemy they die. And you can jump and collect coins, that's pretty much it. I did it from scratch in c++ with an old version of Microsoft Direct Draw and WinAPI, because Direct X is way too complicated and I don't want 3D, plus some ancient tutorials written circa 2001 that I grabbed from old 8chan /pdfs/ were direct draw based anyhow.

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 4
One thing I always wanted from making my own game, regardless of its kind, was to be able to emulate that "60fps Arcade Feeling" that you only get from oldschool cabinets, shit like super fluid animations and fast moving objects alongside large sprites or tons of entities on screen.
Is there any good way around doing that? Specifically, anything about optimization and data compression or whatever you've got?

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 4

Visual Waifu OpenGL engine from scratch

Hey there /agdg/. So I did some work learning the basics of OpenGL written by hand hoping to create a waifu simulator project. I'd kind of like to pick back up the project and figured if I posted the (far too many) details about the process I've gone through so far, it might spur some additional interest, and also maybe help other anons learn about the process of creating a game-engine-like-thing from scratch too. I also have a lot of unanswered questions still, so maybe someone here can help me get past them. I used the examples and tutorials from learnopengl.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Hello, devs! We're building up teams for the Infinity Cup and we'd really like it if we could have you on board! If you want to join us but you're too scarce in numbers, you can always just piggyback on the 4chancup's exports. What do you think?

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An Announcement

I was planning on making a small, clearnet IB containing several Self Improvement boards, including this one. How interested would you be in moving there?

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Need an artist for game

The game is called Lesion. Story is about two ninjas fighting aliens that attacked their clan. If you are interested hmu on discord: Lesion#0648

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>Want to gamedev during the holidays >Fucking procrastinate all throughout them I hate it

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Shinobu waifu simulator

So, is there any news on what happen to this game development lately? Please do discuss here.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 4

Does anyone have some good tips on pre-rendered graphics?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4

Does anyone have experience with web dev? I tried some javascript engines, but had big issues with them
On Impact js I couldn't even change the font
and on MelonJs the instructions are unclear as to where the files should go
Other engines I tried were either too simple and with predefined stuff to the extreme, or few to no tutorials

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Horny sheep

I'll just drop this here.
It a browser game.
Alpha as fuck, when you reach the end, you'll fall off the map.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 5

I'm disappointed that vch isn't on the webring. I'm curious why you guys are here instead of the /agdg/ thread on mark's board?