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Open file (593.40 KB 1280x720 Dating sim ANNOUNCEMENT.png)
Fluffy Dating Sim Deveropa 08/06/2020 (Thu) 06:10:57 ID: 94f491 No.297
This is my first ever finished videogame, and I think it's worth sharing here too. It was originally supposed to be just a little joke, but when another artist joined the team the project really kicked off until it escalated into a real full-size game. Give it a try and me what you think: https://mwe.ee/FluffyDatingSim-1.0-pc.zip
Can you cut off their feet and put them in a microwave after you insemenate them??
>>472 phenomenal post
>>297 I'm sure OP is long gone, and the subject matter isn't really my thing, but honestly I've seen worse renpy games out there. The art is consistent, the decisions had well foreshadowed outcomes instead of some of the COYA crap where by trying to improve a situation you worsen it or vice versa, and while the game is short I think that fits with its scope. In the end, you completed a game, and that's more than a lot of people can say. I hope you learned from the project and can go on to improve your dev skills for the future.
>>472 In this game, you play AS a fluffy. XD >>726 Thanks! I really wanted to avoid all the usual pitfalls of dating sims like fake choices and stretched out scenes, as well as break the curse of fluffy games by setting the scale to something I could realistically finish. I'm always glad to hear people enjoying it, because I practically live on the feedback I get for my works!

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