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Open file (327.48 KB 1303x892 bfoc_2021_1.jpg)
Anonymous 06/22/2021 (Tue) 11:04:28 No.3112
Britfeel General #117 Good morning, Good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation and around the commonwealth. How are you doing? What's going on? What you feeling? Any good wanks lately, good shits? U been wotchin tha footie m8s? Remember IGNORE ALL NON GENERAL POSTS.
Open file (31.87 KB 750x593 Ed3orYzXgAAwdu3.jpg)
Well gentlemen, as the world burns around us i just want you to know that it has been a pleasant experience meeting you all and i wish each and every one of you well regardless of what the future holds.
Where are you going, anon?
>>1123 I don't know, wherever my gut takes me, i wish you well anon, goodbye.
That sounds a little ominous, but I wish you good luck in wherever it is you're going. I'm staying here to hold the fort, and also because I can't be arsed to go anywhere unless I'm forced to.
good bye anon, maybe if you took hormone replacement therapy you could've been happier.
>>1122 I didn't see this when it was made because I only ever check the active thread. See you somewhere down the road, lad.
Open file (1.01 MB 2560x1380 SEND-ME-SHEILDED-PIVX.png)
HARD ENGLISH BORDER or soft eu border HARD ENGLISH BORDER How can any self respecting Brit trust non UK systems more than UK systems around great Britain? All the soft government policies are causing the problems they "plan" on fixing by causing more problems with imperfect solutions. Just have an uncompromised Brexit hard border and be done with it, let the fucking eurofags blab on about all the nonsense left in the wake of Brexit because it will make them look like soulless bureaucracy droogies. All the complaints are about semantics, make the politicians get over it and teach all these suckers that think politics is god a lesson HARD BREXIT
>>3112 Promoted from agency to machine trained regular staff today lad, 8 hour training course that is meant to be 5 days long cut short due to covid. Reckon it'll be alright, I get a small bonus for working the machines too. How's your life going?
>>3114 good job lad. Hope it goes well. Not bad on my end. Fully working from home today with fuck all to do, so I'm doing a few side-gigs in the downtime. I still don't have a clear path out of wage slavery but I can't really complain about a job that doesn't check up on me so long as I get the work done.
>>3112 Cracking good OP lad, cheers. >Remember IGNORE ALL NON GENERAL POSTS. I find it quite fun to dip out of the thread every now and again to see what fresh new nonsense the tourists have brought it.
Nice to see you again lads, where've you been hiding?
>>3116 Thanks lad and I suppose it's alright, just remember your roots >>3117 Not even lurking mate, this is my first board post for at least a year or so I would imagine. Hope all's well.
>>3112 Took your time lad. I asked over a month ago. Thank you though. Hope you lads don't mind that I did some cleanup. It's all still there, just in the threads it belongs in mostly. Didn't have the heart to get rid of >>1122 as I would feel weird messing with what may be someones last post ever.
Open file (41.61 KB 630x456 2012.PNG)
>18/10/2012 Been a while since I turned this machine on. >>3117 Never left mate. Unless you mean our appearances on the overboard, we probably didn't show up because our old thread was well past the bump limit for several months.
>>3085 Shan't be reading this x Also, hello lads.
Wish Meaty was here, Sam. He was a good laugh, weren't he?
>>3115 The working from home life seems so obscure and distant to me, I'm not sure I'd ever do it. Do you prefer it?
>>3118 >Hope all's well. We're plugging away. We have a new lad who's actually piecing together a working robowaifu now. >>3120 >we probably didn't show up because our old thread was well past the bump limit for several months. Ahh, that'd be it then.
>>3124 Definitely lad, i'm on 2 wanks a day sometimes
>>3125 i for one welcome our AI overlords
I went on Twitch after a few years away from it to check out some TBC classic. The streams with the two top highest views (by an enormous margin) on the sidebar at that time were two e-thots listed under ASMR, dressed in skimpy clothing, laid on their beds, licking what appeared to be some kind of fleshlight-looking device with a mic stuffed inside it. How much has changed in so short a time.
>>3128 Didn't a couple of the bigger e-thots get banned lately? Maybe they will finally fix up or advertisers are just going to pull out en masse
>have handled a tarantula >too scared to pick up the big house spiders Is the psycho-analyst on shift today? What's going on here?
>>3130 I'm just guessing from my own arachnophobia and the OC theories I've come up with, but consider this: >Tarantula; big fluffy spider with proportionally large body and short-ish legs; moves very slowly and deliberately; unlikely to ever come across a wild one in the UK >Giant house spider; big lean spider with proportionally long legs; moves extremely quickly and skittishly (some of the fastest spiders in the world); all but guaranteed to see them in your own house at some point I think it's that combination of size, body:leg ratio, and speed/skittishness that makes giant house spiders (and other spiders of that build, like huntsman spiders) more terrifying than things like tarantulas. I can look up tarantulas on the internet and only feel a slight discomfort, but I can't look up giant house spiders and the like at all without immediately getting shivers down my spine and start feeling all itchy and jumpy. They're genuinely bloodcurdling. I've always thought about how all the "scary spiders" you see in games and films are never particularly scary to me even as an arachnophobe. I came to the conclusion that it's because the non-arachnophobes they get to work on those projects just assume that big exotic spiders like tarantulas must be the scariest, and end up making these giant-bodied beasts with relatively little legs. They couldn't be more wrong, but I'm glad they are.
>>3131 I think you're right, because the ones with the tiny light-coloured bodies and massive long legs are up there on my least-willing-to-engage-with list. I'm to pick things up more than I did when I was a kid, because I realise it's an irrational fear that I probably learned from my big brother.
Hello lads, I hope things are going well. I had my investigation meeting at work and got off with a written warning, which stays on my file for six months and will knock a little bit off my bonus. I turned down a job at Gregg's because all they had was 5 o'clock starts, and didn't hear back from the other interview I had with a carpet shop. At the very least, I've now got a quality up to date CV from all of this, so I'll be checking the job sites regularly. I would be in a much better position if I had my driving license, but the bookings are absolutely swamped and there aren't enough examiners, so there's been nothing available for at least 6 months every time I've checked. >>3122
Is viscount le'musique d'chaddius present? I need a garage remix of this if possible please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2agNvwgJ6fU
No going back now lads, had my first jab. >>3134 Not sure how well it will work, but I'll give anything a go. 4x4 or 2-step?
>>3135 Enjoy you autoimmune disorder.
>>3136 Shall do, won't be the first here to have one.
>>3135 2 step feels more quintessential. Why have you had that lad?
>>3138 My mum text me saying that they were doing walk-ins nearby (all the places I could book were miles away) and that she could take me when she got home, and I just thought "fuck it" and went along with it.
>>3139 Were you worried about covid then? It's looking like the spike protein isn't as harmless as they thought, we know now it floats freely in the plasma and crosses the blood brain barrier, can cause cell damage on its own, and contains prion-like domains--all of which were denied in the manufacturers' initial papers (apart from prions which I don't think were mentioned, coincidentally have the most potential for carnage). All that means obviously try not to get covid as well, since the side effects of these things would likely be long-term, and definitely so in the case of the prions. If I was a 150kg diabetic with 3 toes left I would probably get vaccinated, past a certain stage the benefits do seem to outweigh the risks.
>>3140 It doesn't even have a high rate of preventing infection. 95% as stated by the Pharma companies is bullshit.
>>3141 It's honestly baffling lad, why we're vaccinating the entire population against a highly mutation-prone part of an extremely mutagenic virus with a 99%+ survival rate (virtually 100% in healthy folk) is beyond me. Oh wait, no it's (((((not))))). I could get behind just injecting the invalids, but the way they're going after kids as well is too sinister.
>>3140 >It's looking like the spike protein So, the common cold then? Corona viruses have been around on the planet far longer than homo sapiens sapiens has been. >isn't as harmless as they thought Top.fucking.kek. The irony of this comment, after all the lunatic hysteria that's been drummed up by the globalists and their pets the media industries and the pharma industries over the past year is simply too laughable, lad.
>>3140 Not really, I just found my parents constantly bothering me about getting vaccinated more annoying than anything regarding covid or the vaccine. I reckon following the news on all this "____ WILL KILL YOU SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY" shit for months and years is more detrimental to the average person's health than getting either covid or vaccinated.
>>3143 I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Do you deny it's a lab agent that infects the CNS and causes neurlogical degeneration? Is there a strain of the common cold that does that? The media isn't even discussing the actual problem here, their lunatic hysteria is all geared towards making you get an injection that has a strong possibility of doing the same thing, with the added risk of ADE and freaky vaccine-adapted mutations to boot.
>>3144 >Not really, I just found my parents constantly bothering me MUMMIED
>>3134 >>3138 Here you go lad, bo selecta'.
>>3147 Thank you. It actually sort of works once your brain adapts to the new rhythm. As planned, I used it to set a new PR of 5x110kg squats.
Open file (818.40 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3145 >Do you deny it's a lab agent that infects the CNS and causes neurlogical degeneration? By 'it' do you mean the so-called Corona Hoax virus? If so, then I most certainly do refute any such claim dear sir. These scalawags have proven themselves, proven themselves I say, so sinister and such liars that it would be the height of folly for anyone to go bandying about their falsehoods. On this or any other matter as well. These 'saviors' have literally destroyed any credibility the scientific or medical communities may have garnered with society at large. About the only good thing to come of this is clarity. Namely, those who wish to be brainwashed and wallow as mere dupes --have already done so. Let the rest of us be freed of them.
This FUCKING hay fever. If all of the pollen in the world had one neck, I'd strangle the life out of it.
>>3130 >>3131 couple of utter poofs
New thread, new leaf.
>>3147 This is really good mate.
Open file (1.40 MB 810x810 ClipboardImage.png)
As /britfeel/'s voluntary guinea pig, here's my vaccine update: (for clarification, it was the Pfizer one I had) - Didn't have any side effects within the first few hours of the jab, but had a mild "bruised" feeling around the injection spot by the end of the first day. No swelling, redness, or any other side effects. - Second day it felt like I'd been punched full pelt in the arm, and it hurt like a bitch to try and raise it. Noticed some very slight "numbness" in my injection arm and the lower part of my jaw/cheek on the same side; if I had to describe how it feels, it's a bit like if you've ever had anesthesia that has 90% worn off, but is still slightly in your system. No paralysis/drooping or anything like that, just feels a tiny bit less sensitive than the other side. It's subtle enough that I don't notice it unless I start focusing on it. - Third day it still hurt to raise my arm, but nowhere near as much as the day before. Slight cheek/jaw numbness on one side remained, but the slight numbness in my injection arm had pretty much gone away. - Fourth day (today) my arm doesn't hurt at all. Still have a bit of the slight numb sensation on one side of my cheek/jaw. It's hard to say since it's so subtle, but I don't think it's any better or worse than it was a day or two ago. Other than that, nothing is different to normal.
https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2021/jun/27/why-most-people-who-now-die-with-covid-have-been-vaccinated >It could sound worrying that the majority of people dying in England with the now-dominant Delta (B.1.617.2) variant have been vaccinated. Does this mean the vaccines are ineffective? Far from it the absolute state of the grauniad
>>3156 My mum's arm swelled up like a swede, but other than that she was fine. Glad you're alright lad, keep us posted. >>3157 Who could have seen an extremely mutagenic virus mutating around vaccines coming? On another note, god I wish Skyrim were real.
anybody remember that speccy cunt declan swan?
Open file (634.36 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>bin stinks >have to put my shoes on and walk a minute round the back of the house to change it
Open file (350.10 KB 355x355 ClipboardImage.png)
What's his endgame?
>>3158 >On another note, god I wish Skyrim were real. From an aesthetic standpoint yeah I get that but in terms of the threats from warring factions, cults and magical monsters probably not.
>>3161 "Make China Great Again"
>when the youtube algorithm smashes it out of the park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc5iPDvmEpE
>wait a month for new manga chapter to drop >it's filler why live
>>3165 Which manga?
I got a pizza from the counter at work and she's really stacked on the toppings. It seems obvious they'll stack it on if you know them but I never took advantage of it for some reason, always just grabbing one of the pre-made ones aimed at the peasants instead.
Open file (7.40 KB 480x360 boxxy.jpg)
Was she the first e-thot?
Open file (36.35 KB 640x480 1146674368504.jpg)
>>3168 No, lurk moar.
>>3166 Goblin Slayer
What web browser do you lads use then. I fancy a change for no particular reason at all.
>>3171 Librewolf. Pretty sure it's just a Firefox fork with sensible privacy defaults. Used Pale Moon before that which has a more classic feel (I think it's based on an older version of FF) but tends to feel a bit janky.
>>3171 Firefox with a million different add-ons and customisations. I don't particularly like it these days with how Chrome-ified it's become and how out of touch the people running the project are with its remaining users, but I don't like all the other browsers out there even more.
It's certainly not the internet we grew up with anymore.
Open file (1.68 MB 900x673 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3170 >Goblin Slayer If you want some D&D inspired anime to fill the time definitely try Record of Lodoss War and its sequel Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.
>>3175 Thanks lad, I'll check them out.
Have our chef lads cooked anything nice lately? Has mummy rustled up any tasty treats? I've got a bolognese scheduled for later this week.
Open file (1.33 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3177 I made a pot of lentil soup yesterday.
>>3179 Nice. I have found a fish recipe that looks pretty nice. https://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipes/crispy-thai-chilli-fish-recipe/bfl608jr
>>3180 I'm not a big fan of seafood, myself. Breaded haddock is pretty much it for me.
The word 'cheeky' has come to be overused over recent years.
Open file (71.15 KB 1152x971 wholesome.png)
Open file (859.23 KB 572x1035 SO WHOLESOME AMIRITE.png)
>>3182 My pet peeve of the last couple of years has been the word "wholesome". It's a forced meme from knobheads trying to sanitise and infantilise everything, and I'm sick of seeing it.
>>3183 I'd not noticed that before, but come to think of it, you're right. I like all the people in those memes, but it does have reddit all over it. The worst ones have to be "like" and "literally". They've even seeped into my own speech, so pervasive are they.
Open file (1.33 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
The Haitian president has just been assassinated.
This UFCKING chocobo balloon race
>>3185 That's not nice. Not sure whether Haiti has an armed forces or not but if it did, it would be helpful .
Open file (590.89 KB 650x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (84.10 KB 1024x768 San Andreas.png)
Been digging through some old burnt CDs lads. Only been through 3 of them so far, but all 3 of them have contained stuff I thought was long lost. One contained a variety of my shitty mspaint pictures, Vice City skins, and screenshots (check out pic related, the original .bmp is dated 29/04/2004), all from around 2003/2004. Another was an old garage mix I used to listen to all the time, and the last one was a disc from the year 2000 containing loads of pirated software; some of which would have been the first proper audio/music software I ever played around with. That last one was given to my dad by the bloke who owned the record shop my dad used to go to. It must have been one of many, because it doesn't have some of the other stuff I remember us getting from him. Weird to think that all my music production escapades derive from a bloke I never met and his dodgy CDs chock-full of warez. Even weirder that these discs have been sitting in a bag in my wardrobe for at least 15 years without me realising it.
>>3190 Interesting find Lad.
Open file (327.20 KB 310x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (323.90 KB 305x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3190 That pic takes me back to the hype around SA coming out. I used to love reading the game magazines, especially looking at the pictures. I was blown away by the sheer scope and all of the new features.
Open file (2.18 MB 3174x2352 mags 1.jpg)
Open file (1.72 MB 3188x2168 mags 2.jpg)
Open file (1.41 MB 2608x2408 mags 3.jpg)
Open file (1.82 MB 3132x1964 demo discs.jpg)
Open file (1.84 MB 3012x2100 cheat books.jpg)
>>3192 >game magazines I've actually still got all mine, including all the demo discs and cheat books. OPSM2 was always the best, some of the funny stuff they used to put in those mags still cracks me up. Got your pic 1 as well (OPSM2 048, July 2004), but with an alternate cover; there were multiple different ones you could choose from for that issue, and naturally I went for the one that any pubescent lad would have gone with. Don't know if it can be found online, but I'll take some pics of the San Andreas feature if you want. I'm pretty sure this was the first ever reveal of this stuff, back when mags used to get the exclusive info and all the websites would just summarise what they said.
>>3194 That's quite a slice of history you've got there, very impressive. Did you intentionally collect and keep hold of them? >but I'll take some pics of the San Andreas feature if you want. Go on lad. You know, that's initially what I intended to post, but searching I only found covers.
Open file (1.15 MB 3188x2160 gtasa01.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 3176x2184 gtasa02.jpg)
Open file (1.89 MB 3196x2220 gtasa03.jpg)
Open file (1.24 MB 3108x2108 gtasa04.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 3156x2204 gtasa05.jpg)
>>3195 >Did you intentionally collect and keep hold of them? I didn't collect them per se, just got them because I loved games at the time, and I've never wanted to get rid of them. I've got a couple of magazine holders so they don't take up much space. I'm not quite Chris Chan levels, but there's tons of little treasure troves like this in my room and up in the loft. Buried away in one corner of my room I've got a whole drawer filled with tons of little knick-knacks from when I was a kid in the 90s/early 2000s. Rubber balls, jacks, fingerboards, marbles, little slinkies, themed stationary; that sort of thing. >Go on lad. Here you are then. Quality isn't great because I've only got a decade old digital camera and piss-poor lighting, but I've touched it up a bit in Photoshop so it should be readable. 1/2
Open file (1.89 MB 3112x2168 gtasa06.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 3008x2092 gtasa07.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 3096x2168 gtasa08.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2468x2040 dj.jpg)
Open file (122.97 KB 804x600 futility.jpg)
2/2, plus some other random bits I saw while flicking through.
>>3192 San Andreas is the only game in my life that I've been extremely hyped for and haven't been disappointed by on release. I sank hundreds of hours into it on my ps2 when I was 15, still some of the most enjoyable gameplay in my memory.
As I get older, I'm starting to respect pigeons more.
>>3199 What is it you like about pigeons lad?
>>3200 It dawned on me recently that they have a notion of strategy and tactics. There's a bag of feed on my roof that a squirrel tore a hole in which they regularly feed from. It's in a tight corner propped up against two walls about two foot high, which means they have virtually no vision of their surroundings while feeding. To tackle this problem they seem to have nominated a sentry pigeon. There's a group of 3 that usually comes and one is always stood up on the wall looking around while the other two feed. When I look at them out the window the sentry goes into a heightened state of awareness - quickly pivoting its head around and very clearly becoming aware of my presence, ready to signal the retreat if necessary, while the other two continue feeding unawares. Bear in mind it's only wood pigeons I've seen do this.
>>3201 Cool. Birbs are deffo soulish creatures, who can cooperate etc. Please let us know if you see them doing anything else interesting lad.
Will we all be watching the match tomorrow then.
After two years, it's finally happened. The moment my entire life has been leading to: I have just learned the kanji for anus. 肛
>>3199 Good lad, they're just getting on with their days, nothing wrong with 'em
>>3207 Sabotaged by niggers. One of the most tragic days in English history.
glad the white team won
>>3209 Fuck me that free school dinner nigger's hitting the post was beyond abominable. The others were at least on target, and Italy's keeper is massive and seems pretty good. But the post? Among the highest paid athletes in the world, rigorous training almost every day for years, probably on steroids, world-class physio and coaching, virtually the entire country behind him, playing at home. And he hit the post. This was my first soccer match in 10 years and it might have been the last of my life, it just reminded me of the disappointing feeling of watching England as a kid.
>>3210 No amount of training can beat genetics lad.
>>3210 >soccer
What are your family's views on getting VAXXED?
>>3213 Mostly gung ho. Even my mum's partner is all for it, and he's the kind of person who started watching The Daily Wire a couple of years ago and now won't shut up about "liberal leftie snowflakes" and "woke millennials". He just doesn't like masks and wants to go back to doing mobile discos in pubs, simple as.
>didn't go to work on Saturday, just didn't feel like it >apparently the other lad who was meant to be on had rang in sick so there was no one on the department at all >ignored their phone call >>had several managers ask me where I was when I went in yesterday >said I was having a beer on my roof >said my section leader hadn't put me in the rota (she definitely had) I reckon they've bollocked her because she's hardly spoken to me in 2 days. Please imagine a smug pepe while reading this.
>>3216 I can imagine. Perhaps you should have complained of sickness and diarrhoea. That way legally they cannot say anything. For absences of seven days or less, you can self-certify and your employer may ask you to complete a self-certification form upon their return to work. I would advise against using this method for more than 7 days as you would need to bring in a sick note from a doctor or related third party.
>>3217 It wasn't a sick day, I just told them she hadn't put me in the rota. I think they believed me because she did mess someone's shifts up recently and she does sometimes give me Saturday off. On the topic of sick days though, I'm definitely due some, I've gone well over the six months it takes for them to reset.
>>3218 Go for it lad.
not gonna lie lads wish i was a powerful goblin lord ruling over a subterranean cave society that survived by coming up at night and looting local villages
Music chad, this is urgent. I'm going out skating later and need something to listen to. 助けてください。
I've just applied for my student finance. Anyone else here been to uni? What's your experience been with the loans? Have you paid anything back yet?
>>3221 You didn't get to me in time but I've gone with this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8voQp7KDsng Please post similar stuff if you know it, I really like this style.
>>3220 Who doesn't?
>>3221 >>3223 Sorry lad, was busy and didn't check the thread until now. >Please post similar stuff if you know it, I really like this style. It's good stuff, but I have to admit it's not an area I'm intimately familiar with. All I've got is a collection of everything from the Moving Shadow and Basement Records labels that I nabbed off Soulseek a few years ago, which both have a fair amount of that soulful/jazzy/chillout DnB style. 1995-1997 is roughly when that kind of sound was big; 1994 and earlier was more the mental Jungle/ragga stuff, 1998 and onwards is when DnB turned more sinister and industrial/grimey (AKA shit). MP3 related is off Omni Trio's "The Haunted Science" album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1QmlLPMyIM
>>3225 >Soulseek That takes me back. My brother said I can get any song I want from there for free, which blew my mind. I was 11 or so at the time and those were some of my first internet days.
How are you finding the heat? I feel like I've adapted to it this time round. I've been out a lot more than usual and spent 5 hours in full sun today at work and didn't feel tired at all like I normally would.
>>3227 Same, not bothered me much at all. If everyone hadn't been banging on about how hot it is I wouldn't have really noticed. It's 32.5 'C in my room right now, but it normally hits 34-36 when it's stupidly hot, so I reckon everyone's exaggerating.
>>3225 There's some seriously good stuff in here lad, cheers. This is the best track I've come across in ages. I love how much lighter it feels than more modern dnb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-mEVfsFaio
>>3227 Can't say I have noticed much of it but then again my day has been mainly spent indoors.
The pressure is mounting on the unvaccinated. How long before you need a pass for supermarkets?
>>3231 Possibly just about the same timeframe till the bodies of Marxists start dangling from the lampposts again? Don't know, just sayin'.
Open file (2.23 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been watching Baki and it's really good. >goal body >>3232 It's beyond mental, who could have predicted they'd accelerate at this rate? Would you lads leave your NEETcaves to protest this? If he goes Macron-tier I'm pretty sure there'd be millions in the streets.
>>3233 Original series grabbed my interest more. Watched that over the course of a couple of days but I couldn't make it past the first one or two episodes of Baki.
Open file (508.12 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.03 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3234 I have heard good things re the manga. New season is based on Son of Ogre, a series based on contest between Baki and his father Yujiro 'The Ogre' and its wider ramifications on the world of martial arts.
I've started doing Just Eat again and it feels good to be back out on the bike, especially in the sun. The money per order is solid but I'm still getting the occasional long wait inbetween orders. £21.15 tonight, 2 hours and 20 minutes so far.
>>3237 That's good to hear, lad. Do you deliver for one specific place, or does it work via a just-eat app the way uber does where it notifies you when there's a delivery available near you?
I ended up on £29.30 in 3 hours. >>3238 It's all done through the app, generally it'll be McDonalds and KFC, but occasionally Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, and even the odd local restaurant that's signed up to it.
>>3239 That's interesting, it works differently in my area. The vast majority of places on J-E around here are kebab shops with their own delivery drivers.
>>3240 It's the same here. Those are restaurants who've only signed up to be listed on the site, but don't have access to the couriers. We only deliver to restaurants that don't have their own, and whom I presume must have signed a contract with Just Eat for the privilege.
Open file (178.23 KB 382x496 ClipboardImage.png)
The director of the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies has been dismissed for making a joke about the Holocaust in 1990
>>3239 Can you do it on a push bike? Seems like an alright job but I don't have any kind of licences. Also what happens if you fall off? I'm somewhat reckless on a bike when I get into it.
>>3242 Obviously, it's gonna take them over 6,000,000 bars of soap to clean this mess up!
>>3243 Yeah, I do it on my bike. >Also what happens if you fall off? Then you pull your socks up and get back on. Honestly it would be a really good job for a NEET or if you don't like interacting with people, because the minimum requirement is sometimes having to ask if your order number is ready in the restaurant and the formalities when you deliver the food.
>Now that you’re coming towards the end of your Superfast Fibre and Line Rental contract on 24 August 2021, which costs you £24.00 per month, we want to highlight some of the options available to you going forward. As part of our commitment to Fairer Broadband for all of our customers, we’ve highlighted these potential next steps for you below, along with instructions on how you can take out these offers should you wish. >The first option available for you is that you can stay on your existing service and automatically move to a new price of £33.95 per month. We also recently got in touch to let you know your contract is going up, meaning you’ll pay a little extra from 08 April 2021 until your contract ends. You don’t have to do anything at all, just sit back and enjoy your great value connection whilst we handle everything else. You’ll be then out of contract with maximum flexibility to upgrade with us any time you like. They mean to say I don't have to do a single thing, and they'll take care of increasing my charges by over 35% for me entirely by themselves? Absolutely based.
Open file (539.90 KB 595x675 ClipboardImage.png)
Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers
>>3247 Don't know what it was, but the energy at that time was mental. Can't be replicated.
>>3245 Good points about the antisocial's job benefits lad.
>>3246 that's incredibly selfless of them, you're a lucky lad
>>3248 Not bad. Prefer King Crimson though.
The national teams are being introduced to vidya music. Song list from /sp/ ◆ Dragon Quest "Introduction: Lotto's Theme" ◆ Final Fantasy "Victory Fanfare" ◆ Tales of Series "Srey's Theme ~ Guru ~" ◆ Monster Hunter "Proof of Heroes" ◆ Kingdom Hearts "Olympus Coliseum" ◆ Chrono Trigger "Frog's" Theme " ◆ Ace Combat" First Flight " ◆ Tales of Series" Royal Capital-Dignified " ◆ Monster Hunter" Wind of Departure " ◆ Chrono Trigger" Robo's Theme " ◆ Sonic the Hedgehog" Star Light Zone " ◆ Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) "e Football walk-on theme" ◆ Final Fantasy "MAIN THEME" ◆ Fantastic Star Universe "Guardians" ◆ Kingdom Hearts "Hero's Fanfare" ◆ Gladius (Nemesis) "01 ACT 1-1" ◆ NieR "Initiator" Nouta " ◆ Saga Series" Makai Ginyu Shi-Saga Series Medley 2016 " ◆ Soul Caliber" The Brave New Stage of History " LIVE http://hub.freestreams-live1.com/bein-sports-en/
>>3253 >DIVERSITY DIVERSITY DIVERSITY >GENDER GENDER GENDER >Imagine by John Lennon Not watching this shite, fuck off globohomo.
>extremely itchy mozzy bite FUCK summer and FUCK the insect world
>>3221 skating as in rollerskating or skateboarding?
>>3255 I have NEVER been bitten by an insect. Stung by a wasp once when I was a kid, but never bitten.
Open file (251.72 KB 436x440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3256 >>3257 What was it like? They often come near me when I'm sat out on the roof but I just stay still and they leave me alone. I even had a bee land on me once but he was a good lad and flew away.
>>3258 I was at the zoo enjoying a Calippo when the bastard got me on the lip. I remember it stung, my lip swole up, and then it just felt kinda weird and sensitive for a while, but I don't remember how long it lasted.
Hello. Can I have some tips on student accommodation please? Thank you.
What are your thoughts on the present moment? Do you spend much time in it?
>>3261 Yeah most of the time. When I'm not present, I'll be fondly reminiscing about something from the past, but I don't wallow in misery or anything like I used to. Stopped worrying about the future too, it's a waste of time. I just focus on the here and now, and if I'm doing good things in the present then the parts of the future I have any control over will probably be alright. Even if it's shit, I'll get through it until I die, so it's not worth paying any mind.
>>3258 Oh rolleskating lad, you're back to good health again? >>3260 What in specific? How old are you?
A fucking float with a giant model swan, a dancing person in a cow suit, and a couple of go-go dancer-looking lasses walking in front just went down my street blaring out Gloria by Laura Branigan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNEb2k_EmMg
>>3262 That's my mindset too lad. I tend to ruminate a bit, mostly over my interactions with others, but I'm getting better at noticing it, which is pretty much all that seems necessary to stop it. Ironically the time when I had maybe the most serenity of mind of my life was when resting up from my broken ankle. I think because I knew I had to be bedbound I wasn't putting pressure on myself to do this or that, or ruminate over things, and had pretty much no material with which to do so anyway. >>3263 Yes, I've been skating for a few months and am probably in the best shape of my life. >>3263 27. I'm past the deadline for uni-provided accommodation so that's no guarantee, but I've heard private is cheaper anyway so I'm going to look into a houseshare tomorrow on my day off.
Open file (249.94 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads. Deanos. Williams. Scrompwhibblers. Join me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA2endHiKYQ
Got the window open since it's warm but Abdullah up the road hasdecided to let all 18 of his kids out and they're causing mayhem. Sounds like the Gaza strip.
>>3267 Bit early isn't it? The ones near me always seem to wait until 8-9pm when everyone else's kids have already been put to bed before letting their screaming army of kids loose. Sometimes the adults will join in the shouting match themselves. Then they'll bring them in at about 11, as you do.
Ni hao. How's the Chinese going lad?
Open file (85.75 KB 640x480 Lara.jpg)
Hello brit anons. Did you know we have a new retro vidya board on the webring? No depressing news, no political sperging, just wholesome posting about the golden age of gaming. Do come and get /comfy/ if you're into all manner of retro games. https://fatchan.org/vr/catalog.html
Open file (1.74 MB 1002x668 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3271 Phwoar. What games have you wanked to lads? I wanked to the left of this as a kid.
>>3272 Don't think I've ever wanked to an actual non-pornographic game, but I have wanked to the promotional material.
Open file (714.38 KB 634x468 ClipboardImage.png)
>be on some dodgy foreign browser game site at school to circumvent the surf control >find one of those hentai rpg's
Open file (69.36 KB 640x480 3.jpg)
>>3272 Hentai flash games were so cool.
>>3276 Think I just broke my finger but I can't be bothered waiting at the walk in centre to check, especially since they might try to coerce me into having the vaccine. Will it heal by itself?
>>3277 Just splint it with a lolly stick or something, and tape it with some surgical tape. If it's still super-swollen and discolored (bruise-like) in 3 days, then consider a trip to the walk-in. The very fact you would ask shows it's not actually anything urgent like a compound, etc. You'll be fine lad.
>>3265 houseshares can be around £500 a month all bills included for most cities bar London of course
How will you all be spending this rainy Friday then.
>>3278 Ended up going this morning since I woke up early and I knew it would be quiet in there. Had an X ray and they told me to go to the fracture clinic on Tuesday, not sure how I'm going to get there though.
>>3281 Well, did they at least splint you up lad?
Open file (1.84 MB 1300x846 ClipboardImage.png)
>you will never be a slab of red leicester
>>3282 Yeah they just taped it to my middle finger which is slightly inconvenient and causes me to type slower, in other news I gave Baki another go and it's pretty good.
Open file (71.32 KB 360x254 ClipboardImage.png)
>domestosing a poo stain in the toilet and wee blasting it 30 mins later
uncle billy had a ten foot willy and he showed it to the neighbour next door he thought it was a snake so he hit it with a rake and now its only 4'4"
>>3286 anyone wanna tell me what's behind that link?
>>3289 Just a dodgy page with even more dodgy links.
Off work for 8 days
>>3291 Nice lad, I'm off til the 21st myself. NEET-larpers assemble.
>>3292 Nice one mate, do you have anything planned? I'm not doing anything, just wanted some time away from work.
woke up absolutely bursting for the toilet, so much so that i weighed myself first i was 4lbs lighter after
>>3293 I'm trying to get my uni accommodation sorted, so hopefully that'll be done by time I go back, then I can hand in my notice.
Open file (3.77 MB 1200x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Say hello to our next PM.
I've picked a room in a shared house for uni. £110 a week with all utilities included, and there will be 7 other people living there.
Open file (1.04 MB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't know if there's anyone still here but I thought this might be of interest if you've not come across it already. I hope you're all doing alri. >https://archive.org/details/jake-davison-youtube-archive
>>3299 I'm still here lad. >https://archive.org/details/jake-davison-youtube-archive Friendly reminder to not fall for the "/fit/ alone will solve all my problems" meme.
>>3300 My thoughts exactly lad. He seemed genuinely broken by the realisation that getting fit doesn't mean girls and/or friends aren't just suddenly going to come flocking to you, like he'd been mislead in some way. It's astonishing how warped his view on and expectations of the world had become.
>>3297 best of luck lad, buy your own bog roll and keep it in your room
Open file (914.60 KB 770x513 ClipboardImage.png)
What do you think the endgame to this Afghan business is on globohomo's end? Clearly they knew this would happen, clearly they've intentionally left behind stockpiles of high-grade military tech leaving the cave chads armed to the teeth, but they also had to know they'd run a strong risk of the country falling into China's sphere of influence. Anti-intervention sentiment is at an all-time high over here, so the prospect of another invasion is dubious. I'm thinking another massive refugee influx, but beyond that can't see why they'd make such an overt declaration to the world that the empire is crumbling. Though given the circumstances it's hard to believe it's not a powerplay of some sort. Just what the *heck* are they doing?
>>3303 I don't follow the news, and I've spent most of my life disregarding everything related to the Middle East beyond Osama Bin Laden flash games.
>>3303 Seems a bit ridiculous how the last 20 years of war in Afghanistan ended in a sudden sweeping victory for the Taliban just moments after the US announced it was leaving.
>>3306 >just moments after the US announced it was leaving. They have been announcing leaving since the Obongo years, Trump said they would pull out by 2020, then by Spring 2021, Biden said by April, then July. The Taliban just got tired and drove them out, if not then the US would've stayed a couple years more.
>>3303 I think one mistaken notion that's quite commonplace is "Well, since globalist kikes rule the world then they must be really capable and smart!11". Pure rubbish ofc. If they were """smart""" they wouldn't have crucified God and called down curses on themselves over it. Plainly they are not smart (unsurprising b/c semite) and quite frankly they probably have little sense of where they want this to go. Their #1 agenda was to promote the Globohomo Vagino-Anal agenda in the pre-Aryan lands, and it's simply failed on them. Based on their historical behavior thus far, you can expect them to double/quadruple/(whatever 8 is)-le down on it in the future. Plainly they will eventually move to invade again in the future I'd reckon.
Open file (4.07 MB 1800x2546 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3309 just heard the news. sad!
speaking of news what the everloving fuck is this all about: Husband in his 70s woke to find his wheelchair-bound 22-year-old wife hanged in hotel room where they were celebrating first wedding anniversary but denies 'grooming or exploiting her', inquest hears
>>3311 How can you groom an adult?
>>3312 I guess the implication is that people in wheelchairs are more susceptible to exchanging sexual favours. Presumably if you offer to wheel them around the park they'll suck your knob.
>>3312 Good question. >>3313 Not really. The implied 'common' (but unspoken) understanding is that all women everywhere are children, and can't be held accountable for even the slightest action on their parts. Dear Lord help you, if you would dare to be so crass as to say it publicly however. 3DPD want their cake and eat it to. White Simps are only too happy to comply.
You know what? Log Horizon is a great anime. As based as Kirito-kun is, it blows SAO out of the water in terms of depth.
Open file (59.00 KB 653x490 wojacksunsetrise.jpg)
Why do all my plants die?
Got my replacement debit card sent to me today as my old one is about to expire. They've redesigned it since last time, and now it just looks fake. Doesn't have the traditional embossed silver text (it's completely flat with dull white text just printed on in a normal font), the contact and holographic don't look as fancy, it feels less rigid than my old one, and the background image seems a little washed out. Thanks, [bank].
Open file (159.01 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3317 Hey, let's see anon's card.
I have just rang in sick to work citing horrendous diarrhea. I do not infact have horrendous diarrhea.
I can now skate down 5 steps, and skate backwards.
>>3316 get gud at growing
Does anyone else get that weird nostalgic feeling where you specifically wish you still had a possession you used to own but have no way of ever getting back?
>>3322 Sometimes. I'm a bit of a hoarder, so possession-wise I've kept hold of most things dear to me even as far back as the 90s (and older if you include things I've inherited), but there are a few things I no longer have that in retrospect I wish I did. They're mostly technology/computer-related things I could probably find replacements for on ebay, but obviously they wouldn't carry the same sentimental value as the ones I originally had.
>>3323 I've been clearing out my stuff to move to uni lately and I can understand the hoarder mentality. I find myself getting sentimental over stuff I'd forgotten I had, or wanting to hold on because it might come in handy.
Ever lived in a shared house?
>ISIS suddenly back on the scene just in time to give the neocons an excuse to send us back Suspicious.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1y4dYrWGS4 what the fuck is this channel
>>3330 autism
>>3330 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k20dfQTdHHg This is some of the cringiest stuff I've ever seen, say what you want about the lad but this is as low inhibition as it gets
I have just clocked out of my last ever Asda shift 2 hours early.
>>3334 Nice. What's the plan now then?
>>3335 I'm moving to York tomorrow for uni. I finished clearing out and handed in the keys for my old flat today.
>>3336 Hope things work well for you lad. I know you'll do your best yea?
>>3325 many times lad, rarely ever had my own place, not a luxury I have been able to afford for long
>>3337 Cheers lid. My room is great, it's got a really big desk with loads of storage space and a double bed with a new mattress. £110 a week with all utilities included. I'm the only one here atm so I've got this great big house for 8 students all to myself.
Hello lads, I haven't posted here in almost 2 years, hope everyone is doing well? I've been terrified recently at how fast time is going by. I keep thinking of things in my head that I did 5-10 years ago and then I imagine how long 5-10 years ago would have felt from that point. Example - OSRS was released in 2013 (Roughly 102 months ago), this is when I started playing it. I was 18 years old. It genuinely doesn't feel that long since I first played that game. I can vividly remember being 18, the things I was interested in/concerned with around that time. I remember how I felt, dressed and particular uneventful days. However 102 months before Febuary 2013 was August 2004. I would have been 10 years old and in primary school. I'm pretty sure memories of being in primary school when I was 18 didn't feel recent. It's really unsettling.' Memories of 5 years ago are even more horrible. Pretty sure 5 years ago was around the time we did /guildfeel/? Which honestly feels like it could have been a couple years ago.
Open file (3.30 MB 1440x1080 2000s.webm)
Open file (2.58 MB 640x360 Better_Off_Alone.webm)
>>3340 Welcome back lad. >Pretty sure 5 years ago was around the time we did /guildfeel/? It was 2015, so actually 6 years ago. But yeah I know that feel all too well. Feels like yesterday that it was 2015 and I was posting on /britfeel/ about how I felt like it was still 2008, and now we're nearly that same length of time past 2015. Mental.
>>3340 >OSRS was released in 2013 Funny that, I suppose I can't think of it as new anymore then. The temporal consternation you're experiencing is actually what spurred me onto going to uni this year. I'd been at Asda for 4 years, and it felt like nothing - I remember plain as day going through the interview process and starting out. I realised I could be experiencing the same feeling 10, 20 years down the line, and thought I'd better do something. I might blunder, but it beats what being a lifelong retail lad would've felt like. There's more honor in NEETdom.
Open file (934.84 KB 734x543 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads Great Teacher Onizuka is absolutely fantastic, best anime I've seen in a while
Noticed that tobacco smoke smells a bit like marmite on burned brown toast.
Open file (127.34 KB 1280x766 steam-deck.jpg)
Lads what do you think of the Steam Deck?
Yes, step right this way. Mr. Willybollocks will see you now.
>>3345 I think it will further increase support for gaming on Linux, otherwise I'm not interested in it.
My toenail fungus is getting out of control.
>>3345 Pretty cool, but I'm a desktop lad who doesn't go outside so it's useless to me.
>>3350 While it may be an interesting link, I'm simply not going to click it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I'm curious, I've been reading articles and journals about nationalism again How connected do you lads feel to your heritage in the UK? Do you think about it often? Does it sway your politics?
>>3352 Not very, especially considering I spent my teens browsing /pol/, I was quite the fanatic. I still basically believe in the same stuff fundamentally, but it doesn't weight on my mind much anymore, probably due to feelings of futility and apathy.
>>3352 I'm in Patriotic Alternative lol
What are the benefits of being diagnosed with aspergers?
>>3355 Autismbux, and having a doctor's note that lets you shirk (nearly) all responsibility.
Do you lads still look forward to or hold some form of hope for the future, or do you live with the conviction that your best days are behind you? I've come to feel the latter, and it's as if I've arrived in my twilight years far too early. It's all a touch depressing, and I can't help but find living a life where I want for nothing and hope for nothing to be terribly unpleasant. I do my best to live for the moment and for simple pleasures now, and while it alleviates things for brief moments, whenever I settle my thoughts upon my circumstance I am plunged into gloom. I hope all of you lads are keeping well and feeling a touch better than I.
>>3358 Sounds to me just like you're reading straight from the globalist kike's brainwashing script aimed straight at young White males in Christian lands. You're not a globalist kike or one of their good goy shabbos golems are you lad?
>>3358 self-indulgent nihilism, get off your arse and do something (not necessarily political - just work towards building a life). it's all a choice.
>>3357 Looks like it got shut down.
>>3342 I thought you'd already gone to university. I'm guessing coronavirus postponed this? I was a retail lad for 5 years. When they pulled me into the office to give me the golden 5 years of service badge I knew I had to leave.
Open file (939.38 KB 1280x591 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3363 >I'm guessing coronavirus postponed this? Yeah, and I broke my ankle. I'm pleased it worked out this way because it's back in person this year. >golden 5 years of service badge It's crazy how time creeps up on you. The feeling has grown exponentially as I've gotten older, starting maybe around my early 20s - I don't remember giving a shit before that.
>>3360 I think the primary problem is I can no longer envision a life I want to build, lad
I got utterly burnt out on covid related news and have harldy researched the vaccines, all I know is public health england are now recommending anyone under the age of 40 is offered an alternative to the Astra Zeneca vaccine, beyond that all I've got to go on is a vague sense of unease and trust. What vaccines would you or wouldn't you lads take, and why?
>>3366 I've had one dose of the Pfizer one; not because I researched it or cared for that one in particular, but because that was the one they happened to be giving out on the day my mum took me up to the walk-in centre. The vaccine/jab wasn't the worrying part, it was everything else about the whole experience that was unnerving. All the masked people directing you where to go with fake smiles and well-rehearsed "banter", the fact we were in some unused office building that was mostly barebones except for all the government/NHS propaganda posters and signs plastered everywhere, being directed into one of the "observation rooms" after the jab (which had nothing but a few chairs, a clock on the wall, and some silent supervisors watching everyone like the staff in an exam hall), having to sit there in silence for 10-15 minutes while everyone just stared mindlessly at their phones, and just the fact that nobody was really questioning all this and instead just went along with it (even myself). Proper 1984 experience. Supposed to be having my second jab about now, but my sleep pattern is inverted and I don't really care that much about it, so it'll have to wait.
>>3367 >but my sleep pattern is inverted I became completley nocturnal over summer to cope with the insane heat and haven't readapted to normal sleeping yet, I am a creature of the night now.
>>3368 Welcome to the fold lad. It's been about 13 years since I first went out of sync, and I've only had the occasional small stretches of sleeping through the night since then.
>>3369 Cheers lad. What's on your agenda this morning then? I've just made myself a cup of tea and I need to ring the doctor's in a few hours, beyond that I've got nothing planned.
>>3370 No plans, just enjoying my time on the computer as usual. Gonna have lunch soon, and later I'll have whatever yesterday's dinner was but reheated.
>>3371 Enjoy your computer time lad. What do you get up to these days?
>>3372 A mix of browsing imageboards, watching youtube videos (been watching a lot of repair videos about old synths/computers/etc lately), maintaining a couple of simple neocities pages, doing some internet archaeology, messing about with my little raspberry pi-based server, and jamming with my music gear. I don't typically play games on my PC anymore (outside of whenever my nieces visit), but recently I have been playing The Story of Thor and LoZ: Oracle of Seasons/Ages on my Wii/CRT setup.
The Welcome to the NHK novel is very different to the anime, but surprisingly just as farfetched.
>ywn be a 80s rnb negro
Open file (287.90 KB 640x426 TBS hebride.jpg)
Alrigh' la's, j/k I'm not greenlad >>3354 Are you doing much in there? I hear politics is not really on their agenda but community building is. >>3348 pure teatree oil is your friend >>3352 >How connected do you lads feel to your heritage in the UK Alot more connected now I have been binging Jonathan Bowden this last year.
>>3376 >Are you doing much in there? I hear politics is not really on their agenda but community building is. Yeah it's almost entirely community building stuff, which is pretty much what I signed up for. Getting involved in electoral politics is a mug's game to be honest, you can't fix the system via the system. We do stuff every weekend; fitness meetups, leafleting, banner drops, camping etc.
>>3367 Mine was in a big unused office building too. Makes me wonder how many of these they have just lying about.
>>3377 Sounds pretty decent pal, I'm half interested but I'm quite busy these days with the lambs and I am in half in the mind that this country is dying and my family would now be better off being around European folk until the collapse happens. Personally we want to move to a Scottish island where we have a good friend and can ignore the shenanigans of the pozzed mainland and weather the storm of the collapse but wee Jimmy Crankie in charge seems more authoritarian than Boris atm in time whereas at least in Eastern Europe I'd be around folk who hate BAME's, bum-ders and scoobydoos which is worth alot more in the community.
Mum's just left for the airport, home alone for 8 days lads.
>>3380 Got any big plans lad, a wank in the kitchen perhaps?
>>3381 Well on Friday I have to water a couple of plants, and at some point within the next week I might have to go up the shop to restock on anything I've run out of. Beyond that, no plans.
Day 1 of being home alone, midday report: - Turns out there was a fruit fly infestation in the cupboard next to the oven where the potatoes are usually kept. After a long battle, I must have killed about 40 of them, but a few stragglers still remain among the corpses of their kin. Hopefully the fly killer now in the air will kill the rest off, but I suspect some will survive. - A couple of medium-sized spiders have made themselves at home by the front door. They weren't there yesterday of course, they waited until I was the only person around to deal with them before making themselves known. - Opened the windows upstair to let some fresh air in before I went downstairs. Would have been nice, if not for the fact the "fresh air" contained the undeniable scent of manure. Country air must have blown this way while the Fruit Fly War was taking place.
>>3383 >they waited until I was the only person around to deal with them Spiders are based and there are zero cons to having them around. If you don't like spiders you're not British.
>>3384 Well these ones are shit because they didn't help with the flies at all. Must have killed about a hundred flies in the end, and the spiders did fuck all but park themselves in the corners of the room with no flies in it.
I have just finished learning the 3007th and last kanji from my Remembering the Kanji anki deck. I'll still be reviewing every day, but there will be no new cards, meaning I'll gradually be able to consolidate what I know and have more free time. Fantastic.
Ask not for whom the floobity whibblescromps It whibblescromps for thee.
Sneethening ladses.
Legends of the Galactic Heroes isn't just an anime. It's a work of art.
Have you ever had a thought, and thought "I'm probably the first human being in the universe to have ever had that thought."?
>>3390 Yeah, but I usually find out later that I wasn't.
Mum'll be back at some point this evening. That went quick.
Open file (642.53 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Komura san will marry princess Mako of the Japanese royal family (who will then lose her position and become a normal member of the public). His ponytail has been criticised as being inappropriate to marry a royal with. What do you think?
>>3390 No, I'm not a narcissist
>>3393 I guess it doesn't matter since she'll no longer be a royal
>>3393 I head the ponytail has PTSD-curing capabilities.
Lads, is your inner monologue really a good thing? I know a few years ago people used to praise it like it made you some superior being, pretty sure it's what started the NPC memes in the first place. The more I meditate the more my inner monologue goes away. In hindsight, it's the source of every intrusive and unpleasant thought I've ever had and a big factor in procrastination.
>>3367 Do you think there's a chance you might be confusing "well-rehearsed "banter"" for regular, idle chit chat?
>>3397 Random mind chatter is completely useless for the most part, and I wish I'd learnt that earlier in life. It's barely even "thought" because there's no conscious effort or deliberation involved, it's just a stream of rubbish that hinders your ability to think clearly and make decisions when you actually need to. >>3398 No.
>>3397 No. My automatic thoughts are often negative and unless I consciously reframe them they can do a real number on my mood.
Apparently facebook is having technical difficulties today. I hope a lot of wine aunts delete themselves.
Open file (2.93 MB 480x480 utensils.webm)
Thoughts on gay niggers? Why are the Jews promoting them so hard these days? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDYDRA5JPLE
What's so bad about China annexing Taiwan then. Come on. Let's hear it.
Open file (2.81 MB 1825x1217 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm from USA, hello redcoats
>>3406 Alright lad, what brings you here then?
>>3407 I am exploring other imageboards once again..
>>3408 Like me but I'm Spanish
>>3409 I am a refugee from KC, and yourself?
What's the point? I mean WHAT is the POINT? WHAT IS THE POINT?!?
Abandon all hope ye who enter here is scrawled in blood red lettering on the side of the Chemical Bank near the corner of Eleventh and First and is in print large enough to be seen from the backseat of the cab as it lurches forward in the traffic leaving Wall Street and just as Timothy Price notices the words a bus pulls up, the advertisement for Les Miserables on its side blocking his view, but Price who is with Pierce & Pierce and twenty-six doesn't seem to care because he tells the driver he will give him five dollars to turn up the radio, "Be My Baby" on WYNN, and the driver, black, not American, does so. "I'm resourceful," Price is saying. "I'm creative, I'm young, unscrupulous, highly motivated, highly skilled. In essence what I'm saying is that society cannot afford to lose me. I'm an asset." Price calms down, continues to stare out the cab's dirty window, probably at the word FEAR sprayed in red graffiti on the side of a McDonald's on Fourth and Seventh. "I mean the fact remains that no one gives a shit about their work, everybody hates their job, I hate my job, you've told me you hate yours. What do I do? Go back to Los Angeles? Not an alternative. I didn't transfer from UCLA to Stanford to put up with this. I mean am I alone in thinking we're not making enough money?" Like in a movie another bus appears, another poster for Les Miserables replaces the word - not the same bus because someone has written the word DYKE over Eponine's face. Tim blurts out, "I have a co-op here. I have a place in the Hamptons, for Christ sakes." "I'm not sure, guy, but I don't think dyslexia is a virus." "Oh, who knows? They don't know that. Prove it." Outside this cab, on the sidewalks, black and bloated pigeons fight over scraps of hot dogs in front of a Gray's Papaya while transvestites idly look on and a police car cruises silently the wrong way down a one-way street and the sky is low and gray and in a cab that's stopped in traffic across from this one, a guy who looks a lot like Luis Carruthers waves over at Timothy and when Timothy doesn't return the wave the guy - slicked-back hair, suspenders, horn-rimmed glasses - realizes it's not who he thought it was and looks back at his copy of USA Today. Panning down to the sidewalk there's an ugly old homeless bag lady holding a whip and she cracks it at the pigeons who ignore it as they continue to peck and fight hungrily over the remains of the hot dogs and the police car disappears into an underground parking lot. "But then, when you've just come to the point when your reaction to the times is one of total and sheer acceptance, when your body has become somehow tuned into the insanity and you reach that point where it all makes sense, when it clicks, we get some crazy fking homeless nigger who actually wants - listen to me, Bateman - wants to be out on the streets, this, those streets, see, those " - he points - "and we have a mayor who won't listen to her, a mayor who won't let the bitch have her way - Holy Christ - let the fking bitch freeze to death, put her out of her own goddamn self-made misery, and look, you're back where you started, confused, f**ked... Number twenty-four, nope, twenty-five... Who's going to be at Evelyn's? Wait, let me guess." He holds up a hand attached to an impeccable manicure. "Ashley, Courtney, Muldwyn, Marina, Charles - am I right so far? Maybe one of Evelyn's 'artiste' friends from ohmygod the 'East' Village. You know the type - the ones who ask Evelyn if she has a nice dry white chardonnay - " He slaps a hand over his forehead and shuts his eyes and now he mutters, jaw clenched, "I'm leaving. I'm dumping Meredith. She's essentially daring me to like her. I'm gone. Why did it take me so long to realize that she has all the personality of a goddamn game-show host?... Twenty-six, twenty-seven... I mean I tell her I'm sensitive. I told her I was freaked out by the Challenger accident - what more does she want? I'm ethical, tolerant, I mean I'm extremely satisfied with my life, I'm optimistic about the future - I mean, aren't you?"
Bit unsettling to think that we were a group of 19-24 year old young lads when we started /britfeel/ and now we're a bunch of crusty old geezers slowly being sucked into our 30s one by one.
>>3414 It's pretty mad. 10+ years ago on 4chan I'd encounter the odd anon in their late 20s/early 30s, and I remember thinking they were proper weirdos for hanging around imageboards with us lot in our teens/early 20s at their age. In 3 months I'll be getting my wizardry licence.
>>3415 Yeah, it's the main reason I avoid 4chan like the plague. Although it wouldn't surprise me if imageboards have an aging audience these days since I can't imagine kids today would be interested in them. Kind of like how the bb forums are just filled with a bunch of proper old geezers because even people our age find them clunky and annoying.
>>3416 >Although it wouldn't surprise me if imageboards have an aging audience these days I think so. There's still a lot of teenagers about, but there's also tons of late 20s-mid 30s users as well, whereas they used to be a rare occurrence. I imagine most of the younger crowd go straight to Discord/Reddit/etc these days, and imageboards just get the few who get banned from those. I know that in Japan, imageboards and anonymous BBSes are generally viewed as being the realm of 35-50 year olds, as that was the crowd who were in their teens and 20s when those sites first came about in the late 90s/early 2000s. Most of the younger lot use social networking sites instead, much like over here. >Kind of like how the bb forums are just filled with a bunch of proper old geezers because even people our age find them clunky and annoying It's what I started out on, but yeah I had enough of that format a long time ago. It's amazing how active some of them still are though. Can't stand the newer-looking ones, but the oldsk00l ones take me straight back to the 2000s (for better or worse).
>>3414 Mental, I was a virgin loser when I found this place, now I'm married with a child on the way. Goes to show you how anything can happen.
>>3418 congratulations lad
Imagine if your surname was Bollockshits. Just imagine it. Have you done that? Good.
>>3420 Sorry but that scenario is too ridiculous for me to imagine. So no, I shan't be doing it.
>>3420 imagine your name was Gaylord
Imagine if your name was Floobity Whibblescromps Ha ha! Wouldn't that be weird? Go on, just imagine it, for a laugh. Ha ha...
>>3423 We may not have to imagine, >>3418 can make it happen .
Lad, what's that South American band who did all those songs? Think they were around in the 80s, 90s or 2000s?
Open file (856.58 KB 800x481 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3425 It was the Gipsy Kings.
Open file (2.88 MB 1280x720 1634931046218.webm)
>>3426 They're not South American.
Open file (2.88 MB 720x1280 1635699671710.webm)
Knife-wielding man sets fire on Tokyo train, injuring 17 >A man wielding a knife attacked passengers and lit a fire aboard a train in Tokyo on Sunday, leaving at least 17 people injured, one seriously, reports said. >Police later arrested a 24-year-old man who was carrying a knife. >Local media reported later that the suspect told authorities he "wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death."
>>3429 I thank god every day I wasn't born Japanese
>>3430 Where do you reckon the best place to be born is? I might be biased, but I think Britain is pretty hard to beat.
Open file (42.40 KB 412x329 valis.jpg)
Just wanted to mention a new board /valis/ is now open on the webring. It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons wink-wink Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world. Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime.
>>3433 Bet if we advertised /britfeel/ on your board it'd get deleted in an instant, cheeky cunt.
Hello, how have things been I haven't been around in long time Not because i've made it, i'm still a virgin neet except now i'm in my mid twenties just so empty I stopped checking in
>>3435 Alright lad? Things have been quiet round here lately, I've been lurking the whole time but not had anything to post about. I'm also still a virgin NEET, but in 2 months time I'll officially be a wizard so it's not all bad.
Open file (500.96 KB 612x408 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3436 >in 2 months time I'll officially be a wizard so it's not all bad. I'll get the booze in
at the end of the month i'll have been a wizard for 2 years just want it all to end to be honest lads
>>3436 I'm alright but also not really and never have been >>3438 Why are you a wizard?
>>3439 >Why are you a wizard? because i'm an ugly manlet with no charisma
Open file (118.91 KB 299x292 quite.png)
>>3434 See, this is a general with only one universal theme of Britishness. Since brits play vidya it is fair to advertise a vidya board here. But on our board the universal theme is video games. You would have to advertise /britfeel/ in a manner pertaining to video games for it not to be, rather fairly, deleted.
>>3441 And to that, I say quite simply, scroopidy whooplefloops.
Who are some anime voice actors you like. I like Rimuru Tempest and the narrator from Berserk (1997).
>>3443 I don't watch anime these days, but when I did I always liked hearing Mamiko Noto, Yuu Kobayashi, Rie Tanaka, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Sayaka Ohara, especially when they played mature/oneesan-type roles. For male seiyuu, I always smiled whenever Norio Wakamoto or Tomokazu Sugita showed up.
>2021 >not watching objectively superior dubbed anime
>>3445 You're obviously being sarcastic, but it's mad to believe there are people who actually think this way.
>>3442 Well I never.
>>3443 Whoever voices my waifu of course btw, im a cunt
>>3448 my waifu loves my cunt xD
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-HKWoE9QZk You would think this was SOAD if you didn't know better. Looks like Daron was the talent all along.
Open file (247.63 KB 499x497 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3451 >not white
>>3453 What, like Elon's ex-gf (gremlin fiend)? You can keep her mate, in a kennel preferably.
Anyone else changed their mind about Meghan Markle after seeing this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOKEE67MexM She comes off as extremely relateable, down to earth, up for a laugh, clearly doesn't take herself too seriously. What a LASS.
>>3455 To be quite frank, I couldn't remember who she was for a minute after reading your post lad
Lads... I am not enjoying my old hobby so much anymore, it's been months since I just sat and browsed number stations or tried looking for oddities, I never got into it as much as some but used to just amuse myself, now I feel I'm too old to be so amateur at something I am interested in. Should I buy a shortwave radio and do actual research or just sack it off for good? Pic related, it's the waterfall
>>3457 I think being an amateur at a hobby is perfectly fine, it's impossible to be an expert in everything after all. Unless you've really gone off it, you could try diving straight into the deep end. Might be overwhelming at first, but your knowledge/skill/whatever will slowly develop a bit more each time you have a go.
>>3457 I personally find learning challenging things fun and rewarding. It sometimes takes a bit of discipline but for me it always feels worth it. Worst case scenario, you learn something about yourself.
Going to Tescos. Anyone want anything?
>>3461 I'll have a Twix, cheers lad.
Mandatory vaxx on the continent lads. Are you ready to kick off if they start getting funny with us here?
Anyone got any really weird insecurities? For me, it's not having a good reaction image folder. Sometimes when I'm browsing imageboards I'll see someone post a really funny, appropriate reaction image, and I'll think "I bet he's got a really good folder, probably with terabytes worth of quality reactions", and be reminded of my own inadequacy. And you?
Open file (1.71 MB 606x423 doom.gif)
>>3140 >It's looking like the spike protein isn't as harmless as they thought Kind of Relevant: SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro >https://dx.doi.org/10.3390%2Fv13102056 Rogue (auto)antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19 >https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-021-00149-1 In fatal COVID-19, the immune response can control the virus but kill the patient >https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2021128117
Lads, when you were in school was there ever a "gay toilet"? In primary school there were 3 urinals and nobody would ever dare use the middle one because that was the designated gay toilet and anyone caught using it would be under suspicion of being gay. People would queue up on the left and right toilet despite the middle one being free.
Open file (243.67 KB 480x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3466 Did anyone have heterosexual sex in the middle toilet, what would the response be from other people? gay, or not gay?
>>3468 by definition, any sex at the gay toilet would be gay sex
>>3448 >btw, im a cunt Beautiful to see this still in action after all these years
>>3469 Anglos have fucked up definitions. No wonder why you were one of the first to accept troons.
>shat the bed again My mother will learn not to make the chilli too spicy eventually. Until then, she can deal with the consequences.
Right, that's it. You've got till the 15th.
>>3463 No but I might buy a tent and go live in some woods nearby until I get too cold and hungry and have to come slinking back
Decided to play skyrim again since all the new posts about the re-re-re-re-re-release made me feel nostalgic about it. Was prepared for the usual ritual of spending 12 hours re-learning how to mod the game and sifting through the nexus (and the other site) for mods before ultimately spending 5 minutes in the game and losing interest. Turns out there's this new thing the modders have made called "Wabbajack" which lets you just load a modlist and it does all the hard work for you, took an hour or so to download all the mods and it was ready to go. Very impressed with this, here's hoping I actually get some amount of gameplay before losing interest this time.
>>3475 Annoyingly the wabbajack people insist on it only working with a steam-installed copy. Antipiracy cucks
>>3459 >>3460 You're right, I might have a chat with my grandfather and see if he can point me in the right direction for a shortwave radio to have at home. Fuck it, what's the worst that happens? I become a schizo-poster again?
>>3474 try to find a portable heater perhaps, don't freeze to death unless you leave a note referencing britfeel so we find out about your death
Open file (501.08 KB 634x343 ClipboardImage.png)
Richard Madley is Still Unwell >The broadcaster, 65, was taken ill hours after participating in a gruelling bushtucker trial >Ben Shephard said of his co-star: 'Apparently we'll be talking to him on Monday. Maybe we won't. We're hearing he's too ill' >Richard, who was reported to have been paid £200,000 for his time on the show, spent just four days living in the castle >He confirmed in a statement that after breaking the show's 'Covid bubble' he'd been forced to leave the show https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10245507/Richard-Madeley-ill-appear-GMB-Monday-forced-QUIT-Im-Celeb.html
>>3479 I find it hard to believe that people still watch telly, and I find it even harder to believe that Richard Madeley is (was) still on it.
>>3480 Love a bit of gogglebox me, if you don't watch it ur not human, simple as x
Is the BO still here?
>>3482 Yeah, COVID ain't got me yet.
>>3483 The real question is, is BO alright.
Open file (691.15 KB 470x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3479 Richard Madley "Feels Better" >On Friday, he was spotted back home in London looked frail yet in good spirits as he sipped tea and flashed a thumbs up at waiting photographers while also taking delivery of flowers >Speaking outside his home, he suggested 'maybe low blood sugar' led to the 'momentary' medical emergency that caused him to be taken to hospital to have his bloods checked >Richard, who was believed to be treated at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl, reassured fans that he's 'fine' after his health scare >His return comes amid Fears that I'm A Celebrity bosses have made this year's series too tough https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10246509/Im-Celebritys-Richard-Madeley-RETURNS-home-medical-emergency.html
>>3484 I'm alright lad, gonna cook dinner now. Chicken and rice, you know the score.
>>3478 I don't think I''ll even make it as far as going outside. I've stressed myself out so much worrying about my family dying from the vax that I've developed heart palpitations.
>>3487 They have underlying conditions lad?
I just did a poo in the shower. Its a real treat!
>>3488 Could be down to many things according to the NHS page on it. I can't go to the doctors though because they only do phone consultations now. Guess I'm done for.
>>3489 Not only is it a treat, it's good for the environment and saves water too. Keep it up, kid.
Does weed help you sleep?
>>3492 can do but often people end up highly reliant on it to sleep after a while
>>3492 Weed is like meth for me and it only makes me tired many hours later and its not the good kind of tired but just fatigued. Super low dose edible or cbd is the only way.
>>3491 I didn't even think about the benefit for the environment. From now on all my poos are going to be in the shower. I have seen the light!
Poo in the shower is all fun and games, but the smell can be a tad off-putting. Best thing to do is to wank first in the shower, then shit. You don't want to wank with the smell of poo fresh in the mind. Then you can piss to wash the insides of your willy out, and you can use the piss as a hose to wash down the poo. The order is thus: >Get in the shower >Turn shower on >Have a shave in the shower >Have a wank in the shower >Have a poo in the shower >Have a wee in the shower >Wash thoroughly >Turn shower off >Get out of the shower And just like that you're ready for the day ahead.
>>3496 You forgot taking your waifu into the shower with you.
Right then. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say. Have a fantastic christmas.
Epictetus contends that freedom is not achieved by satisfying desire, but by eliminating it. Thoughts.
>>3499 what were epic titus's thoughts on pooing in the shower
Open file (35.69 KB 507x676 IMG_3099.jpg)
Got some top nosh on the go lads, any guesses what's in me pot?
>>3498 Mate that was a bit early, it is now December so let me -ahem- Have an excellent Christmas all boardlads and lurkers
Open file (329.45 KB 540x540 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (992.36 KB 2160x3840 w0e2d8nkhf281.jpg)
>>3503 You know what'd make this taste better? Some ale, maybe a pale ale
>>3504 What is wrong with your hand?
>>3503 >Beanz whoever decided on that needs to be gassed to be honest
>>3505 nothing just a bit chapped i reckon
>>3506 gazzed
>>3507 Maybe it's just an unfortunate angle but it looks like a misshapen claw to me
>>3506 Beanz Meanz Heinz.
I'm the most productive I've been in my life at the minute.
>>3512 What are you producing, lad?
Open file (1.05 MB 680x942 ClipboardImage.png)
How would I go about building a cheap gaming PC? Where's the best place to get parts? Any other tips?
>>3515 Step 1: Buy your parts prior to March 2020 and the global silicon shortage. But seriously, I can't stress enough how much of a shitty time this is to buy PC parts; everything is 3x the price it was 2 years ago, including hardware that's 5+ years old (my GTX 1070 which came out in 2016 for example is currently going second-hand for the same price (or more) that I paid for it 4 and a half years ago). The shortage isn't expected to end until at least 2023 either, so don't expect anything to be "cheap" if you plan to build in the near future. That said, if waiting a couple of years is out of the question (and waiting that long is probably unwise anyway because things could always get worse) and you don't mind forking out the cash, you can use sites like https://www.logicalincrements.com/ for build examples/ideas, https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/ to put a mock-up of a build together, and then buy the parts on Amazon or somewhere else. First and foremost, you want to decide on your CPU. Decide between AMD vs Intel (neither is a bad choice right now, but AMD CPUs have been the more cost-effective option in recent years), and consider how much horsepower your intended computing tasks will require. If you plan to do lots of intensive video encoding or something, you'll need something powerful with lots of cores, but if all you plan to do is play games and watch a bit of youtube on the side, you'll do more than fine with whatever the current optimal price/performance model is. Going back a generation or two isn't a bad idea when it comes to saving money, and right now that might be your only option anyway. Next you want to look for a motherboard that's compatible with your CPU, and is also the right physical size for the case and PSU you intend to get (more on those later, but the gist of it is this: ATX form factor for big boy cases, micro-ATX/mATX for small-ish "typical prebuilt"-sized cases, and mini-ITX is for tiny portable/game console/home theatre/novelty-sized cases. mATX motherboards are compatible with ATX-sized cases, but not the other way around). Different CPUs require different sockets, so that's the most important thing to check. It's worth considering the M.2 storage options the motherboard supports as well (if you don't know, SSDs usually come on thin little sticks that attach directly to the motherboard these days, as opposed to the 2.5" HDD form factor they used to always take). There are other things to consider like overclocking support, but if you're on a budget then that doesn't really matter. The Intel ethernet/WiFi on the more expensive motherboards are generally superior and more reliable than the crappy Realtek ethernet/WiFi found on most of the cheaper ones, but you can always add a better networking card later. Don't just spend all your budget on your CPU and graphics card and then cheap out on the motherboard (or PSU for that matter); you will very likely come to regret it if you do. After that you want to get a RAM kit (either 2x or 4x sticks) that's compatible with your motherboard, has adequate memory for the tasks you'll be doing, and is fast enough to get the optimal performance out of your CPU. There are different RAM generations and they all have different sockets, so make sure the RAM you get suits your motherboard (DDR4 has been the standard for the last several years or so, DDR5 came out in 2020 but isn't really supported just yet). The reason why you buy them in kits of matching pairs or quads is that multi-channel memory is able to operate much faster than single-channel memory; non-matching sticks will still probably work, but only as well as the poorest-performing stick. (1/3)
>>3515 Next is deciding on your CPU cooling, which boils down to whether you want air cooling or water cooling, and how large of a case you want to get to accommodate it. The cooler that comes with your chosen CPU will almost certainly be "good enough", but you can usually get far better results even with a relatively cheap aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212 EVO (the biggest downsides are that aftermarket coolers can sometimes be finicky to install and you have to apply thermal paste yourself, which leaves some room for error). With air-based cooling, the basic idea is to get the biggest, meatiest heatsink and fan possible that will fit inside your case and won't conflict with your RAM (most heatsinks are designed to have adequate clearance for the majority of RAM sticks, but some may require low-profile RAM or just be plain incompatible with your motherboard's layout). Can't really give advice on water cooling because I've never done it, but there are all-in-one (AIO) kits that make it a lot easier than doing your own custom loops. Still doesn't seem worth it to me personally, as there's a lot more things that could go horribly wrong compared to simple air coolers, and decent fans in decent cases are barely audible most of the time anyway. Now you'll want to start looking graphics cards, and keep a box of tissues handy to wipe away the tears once you see the prices; we're talking £350+ for "okay" performance, £800+ for anything with some "oomph", and the top-tier cards might as well not exist for how available they are (and when they are available, they're anywhere from £1500 to £3000). That being said, depending on the games you intend to play you might be happy as larry with an "okay" card (most games I play are 5+ years old or have low system requirements and my monitor is "only" 1440p, so I'm still perfectly content with my aging GTX 1070). You will want to make sure the physical length of the graphics card is compatible with the case you end up choosing; some cards are too long for some cases, and will conflict with drive bays or other things. You'll also want to be aware of any additional power sockets on the card, which your power supply unit (PSU) will need to accommodate. Regarding team green vs team red: when it comes to raw gaming performance, NVIDIA basically has the entire market to themselves, but AMD provide some decent competition in the mid/low end. The catch is that AMD's drivers for Windows have been nothing short of shit for many years; conversely, if you were planning on using GNU/Linux (or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux) as your gaming OS, you'll actually want to go with AMD thanks to their far superior Linux drivers. Can't say I recommend Linux for gaming though, despite things being much better than they were a few years ago. The PSU is next on the list. The most important aspect is the wattage rating, which needs to be at least enough to cover the total max requirements for all the other components you've chosen, preferably with ample headroom (PCPartPicker can calculate this automatically). You don't need to go total overkill though; chances are you won't need to exceed 500W, especially if you're doing a cheaper build. There are different form factors, but by far the most common is ATX, and all that really matters here is that it matches your case and motherboard. You want to make sure it has all the cables you'll need for your hardware (especially the GPU), including any extra peripherals. You can choose between non-modular, semi-modular, and modular PSUs; modular PSUs will allow you to attach/detach cables as needed (making your build a lot cleaner and tidier), but non-modular PSUs are usually much cheaper. There's also the power efficiency rating (e.g., 80 Plus, 80 Plus Bronze, 80 Plus Gold, etc.), which determines how much power being drawn will be wasted as heat. I would recommend an 80 Plus Gold or higher, and treating 80 Plus Bronze as an absolute minimum, but it depends on availability and what you can afford (keep in mind that it will be costing you more to run your system in the long run if you cheap out). (2/3)
>>3515 On to the PC case, which ultimately comes down to what size machine you want, your aesthetic preferences, and how compatible it is with the hardware you've chosen (particularly CPU cooler height and graphics card length, but also consider any extra peripherals like storage drives, optical drives, etc. you might want). The common sizes are as follows: full tower AKA EATX case (ludicrously hueg), mid tower AKA ATX case (still pretty big), mini tower AKA micro-ATX case (small-ish; typical prebuilt size), and small form factor AKA mini-ITX case (small to tiny). The most common sizes for gaming PC builds are mid tower and mini tower. In addition to being better for cooling, bigger cases are usually easier to build in due to the extra space and having more places to hide/route your cables, but it really depends on what you want. There's a trade-off between low noise and good airflow too, so keep that in mind. Good airflow basically means having adequate intake at the front/bottom of the machine, and adequate exhaust at the rear/top. Soft mesh and perforated metal are particularly good materials for airflow, while glass and non-perforated metal are particularly bad for airflow. Some cases are extremely retarded when it comes to airflow, such as making the entire front of the case glass and putting fans right up against it, so watch out for that. The final main component for your machine is storage. For your primary system drive, you'll want a fast SSD, and SSDs in the M.2 ("em dot too") form factor are fairly commonplace these days. If you do go for an M.2 SSD, you'll want to make sure you get one that is compatible with your motherboard, as there are different possible lengths and varying sockets (some are keyed differently, just to really confuse things). There are also two different versions that M.2 SSDs can come in as well; SATA (older, slower, cheaper), and NVMe (newer, faster, more expensive). You will have to check your motherboard's spec to know if any or all of the M.2 sockets support NVMe or not, but newer ones probably will. SSDs are still a lot more expensive per gigabyte compared to hard drives, so it can still be worth getting a hard drive for mass data storage or installing software where the read/write speed doesn't matter. Putting the parts together is mostly just a case of reading the manuals (mainly the motherboard's and case's) and watching a few in-depth PC builds on youtube. Typically the order of installation goes something like this: lay motherboard flat -> install CPU to motherboard -> install RAM to motherboard -> apply thermal paste to CPU -> install CPU cooler to motherboard/CPU -> install M.2 storage to motherboard -> install motherboard I/O shield to case -> install motherboard to case -> install additional drives to case -> install PSU to case -> connect PSU cables to everything -> connect additional drives to motherboard -> connect case fans to motherboard (or fan controller) -> connect case's front I/O cables to motherboard -> connect mains power to PSU, display monitor to rear I/O -> test if the system boots without issue -> remove mains power and display monitor -> install graphics card to topmost PCI slot on motherboard -> connect PSU cable(s) to graphics card -> connect mains power to PSU, display monitor to graphics card output -> test if the system boots without issues -> connect keyboard and mouse to rear I/O -> attach OS installation device/media -> follow on-screen instructions -> congratulations, you've built a gaming PC. (3/3)
Open file (1.55 MB 1028x686 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3516 >>3517 >>3518 What an absolute beaut!!!! Britfeel Gold for you good gentlesir. I don't even have time to read all this now but I'm going to sit down and give it a good going over later. I'm excited, I feel like building your own PC is a rite of passage of sorts. I will post updates if anyone's interested.
>>3517 I must say I'm really shocked at this graphics card situation. Is it all bitcoin's fault? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
>>3519 No problem lad, keep us posted. >>3520 >Is it all bitcoin's fault? It's a multipronged shitshow; a combination of cryptomania, scalping becoming the norm (scalping is when script kiddies buy up all the stock of a product at retail price the instant it's available, then flog it for much more than they paid for it; computer and gaming hardware have been heavily targeted), every device and machine ever becoming a computer (Internet of Things), and of course everything about COVID (shipping having a hefty backlog and being unable to cope with the load, everyone buying computers/laptops/tech during the lockdowns, etc.). This has led to silicon chips becoming 3-4x the price they were before, and nearly impossible to obtain in many areas. Some car manufacturers even had to shut down their production lines this year because they couldn't get their hands on the required chips, it's an actual crisis. >Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Well some companies have predicted that the current silicon shortage is going to continue for "a couple more years" (until 2023 at the soonest), and that's about as good as the news gets. Intel are going to be bringing out their own line of graphics cards in the near future, but even if the cards are viable for gaming (which is questionable at this time), I don't see how they're going to be any more available than the ones that are already "out" that nobody (not even scalpers in some cases) can get hold of.
Open file (4.17 MB 1800x1201 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YxaaGgTQYM The song that defined a generation.
Open file (3.43 MB 1755x1173 rainy city.png)
My windows are too full of condensation so I cannot enjoy the rainy scenery. Downloaded a few scenic wallpapers instead, feels comfy
Is there a quality /sig/ board anywhere other than halfchan? Or shall I just /sig/ post here again lads?
>>3524 Let's hear it. What have you been up to?
>>3525 Alright lad: >got promoted to managerial (temporary but there seems a lot of opportunity to make this permanent) >On top of rent and bills again >Christmas is sorted 100% >I'm not on any medication nor drugs >Starting a good routine with working out (although haven't adapted my diet much considering the seasonal foods available at the minute) Anyone else?
I'm collecting reaction images. I want a really comprehensive folder with lots of impressive pictures. Today, it's animals. Please post your favourite animal reaction image -- as long as you're alright with me having it, of course.
Open file (104.78 KB 1177x829 rav20211118120330.jpg)
Open file (81.86 KB 750x500 rav20210916143834.jpg)
Open file (70.70 KB 640x480 rav20210816234844.jpg)
Open file (36.84 KB 475x475 ERZG1lQX0AEXxJr-orig.jpg)
Open file (921.21 KB 220x266 1633013547083.gif)
>>3527 Have some cats.
>>3527 Any reason why specifically animals lad?
Buying gf
Open file (27.93 KB 599x448 pepeoncomputer.jpeg)
Alright fellow Britnons? I hope you're well. To lay out the scene, I'm late teens and still live at home. Out of education, and never been employed. Me and my parents just moved house and now I'm left at home 7 days a week with no one else from 8 till 5 and feel like shit. I've been making some videos and putting them on YouTube/Odysee, but I feel like it's a waste of time. Nationwide, there are millions of job vacancies right? But for someone with no prior work experience and half way shit GCSE grades, do I stand a chance at getting anything remotely decent? I would love to work in IT or something like that, but I don't have the certifications to back me up. Fuck I don't know if I'm asking for advice or just ranting. Sorry Anons.
>>3528 Excellent. >>3529 It just feels like that kind of day. >>3526 Nice. Very impressive. Being on top of Christmas and financial stuff is indeed a good feeling. I've still got to wrap everything but I'm more or less sorted as far as presents goes. The problem is my mum's still having a manic episode, so there's no guarantee we'll get a nice family Christmas this year.
Open file (1.97 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (699.44 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (577.16 KB 600x378 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (652.26 KB 600x472 ClipboardImage.png)
I've been having some neck pain so I decided to start strengthening it. I tried neck bridges like in the first pic and they felt really good. It's always been a muscle group I've neglected, but enjoying these has made me want to focus on them more, so I'm going to aim for all of these.
>>3533 i support your neckmaxxing endeavours
>>3532 Is there anything like lsd or benzos in small doses you could buy for your Mum to help her straighten out during manic episodes?
>>3535 I've got lsd but I can see that making things worse. Benzos have worked in the past when she's been sectioned but I don't have any.
Where's do Japanese hikkikomoris congregate online? Do they have a version of /r9k/? I want to peruse.
Open file (1011.16 KB 576x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3537 gotta be something like 2chan right?
Open file (82.94 KB 500x500 toshiaki.jpg)
>>3537 There's no single place they all gather as far as I know, but you'll find Japanese NEETs and hikkis just about everywhere online. They're generally more interested in talking about news/interests/hobbies/etc than themselves though (which I suppose is similar to us these days), whereas the ones you'll find on mainstream/social networking sites are generally the attention-seeking "menhera" types. 5channel/5ch (formerly 2channel/2ch) is probably your best bet for something vaguely reminiscent of /r9k/; they have dedicated boards for unemployment ( https://medaka.5ch.net/dame/ ), hikkis ( https://matsuri.5ch.net/hikky/index.html ), and mental illnesses ( https://krsw.5ch.net/mental/ ) to name a few. The catch is that you'll need a VPN with non-European servers to access 5ch from the UK. Futaba Channel's Nijiura boards are saturated with 30-50yo NEETs and hikkis, but they're mostly anime/otaku-orientated /b/ boards so you'll have to lurk a while to find the occassional NEET/hikki threads. Most other Japanese imageboards are purely for dumping images/porn, so they're not really what you're looking for. There's a few Ayashii World boards out there such as http://misao.mixh.jp/cgi-bin/bbs.cgi and http://honten.info/bbs/cgi-bin/bbs.cgi which aren't really /r9k/-like, but they're kinda similar to /britfeel/; they're like a big neverending general thread where half the posts are blogposts and newsposts, and the other half are inane outbursts (which are sometimes quite literally "willies and poo", but in Japanese). I also tried searching specifically for "ひきこもり 掲示板", and I found this modern Western-style forum for Japanese hikkis that might interest you: https://hikky-mura.org/
>>3540 As always lad, a very helpful and informative post. You're well on your way to poster of the year at this rate. >sometimes quite literally "willies and poo", but in Japanese It would appear sophistication and refinement transcends race. How's the Japanese going? You must be reasonably 上手 if you can read imageboard content. I've been watching TES let's plays and reading blogs of playthroughs lately.
>>3540 >>3541 How hard is Japanese? I tried Chinese for a while, found it easier to speak than to read of course
>>3542 Japanese grammar is a lot more complicated than Mandarin; however Mandarin's tones are a lot harder to pick up for a westerner, and they are essential, unlike Japanese pitch accent. With Japanese, each kanji also has a Japanese and a Chinese reading: usually with single kanji, you use the Japanese reading, and with compound words, you tend to use the Chinese reading. For example "公" (public) on its own is pronounced "ooyake", but in a compound word like "公園" (public park) it's pronounced "kou". With Mandarin, as far as I'm aware, each character only has one reading, and combined with the fact there's only one alphabet, learning to read in Chinese is probably easier. Kanji in general aren't as hard as seems to be commonly believed. All kanji are comprised of radicals, or individual components, which have distinct meanings and are continuously reused. Using a combination of mnemonics and rote memorisation, if you put in the hours, you can get all 2000 common-use kanji down in under 6 months. Overall, I would say just pick whatever language you like best, because that's the one you'll feel motivated to spend the most time with. Any difficulties or idiosyncracies become irrelevant in the long-term. https://refold.la/
>>3541 No problem lad, always happy to help. >How's the Japanese going? You must be reasonably 上手 if you can read imageboard content. Nah I'm shite at it, I generally just use a combination of machine/AI translation + online dictionaries/wikis + context + good old-fashioned lurking to get the gist of what's going on. At best I can read kana and a few common kanji, and I've picked up tons of random words and phrases from having Japanese-related interests for years and browsing the Japanese web on a daily basis, but I've not made any serious effort to study it and I still can't form anything beyond the most babby-tier sentences. It's definitely the cheap and lazy way out compared to actually learning the language as you've done, but it's good enough for what I want to do for the most part. >I've been watching TES let's plays and reading blogs of playthroughs lately. Nice, any good ones? I've seen my fair share of Japanese let's plays over the years due to being an early バーチャルユーチューバー fan (fuck off ホロfags I'm not one of you lot) and they can be quite entertaining.
>>3544 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuID_Gu_T4g&list=PLFmdH6te0_UmRIx4zYLt-A8k5eZoLzw5M I'm watching this one at the minute. It's funny because he's a total noob and overlooks the most basic things. In a way it's like vicariously recapturing that sense of wonder when playing through something new that you lose when you know a lot about a game. I was astonished at how high quality the dub is. All game dialogue has subs as well which makes picking up vocab a bit easier.
Open file (543.64 KB 612x779 crush weaklings.png)
Re-reading instead of starting any of the manga stacking up on my "to-read" list
>>3543 That's the problem I suppose lad, I really enjoy so many languages but cannot put enough time and effort into any one. I have managed to throw a couple months into Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch and many others but I feel without academic style structure I falter and fail at keeping on top of it and practicing out loud. Big props to you lads who can keep at language learning the way you do
There's something strange going on. The breadcrumbs are there, though you're being careful. It's only a matter of time before I get to the bottom of it. I will have the answers I seek, and when I do, ther
Open file (61.95 KB 382x395 1511602958702.png)
>>3548 W-what are you planning?
>>3549 Don't worry lad, i think candlejack has been fo
Open file (130.40 KB 1200x797 monkees.jpg)
Open file (2.48 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Please give me your honest impressions of Morrowind.
>>3552 Clunky, sluggish, dull, and when I first played it in about 2008 it felt more dated then than Oblivion feels today. I've tried to get into Morrowind many times, but as soon as I leave the first building it feels more like torture than fun. That said, I'm not really an RPG fan. I played Oblivion first on PS3, and I enjoyed it a lot more because I could just whack down the difficulty slider, completely ignore all the stats and levelling shite, and play it more like a typical action-adventure game.
Time for another wonderful shift at ASDA.
>>3552 One of the best games ever made, the world is smaller than other TES games but dense with things to see and do which makes it feel much larger and more realized than games that aim for sheer landmass. The gameplay systems find a great balance between the bloated nature of Daggerfall and the over simplification that started with Oblivion, in particular the magic system allows for tons of experimentation that hasn't been the same since. The various factions provide plenty of adventures for numerous character archetypes and some are even secret and have to be discovered naturally (instead of being forcefully advertised like in Skyrim for instance). The shitposting is good too so there's that.
Open file (481.83 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
You lads into shopping walks? As far as shopping walking content goes, you just can't beat Tim. He's uploaded a really impressive amount and contributed immensely to the genre. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzkJsi0egA4
Open file (518.20 KB 1108x1030 1626299607645.jpg)
Do we have a white pages background search? like mylife.com?
Greetings, /britfeel/. As our contribution of the webring Christmas event this year, we at /yuri/ decided to put together a 7-day war film marathon starting December 18. Film lineup, schedule, and details are on pic related. We'd be honored if you would join us on this special time of the year. https://streamchan.org/#shizuruslovehut For direct streaming https://streamchan.org/hls/shizuruslovehut.m3u8 rtmp://streamchan.org/live/shizuruslovehut.flv Questions or concerns? https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/21.html Feel free to pay us a visit https://smuglo.li/yuri/
Open file (305.59 KB 500x282 ClipboardImage.png)
>people without masks on at the supermarket again
>>3562 hall monitor mask cuck lel
>>3562 you won't do anything
>>3552 Completely of the time, not worth playing again it ruins the nostalgia
Open file (1.40 MB 1920x1080 Panzerparty.jpg)
How's it going, /britfeel/? Just wanted to mention that /christmas/ festivities begin in about 12 hours and wanted to formally invite you before I get ready for bed here soon. I hope to see you lads there so we can have a good time. There will be music, games, and lots of cultural exchanges. There's no /india/ board to my knowledge so unfortunately colonial shitposting won't be as easy. >There will be a Christmas radio on anon.cafe/christmas featuring music (Christmas and non-Christmas) from prolikewoah/animu, smuglo.li (probably, working out the details with that DJ), and anon.cafe/l >Music stream will happen on the 18th of December from 9AM Saturday American West Coast to roughly 9PM or later (5PM Saturday to 5AM Sunday GMT/UTC, or 2AM Sunday to 2PM Tokyo time) >There will be a separate games thread for anons who want to play games, with servers and hosts edited into the OP since the goal is for anons to socialize and enjoy themselves- OJ, EDF, and Veloren are probably on the books right now. >You can make your own lobbies for the games thread without being tied to a board, but it's a good chance to advertise your board >Feel free to make an advertising thread promoting your board. If you want to have a fun activity attached, that is also welcome!
So lads, are we doing some Christmas festivities on the run-up or days itself?
I got my first freelancing job today. Absolutely fantastic.
Here, take this. I think it's a cool song, and I think you will too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGfsEJ1_U6Y
>>3569 I'm not even sure what would be appropriate britfeel Christmas Festivities to be honest.
British win
>>3573 Procrastinating on it, missing the time window to properly plan anything, and ultimately doing nothing in particular sounds like the perfect /britfeel/ Christmas.
>>3573 Hmm, perhaps art is called for, except I cannot do any art. I was thinking of commissioning a britfeel Christmas piece maybe on fiverr, how do you lads feel about pixel art?
Open file (2.36 KB 135x50 I can't teeth.png)
goz check your friend requests so we can discuss inviting me back to the room
>>3577 Keep this out of here. You won't be warned again.
>>3578 who the fuck are you to think you can lecture me like that? that fat vaxxed faggot that's gonna have a heart attack within the next 5 years? ahahahaha
>>3579 >>3577 Learn to integrate.
Open file (342.41 KB 666x386 xmastime.gif)
Nearly there boys!
>>3581 i should probably start christmas shopping but nah i'll just keep putting it off, there's always tomorrow after all
Lads. I am angry, frustrated and I'm very close to clenching my first.
>>3578 >even giving him a warning
>>3584 What's happened lad?
>>3586 I'm bored. The internet isnt as fun or entertaining as it used to be.
Open file (43.42 KB 64x64 world01.gif)
>>3587 I started actively surfing the net again ever since 8chan died, and I've ended up having tons of fun online these past couple of years. Search engines have neutered themselves and won't show anything but Verified Websites™ and SEO-abusing blogshit these days, so if you want the good old-fashioned web you have to go back to good old-fashioned link collections, webrings, and word-of-mouth. Here's some link collections to start you off: https://www.goodsites.tech/ https://peelopaalu.neocities.org/ https://sadgrl.online/links.html https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=29337 And if you just want a random fun site to check out, here's one of those novelty "OS simulator" things with some retarded games and secrets and stuff: https://whimsy.space/
>>3588 Thanks lad. I'll have a look. I noticed youtube changed their search algorithm recently. For several years there used to be a bunch of videos that I'd find by searching for the same keywords, which was just about 5 words from the title of the video. Now if I try and search for these videos all I can find is a bunch of "Youtuber" videoz, the search results look totally different. I never saved or bookmarked these videos so they're gone forever.
Do any of you play any video games? I lost interest in trying new video games many years ago, these days I just cycle through the same games and I'm quite happy doing so. >Oldschool Runescape >L4D2 >Dark Souls Franchise >Twilight Princess - Virtually no replay value, but for some reason playing this once every 1-3 years makes me so happy and content >Overwatch - The last game I ever bought. Terrible game
>>3588 Thanks for this lad, I enjoy sifting through sites especially ones with forum functions, post once and likely never return
>>3589 You could try searching for them using something other than youtube's built-in search to get different results. On some search engines you can use "site:youtube.com" along with your search terms to limit the results to just that site. >>3588 (Me) >https://www.goodsites.tech/ >This domain name expired on 2021-12-23 23:59:59 What the fuck. Anyway, here's an archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20211219234838/https://www.goodsites.tech/
Open file (294.14 KB 1412x1408 Genpei-Toma-Den-Cover.jpg)
>>3590 I don't play games much these days, but there are some games from back in the day that I've been re-playing at least once every couple of years since they came out: Sonic 3&K, Tomb Raider 1/2/3, Spyro 1/2, the Smackdown games, Max Payne 1/2, Mafia, GTA2/III/VC/SA, Far Cry, Half-Life 2/ep1/ep2, etc. I still play the occasional emulated game too. I watched "Hi Score Girl" recently (a gaming/arcade-themed romcom anime set between 1991-1996), and while I can't be fucked with the hassle of arcade emulation, I've been checking out some of the Japanese-only PC Engine games featured in the show. Momotarou Katsugeki has been the best one so far (it's a bit like the Wonder Boy/Monster World games if you've ever played them), but Genpei Toumaden (pic related) deserves a mention just for the cover. The game itself is like a drug-induced nightmare however: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySRHIVC3QCM
>>3594 No, vid related.
>>3590 I've been cycling the same handful of games for the last few years now; Civilization 6, 7 Days to Die, Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Minecraft. I'll occasionally play something different, but I keep going back to those same games.
Merry Christmas, lads.
Open file (586.84 KB 2000x1500 tr2-066.jpg)
>>3597 Merry Christmas mate.
>>3597 Merry Christmas Lad. God's blessings on us all today.
What did everyone get for crimbo?
>>3601 It's not over for me yet because I'm seeing my dad and that tomorrow, but so far the main things have been a couple of items of clothing and an electric air blower computer cleaning thing.
>>3594 No one's interested in your garbage board
>>3602 as we get older we get more gifts we need rather than want. I now have a dehumidifier
1. Join some groups. For example, try local churches on Sundays, hobby groups, sports groups, hiking clubs, charity groups. Dress decently and be amiable with the people you meet. 2. Ask the people you've got chatting to at the groups, and also your relatives and friends of your family about letting you know if they hear of a job.
Have you had a nice year then.
HELP I ran a .cmd file to activate my pirated excel and now my CPU fan sounds like a Boeing ready for take-off. I'm between 55-70 degrees doing absolutely nothing. Virus scan turns up nothing, and I can't see any obviously dodgy processes. HELP
>>3609 I've done a health check, registry scan, and driver update with ccleaner, as well as uninstalling and deleting loads of unused shit. I'm now at 48° while writing this post. Do any of our resident technology lords use any optimisation tools? How do you keep your machines healthy?
>>3609 >>3610 >How do you keep your machines healthy? Not running Windows lol. >Do any of our resident technology lords use any optimisation tools? These are usually bloat of some form, the less software on a Windows box the better. I would guess you have a crypto miner or something. Pwned machines aren't to be trusted so you should probably reinstall. Piracy should be seen as a last resort so unless you 100% need Excel you should try something else. It also helps to understand how a crack works and why, do as much research as you can (and maybe try things like VirusTotal) before running a suspicious download. Anti virus can only do so much so Common Sense needs to be your final line of defense.
>>3609 >>3610 Sounds like it could be a cryptominer, but none of the things you've done so far would help against that. First port of call for me in that scenario is running Malwarebytes (the free one), which is usually pretty good at finding things that aren't simply "harmless keygen we'd rather you didn't have", unlike the built-in Windows antivirus (although Malwarebytes does pick those up as well). While you're at it, get rid of CCleaner; it got pozzed by Avast a few years ago, and it's mostly redundant these days anyway. >Do any of our resident technology lords use any optimisation tools? How do you keep your machines healthy? Nah, that shite is mostly snake oil and malware preying on people who don't know better, and even the ones that aren't are usually only doing things that current OSes can do out of the box. Knowledge, experience, and good practices are the only things that will keep a system from going to pot. >>3611 Mostly agreed, but an OS reinstall is the last resort in my book, while informed piracy ought to be standard practice for the non-technologically challenged. Linux isn't a reasonable option for a lot of people either; I speak from experience when I say that most "somewhat advanced" ex-Windows users will end up b0rking their Linux systems themselves either by messing with important system files, running sketchy/outdated commands and scripts off the internet, or installing NVIDIA graphics drivers.
>>3612 >an OS reinstall is the last resort in my book It certainly isn't ideal but once infected how can you be completely sure that the malware was removed? If it was badly written then maybe but the high CPU usage could also be a cover for other functionality. If the obvious symptom is dealt with then the user may ignore other activity under the assumption that they already fixed the problem. For instance good malware often bypasses AV heuristics by being patient and waiting to strike later. >informed piracy ought to be standard practice for the non-technologically challenged Definitely not discouraging piracy if you know what you're doing, although I do think people are quick to jump on their favorite tracker before considering if they really need that specific brand of tool. >I speak from experience when I say that most "somewhat advanced" ex-Windows users will end up b0rking their Linux systems themselves I know what you mean, that LTT series was painful viewing lol. Fortunately there's usually good documentation for unborking various parts of a Linux system though like anything it is a learning process of course.
I've got a job collecting data from Japanese dating sites. It's been going well so far, but I'm having trouble registering on the latest one they've given me. I've spent 2 hours going in circles with gmail, facebook, apple, my own phone number, and temporary .jp phone numbers from the internet. If any of you lads can get successfully registered on here and post the login details ITT I'll bring you a pot noodle of any flavour in real life, or if that's no good, post a picture of one here. https://marrish.com/ Arigato. Pal.
Open file (47.38 KB 645x773 wojackhollow.jpg)
Very nearly 2022 lads. How are you all welcoming in the new year? I myself am enjoying an existential crisis to rival all others, perhaps I will enter the new year with a split personality or a reignited co-dependency on vodka
>>3615 'Round the telly with family. Don't know what you're faced with anon, but wish you well and hope that things start to look up in the future.
Happy new year, lads. Here's hoping this one is better than the last.
Open file (682.64 KB 667x200 oie_15cL3jEwQQMD.gif)
I have no artistic skills so i just steal and pritstick things together lads, feels bad
Open file (86.50 KB 500x599 oie_p07siLDqdYnW.gif)
It makes me feel cosy but maybe I should take up some basic photoshop lessons for pixel art, I do have a fondness for it
>>3614 Just give em a shit score for being impossible to sign-up to. We all know that random 2ショットチャット rooms are the superior option anyway. >>3621 General art & illustration skills would be more helpful in that regard, photoshop is mainly for image editing/manipulation and learning it certainly won't turn you into an artist. There's a >>>/loomis/ board here for artfags to hone their craft, and back in 2019 I actually dumped a load of pixel art tutorial gifs in an /agdg/ thread that's somehow still up: >>>/agdg/23
>>3622 Thanks lad, now just have to amp up the motivation between shifts ..heh.. easy peasy
Open file (3.25 KB 36x60 pixelwalk.gif)
I feel like (from my measurements and research) my peripheral vision is much wider than the average persons, though I have only tested my hypothesis alone, I feel quite confident in saying this because I have been catching a lot of movement on the very very edges of my vision again lately. I catch people trying to move past me or towards me and it often is very blurry, or if they're faster than the turn of my head then the motion is a sparrow hawk swooping past your train window at full diving speed. If my eyesight is, as has been found, perfect, with no need for glasses then the peripheral vision problem may not have been picked up by the lowly specsavers workers, I wonder if I am simply picking up more range of motion and could be useful for studies? There has been changes, and it does make me feel a little more paranoid altogether but I will review it again in the morning and see if the sunrise looks any different now I've noticed a larger peripheral range again.
>>3621 If you're doing pixelart you probably don't wanna be using photoshop anyway lad. There's lots of pixelart specific tools that likely have a lot more quality of life since they're designed for it. Id quite like to get into it myself to be honest.
Open file (804.07 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
I have acquired a GTX 750 Ti. Can I have your opinions on this card please. Thank you.
>>3626 Won't be playing the latest highly demanding games due to VRAM limitations alone (most AAA games in recent years require a minimum of 3-4 GB), but it will get you by if you just want to play older or less demanding games, especially if you tweak the in-game settings to find the right balance between performance and GRAFIX. Anything from before about 2013 should run really well, and games from around 2013-2015 should run "okay" depending on the settings. My old overclocked GTX 770 2GB (non-Ti) could just about get away with playing Witcher 3 with some of the settings turned down and some occasional stuttering, but that was the limit.
Open file (725.33 KB 768x605 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (104.10 KB 1276x811 madden.jpg)
>>3628 double f
>>3626 >2014 card Bloody hell is the market that bad? Glad I upgraded from my 770 before shit really hit the fan.
>>3608 Nah And you then.
wish my dad was a glass of almond milk
Open file (1.72 MB 2000x1331 ClipboardImage.png)
Australia's PM says Novak Djokovic will 'be on the next plane HOME' if the tennis World No 1 cannot explain his 'medical exemption' from being vaccinated that allows him to play in Australian Open >PM Scott Morrison said Novak Djokovic would have to prove exemption from jab >Warned the tennis star would 'be on the next plane home' if evidence insufficient Thoughts lads? Do you think it's things with this jab have taken a turn for the sinister? Or do you think anti-vaxxers basically being kicked out of society is a good thing?
>>3633 Vaccine programs need to be built on consent I think, coercion just fuels resentment and gives credibility to people who believe in conspiracies. There's precedent in healthcare for requiring vaccines (and when you're dealing with incredibly sick patients I believe that's fair) but your average person should be able to make the choice for themselves.
>>3628 this feels portentous. what is coming?
I'm finally making money from my Japanese. 19 hours a week - 15 on a data entry job gathering info from dating sites, and 4 testing a kanji learning app. I'm not making loads of money--below minimum wage infact--but I'm really enjoying the work, and it feels absolutely fantastic to have made it to this point starting from nothing 3 years ago.
Remember how aged you thought 30 year olds were when you were a young lad? Well here we are.
>>3634 There was once also precedent for vaccines actually working. What use is a vaccine that doesn't stop you from catching a virus, doesn't stop you from spreading a virus, doesn't stop you from suffering the symptoms of a virus, but does put you at risk of its side effects (which you have to waive your rights to pursue legal action over in order to take the vaccine), particularly when said virus has an >98% survivability in people with no underlying conditions.
>>3637 Turns out it's the same as being 20 except people care a lot less about you and a lot more people you know or have heard of are dead.
>>3637 I jump between being happy to have reached the age I am and being scared to move forwards, guess its only normal
>>3637 Fuck. Here we are.
How's the year going lads? Is there anything in particular you want to achieve with this one?
Open file (490.25 KB 822x462 ClipboardImage.png)
WEE... Liberal parents who let their children smoke cannabis are warned that the drug is causing up to a THIRD of psychosis cases in London and strong 'skunk' can cause schizophrenia-like symptoms >Sir Robin Murray has sounded the alarm over the use of highly-potent 'skunk' >Expert said drug is behind 30 per cent of his psychosis patients in south London >King's College London professor runs clinic dedicated to psychosis caused by cannabis ...D?=
Open file (305.62 KB 522x286 ClipboardImage.png)
What are these sorts of games called and how can I play them. Thank you.
>>3646 visual novels/dating sims learn japanese or play translated ones
I have to say. If have in you with it 5 years then without what changes how you can do what you said you would?
>>3648 I read it three times before I realised I was being flim-flammed.
Open file (1.87 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
What are your thoughts on the "Internet of Things"? Where do you think it will go? Do you think it could be used for nefarious purposes? Do you own any devices?
>>3650 Gimmicky, wasteful, privacy-annihilating shite, I don't (and won't) have any of it. Big Tech can big fuck off.
Open file (139.19 KB 640x331 shidpost.png)
>>3650 retarded gay bugman redditor shite
I need a new mouse. Any recommendations? I'm not looking to spend a lot, but I also don't want cheap shyte either. Do any of you use ones with flashy features like extra buttons? I'm not bothered about that but if you can convince me there's any merit I might have a look.
>>3654 What will you use it for? Games or just general computer nonsense?
>>3654 I got an Asus Tuf gaming m3 that's lasted me about 10 months so far without any major issues. By default the obligatory LEDs on it cycle through colors while the PC is on and the bloatware required to configure that is huge and doesn't even really last for more than a couple restarts, as I've discovered, but if you don't mind the RGB faggotry it's pretty decent. Used to buy a lot of logitech mice of various prices and the springs in the microswitches would invariably lose their springiness and start double-clicking or letting go of a click after remarkably consistent times based on how much you'd spend on it. About 3 quid per month of use, turns out.
>>3655 General computer nonsense. I've recently started freelancing so general word processy stuff, data entry, translation and the like. >>3656 >flashing coloured LED's
Open file (2.12 MB 355x200 200.gif)
>>3657 >>3656 >flashing coloured LED's
https://skins.webamp.org/ Is it just nostalgia or do a lot of 90's aesthetics still look good?
>>3659 It's more late '90s to mid '00s, but yeah they do still look good for the most part. I think it's more to do with the UIs being made by skilled and passionate graphic designers than it having anything to do with a particular aesthetic, but for the last 10 years or so we've just had lazy cunts throwing all the theory and creativity out the window in place of flat rectangles and globohomo blobs.
Open file (61.31 KB 982x696 tetris.png)
Reckon he pulled?
>>3654 I've had a G502 for years that works and feels great, I don't really use the extra features. From what I've heard double clicking isn't uncommon on newer batches (not sure this is a Logitech specific issue though) but you can replace the switches if needed.
Open file (2.23 MB 1170x1598 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (134.12 KB 228x221 ClipboardImage.png)
Source: https://spotifyopenletter.wordpress.com/2022/01/10/an-open-letter-to-spotify/ >"270 doctors" >Nurse >Nurse >Nurse >Science Correspondent >Student >Student >Social Worker >Psychiatrist
Can I have some reaction images expressing mild discomfort please.
Gud save le queeen
>>3668 Hello, I do, do you have some further recommendations?
>>3661 if he didn't there's no justice in this world
It is, quite simply, over.
>>3672 Update us all lad
>>3672 No it isn't. I refuse to accept it.
Hello lads. I've been doing a freelance research and data entry job using my Japanese for £11 an hour. It's boring, but it feels nice to be making money with my own skills.
>>3675 Not at ASDA anymore lad?
Open file (126.79 KB 320x180 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3676 No, I started uni in October last year and now I'm getting set up as a freelance Japaneser. >discount card still works
>>3677 >discount card still works phoning this in to ASDA House rn (right now)
Open file (147.48 KB 500x306 knifebehindbackl.png)
Why do (You) not post here as often as before?
Open file (158.90 KB 871x792 apu kelly.jpg)
Can't paint, can't dance, can't sing, can't play a musical instrument, can't produce music, can't code, can't fix computers, can't even play video games very well. Not paticularly strong or fast, not a particulary good driver either. I've tried DIY and everything I make comes out wonky. Tried writing but can't think of anything to write about. Should I keep trying new things or just accept that I'm a talentless loser.
What outdoors things have you tried like hunting/fishing/smoking meats? What about mechanical repair or fixing things around the house?
>>3679 How "before" are we talking? Since 2020 I've generally been busying myself with various time-consuming projects, in December I had a month-long break of mostly just watching anime, then there was all the Christmas and New Years palaver after which I was mostly just messing around with the Raspberry Pi my dad got me, and more recently I was supposed to have my 30th birthday party with family but then my sister, my mum, and then I ended up getting COVID, which has had me out of action and completely disorientated for the past week or so. I've had about 2 days-worth of meals in the past 8, and our bloody fridge broke at the start of it which hasn't helped, had to keep the milk outside.
Come on brits
Can't post in the right thread either by the looks of it, anyway you're probably just not putting enough time and dedication into one thing in particular to develop a level of skill in it. I got decent at music production / audio engineering because that was virtually all I did during my teenage years. I turned down everything including going outside and hanging out with my peers just to keep going at it, and after about 3-4 years of that I was actually pretty good. A fucking loner with no friends, but good at making music nonetheless.
Basically what I’m getting at is your a useless human being
>>3685 Speak for your own posts lad.
>>3682 Glad you're keeping busy lad, sad to hear about the COVID though, how's your taste and smell? I was talking in general, though admittedly if the thread were very busy I'd feel a little overwhelmed, the slower pace is good for me I just wonder where everyone is at times
>>3684 go fuck yourself snob I'll make new threads whenever I fucking feel like it.
>>3688 >how's your taste and smell? Everything tastes fucking disgusting at the minute, borderline inedible. I hope it doesn't last long, but it doesn't look good from what little I've read.
>>3691 Should have gotten the vaxx lad.
Add "can't handle the banter" to the list.
>>3692 I did, part 1 anyway.
>>3694 Have a read of this lad, sounds like it could be pertinent to you. Why did you only have one? https://eugyppius.substack.com/p/unboostered-brits-infected-and-dying
>>3695 Don't really get what those graphs are saying, and I didn't get more than one because I didn't fancy it. I had concerns about the mild numbness in the neck/face I experienced before, and more than anything I just couldn't be arsed. Only got the first one because my mum kept going on about it, but before I would've had my second and before she would've had her third she spoke to some funeral director bloke cshe met at work who told her all the dead coming in were double-vaccinated young people, so she went full sceptic.
>>3696 The graphs are saying people who've not had boosters seem to be at more risk than both the fully and unvaccinated. Hopefully you'll be alri now you've actually fought off an infection. I'm glad you stopped at 1 lad, I am surprised you even had that though. I was pretty blase towards the whole pandemic until they started saying I was going to have to get injected with something, because up until that point I'd just gotten on with my life as normal, plus being at Asda throughout meant I'd probably already been exposed to that and much worse. The pressure and coercion got me suspicious so naturally I went on /pol/, and found all the stuff about the spike proteins not staying in the injection site as the manufacturers promised, and ending up in parts of the body they're not meant to, causing all sorts of mischief. Were you not aware of this stuff when you had it? >>3696 >funeral director bloke cshe met at work who told her all the dead coming in were double-vaccinated young people I've heard lots of anecdotes like this. They'll be covid deaths in the figures though so it seems that's the only way we'll hear about it. I've also heard about a lot of adverse reactions in general from people at work and such, which is interesting given how rare they're supposed to be.
>>3697 >Hopefully you'll be alri now you've actually fought off an infection. I think I'll be fine, at least this time around, but this parosmia shit is gonna be a bit of a nightmare if it continues. Didn't realise this was even a thing until yesterday, but apparently my sister has it as well and honestly everything tastes and smells fucking rank, like everything is rotten. Apparently it lasts 3 and a half months on average, over a year if you're unlucky. Not tried having my usual peanut butter sandwiches yet (haven't eaten properly since I fell ill on the 13th), but porridge and banana is proving difficult to stomach, and chicken even more so. Already lost way too much weight, I swear I'll bloody end up mildly anorexic again after 6 years straight of maintaining a healthy weight. >Were you not aware of this stuff when you had it? Still not aware of it now to be honest, I just don't trust anyone to be telling the truth. I completely ignored almost everything to do with COVID after the first month or two of lockdown, especially once all the political shitflinging and culture war bollocks started heating up. I decided the vaccine probably wasn't going to kill me or fuck me up because it had been around for several months at that point, and none of my older relatives who had it had died or fallen seriously ill from it. I don't trust corporations, politicians, or the media, but I don't really trust nu-/pol/ these days either.
Open file (197.62 KB 415x538 1463995329066.png)
>peanut butter sandwiches smell a bit off but don't taste too bad There's hope for me yet lads, I may be able to get through this.
Open file (4.30 MB 1131x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Not gonna lie. I thought he was British.
>>3702 Rip fat man
Reading Blame! again, I find the combat hard to follow honestly, still looks very cool and the story holds up
>>3637 I remember seeing the 25+ thread on /r9k/ and thinking "wow, what a bunch of geezers. What are they still doing on 4chan".
I won a nintendo switch at work. Actually enjoying it, probably the first time Ive been immersed in a video game in several years. It's not something I would have ever bought for myself so I'm quite happy.
Open file (2.84 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
CHANGE OF OPINION NOTICE Before watching the new Legends of the Galactic Heroes anime, I was of the opinion it would be shit, because as a rule, remakes are shit. However, it's actually quite good. The animation and voice acting are quality, it's faithful to the plot (I hate it when remakes make plot alterations), and to say they've condensed what was a 130+ episode anime into 22, you don't feel like you're missing much. Thank you for reading. CHANGE OF OPINION NOTICE
>>3707 Why would you watch something you anticipated to be shit?
>>3708 For confirmation of course. I have been wrong in the past about things, on very rare occasions.
What kind of excitement have you got planned for tonight then lads? Remember - you will never get this night again, so make it count.
>>3711 I'm going to return an amazon parcel.
I spent £20 on some new sweatpants and got bleach on them half an hour later. Life can be so unfair sometimes.
Open file (17.93 KB 235x215 dumbboibrit.png)
>>3713 >sweatpants Debasing the traditional British language with your foul Americanisms. I will not stand for this
Open file (54.95 KB 485x409 1350874240184.png)
>>3714 Debasing the traditional Wojak reaction image with your foul halfchanisms. I will not stand for this.
My mum moved in with her man a couple of years ago and I've been living here alone since then, just paying her weekly rent and covering the bills and stuff myself. Last month I finally got a mortgage and everything sorted and bought the flat from her. Since it was basically just a matter of paperwork and there was no actual moving involved we just took it easy over the Christmas holidays rather than rush to get all the stuff changed over to my name. Well last week we started getting to work on that, everything was very simple and straightforward (council tax, electricity/gas, changing addresses for stuff etc) except the virgin media. Got my mum's account cancelled on Friday and my new broadband package started on Saturday (had to be the day after the old package ended), got the delivery on Saturday with the new router and set everything up. Internet wasn't working, so I follow the troubleshooting suggestions (all normie tier stuff like "turn it off and on again then wait 30 mins") until I had exhausted all possible avenues other than the dreaded phone helpline. Phone it up and get some bangladeshi woman who can barely speak English, constantly having to repeat myself and speak slowly so she can get the gist of my responses to her questions, this goes on for about 45 minutes until ultimately her conclusion is that I need to have an engineer sent out to fix the problem, the soonest I can get an engineer is Thursday morning, so I'm without broadband for 6 fucking days. Very unimpressed with this shite, Virgin Media.
>>3716 "wait 30 minutes" actually makes some sense since the router has to fetch authentication details on first boot. Outsourced tech support can go fuck itself however.
>>3717 Yeah, the problem was that I had already done that once since it said in the setup guide that it can take up to 30 mins to download software updates the first time you connect it. I did it again anyway just in case it had been a connection issue or something the first time.
Open file (2.14 MB 1500x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads, how cool would it be to go and see Ceephax Acid Crew? Imagine it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYEw7tu89wY
>>3719 The maddest thing is, it's called "crew", but it's just one bloke.
>>3719 Thanks for the offer but I'm simply not interested.
Today I will remind them. FOY.
Open file (171.45 KB 305x416 ClipboardImage.png)
Saver, 31, who lost her £9,000 life savings to a parcel text scam asks her banks: 'Why wasn't it flagged and why won't you pay me the money back?' >Emma Spencer was victim of a sophisticated delivery text scam >She ended up handing over £9,000 to a fraudster posing as Lloyds bank >Both banks involved say they can't pay the money back >The scammers also took out a £14,000 loan in her name, but this was recovered https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/beatthescammers/article-10398797/I-lost-9-000-parcel-text-scam-wont-banks-pay-back.html Who was in the wrong here?
>>3724 >31 >£9,000 life savings lol
>>3714 I grew up in a household where even glancing at a jjb sports would get me a stern look from my mother, so I never became educated on British words for lower class clothing.
>>3724 >sophisticated AAP fraud kek I get these all the time. It's just a random SMS saying some bullshit like "Your package is being held at a depot, please follow this link to organize a re-delivery". The link is just for a site that will then tell them they need to pay a small fee to organize their re-delivery. These kinds of dumb scams have existed for eons, how are people still falling for them?
Lads, do any of you loathe younger people on the internet? Seeing 18-21 year olds acting like something from 2016 is nostalgic. Or worst of all, having them lecture you what is was "like" back then during a time you personally experienced but they likely dont remember. Unfortunately I was just like that when I was younger.
>>3726 You never wore them for pe?
>>3729 No, we had a PE uniform. It was a pair of blue shorts with a polo shirt with your name embroided on it. In my year group there was a boy who's surname was "cockburn". As if that wasnt unfortunate enough, on his polo shirt the R and the N were touching eachother so it clearly said Cockbum.
>>3730 absolutely mad to think that there are actual surnames out there like "gayelord" and "bender"
>>3728 Yeah, basically what you said. It's not so much "young people" online I loathe, but the ones in the middle who think they were around for the "old web" because they were the 13 year old CoD/Minecraft/"memer" kiddies during 2007-2012. That generation is the worst generation to ever exist ever, fact.
>>3728 I try not to speak to people in that age range they feel like large children to me and I'm not willing to babysit or teach
Open file (494.78 KB 495x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3735 I didn't, but I did play other shovelware mario kart clones of that era.
>>3728 >>3732 >>3734 This phenomenon is almost as old as the internet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_September
>>3735 >>3736 For me, its Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IWTaCPiXqE
Open file (14.18 KB 227x222 download (1).jpg)
>>3738 forgot the pic
>>3737 Rightfully so.
Open file (57.99 KB 600x600 s-l600[1].jpg)
The only racing game I remember for PS1 is wipeout.
Have any of you ever been a guest to a wedding?
>>3742 yes
Open file (1009.04 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (113.80 KB 320x227 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (210.99 KB 640x424 ClipboardImage.png)
>ceephax acid crew is squarepusher's brother
This is now a Ceephax Acid Crew thread. Tonight's viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6t5hZTEdbI
>>3744 Can we also take a moment to appreciate how quintessentially British this phenotype is.
>>3743 What did you wear? How old were you?
I've had it with my smelly, overcrowded gym. I'm cancelling my membership.
>>3747 A suit and tie, I was 28.
>>3749 What kind of suit? What kind of shoes?
>>3750 Grey three-piece suit with brown wingtip oxfords.
>>3748 What will you do instead?
Went into B&M Bargains this morning and there was a young woman who appeared to be having a seizure. Fortunately there was a staffmember attending to her so I just carried on. Unfortunately something I wanted was in that aisle and I wasn't comfortable approaching them so I had to wait until 11am before I could return.
>>3752 I will find another gym. One that is less smelly, less crowded and less filled with teenagers who roll up in groups of 6 and crowd round a bench taking turns doing 1rm for a few hours.
Open file (347.68 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
I've just ordered two doob tubes. What for, you ask? For my doobs.
>>3747 Yes, several. A simple suit will do the trick.
Doesn't seem to be allowing me to post images. That's simply not on.
>>3725 What's your life savings then lad?
Open file (80.85 KB 225x225 ClipboardImage.png)
>yfw when filthy frank is actually a decent beatcrafter Now don't get me wrong, I'm not that big on the negrified lyrics and themes, but from the standpoint of pure musicality this is actually really good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eDk-kTE9DI
>>3766 I've noticed the past couple of years that people have been putting soul and jazz motifs back into pop music once more. Still don't like the fart basslines and retarded vocal processing, but at least it beats hearing the same four fucking diatonic triads over and over.
Open file (2.20 MB 1208x1549 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3767 What makes a song bad? I don't mean bad as in non-musical like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukZYP5Dy43E but something that actually sounds like a properly composed song. A better term might be poor quality. Could you give me an example of a poor quality song and tell me why it's bad? I hear this song at work at least 3 times every day, I think it's terrible. Is it terrible? Are there any parts of this song that are good or bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5gGZ9pl_dY
>>3765 about £20k in the bank plus i own my house
Open file (1.54 MB 944x1408 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3771 >in the bank
Open file (12.87 KB 107x209 sui.png)
>>3771 tfw less than 5k
>>3771 >about £20k in the bank Feels good man. I don't have a house, but I do get to be NEET so it cancels out.
>>3771 Why the fuck would you keep 20k in a bank?
Open file (158.50 KB 250x338 ClipboardImage.png)
Who /overwhelming urge to play Tekken 1/ here?
>>3770 Everyone's opinion on what makes a bit of music "good" or "bad" is obviously going to differ depending on their tastes and backgrounds, and for me personally the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity involved in making the music naturally plays a big role in whether I'll give it the time of day, but one of the other crucial things I consider is why the music was made in the first place. There are certain elements of music that hint to me whether or not a piece was made for "right" or " wrong" reasons, and it's those things that please or disgust me respectively; or it'll just slap me in the face with them and I'll immediately love or hate it, which is generally the case. In terms of what I believe to be "the wrong reasons", there's commercialised products with many artificial elements and ticked market viability boxes that are made solely for money, fame, or some other ulterior motive; vanity projects that are just masturbation in music form; subversive works which are engineered to "challenge status quos" (or just plain piss people off for shock value); and then there's lazy regurgitative works that unabashedly retread old ground without offering anything new or interesting to the table. For what I consider "the right reasons", it's music made solely for the love of music; music made to give people a good time without selling them something or taking advantage of their potential naivety/ignorance; and innovative music that captures your interest and imagination. Regarding the song you linked: 1. Right out of the gate it's obviously a commercial product doing a lot of the same old shit that's proven to sell in the current market, so that's an obvious negative for me. 2. There's hefty amounts of autotune, probably to cover up the fact the vocalist is likely a shite singer that only has a marketable appearance. More commercial world bollocks. 3. There's some LGBT pandering shite in the lyrics, a clear ulterior motive and subversive element (not just in pandering to the LGBT crowd or generating a buzz among normalfags, but also banking off the potential outrage which all marketers know is free promotion). 4. There's also a high level of vanity in the lyrics; she's just going on about how great she is, but we all know that people like that are twats, so I'm not impressed. 5. The backing track isn't offensive or harsh on the ears in the slightest, which is a big plus in today's world, but at the same time it is just a 2 bar loop with 2 different chords; the only variation is some occasional extra bass notes. They didn't even switch it up for the middle 8, lazy fuckers. All in all, a dull commercial track that is--at the very least--inoffensive on the ears, but anyone outside of the target demographic would likely find it annoying if heard repeatedly. Doesn't appeal to me, but could be worse.
I've been doing a freelance research job over the last couple of weeks. My task is to find Japanese dating sites for the client's search engine which seems to have the aim of being an index for all of the dating sites in the world. I hit a bit of a dry spell after exhausting the obvious options - hetero, gaylord, disabled, etc. Heroically I continued, and over the last hour I found a whopping 14 new sites. How did I achieve such a feat, you might ask - well, I simply narrowed my search terms to sex meetup 掲示板 and it turns out there are fucking shitloads. I should have known that degeneracy would be the most remunerative course of action.
I don't understand the appeal of Diablo 3. I can sort of understand why Diablo 1 and 2 were popular but that's only because of how old they are. This is one of the most boring, mind numbing games I've ever played. You have numerous abilities but usually only 1-2 of them are actually relevant since you're always going to be using the best one, mostly an AOE one since the game throws groups of NPCs at you every 10 seconds. The game is so painfully easy that it requires no actual thought. It's just mindless button mashing and occasionally swapping your armour. Comparing stats dont really matter because of how easy it is. The gameplay is dreadful. It's just constant waves of NPCs that you have to kill every 5-10 seconds. You kill a group of enemies, you walk forward a bit and then you kill the next group. It could have potentially been entertaining to explore the dungeons or the maps but the pace you travel is painfully slow because you have to stop so often to kill enemies. Almost all of your time spend playing is just mashing the same 2 buttons over and over whilst they throw endless waves of almost identical enemies at you. What is the appeal?
>>3779 I enjoyed playing on hardcore for a bit when it came out but it didn't take that long to get bored for the reasons you mentioned. Path of Exile has a lot more depth.
Open file (1.36 MB 2000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
What do you know about NFT's? Do you have any? Do they have a bright future?
>>3778 Mate, you have no idea. The seedy underworld of "Japanese BBSes that look straight out of the 90s yet are somehow filled with horny/desperate 25-60 year olds and swinging couples making many new posts per day for the sole purpose of having sexual encounters with strangers" rabbit hole is truly bottomless, it's quite impressive. If you haven't already, try adding these terms to your searches: 2ショットチャット = a type of 1-on-1 chatroom intended for hookups, bit like a cross between omegle and tinder except stuck in 1997 セフレ = sex friend 出会い = encounter/meetup 不倫 = adultery/affair 人妻 = married woman/another's wife 夫婦交換 = married couple exchange/wife swapping You may also discover the highly sophisticated 痴漢プレイ (molester play) boards, where someone will state where they'll be and at what time, and ask whoever's viewing the post and is local to come along and molest them. Amazing.
>>3777 I'm not the lad you're replying to but always enjoy your analysis lad. If you had a blog I would read it, not only do you seem very knowledgeable but you write well too. Would you mind telling me why this is excellent? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FCo7OxVoeY
Open file (371.70 KB 600x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3782 >look straight out of the 90s Kek yeah I'd noticed that. A lot of them are incredibly dodgy and fake-looking too, like you'll have dozens of different sites that link back to the same one or two boards when you click the profiles. >2ショットチャット >夫婦交換 >痴漢プレイ Didn't know these, cheers. This must be where the famous 電車痴漢 incidents originate.
Are you lads experiencing the storms? I've never seen weather like this in my life. In December there were trees blown over, split in half, brick walls pulled down. The worst I seen was a street that was cordoned off because a building was severely damaged, the outer wall was destroyed and they were missing a large section of their roof. My grandmother's house was in a particularly vulnrable spot and her brick garden wall was blown down, her fences were half way down the street. I've never heard wind so strong, each gust sounded like a whip. The storms returned a few nights ago and there's more damage. One of my neighbours is missing a bunch of roof tiles.
>>3775 because i am a normal person
>>3787 What is normal about that?
>>3788 some people wish to just use the normal avenues for savings without having to move money around or check for profit/loss daily
>>3789 I check my vanguard account around once every 6-12 months.
Canada winiwer
Open file (813.49 KB 1000x707 forests.jpg)
You lads got any recommendations of short stories or creepypasta other than the usual avenues like scp?
>>3785 I've seen two trees blown over so far. Quite shocking if I do say myself.
>>3785 >>3793 It's been quite sunny and calm here the last few days (albeit cold), didn't even know anything like that was going on elsewhere in the country.
Open file (715.86 KB 2048x1366 The Storm.jpg)
Open file (5.74 MB 2000x1305 The STORM.png)
>>3794 You wouldn't believe it. I seen a trampoline that was wedged inside one of the trolley bays outside Morrison's. It was quite funny.
Open file (285.77 KB 600x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Post something about yourself you've never told anyone. >used to get drunk, watch Hitler speeches, and cry
>>3797 I think I've already revealed all my secrets to /britfeel/, for better or worse.
watching GB in the winter olympics is /comfy/
You have 30 minutes to lose a fight starting from the moment you read this post or you'll die. You can't fight anyone you know and you can't just ask/pay someone to hit you. What do you do?
>>3801 Play literally any fighting game because I'm shit at them.
Bit worried about the further energy price and council tax hikes lads My budget was sound for saving and paying all the bills but now I'll have to reconfigure and maybe take on more hours or a different role
Open file (4.36 MB 2500x1732 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you all ready for the next PM? How will you be celebrating?
I have very fond memories of this time. Who /kerrang/ here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ2t4jfVTiU
Open file (570.49 KB 634x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Tail of valour: SAS dog handler who ran through hail of bullets to save canine that was shot after flushing out Taliban sniper in Kabul is set for bravery medal >The unnamed SAS sergeant ran through gunfire to save his canine colleague >The dog was being used to flush out Taliban snipers when it was shot in Kabul >The sergeant is now in line for a gallantry medal to celebrate his bravery >The dog was treated for its wounds and survived thanks to the sergeant https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10481979/SAS-dog-handler-ran-gunfire-save-wounded-canine-set-bravery-medal.html This is one of the most wholesome things I've ever read.
>>3805 I forgot alien ant farm existed. Was this undoubtedly the best era of music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ht5RZpzPqw
>>3807 Thought the dog was getting the medal when I first glanced at this post, bit disappointed.
How good can I get at singing with training? Can I become as good as this lad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MORwv_96jZM
I always enjoy having a loud, explosive shit in a public bathroom when there are people outside the stalls who can hear. I struggle to hold back my laughter. It makes the atmosphere so uncomfortable for the unfortunate soul who just wants to have a piss. I really do feel sorry for whoever has to clean the toilet in that ASDA after I was finished with it.
>>3810 Better most likely, he's forcing some very unnatural sounds out in order to sound like someone who isn't him.
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT I will be introducing more fiber into my diet. Thank you. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT
Just remembered about The Jolly Postman lads.
>>3815 Thank you, but I must decline. Her shrill baby voice is simply far too annoying for me to listen to.
Excuse me, does anyone have a packet of crisps that I can borrow?
>>3803 cockney guttersnipes like you belong in the workhouse or the threshing room floor if you cant manage that then you'll simply have to go to prison.
Open file (1.19 MB 1448x787 ClipboardImage.png)
Do you reckon they've just made this up so he looks like a fanny if he doesn't do it?
>>3820 Nice of him to let everyone know what day he'll be invading, top bloke.
>>3815 I don't get it. Are we supposed to watch a 3+ hour video of someone playing a video game? I'm confused. What are we supposed to do with this video, are we supposed to skim through it?
I've decided today I'm going to stop eating spicy curries. I enjoy it, but for the rest of the day my stomach feels like a bubbling cauldron and I have a disgusting taste of curry burps in my mouth. I used to be able to digest a spicy curry with ease when I was younger but this has caught up to me and now it just makes me feel like shit.
>>3819 I live in the sticks you donkey.
I'm going back down the Buddhism rabbithole.
Open file (2.38 MB 1600x1202 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3823 Maybe try different kinds of curry? It could be just one ingredient, or the way they're combined in a particular curry that's causing the disturbance. Don't give up on are national dish, lad.
>>3816 Me and the team have conferred, and this has been decided as an appropriate alternative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XDIYQUjfiQ >>3822 You know what to do.
>>3827 No. Tell me. When you had the audacity to post a terrible three fucking hour video here, what did you expect us to do with it?
>>3829 Absolutely fantastic. I know this is a banger even without confirmation from our resident musicalist. Exquisite.
Open file (752.31 KB 1440x1080 ssideki4-220214-164540.png)
>>3829 Did my bit.
>>3832 Play some more games and then go to bed.
Gaining a new skill is banging your head against a wall until you learn how to get good at at. It takes a long time and it sucks the entire time you're doing it. "Talent" at the very most means a possible +1 in whatever skill your parents or maybe grandparents had, and even then it only makes a difference if there was some deliberate time taken to teach you some of it because very little passes down through pure genetics. The only other factor out of your control is if you happened to be lucky enough to be born with the kind of autism that lets you have single-minded devotion to something. If you don't and can't sit for hours doing the same thing without being bored or distracted or discouraged, that's a shame and you just have to do it the hard way. Admit you're talentless and then find something that sucks to do but you enjoy the way it sucks. A tip for that is to do something that actually benefits you personally in some way. Don't chase success, set goals based on shit you want for yourself. Try to draw the kind of art you want to see, sing the kind of songs you want to hear, build the kind of furniture you want to use, code the kind of videogames you want to play. It'll be frustrating and you won't have the slightest clue of what to do or how to do it, but the fact that you're doing it for the approval and benefit of your own self rather than some other other entity you construct unwittingly from seeing how much further along others are should keep you motivated to pursue further. And because nobody tells you exactly what to do, you will also need to try a lot of things for yourself and experiment and fail a lot, and with a lot of things those failed experiments cost money. Depending on the activity, it can be a giant investment just to get all the kit you need to fail at something. Have a decent source of income and be under no impression that you're going to support developing your skill by practicing the skill. That comes very late down the line, if ever. You are going to have to burn a lot of time and money before you can even think about making any back. And for my last bit of advice, allow me to get a bit esoteric. This has nothing to do with any particular skill, but it's more of a mindset thing. The modern world exists to make you a complacent drone. One of the ways they do this is through abusing the social nature of humans. "Coolness". In the modern western world, will never be "cool" for being dedicated and focused on something and making an earnest effort to get better and produce something beautiful. Which is the only way to do it. Instead, you're "cool" if you prefer instant gratification and hollow, soulless gestures and products. Most media and even most regular people will be out to bring you down before you even start in subtle ways. Learn to recognize the things that want to demoralize you and stay the fuck away from them. One unintended benefit of the hyper-sensitivity going on these days is it's just as easy to block out that kind of social pressure as it is to hide from toxic racists or whatever. You just need to do more of it. Stay away from the ugly and the shallow, surround yourself with beauty and earnestness. Don't give a singular fuck about trying to please any crowd. Basically be a little arrogant even if you haven't earned it. Though note that this isn't an excuse to become a deviantart tier moron who doesn't know how to take criticism. You just need to develop an eye for the very prevalent self-destructive bullshit going around and dodge it, even if it makes you unpopular. If you're on an imageboard, that shouldn't be an issue, I hope. And I'll tell you right now, if you have any other pepes or wojaks or any of that shit on your PC right now, delete them. You won't ever make anything beautiful if that's the sort of ugliness you keep as company.
>>3834 tldr
>>3531 Link to Odysee page ? Are you any good at IT? Have any personal projects you've worked on in the past? If your unimpressive in your academia, make up for it in personal projects you've worked on and your hobbies. I believe in you Britanon.
Open file (79.49 KB 1200x844 ClipboardImage.png)
>IRC Now those were the days.
Open file (220.29 KB 1023x765 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3837 >tfw
Few people are amazingly talented, even among the great men of history. The rest of us mere mortals get where we're going through rigor and faith.
>>3838 I loved runescape when I was a kid. It was probably my first experience of the internet. If only I knew that was the start of a decade long addiction.
You guys talk a lot about old stuff / bygone days What's something new with your life? How are things in the here and now?
>>3841 Things are going alright. I've started making money translating and doing various data entry/research freelance jobs with my Japanese lately so that's been nice. Still don't have a very active social life so the loneliness is a bit shit sometimes, but I have a lot of things to focus on, so in any case, the grind continues. What about you lad?
>>3841 Got a raspberry pi 400 for christmas and the parts to build a basic arcade stick for my birthday, and I've been playing around with that pretty much non-stop ever since. Obviously all the games I'm playing on it are all from the 80s and 90s so it's not exactly "here and now", but yesterday me and my eldest niece completed an arcade beat 'em up called Spinmaster and she loved it.
Open file (811.99 KB 634x808 ClipboardImage.png)
Royal Military Police corporal breaks down in tears as he is thrown out of the army for sexually assaulting female soldier by putting his penis on her shoulder >Corporal Edward Gadd, 30, asked the woman for sex but she turned him down >He then put his penis on her shoulder while trying to 'bargain' for other sex acts >Cpl Gadd sobbed as he was kicked out of the military and reduced to Private https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10519193/Royal-Military-Police-corporal-thrown-army-sexually-assaulting-female-soldier.html
Lads, the storms are back. They're dreadful. This morning half the wheely bins on the street had their lids ripped clean off. When will this weather end?
Big niggers.
>>3843 That sounds wholesome anon, playing vidya with family is often a good time.
Open file (460.07 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
*enhances your milk* Don't mention it.
Alright, today the garden did in fact get obliterated. Went out in it a couple of times to move things, but it didn't help much.
I'd like to take the empty milk cartons out to the bucket, but I don't want to be hunting them around the garden tomorrow morning when the wind inevitably topples the bucket yet again.
>>3848 >Don't mention it. I shan't. I paid for the privilege, so you've done your job.
>>3851 I've always been pissed off at people who've left wheely bins out in the lane 24/7 instead of bringing them into their yard between bin days. It's such lazy behavior. Every morning I just want to plow my car down the lane taking them all out, I want to sneak out at night and draw crude penises on them (I bet that would embarrass them into bringing them in) but fortunately the storms have sorted this out for me. The lane is full of mangled, de-lidded wheely bins, disgusting takeaway wrappers littering the road. They got what they deserve.
>>3848 Who the fuck puts nesquik in milk?
Open file (28.68 KB 893x149 ClipboardImage.png)
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkmChD-yi7A >8 years ago I didn't realise it at the time, but looking back, it was probably one of the most creative and influential genres of this century. It's no surprise we've had nothing quite the same since.
https://neurosciencenews.com/exercise-muscle-strength-20033/?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB >Lifting weights for just three seconds a day can have a positive impact on muscle strength, a new study reveals. What's your excuse now?
>>3856 Sounds like loading screen music for a boring game.
My job researching Japanese dating sites now included reviewing them as well. It's only £8 an hour, but it's probably the most fun job I've ever had.
Open file (3.70 MB 1382x2112 ClipboardImage.png)
You wake up tomorrow morning with one of these little lads as your personal servant. What do you do?
>>3834 POTD 8 days ago lol sorry I missed this Great advice Anon.
>>3839 Pretty true I'd say.
Ever thought about how noone's ever actually proven time exists?
Are you an envious person?
Open file (18.05 KB 309x353 Creampie King.jpeg)
Thoughts on seaside mark lads?
Open file (78.57 KB 952x882 1645509511730.png)
What do you have to say for yourselves?
>>3866 That the result is no different to any previous Winter Olympics.
>>3866 >chinks 11th So much for genetically engineered superathletes.
Open file (83.48 KB 705x1343 Screenshot.png)
>>3867 Actually it's worse than the previous ones
Ever notice in youtube comment sections how there'll be one original or amusing quip or insightful comment with lots of likes and then as you continue scrolling, dozens of cheap attempts at rehashing it?
>>3870 Yeah it's been like that for a long time. What's newer is how you often see comments kissing (full on snogging really) the uploader's arse, usually while writing nothing related to the video itself as if they didn't even watch it. I'm not sure if it's uploaders buying comments from Indian click farms, AI gone out of control, or just a new generation of saps have appeared, but I see it everywhere these days.
>>3871 The arse snogging could be something along the lines of a parasocial relationship (having a pretend friendship with someone, usually a celebrity), Youtube even encourages creators to foster it.
How do I stop finding the gym so mind numbing? I like how it makes me feel mentally and physically when I'm in a routine, but actually going to the gym is such a terrible experience. You perform 8-12 repetitive, basic motions, sit motionless for a few minutes and then perform these same motions 3-4 more times. After that you move to a different spot in the gym and then do the same but in a different position. Nothing can make this entertaining.
>>3873 >I need to be constantly stimulated If you're not willing to do what's necessary to see results then you won't get them. The ability to carry out repetitive activities over extended periods of time when you don't necessarily always feel like it is an essential part of life, and certainly essential in accomplishing anything worthwhile. There's nothing wrong with sitting and doing nothing. I suggest observing your mind next time and considering whether its output while resting might be contributing to your discontent. That said, it won't be sustainable long-term if it's not fun sometimes. It takes a while for the reward loop to get established in your brain because results take time, but in the meantime you can pick exercises you like the most, get inspiration from youtube, and set attainable short-term goals.
>>3873 Pick a few sports instead, get outdoors and face something a little new and more challenging each day. I also can't stand the repetitiveness of the gym
Open file (1.08 MB 968x609 ClipboardImage.png)
8pm tonight, clapping and pan banging at your doorstep to support Ukraine!!
>>3874 Weightlifting is way more repetitive than any other mundane part of life. It's like real life RPG grinding. It's as mentally stimulating as clicking trees in runescape. When I'm resting I'm mostly distracted by what other people are doing. Their conversations are loud and irritating, there's girls wearing skimply clothes stretching and there's always some chavvy fuck pounding a punch bag whilst going "PAH PAH PAH PFF PFF PAH PAH PFF PFF TSS TSS TSS". I dont think I'm able to think about anything between sets because everyone else is so offputting. It's probably gyms I hate, not weightlifting.
Is this the first real HAPPENING of our lifetimes? Covid was such a letdown.
>>3878 I actually agree on most of this, maybe go when it's less busy or think of it as an opportunity to train your not giving a shit muscle.
I was trapped in a dream last night and it was terrifying. It was nothing like I've heard lucid dreams described. I was just in a very dark car park barely able to move. When I finally jolted myself awake I was just paralysed. I thought I was dying so I tried flailing my body and shouting as loud as I could but nothing happened. Worst night sleep I've had in years. I hope this isn't a regular occurence.
And don't forget to brush your tongue.
I hate the way Americans always say "_ grader" instead of just saying how many years old a child is. If you say someone is 10 years old, this makes sense to absolutely everyone regardless of their school system. There's also two different ages for every school year group, not to mention children can be held back years. It's so fucking stupid. They'll always say stuff like "back when I was in _ grade" even when the story has nothing to do with school, they're just using it as a shitty way to show how old they are instead of just saying how old they actually were.
Is the right honorable knight commander of the britfeel music regiment here? What are some good online resources to start learning to sight read guitar?
>>3880 There is never a moment when my current gym isn't busy. It's crowded like a Japanese subway. I'm not even exaggerating, there's probably around 200 people there at 7:00. It's crowded right up until a few minutes before it closes.
Open file (358.33 KB 1138x525 ClipboardImage.png)
>tfw taller than charizard Never would have guessed he was this much of a manlet.
Lads, I've been thinking about how much the internet has changed over the past 15-20 years. I've probably used the internet at least once every day since mid 2006, obviously there are some exceptions over that time period where I haven't but I've definitely used it at least once a week. Now that got me thinking, I've used it every day but I never actually noticed it changing until I look back. It's kind of like how you see yourself in the mirror every day but notice no changes. Can you think of any particular points where you noticed the internet was changing? Personally for me it would be around 2008/2009 when normal kids in my school started getting involved with social media. In a short space of time everyones opinion shifted from "myspace is some stupid shit for sad losers" to suddenly having a facebook profile.
Right then Putin. Time to back off. *rolls up sleeves*
No more excuses. Time to learn to code.
How have you all been lads? I've hurt my back meditating, pretty sure it's a slipped disc because I felt it come out and now I've got almost no mobility in my spine. I've gone back to live with my mum while I recover because I can't really look after myself in this state (at least without making it worse.)
Open file (3.21 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>when you see it Do they, dare I say, fear the samurai?
>>3891 Some silly old bitch tried to have a go at me because I parked infront of her house. This is a terraced street and the spot infront of my own house was already taken.
I tried the McPlant from McDonalds. It was dreadful. The patty itsself was fine. It's just a slab of seasoned pea protein so it tastes completely adequate. However, it was completely minute, it wasn't that much thicker than a slice of sandwich meat. For some reason they added a tomato which just ends up making the bun soggy. It was drenched with mayo and stuffed with a fistful of lettiuce, I'm assuming this is to give it a "healthy" appearance.
Open file (8.44 KB 800x533 ClipboardImage.png)
BO lad, are you going to set up some Ukraine-related banners to show our support?
>>3897 No.
>>3897 Kill yourself.
I switched gym and I've been going regularly again. I now know that it's not lifting I hate, it was my old gym. It's gone from around 200 people at peak time to 20-30.
Petrol is getting very expensive.
Open file (10.05 MB 3642x2608 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1017.99 KB 936x976 ClipboardImage.png)
>Octopuses apparently collect glass and plastic and use it to construct homes, accumulate it into massive treasure collections, wear it as camouflage, and even use sharp pieces of glass as weapons in battles against other octopuses who try to steal their treasure hoards. What are the underwater political implications of this?
>>3906 Don't know, but the idea of sea creature society turning into an underwater Mad Max is an interesting one.
Open file (3.83 KB 363x89 fuck facebook.png)
>>3887 I arrived at the internet somewhere around 1999~2000, and for the first few years I remember the web mostly being simple Web 1.0 sites run by lone webmasters, early Web 2.0 sites that were a bit more dynamic and community-oriented, many large and active forums, and the occasional fancypants flash site. Around 2002~2003 is when I first started getting into online multiplayer games and getting more involved with forums, and that's when I first came across that whole "fkn n00b, j00 r teh pwned!!!!11" speak which I thought was the funniest thing ever (although I think it had already been around for a few years by that point). I was also well into Habbo Hotel, I had paid furni and everything. While the web was generally getting more and more interactive and dynamic by the day, the first big change I saw was the period around 2004-2006 with the advent of things like wikis, early social networking sites, early video streaming sites, and the whole 4chan/memes thing. This is around the time that normalfags who previously weren't the type to use computers at all started to use them purely as msn machines, and the culture had started shifting towards normalfaggotry, though it wasn't that bad yet. Also Kazaa died off and Limewire became the new hotness, and I remember there being some pretty major viruses/worms going around. After that was 2007-2008, which I've always consider to be the point where the old web died. All the old sites and forums began drying up or significantly changing in order to follow the new trends, the new brand of "lol so random" internet humor was lame and nowhere near as funny as the old stuff (to be honest, it had been mostly shit since 2005), the web was now fully mainstream and constantly featured on telly, radio, news, etc., and all the normalfags who'd previously only used the net for msn were now piling into social networking sites en masse. The whole culture of the net had completely changed, and I remember feeling very detached from what it had turned into and pessimistic towards it. >Personally for me it would be around 2008/2009 when normal kids in my school started getting involved with social media. In a short space of time everyones opinion shifted from "myspace is some stupid shit for sad losers" to suddenly having a facebook profile. Didn't go quite like that in my experience; for that period of roughly late 2005 to early 2008, myspace was the hottest thing that nearly everyone between the age of 13 and 45 was into, albeit mostly either to show off their shitty photos of themselves, or to promote their music or whatever (it was by no means just emos and scene kids, as some believe). Around 2006~2007 I made myself a band page and uploaded some of my music to it, but I didn't actually use the site beyond a handful of interactions. By the end of 2008 however (around the time I started college), myspace was no longer cool and everyone I knew had begun moving or had already moved to facebook. And for some fucktarded reason I will never understand, they brought their parents and grandparents along with them. Not me though, I was too cool for school. Pic related, it's from one of my old msn chatlogs circa July 2008. Can't believe I never got a girlfriend lads.
How do you cope with the feeling of regret in a healthy way? Copy possibly isnt a good choice of word.
>>3909 Cope*
>>3909 Either "I'll do better next time", "this experience has taught me a lesson", or "they were probably sour anyway".
>>3911 What if its not something you'll have an opportunity to do better at and you were taught no valuable lesson.
>>3912 "I'm glad it's over" or "well that was a load of shit, moving on then".
>>3913 That sounds like the final stages of coming to terms with regret. How do you approach the stage where you can comfortably say "I'm glad its over, that was a load of shit... moving on then".
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kcyUomYoPg What's the one starting at 25:05 sampled from? It makes me feel really nostalgic.
>>3915 It was written in the comments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKQwgpaLR6o). I am incredibly embarrassed. Thread lord, please delete this.
>>3915 >>3916 It is from "Enya - Boadicea", but there's a good chance your nostalgia for it comes from it being featured in "Fugees - Ready or Not" and/or "Mario Winans - I Don't Wanna Know", both of which got to number 1 in 1996 and 2004 respectively.
>>3917 HE'S DONE IT AGAIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCHgxoXv4g4 I recognised it from this. I used to hear it one one of the music channels. It wouldn't have been Kerrang, which was the one I liked most, but I did flick through the others from time to time. I seem to remember them all being bunched around the same channel numbers.
Open file (534.62 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.47 MB 2000x1335 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.19 MB 1300x1129 ClipboardImage.png)
Lads can we get a bit of geopolitical insight in here? Give me your takes on the Ukraine situation.
>>3920 My "take" is that I don't really care about it.
You know who I'm liking more and more as I get older? Radiohead.
>>3922 They do say your hearing deteriorates as you age.
I went to a resturaunt with my family. When I looked at the bill I noticed an "optional service charge" was included in the bill. Very odd that it was optional since it was already there without anyone asking for it. I was curious so I asked the waitress if anyone ever asks for it to be removed and she said yes, but it's awkward because only a manager can take it off. So, to avoid paying this "optional" service charge, you need to look the waitress in the eye and tell her you want to take her tip off the bill. Then they have to go through the awkward ordeal of finding a manager, explaining to them that the customer doesnt want to tip and then generating a new bill. "OPTIONAL"
>>3924 That is very American and should be banned in Britain.
Is weeing in the sink redpilled?
Merged in some straggling threads lads, and deleted the penis.
>>3927 Only if its the kitchen sink.
>>3928 Oi. I appreciate the initiative, but you could at least ask us about merging those threads into ours first before going ahead and doing it. I'd actually already dealt with those non-general posts the traditional /britfeel/ way: silent disapproval while doing absolutely nothing about them (except spoilering knobs and removing spam). I for one don't particularly want thread foreigners with lurking disabilities being moved in with us; they can stay in their own threads (an act of true British compassion on our part) where we -- the native population of this board -- don't have to see nor interact with them unless we choose to.
>>3930 I can't even tell the difference, the catalog looks neater now though
>>3931 Are you alright? Tell me something about your day.
>>3932 *Waugh?!*
>>3933 Hmm, clearly I'm forgetting how formatting works on here. My apologies.
>>3930 Sorry lad, didn't realised you'd actually spoilered that yourself. Yeah, it was the catalog as >>3931 said that was winding me up. What do you think about a thread that the stragglers eventually get merged into instead? to be honest the biggest thing that was annoying me was that they were all above the main thread since it's bumplocked. Wonder where the threadslave is.
Tonight's viewing. Fucking about with the sliders never gets old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et08JOssGSQ
>>3935 I'd rather just make new threads when we reach the bump limit. I hate the spackers who make threads before reading the sticky.
>>3937 The global bump limit is about 500, which we passed a couple of month ago. I also just noticed this thread was created 9 months ago, fucking hell.
Tfw this is about you, but you'll never be able to prove it.
>>3937 The sticky doesn't say anything about having to reach a certain post number or bump limit before making a new thread.
>>3939 Prove it.
Are we making another general then lads?
>>3942 Nope, that's against the rules
>>3944 Fuck off (respectfully) new thread >3945
>>3945 Fucked that up didnt i
>>3947 >>3946 you buffoon. You absolute dingus.
>tfw no reply to my bennie question I guess I'm not one of the lads any more after not posting here for a year :(
>>3990 Don't remember seeing it, post it again in the new thread which is currently more active than this one had been for a while.

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