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Open file (283.46 KB 1371x1600 Shoulder angel.jpg)
Are people inherently good or bad? Anonymous 05/10/2022 (Tue) 16:31:37 No.10823
Does God's good creation exist within us or does original sin override that?
>Does God's good creation exist within us or does original sin override that? Humans are still naturally good we are just prone to commit sin now. Most of the bad things done throughout human history were done because the person doing them thought they were good.
We are inherently fallen. Disposed to good, but easily corrupted. Rousseau is wrong, but so is Hobbes.
Read the Bible. The heart of man is evil.
>>10860 Total depravity, eh? Spiritually dead? Utterly bereft of grace? Go back to Geneva.
>>10862 Read the Bible.
>>10862 >Go back to Geneva. I wish I could, I want to leave this godless clownworld
>>10870 In what way? Which translation? Which edition? Whose notes? Whose edits? >>10871 What on Earth are you doing here to call Creation Godless? Whine about the folly of Man, not his Maker.
>>10879 Whaaaat?
>>10823 We are good by nature, privation of good is evil. And, we do it out of fears and fantasies that develop in our head. If we could see everything for what it was without any delusion caused by demonic forces and our lack of faith, we would not sin.
Open file (62.75 KB 518x580 sola scriptura.png)
>>10898 >No -> "Yes it is" πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
>>10860 You read the bible.
>>10823 We were created inherently good, but we fell from grace. Nothing can be "inherently evil", evil is void, evil is nothing, evil is the lack of good (privatio boni). We were created good but we have fallen from this goodness, we are cut off from our goodness. As a result, we have the ability to do good and evil. Our hearts are inclined towards evil (read: away from good) by our fallen nature, but this is not inherent to us. TLDR: >>10854
My understanding is the bible it says that what God created was Good, but then man choose evil and sin.
>>10823 What does Romans 3:23 make you think? >β€œFor all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” >>10898 >sola scriptura.png >not one verse from the Bible Every time. p.s. Using latin to describe and label everything doesn't make you godly. It makes you a pompous ass like the Pharisees.
>>10823 Inherently evil
>>10826 Like you werent as prone to taking the apple??? That's count number 1 after some 7 days. Which makes it 14% chance of sinning.
>>15747 i do not fucking care
>>15748 Not that you care of anything else
>>15749 damn right. fuck this board, i put in all the time i did just to get screwed over by the coward BO. Let raiders shit up the board idfc.
>>15750 huh huh?

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