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Prove Me Wrong Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 17:22:07 No.13033
To whoever comes across and wants to post on this board: Don't. It's a bunch of people arguing in circles about the world's most boring topics, fruitlessly because they already decided beforehand that they'll never agree on anything, who can't even generate any OC.
>>13033 true to some degree but also false. ill try cleaning up some of the circular/tiresome conversations sometime soon
>>13033 There is no generic "Christian" board. You just have one Truth with lots of heretics trying to push their pov into the mix. It will always devolve into pointless arguments with hard headed idiots that are obviously wrong but still want to have their say. Normally, someone would ask a question, and people all sharing the same theology would discuss the topic on the same grounds. But on this board, every heretic wants to come and impose his opinion, and then you just end up debating true vs false doctrine rather than discussing the topic at hand. We need seperate boards but that will just reduce the userbase heavily.
>>13067 what about designating threads instead
>>13033 its unironacally better than FB groups
>>13033 >>13033 There's no such thing as perfect on planet earth OP, apart from God. Sometimes one option is better than none
>>13070 I thought about that. But it will basically be QTDDTOT for each denomination. Or maybe we can label a thread "RC only", "RC and EO", "Prot only", etc... And replies outside of the denoms listed would be deleted.
>>13199 >label a thread "RC only", "RC and EO", "Prot only", etc... And replies outside of the denoms listed would be deleted. thats what i was thinking, that would help cut down on threads being spammed with people arguing over denomination.
We need more OC of Christ-chan.
>>13229 You know what OC of her I'd like to see. Christ-chan wearing oven mitts while touching the Ark of the Covenant. Will my dreams ever be fulfilled.

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