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Anonymous 06/20/2022 (Mon) 14:36:29 No.13113
>most depictions of the apostles show them in old age as serious looking men with grey beards >if they lived into the 60s AD they were probably in their 20s, at the maximum their 30s, if not younger when they were with Jesus because the age of adulthood was lower in ancient times
>>13113 >you need to be old to have beard zoomie zoomie
>>13114 >having grey hair in your 20s
>>13115 It happens.
>>13140 >implying the chadpostles would grey early
Open file (553.71 KB 700x850 Smug gap hag.png)
>Everyone was young in the past Childhood mortality was high, but once you hit adulthood most people lived into their 50s and up from about the time of cavemen/neanderthals onwards, anon. We've found ancient skeletons of old women who would have been in their 60s or 70s suffering from missing limbs/other issues that would have made it impossible to survive suggesting humans have always looked after our elderly.
>>13115 I started getting grey hairs in my early 20s and I've only lived a mildly traumatic life compared to many.
>>13218 When they met Jesus they would have been young adults. John and James even bring their mom to ask Jesus whether they could sit at His right hand in heaven. You're not going to do that when you're 40 in any age.
>>13260 According to modern cultural standards. You would be surprised the things people did back in the day as part of rite and ritual that are considered silly or childish today.
I mean 1 in 4 women were expected to die of childbirth up until about the 1950s anon, mothers were respected and grandmothers moreso.
>>13263 that number seems too high, was probably a lot less back in Biblical times.
Open file (46.70 KB 610x542 medieval-painting-8.jpg)
Anyway the point of this thread before anons decided to nitpick without purpose was to point out that the apostles were likely about the average age of a person posting on this board when they were called to follow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
>>13266 yeah
>>13260 if you are not married you are bond to your mother
>>13269 Yeah but people got married earlier in the past, so that they were not married yet indicates they were youths.
>>13113 Only three people in that fresco have grey hair. Everyone else looks either young or young enough.
>>13216 Moses's hair turned grey when he saw God. the Apostles saw God in the flesh.
>>13372 That would mean everyone that ever saw Jesus alive would have turned had their hair turn grey including children. Given that that isn't mentioned in the gospels and would be a sure sign for everyone that He was God without dispute He probably didn't exercise that power.
>>13357 Credit where credit is due for Da Vinci.
Uhm, sweety, the men and women in the South age much faster than the ones in the North. I'm not implying anything, but a woman of 20 years old was expected to be a mother (of two). Looking young and not having a beard at 20 for a man indicates some generic conditions for the southerner. Vice versa "calling your mum and showing her something" is prevalent even in modern times among 30yo men. Furthermore not every man is married by the time he hits 30, some remained childless throughout their lives (think of Jesus for example). Term remember that only a third of men had their offspring pass their genes onto us (and only 2 this of women had their children (if any) procreate.
>>13410 Roman Judea is in the Northern Hemisphere. Also "showing your mom something" is different from "asking your mom to meet your boss." Low rates of marriage out of love would be offset by a society having arranged marriages as was the case in ancient Judea. A third of men passing on their genes could be due to higher rates of infant and general mortality and probably moreso than marriage. In addition the Bible documents a lot of barren women that could only gave birth because God performed a miracle. If you were married and your wife couldn't give birth or did give birth but your children died your family line would die out regardless. However people did age faster in the past due to hard living so that is a good justification.
Open file (408.03 KB 750x678 1655661526390.png)
>>13413 Or to put it more clearly, even if they were literally in their 20s, they were would have physically and mentally been more like a modern person in their 30s.
>>13413 Sugar buns, I love you, but please provide correct counter-examples, without relying on a view of a modern layman, or I'll green text my future responses too. >Polar bears are inhabitants of Northern hemisphere just like cougars are >Not showing your one and only mum your new boss for life >arranged marriages could save you from getting cheated on by a woman >considering how mundane the village life was you to would not ever have called your mum and your neighbor to show them the equivalent of a modern day alien from the sky >everyone suddenly becomes mature and smart when reaching certain threshold >not thinking about procreation when looking at matured 13yo Southern women >not thinking about kindergarten when looking at 17yo Northern women >Modern men become bald by 20 because life is not stressful at all >there were no children at heart before this and this only very decadent age >there are no and never were men and women abstaining from society >there are no autistics, no mentals, no introverts at all! never have been before! everyone lives in a society! I can name each and every neighbor in my 30+ story building! I understand that this concept is foreign(pun intended) in a modern world, but people used to be very skeptical about foreigners for thousands of years before. You have had to literally earn their trust. Just like Jesus did you know: reviving a guy, healing a bunch, that stuff. If you're used to this in your daily life that means you're working in medical department, but you know well that medical guys are getting compensated quite generously for their mundane work. My rant ends here.
>>13489 None of these points even matter since I ended up agreeing with you on the main point so you are just looking for a dispute in a closed thread.
>>13489 >arranged marriages could save you from getting cheated on by a woman Do you know what Levitical law prescribed for this or are you just another cafeteria Christian

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