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Open file (192.75 KB 640x984 samson donkey jaw.jpg)
Anonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 19:16:17 No.13176
is there such thing as "OT reconstructionism": trying (for chrisians)to live like nomad patriarchs? Having cattle,investing in gold and silver,etc..I just thought of this idea,I havent read it anywhere else. maybe some jews do this,including burnt offerings? i remember seeing some stuff about descendants of levites still being recognized today. we read ABOUT the genesis,but has anyone tried to LIVE the genesis?
Open file (138.50 KB 555x414 lukesmith.jpg)
Yes, one has...
I really want to start getting/training dogs, herding cattle...even getting some gun and knives. im not larping:im serious. I feel the post-edenic world was meant as a map for life: before moses wrote the torah;what did pious humans be like? I want to achieve that.
OT? Herding is quite based, when we look at Cain and Abel in genesis, we get a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. >>13181 Why is this file titled lukesmith.jpg?
Open file (1.35 MB 990x707 usearch.png)
>>13197 If you know you know
I dont want to HAVE to kill cops if they go after Me...but yes, i want to be truly free and explore the wilderness,hunt,trap, lumberjack(verb)...maybe,even,sail trough the sea.
>>13251 >Sailing through the sea Sorry to break it to you, the sailing through the ocean meme is fake and gay, it was popular on youtube a few years ago like vans are today and it's neither self sufficient nor cheap. BOAT = Bring Out Another Thousand Source: I bought a sailboat thinking I could do just that, cost me more money per trip than if I'd have rented a small one or tried to get invited on someone else's. It's also impossible to heat without propane or diesel and docking fees can be horrible The rest of the activities you mention are cool, and you can start many today even without going full /out.
Luther strode is cool.
>>13274 I should get some military-grade survival knives and a good hunting rifle. I really dont want to shoot other humans,I hope sincerely I wont Have to
>>13176 Just join the Amish
>>13277 Be careful about "military grade" stuff, military is known for choosing the best quality for the lowest price so sometimes the quality of their gear wanes, any clothing, pouches, backpacks, or shovels should be fine just try to stay away from "military grade" weapons. Or just inspect it heavily before you do. if you want a really good knife i recommend you get one custom made, its expensive but if you can find a good smith itll likely last you forever which is something youll need if you plan on living out in the bush.
>>13284 what about dogs? I want to breed my own dogs..I know it sounds like some nazi mad scientist but I feel "harvesting life" is based,plant life even. thats why I want to have ponds of fish,plant trees,and mix dogs. pitbull plus doberman,for example!

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