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How to deal with being completely desensitized to the darkness of this world? Anonymous 07/14/2022 (Thu) 21:12:37 No.14111
It's no secret that many, if not most, people in the developed world are completely desensitized to the suffering of others. Either thanks to non-stop news coverage or the erosion of the real bonds between people and their communities thanks to social media. While it is a useful defence mechanism to become cold-hearted in the face of continuous suffering, it's not an easy mode to turn off. Is it even possible to reverse it? Most importantly I think: Is it a sin?
>>14111 Read the Bible. Abandon the internet.
I need to look up my reading on this question, as I had a very similar one a year ago. Here is my take, though I have no scripture at hand at the moment to support this, so take my words with a grain of salt and do your own reading. I’m a sinner afterall. I will attempt to post scripture when I’m able, apologies. Wealth/opportunity/development isn’t a curse. It’s a blessing from God. Therefore, use it as a tool to bless those around you. Suffering is inherent to the world. We’re all dying/dead in sin. What is the difference from a rich man’s soul and a poor man’s soul? Nothing. If the rich man has lost his soul, is he truly rich? Likewise for the poor man. Both would have nothing. Therefore wealth is irrelevant to the kingdom of God. This doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. If we have much, we should use it to bless others. Read the parable of the talents. If you have been given much, use it to the best of your ability and for the glory of God.
>>14111 Matthew 24:12 >And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYR5QYOqfXo
>>14111 who would have known that numbing the mind and placing the invisible barrier of social media around people would be so bad for humanity. reminds me of a scene from a techno-horror movie where this guy enters a shitty run down building full of people wearing VR headsets oblivious to their condition. thats basically the world right now.
>>15335 >anon discovers vitamin D is produced by going outside for the first time
>>15371 yeah lol, can you blame me tho i was homeschooled on a farm out in the countryside since i was 10 or 11 and spent most of my days in doors till i was about 15. just glad i got to experience it eventually.
>>15373 how is it you were homeschooled on a farm in the countryside and ended up spending all your time inside? doesn't make any sense.
>>15374 i should probably clarify. Its not a farm like what youre thinking, its 11 acres of land with two fields, about half way through my pre-teen years we got a couple horses and donkeys and at one point a pig but it was mainly my dad who took care of them since they were kinda his idea.
It just means you are emotionally mature. People love to cry and pretend to be suffering just to manipulate others when they could just shut up and fix most of their problems themselves.
Being cold-hearted to the banality of evil isn't necessarily a bad thing, OP. If you love the world too much, it will devour you and spit you out.

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