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Rant about my failed Christian life, woman and God. Anonymous 07/27/2022 (Wed) 03:29:54 No.14879
I feel like God won't give me a girlfriend and i know how pathetic this topic is (if i wasn't anonymous i wouldn't be talking about this) but it's a big part of my dream in life to have a pretty girlfriend, and i had one when i was a teen but she became difficult and i was mean to her as payback and the relationship went bad, after i left, she became a huge whore and slept with every guy her brother brought home. How do i know the same won't happen with whatever conservative woman that takes a chance on me? Mark 10:8 and the two will become one flesh.’d So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” I don't understand this because men and women have clearly been separated, many have been divorced. There are some awful men and women out there. Since God won't give a girlfriend i become my own pathetic idea of a lustful God through porn, and make sex accessible to me, and in doing so i don't need anyone. But my porn addiction has hurt some of my relationships and almost got me arrested had it not been for the mercy of God and other people. You can see how this is becoming a dangerous self fulfilling prophecy. I don't think i can stop masturbating, almost all my life is lewd entertainment, i don't think i can stop, i claim to be Christian but don't follow Jesus, i rather not speak of convictions because i am not an example of holy living. I claim to be against the satanic world but i also indulge in porn, the male side of the modern world. What time i spend not using porn i spend studying the bible with other Christians, Christianity is my hobby not my moral compass, and i have failed it. Some women complain that men only want them for sex, yet at least that is something, women don't want anything from me. Why did God have to make women and men duel each other for sex. I feel like it's a hopeless situation, women are almost biologically designed to value whoredom and our society promotes that.
>>14879 >Why did God have to make women and men duel each other for sex. I'd say don't blame God for Satan & humanity's sins OP, for a start. I don't have a solution to what Satan and the globalist kikes have done to destroy our White Christian civilization known as The Western Tradition, but it's plainly ended thanks to them. War is coming, so once TSHTF, this Satanic-inspired, kike-led thotdom on the part of our women will instantly cease so there's that, Anon. I'd encourage yourself with that. As for the porn, just this: Return to your first love. Jesus Christ is more important than any woman, and your own flesh can be controlled if you simply treat it like a slave and not coddle it. God bless you Anon. Keep your faith and share it with others.
>>14879 If God wont give you a girlfriend then maybe theres a reason. Maybe you arent meant to be in a relationship yet for whatever reason. If you ever detox from porn for any serious amount of time then you need to seriously think about what purpose God may have for you. Also you said that lewd entertainment is almost your entire life, if thats the case then you need to create a new life for yourself. Find a hobby, sport, or movement to get involved in. Anything to keep you out of the house and away from porn and lewd content. I spent almost a week out in my garage working for upwards of 6 hours at a time on various projects, that entire week i didnt watch porn once and didnt even feel tempted. If it werent for my injured eye id still be doing it (ps always wear safety glasses). If youre overweight then start working out, you dont have to go to the gym just go out and jog and if you live near a park then go there. If youre mechanically inclined then save up for some budget power tools like a angle grinder and drill and start making stuff out of wood and metal. Or join a cause and start helping them, or hell create your own, the world could always use more based street preachers. Worst case scenario grab a trash bag and pointy stick and start picking up trash along the highway. Just dont give up, theres always a way around these problems and your odds of success only get higher with God on your side. Dont be a doomer but dont be a bloomer either, have a greypilled mindset, see the light at the end of the tunnel but recognize the darkness youll have to go through to get there. Godspeed anon.
God gave men and women different traits so that they have need forbeach other, attraction to each other and instructions how to live well so where did he mess up? This anti human relationship world is a recent human creation and because it is bad it is also unstable and thus will fall. The same people who shoved feminism down your throat already quake at the thought of low birthrates so they won't have people to leech from. It kinda sucks that you can't fulfill your dream but men can still have options even if they are old so as long as you don't give up you have a chance.
>>14879 maybe the people in image boards really born to be in monasteries and not the civil life, thats why we are NEETS at least thats what i wan to believe
>>14891 this is actually really good article to show people. Because it cuts through the riff raff and tells people what their aims truly are and always have been.
>>14879 if you want a gf,take it with your own grits. lift weights, diet, do semen retention.
Open file (143.37 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>14909 Those things are good for everyone but I don't think it's right to tell guys that they have to be a charismatic top athlete to get a girlfriend. Your own parents were probably dumb, ugly and unfit even in their youth just like mine. Ultimately woman is just a selfish creature so as long as you bring some sort of net positive to her life she will stay.
>>14879 your post is an elaborate troll to make christians look like retarded incel faggots.
>>14909 Also ask yourself how many times have you seen a bodybuider with a big family vs derpy looking guy.
>>14931 This board is an elaborate troll. Just read all the larp posts. They are hilarious. >>14932 Those guys are the girls "backup" plan.
>>14931 I'm not a troll just a degenerate failed Christian.
>>14960 There is no failure in the body of Christ. Only perseverance.
there are even real christian women anymore? all the christian women i now want to go to (((university))) and (((live their lives))) while waiting for the (((perfect man)))
>>14967 few and far between. Rebuilding women is a pretty big task. Thats why i dont bother with relationships, that and the fact that there are no women my age around me. Theres too much work in this world to do to be bogged down by women right now, but if we play our cards right the cultural revolution will shift things amongst them in our favor anyways.
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 07/28/2022 (Thu) 03:23:28.
>>14895 I believe this. The modern world has no soul and in the past we would be in monasteries and other high-minded things like poets and priests etc.
>>14895 >>15003 do NEETs go to church?
>>15429 I don't. It would be a step down. I learn more from online discussions and videos than I would from someone(priests) that has never actually thought about God's teachings. Everyone should read God's teachings and actually think about the why's. There are still monasteries, but they're more used as slave labor. It would be the ideal life though. Just peacefully pick grapes for a few hours in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day walking in nature and reading God's word.
>>15429 I do i like the worship songs but i dont like to stand up and clap my hands so i just keep praying in silence
>>15429 I am a neet and i don't go to an official church but i study the bible with a group of Christians, that sometimes includes a pastor. I was talking to the pastor about Conspiracy theories and i told him that one theory is that the church is controlled by freemasons, and he said that he had a freemason on his church staff. I know that God is stronger than organized evil, but I don't trust the church.

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