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/CCRG/ Christian Cultural Revolution General V2 AntichristHater69 07/31/2022 (Sun) 23:00:37 No.15348
This is a new thread im making on the topic of a Christian Cultural Revolution (CCR). I have locked the previous thread and will try and make this one more comprehensive and better. Why am i doing this? For a couple of reason, one of those being its an important topic that has a positive real world impact and the second reason being that i believe it is necessary for the survival of the board. What do i mean by this? My working theory is as follows: Most of the users on this board came here to ask or answer questions and engage in theological debate, once all the questions had been answered and all the necessary debates had, people grew uninterested with this board because there was nothing else left to do so alot of people either forgot about it and left or started engaging in mindless petty arguments with other members. Obviously this sucks so im going to use the CCR as a "next step" in the proverbial order of operations. Youve had your questions answered and youve developed your beliefs to a necessary degree where youre happy, now its time to go on to the next step and do something about it IRL and thats what i want this thread to be. I want it to act as a catalyst and hub for both IRL and online CCR's. Long explanation out of the way, ill start by laying down some ground rules of the thread. No D&C (divide and conquer), and no bait (this is meant to be a productive thread). Now with that established lets get into the meat and potatoes. Topics ProMat (Promotional Material) Flyering, Street Art, and ProMat Dispersion Music, Video, and Art Tactics, Design, and Activism Charity and Community Fun Community Defense and Local Politics Ministering and Mental Health Help Remember, have fun, be based, and hate the antichrist.
>>15348 Retard, you could've simply edited your OP since you're a Mod.
>>15352 new image
Since this is my thread, ill start. Flyering, Street Art, and ProMat Dispersion & Tactics, Design, and Activism Homemade Spray Paint Stencils made from Hammermill multipurpose paper, scotch tape, and a pocket knife. Heres a completed version aswell as a newly made prototype featuring the Revolutionary Cross or Cross Sword. I plan on using the completed stencil to maybe make some shirts for free distribution, could be cool.
Music not a Christian song but related to the cause. Its important to keep internet addiction at bay, especially with kids. https://soundcloud.com/crustsox/by-the-web
>world is ending >nobody wants to do anything about it fml
>>15447 I think the board is too small (or rightwing image boards in general have lost their strength since 8chan) so vandalism would have a weak result, although "islam is right about women" made the news despite not having a huge result. Image boards are good for certain things and it depends on how big the board is that gives it it's power. I remember being on /b/ and raiding some stream and there were 32000 of us in the stream. The tumblr raid was only a few people, my point is we need more Christians, but most Christians are normalfags who don't deal with internet. Christianity isn't as appealing to the youth (once they become rebellious) in the same way that white nationalism or leftism is. Image boards have lost their strength.
>>15447 >>nobody wants to do anything about it >yeschad.jpg >>15498 >islam is right about women No it's not, misogyny is pagan tier. Feminism and the emancipation of women are core aspects of the christian faith.
>>15502 >No it's not, misogyny is pagan tier. I don't know if it's pagan, because pagans are matriarchal, but yeah the bible instructs us to treat women as family with purity. But the point of "Islam is right about women" isn't to be a Christian victory or Muslim victory but to force liberals into balancing the discrimination that they're enabling in their tolerance of Islam. >Feminism and the emancipation of women are core aspects of the christian faith. Feminism can mean anything to the feminist, there are muslim feminists even though that is an obvious contradiction, The Bible is clear that men and women are equal but have different roles. Feminists are the worst examples of women, the movement has whored itself to whatever is the dominant culture, it used to be the klan and now it's liberalism. It's a lot of man hating and revenge, that is not Christian at all despite there being Christian Feminists.
Open file (297.73 KB 2518x1024 3owet7dklhp31.png)
>>15502 Nah it's more of a north vs south thing. While in the northern barbarian countries women were empowered and men were cucked at the heart of roman empire were the based paterfamilias where the word patriarchy comes from, even in Americas there is macho latino culture and inferior germanic-saxon culture of the north states. Then Jesus decided that it's important to civilise the gentiles with the word of Bible which says that it is woman's duty to submit to her husband and produce family. It worked for a few centuries but then your true nature came out again and now you suffer. I don't know how to help you anymore.
>>15498 i just want this to be a place where we can regroup, develop, strategize, and help each other out. Youre right tho Right Wing IB's have pretty much gone down the gutter especially since now everyones paranoid of feds but thats one benefit to small sites like this, who's gonna care what we do or say as long as we dont break global rules. Biggest problem right now is just getting people out into the streets, im not entirely sure how to do that but if theres one thing i know for sure, it doesnt really matter how many resources you post if people dont use them. Any ideas in that regard would be super useful. p.s.: it was small groups of organized and determined men that got our nation to the point it is right now, and itll be small groups of organized men who will get us out.
Edited last time by AntichristHater on 08/03/2022 (Wed) 06:03:47.
>>15502 >>15506 >>15552 keep bickering to a minimum please, this is a productive thread.
thoughts on the viability of tshirts as a propaganda dispersion method?
>>15629 I think vandalism is more anonymous, but don't use the same stencils for vandalism as you use for shirts, or it will get connected to you.
>>15641 >but don't use the same stencils for vandalism as you use for shirts, or it will get connected to you. yeah lol

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