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Open file (206.22 KB 1280x720 tamil.nofp.jpg)
prayer rescue team Anonymous 08/02/2022 (Tue) 18:03:32 No.15492
I want to make a list of the top 100 most evil people alive today. pedo serial killers, satanist terrorists, cartel leaders etc..and pray for them. Im a catholic man, I think this is a good idea, praying for the worst,the men most far from God. I Myself may be among those 100...but Ill still pray for the other 99 after I pray for Me self.
Open file (183.80 KB 1160x773 k.jpg)
Klaus Schwab is the first real life supervillain that comes to my mind.
>>15494 has he done something actually bad like pushing abortion(ie;infanticide) or just economic measures you dont like? I am thinking of people like Gavarito from colombia,or padro alonso(dunn if he's even alive,he is missing since released)..Or, the convicted attomwaffen members who are satanists and yes I know I have to pray for close family, etc..but Im talking about "extras" >my brother is a fornicator but he saved like 50 people from death as a doctor,,dunno, I think he's better than I, who am celibate
Larry Fink, everyone in the Bloodlines of the Illuminati, and me.
as a catholic, we have, I too, a short arrow-prayer called the act of live..private revelation says each time its said,it saves one soul. I thought of using a counter-tracker in my cellphone,and hitting a goal of 10K prayers a day..I know this sounds like hindu, I was involved with mantra before,but this is a different, I dont expect magical benefits for I myself
>>15511 Why do you Catholics subvert christianity with your pagan beliefs, it's clear that you're a /fascist/ trying to shill hinduism.
>>15515 no no, I have since realized hinduism is literally worshipping cow dung and giving monies to brahmins to burn some flowers on a square fire
>>15518 >>15518 >worshipping cow dung and giving monies to brahmins to burn some flowers on a square fire I'm not trying to insult you but catholics too engage in paganism, they aren't real christians. They grovel under the authority of the pope(who mind you supports same-sex unions), follow Larp madeup traditions, are iconodules and do not even believe in the Trinity anymore(see Filioque).
Open file (14.02 KB 198x255 papa splenndour.jpg)
>>15520 Your ignorance might save you in the day of judgement
>>15525 Stop your excessive trolling, it has become annoying.
also as a catholic do I need my confessor's permission for self-flaggelation?
>>15603 As a Romanist you need to repent and depart from your false religion, coming to the true religion which Jesus Christ delivered in His word.
>>15612 repent?how DARE you! upon which authority do you adress Me with authority?
>>15614 >upon which authority do you adress Me with authority? The authority of my Lord Jesus Christ.
>>15603 you should probably talk to your parish priest/spiritual director. stuff like that has only been allowed under strict guidance
>>15622 i SPIT upon you

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