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What keeps you going despite everyone being against you? Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 06:18:30 No.15610
How do you not let the world get you down? I also am a Christian who believes in God, but that doesn't mean only good things will happen, you probably know that already, but i just don't have faith in God that everything will be okay, is my position. When i found the holy spirit and was possessed by it i though everything would be different (i guess part of the problem is i have been disobeying it and sinning, but it's so difficult not to sin) and then i racially insulted someone at my work and everyone including the owner harassed me till i left. Now i'm not blaming God for my mistakes, but bad things are going to happen and God will permit them regardless if they come from our mistakes or not. If i join a cartel and the rival cartel flays me and torture me by also taking my eyes out what good will a belief in God do me then? I wasn't expecting God to solve all my problems, but supposedly there is good that can come from catastrophe when God is involved. Life is cruel and people are vengeful and easily triggered into complete anger, then they make it into their life's mission to get you to react through illegal means if possible. I thought that finding God would be more interactive, maybe it's because my sin has separated me from God, but i hear from Christians that If i feel bad about my sin that it is the Holy Spirit convicting me. When i was possessed by the Holy Spirt and i had immediate contact with God through me, i had opinions that were not my own, but i had to sing at church three times a day and have pastors praying over me through the night. All that went away when i sinned. I hope it doesn't sound like i'm quitting because i'm not, but it's so delicate. I don't think i can ever quit Christianity, i'm too far in, i'd probably end up in jail if i did. Back to my original question, How do you have faith in God, how do you not let the world get you down, especially when there are so many anti-christians out there. The anti-christians could be permitted as a punishment from God. God isn't going to stop all evil from happening. I was talking to some Christian female friends about how they were excited about roe vs wade being overturned, for some reason it's hopeful to hear women who are against the world, who don't fall for it, it's expected for men to be against the world, but for women it's almost a part of their culture here in America to be a liberal feminist. So any time i can talk to a Conservative women it's really pleasant, i feel like they deserve my respect, even though that's not a very Christian answer, i should be respectful of all women, but it's very difficult to respect liberal and leftist women when they're ideologically opposed to my entire gender.
>How do you not let the world get you down? you keep your eyes on the prize. Establish a goal whether it be religious, political, or personal and trudge toward it no matter the cost. Its called being greypilled, recognizing the darkness around you but also seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. >i feel like they deserve my respect, even though that's not a very Christian answer, i should be respectful of all women respect is earned not given, these women have done nothing to earn your respect, they cant even uphold the most miniscule elements of morality. You should pity them and pray for their deliverance. Keep busy, curb whatever sin youre doing, engage with both God and nature more often preferably both at the same time, and start working toward a goal. And try to lift up others along the way.
>>15610 Well, one important thing to keep in mind is that the afterlife is more important than your worldly life as it's literally infinitely longer. Even if you get brutally tortured for being a Christian in ways even worse than in the times of Rome, that's nothing compared to whatever hell is (I'm not actually sure how hell or heaven are, I'm not sure if it's like in the mainstream image of Christianity where heaven is a place in the clouds with God and hell is a cave full of fire and lava with satan. but however they are, I'm still sure that hell is an astronomically horrible place and heaven is an astronomically awesome place).

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