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Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 05:13:08 No.15717
>This should apply to all religion as i dont care anymore So i guess since god says it knows the unchangeable futures and the past and thus all the falls of things from lucifer and cain to the entire humanity and the coming of unethical clonings, machines, paranoia and social isolation, Am i to understand that the coming of these vile things and how god is powerlesss or simply lets it happen contradicts the idea(as said implicitly or explicitly, maybe not written but said and suggested widely) that gods are all reaching and all caring and and has the purest and most unquestionable love that wants to save all the spirits but somehow throws you into this confusion and only sees if you are good enough or have any faith to foster to be of the same sort of valhallan idea of the afterlife? Like, is this case of differing meaning is just a fluke or is it always been the same kind "test" of a text that the gods have often declared that it somehow, despite knowing the unchangeable future and also knows that you might just break or fail or press the rock wrongly, still decided that it is worth to try it out as it somehow deem you not worthy enough at that moment and there is no other "all capable" choice for it to actually, really save you in spirit and flesh as it claimed to begin with? What am i to get of this contradiction? That it just simply has no concern of anything of humanity but rather its own satisfaction and some sort of safetiness that it had thrown away in the beginninf by starting the universe that it wants to have but eventually will press reset anyway since it doesnt find any pleasure of the mess of its own letting?
>>15717 hfrw
>>15719 >>15720 Im speaking for the universal idea that gods share and how it always contradict itself through its action and how its words somehow forms different meaning of good through its embodiment. Now it seems its following just stumbles on their own and has to be always supported by enough supply of qafirs and atheist to feed their merciful entry to heaven at the cost of others they deem to be worthless and evil but needs somehow
>>15720 >>15719 The fuck is hfrw
>>15728 hfrw
>>15719 God should try gettinf electrified like my day job but i guess it ll scream and end the universe when it does so i guess it ll find itself bored and frustated and relents but unable to win the argument it tries ll sort of things to correct its lazy ass maybe get the job you hate as a god but i guess burning hells and watching earth as it lit is vwry fun No sacrifice from it ever but its prophets.
So i guess i can be BETTER than god itself in mannerism and ideas and not just some makeshift ballsack, unempathic solutions and ideas..actions and reactions? Especially since we re not enslaved anymore, as the elders says thus we should at least be like samsons or noah? Building ships with fingwrs and tearing lands with eyebrows?
Such exquisite treatment. Is this why this site isnt more than some.
>>15717 nigger post
Take your meds

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