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Open file (112.23 KB 1200x1200 martinism.png)
Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 06:05:28 No.15737
Is Martinism heresy? Are there any Martinists here? Is it Freemasonry?
cringe gay faggot heresy, sage.
>>15737 Yes it is heretical and yes it related to Freemasonry. Don't fall for these "esoteric" and "magical" Christianity groups that pretend to commune with angels and grant you mystical powers. This is kind of the thing that brings someone into prelest, spiritual delusion. This is a dangerous condition to be in, because a person may think he is doing everything right in relation to God but is really a pawn for the evil one. Constant repentance and a good prayer life is the way to bring about God's grace, not playing dress up.
>>15737 no, from reading esotercists myself they warn that anything that openly claims to be roscurianism isn't roscurianism but rather new-age subversion.
>>15737 Why do you want to join them? They are mystical? What saints have they produced of the calibre of Meister Eckhart, Jakob Boehme or seraphim of sarov did they need to join some sekrit LARP club?
>>15803 Magic is real and very much practiced by Christians in the bible, it's just that magic is from force of will manifesting in god's righteousness and not esoteric ritualism; not that Christianity lacks in the esoteric ritualism department anyways. It's just about purifying the body/soul rather than performing magic.
>>15822 God's will is not "magic." >very much practiced by Christians in the bible The NT makes it pretty clear that magical arts are not the same as following God's will. Acts 8:9-13 Acts 19:19 Colossians 2:8 Galatians 5:19-21
>>15830 Pure semantics.
>>15843 >t. magician
>>15822 Johannes Trithemius an abbot who was never censured by the church contributed much to the wests understanding of magic being the mentor of agrippa
>>15843 This might be the same sperg that calls medicine sorcery. Also using a computer is literally sorcery.

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