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Does Christianity truly support globalism/communism? Anonymous 02/26/2022 (Sat) 19:45:40 No.4633
This sentiment is shared throughout pagan and other anti-christian circles.
>>4633 Communism is theft and envy, envying others' wealth and stealing it via government.
The thing is that Bible can take different people defferent ways. It motivates jews to be capitalistic and aggressive while many christians are led to socialism, passivity and guilt. There was a very worrying trend in western christians for some time but recently I saw many devout christians convert en masse to the woke globalist ideology which fits their worldviews better so perhaps religion will become purer in the near future.
>>4633 >that screencap Kek, I wrote that myself. Maybe I should just tear it apart now.
Yes. Except globalism and communism is not real. These two terms are trick terms. Communism is a form of atheist government that takes power away from everyone and gives it to a select view and globalism is the exact same thing on an international scale. If the world was all born again christians it's hard to imagine how complete the world would be, there'd be no multimillionaires along with homeless druggies. Everyone would have everything, because we have everything that we need on Earth. People wouldn't really have to "work" either unless they want to, especially wouldn't have to work for sickening terrible enslavement corporations. The materialistic desires of others in many way ruin the world for everyone else. There's so much food so much land that can be put to use but what politicians and millionaires want is more money for themselves. They're not interested in building up the Earth for a better humanity they're interested in their bottom line. People who look toward Heaven are always going to do best for the Earth. The sheer level of corruption lies and greed in the world is sickening but also unfixable, I do not expect from people who aren't born of the spirit why would I. They think they're just on this Earth and that's it so they are going to grab what they can and the problem with that is you're never going to be happy no matter how much you keep grabbing and it'll all turn to dust. Think on a small scale a complete real christian community. There'd be no issues with anything but doctrine talk because christianity is true. Secular people have no truth, they have no obligations they naturally create disparity and depression and addiction and pain and violence and anger because they think they are animals in a meaningless world. https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Wisdom-of-Solomon-Chapter-2/ There is rarely attempt from the ungodly to make themselves or the world truly better and free from materialism and addiction. It is materialism, covetousness that destroy the Earth, greed. If all people on Earth knew we are only planted here as seedlings and there is a real life waiting then they would not do so much evil and there would be no massive governments and their changing policies tilting further from God.
Christianity promotes community involvement on a familial and community level along with acts of charity. Socialists and communists misinterpret this as being for mass government programs and other acts of ruling over others from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Globalists misinterpret the industriousness and openness to one's neighbor as meaning they are in support of destroying their own way of life. The truth is that Christianity is very much about being a force of change for the better at the local community level with missions being about spreading this good word to other communities so that they may also prosper as the Christian does. The rise of big government around the world has confused and warped Christianity, especially in protestant circles, to believe that as a Christian they must pursue these lofty and idealistic goals upon peoples with no meaningful connection to them. Christ says to love thy neighbor and help him, not to love thy niglet halfway across the globe or to force thy neighbor the next country over to love you back.
>>4633 globalism as in global unity? maybe communism? no communism was invented by satan >pic rel is unofficial flag of the antichrist
I've never argued against myself before, I will enjoy this. 1/2 >It is what is called slave morality. Slave morality is herd morality. It is a morality which is fundamentally anti-life Humans are social animals by nature and morality, typically, is mostly synonymous with reciprocal relations among individuals. Calling it 'herd morality' is not an argument, and this entire post of course assumes a Nietzsche immoralist framework where 'There are no facts, only interpretations'. Ironically, the entire post can be essentially dismissed as one Nietzschean 'interpretation' among many, but I won't do that. Calling Christian morality anti-life is actually false. Christianity is actually one of the most pro-life and pro-world religions that there is. Pagan belief systems in Europe and beyond were often founded on the idea of the world being a sort of trap for the soul. This is seen in Orphism, Pythagoreanism, (Neo)platonic philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. In all of these systems the body is a prison, or a tomb, something to be escaped and not desired. Phrases like 'Sōma Sēma', 'the body a tomb' were used by Plato and others to denigrate the body and the material world in general as something lesser than the source, and in some Gnostic systems (of course heavily influenced by all of the above), the material world is even seen as 'evil'. Christianity believes that the material world is fundamentally good, but is fallen for now, and that we are an integral unity of body, spirit and soul, and that we will be resurrected in this same body one day, albeit in a more glorified and perfect form. The body is not something that is to be denigrated or 'liberated' from. Not even to mention the fact that Christianity includes various ideas such as being fruitful and multiplying, having family, children, tight-knit communities, etc. Paganism is a highly pessimistic worldview when we look at the authentic sources and not modern Nietzschean LARPs. >Everything beauty, masculine, triumphant, strong and powerful is condemned, the truly righteous are the ugly, oppressed, effeminate, meek, weak and sickly. Perhaps in modern leftism, but this is not true of authentic and traditional Christianity. Righteousness comes from faith in God and doing good works. >God loves them. God loves all of them. >The result - "the degeneration of the European race". Europe has degenerated because it has abandoned God and has been possessed by a Satanic drive towards 'progress' at the expense of all else, and Whites have foolishly tried to place themselves in the place of God, and have sold their souls to materialism and false modern idols. >At its root, we see how the Christian ethos exhibited in verses such as this is the root of leftism. Leftism is ultimately an inversion of Christianity, as can be seen most clearly in Communism. This is why Leftists have exterminated Christians and heaped ridicule on them whenever they have gotten power. >Abrahamism Meme word. >Further, Christianity is universal in scope. All truth is necessarily universal. >For the ancient abstract universal "man" did not exist, only men (Greeks, Romans, barbarians, etc). The generic universal abstract man has never existed. It is a fiction. Abstract humanity is a real thing, and it's silly to deny this. This isn't to say that all humans are the same, they're not - but there are core features that are undoubtedly shared by all humans, and we are of the same species, undeniably. >Abrahamic egoism considers itself to be a one-size-fits-all solution for every person, every culture and every race on the planet. Truth is singular. This said, Christianity has different expressions of the same truth within a diverse array of cultures, peoples and races. >Further, Christianity is conducive to individualism Christianity is inherently community-based. No one is saved alone. The Trinity itself may even hint at the reciprocal and relationship-based nature of reality, which is reflected in humanity as well. Christ teaches to love one's neighbor as oneself, and to not do unto others as we would not want done to ourselves. This is not individualistic, this is communitarian. Christians come together for liturgical (the word literally means: 'work of the people') worship and seek fellowship with other Christians. Christians believe they exist within a mystical Body of Christ. One can enter into Christian religion through personal prayer, liturgical worship, Christian fellowship, and many other ways. >There is a rupture of solidarity with the community. Truth is always higher than pleasing people around you.
2/2 >Jesus tells you to hate your mother and father, and that he brought a sword to create divisions among the Volk (Matthew 10:34-36). A man's enemies will be the members of his own household... how Völkisch! Jesus often spoke hyperbolically (for example - 'tear out your eye if it causes you to sin', etc). This said, as with any teaching, it has the potential to be divisive, and therefore he warned that there would be consequences in following him - persecution, martyrdom, etc. This would arise with any sort of teaching. Even those who love paganism will run into this problem if they attempt to force it onto their Christian families, or would trying to turn them 'NatSoc', which would conflict with modern liberal values in a number of places. Yet one would still pursue them if they were sincere, because they would believe them to be the truth. >Further, Abrahamism / Christianity devalues the world. The world is not seen as ultimate. It is, however, 'very good' and a creation of God. The anti-life nature of paganism has already been discussed in the first post. >To be awed at Nature, and to see in at work forces bigger than oneself, to feel gratitude towards it, is paganism. Feel awe at the one who created it and whose wisdom is visible in every facet of nature. >The Semitic mind sees some great anthropomorphized abstraction at work behind the scenes, and it is positively enraged that anyone would adore or worship anything of the world. Why worship a tree or a river when it cannot help you, when it has not created you, when it is inanimate? >It non-created, eternal and imperishable Not even cucked modern scientists think this. >And finally, Christianity is dying among White people. And look at what has happened to Europe and America. Degeneracy is exploding. >the religion itself becomes browner and browner and more and more localized in third world countries. They will outlast Whites if they take their faith seriously. >Science gradually began to undermine many aspects of the Abrahamic worldview as well Lol >and it has gradually moved closer and closer to rediscovering animism and paganism than it has Christianity. I was referring to panpsychism and other meme-tier theories of mind, but I have realized that these make no sense and are no different than materialism in many ways and have many issues such as how these would even combine into unified subjects such as the human consciousness or do anything else. >And I have not even begun to really focused on the Jewish conspiracy angle to all of this. It's not a compelling argument either when one dives into it.
>>4646 >>4647 bravo, might have screencap this
>>4646 >>4647 Nicely done. What made you change your mind since last year?
>>4650 >What made you change your mind since last year? A couple of different things. One of them was that I have been hanging out with a good friend of mine who is a Christian and really into philosophy and stuff, so we would have good conversations and discuss philosophy and stuff like that weekly. We both enjoy discussing spiritual topics, and so gradually many of my objections to Christianity were shot down. This probably began in early 2020, but I was still posting things such as the screencapped post in early 2021, so I didn't feel like it was all completely refuted by that point, but I was on my way. The question of what happened to Jesus and why Christianity began to form was another question that was occupying my mind, and that I tried to research myself. None of the alternative explanations for what happened to Jesus seem to explain the origin of the religion, and this was especially cemented after reading the massive book 'The Resurrection of the Son of God' by N.T. Wright, and after hearing apologists such as William Lane Craig present arguments in favor for it. I did find it a bit disconcerting that there were no compelling alternative theories of what happened given the available evidence that explained the origin of the belief and gave impetus to the movement in light of the fact that other Jewish messianic movements had died out immediately after their leader died. I just kinda pushed the fact to the side, but it was bothering me a bit. I was also very interested in Eastern religions, so I had begun to meditate and eventually pray by early to mid 2021. I was still regularly insulting Jesus and Christians online though in vicious terms. I sort of vaguely believed in some sort of pantheistic god or all-encompassing cosmic Mind, but it wasn't really a real belief. Though, that began to change at the beginning of July - I was praying to God, and was asking earnestly for a sign that He was real, and then suddenly, He did give me a sign. I reported this on /x/ on July 2nd 2021: >>try praying >>suddenly an electric sensation overcomes as soon as I ask God for a sign >>I also feel a touch on my hand >What the fuck bros, does prayer actually work? https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/29105515/ That was the first time I actually truly believed in God, because before that it was merely intellectual, but I could not find an alternative explanation for that experience that I had. Slightly before the time the post that follows was made, I had an experience that completely changed my view of Jesus. I was regularly praying still through July and into August, asking for guidance. I was asking God who I should follow, and I listed names such as the Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and then I began to say 'Jesus Christ": >I was definitely spooked when I mentioned Jesus offhand, planning to casually move to the next name, but instead got what I could only interpret as a positive answer that he was good. It's hard to explain it in any non-cringe way, but basically it was a sudden out-of-the-blue feeling of a pressure change that left my ears sort of sore for a half hour afterwards, followed by five to ten seconds of intense ringing in my ears. I had gotten a few strange experiences before doing that, but that was the most intense one I had had, personally. I just stopped after that for the night. And honestly I've been a little reluctant to look deeper into it. It sort of makes me anxious even to write about again. It certainly seems like something in need of solving at some point. I've already ruled out any sort of self-suggestion, as I would have chosen something like the Buddha or Krishna before Jesus, really. I never really hated him, but I've decided to refrain from saying anything bad about him from now on. https://16chan.xyz/fascist/res/7859.html#q12440 So from that point on I stopped blaspheming or speaking bad about Jesus. And I continued to read the Bible, and look into it more seriously, and accepted that God indeed wanted me to follow Jesus. During this period I also diffused basically every objection about Christianity being a Jewish conspiracy or Talmudic, and I started to do research into what churches, if any, were worth looking into. There is a few months of inactivity at this point from August 2021 to early November 2021, when I finally decided to go to an Orthodox Church in my area and check out the Divine Liturgy. I've probably attended there a dozen times at this point and am planning on going there tomorrow morning as well. Christianity is just the best attested religion historically, apologetically, and in my own personal experiences through prayer, etc. I've cut out a lot, but that's the gist of it. I forgot to say too that I got tired of paganism and related ideas because it is an obvious shallow aesthetic used for people to push political agendas, and no one wants to seriously engage in spiritual practice, which I wanted. That is something that made me more interested in the question of God too.
>>4652 interesting and cool. The only experiences i can remember having with God are times He's saved my life. Many such stories
The New World Order, the satanic ultimate goal of the elites is warned about in the bible in revelation as the world government. Even if you want to tie Global Unity to Christianity there is "Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;". Communism/socialism and communists are anti-christian, look at all the churches that were taken down in soviet Russia, talk to some communists on leftypol and ask them what they think about Christianity and the majority are against it. This is just more people angry at Christianity and wanting to lump it together with the Jews or Communists while ignoring that Christianity is it's own ideology for God.
>What is beautiful is condemned That's why God made everything beautiful in the beginning... Yeah, not going to waste my time reading the rest of that.
>>4641 Be my guest.
No, Christianity doesn't support the new world order or the one world government. And woke globalist ideology is inherently anti-christian despite what rainbow flag heretics might say >This sentiment is shared throughout pagan and other anti-christian circles And yet, woke anti-christian circles would say the opposite. You see, that's the thing. These people already disliked Christianity for one reason or another, whether it be "jewish" or "bigoted", so they grasp at whatever they can to make it look bad. Leftists don't believe in objective truth or morality, and I've seen at least some of anti-christian types of fascists say that objective morality is bad try figuring that out and others say that the ends are all that matter. So it seems to me that both of them are more concerned with "winning" against Christianity that being true, because they don't actually believe in truth. To be fair, at least sjws are correct that Christianity is against faggotry and as well as being for the traditional family unit. Where they're wrong is the notion that it's bad to be anti faggot and pro traditional family
Since you asked nicely. Communism is so far from Christianity that it boggles the mind how people think otherwise. I can only ascribe it to either malicious intent or utter ignorance. Communism, and its philosophical basis Marxism, is at its root a wholly materialist ideology. A brief and rough summary: Original Marxism proposed that the basis of all social change was material and that the economic reality of a nation determined its social, cultural and political "superstructure." When Marx' predictions were proven wrong, Neo-Marxism emerged which basically turned Marxism on its head. Now the superstructure is what determines the economic reality. This is why commies nowadays think that inequality is caused by wrongthink. But what didn't change is their absolute adherence to materialism. They believe that wealth is what really matters and accordingly wealth inequality is the highest injustice. It is injustice because of their insistence on the material. Things can only be valuable if they take a lot of time to produce. Since everyone gets the same 24 hours per day, if you have more wealth than your neighbour then you must have stolen from him somehow. Christianity is not materialist. We believe that God, not wealth, is the ultimate thing to strive for. In fact we believe that money is corrupting and to be viewed with suspicion. We recognise that putting something before God is making an idol out of that thing. The thing you place before all else is your god. The practice of alms-giving in Christianity then serves two purposes. 1. It trains you to let go of material wealth as a false master. By practising giving money away, you lessen its hold over your life. 2. It is a way of practising loving your neighbours which we are commanded to do. In complete contrast, communists forcibly take your money away from you. And not out of concern for you or your neighbour but as punishment for having too much since you have taken away from someone else by having more than them. You see the difference? Communists are concerned only with having stuff but Christians are concerned with stuff's effect on your soul. There is nothing beneficial for you about being coerced into paying for welfare. If anything it only strengthens money's hold over you since it is being taken from you against your will. This is why Christians insist on cheerful giving. We can extend the same ideas to other globalist issues like immigration. Volunteering at a shelter or donating to a fund because you hold charity (love) towards people who are suffering is good for you. Forcing other people to bear the cost of immigration (increased crime, low trust society, etc) so that you can scratch your own sense of self-righteousness is a tremendous evil. Now onto the pic. I must first say that reading this is painful in the same way reading leftist trash is. >Muh slave morality >Muh will to power Nietzsche is a chain around the neck of nationalism. You will drown unless you cast him off. God has indeed chosen the lowly to shame the strong in order to prove a point: that the strong are not strong and the wise are not wise. Nowhere in Christianity is beauty condemned in favour of ugliness or masculinity for effeminacy or any of the other examples given. The writer simply made those up. The very opposite is true. Christianity upholds beauty; upholds masculinity. It is because of Christianity upholding these things that Nietzsche is even able to recognise them as good things in the first place. Christianity does not parade about the lowly because they are held in higher accord than other people. No, what is happening here is the strong (by the world's standards) are reaching down to the lowly to embrace them in love just as God (who is actually mighty) reaches down to embrace us in love. Nietzsche would have the strong trample over the weak simply because they can. Because it is their right as the stronger party to step over the weak and become the "uberman." But consider what this actually means. Far from becoming a higher man, he actually becomes a subman motivated by his base desires and animal instincts. Everything noble and "human," Nietzsche despises because to be human is to love and to love is to desire the good of another. Christianity offers true fulfillment of humanity because it coronates love and all that makes man more than the animal.
Open file (124.59 KB 886x1322 1523269708978.png)
>>4691 >Christianity is the root of modern Western civilisational decay Except any honest person who knows even a basic outline of history will see this is nonsense straight away. Chrsitianity prevailed over the time of Europe's rise and triumph. Before the Battle of Lepanto, which ended Ottoman naval supremacy in the Mediterranean and opened the way for European domination of the planet, the pope ordered that all Christians pray the rosary for protection against Christendom's enemies. It was not until the anti-Christian Enlightenment that the seeds of modern degeneracy were sown. It was not until the anti-Christian modern period that that crop was harvested. >But Christianity's effect was delayed! It's just coincidence that the West's decline happened during a time of mass apostasy! Bullshit. >Being created devalues the world Nice Gnosticism. I'm beginning to have a problem now because there's only so many ways I can say the author is making up fantasy nonsense about Christianity before it becomes old. This is why I said it's as painful to read as leftists. It's as divorced from reality as they are and honestly I'm just going to skip ahead. Creation isn't a parasite on God, he chose to create it and called it good. All of creation will be resurrected and made new. God affirms His creation. He doesn't view it as something to be hated and neither do we. >Christianity is dying among White people You want to know who's dead? Nietzsche. And I'm not just talking about the man himself. Christianity is practised by millions of White people across the planet thousands of years after Christ rose from the dead. Even among non-Christians there are many who have some basic idea of what Christianity is about even if it's completely warped. Nietzsche's ideas died not long after he did and are attended to by a small handful of zealots. The fact that I even know enough about his philosophy to have a conversation with you is a miracle in itself. For quite some time I considered national socialism to be a very good system. Unlike international socialism or capitalism, it does not hold to a materialist world view. Rather it bases itself on the family and the nation as the natural extension of the family. Having a love of your nation (properly speaking) as underlying your politics is a lot better than a love of money. What finally soured me was the realisation that national socialists do not care about the truth. They do not consider Christianity with the object of truth in mind, they consider it for its value as a political weapon. They want a religion that is politically expedient for them not one that is true. In every attack against Christianity, they talk about everything but whether it is true or not. Reread your pic. Not once does he attack Christianity on the grounds that it's untrue. The truth or falsity of Christianity is literally the only thing that matters. If it's true, you have to believe it. If it's not true, no other arguments are necessary. National socialists here fall into the exact same trap that communists do. Only considering things in terms of their value to the cause. Consider how this attitude will be applied to other areas. Beautiful art and music will be denounced because it does not support the cause. Virtue will be denounced because the person did not support the cause. You will turn into a bunch of no fun allowed faggots because fun does not support the cause. National socialism could have been a really good idea if you hadn't made an idol out of it and had consented to put God first. Now I want to make an appeal. Consider why you became interested in national socialism in the first place. Was it not because white peoples are under attack? Was it not because you wanted to defend white people from the Jewish menace? Was it not because you wanted to defend white people from foreign invaders? Was it not because you wanted to re-ignite the sense of nationalism and self-confidence in white people? Why then do we see the opposite in your rhetoric? We see a hatred of your fellow nationals. We see a contempt for those who are too weak to lift themselves up. We see sentiments expressed such as most Westerners are lost and beyond saving. We see agreement with the Jews(!) that most of the goyim are cattle to be exploited and that they deserve it. It wasn't Christianity that taught you to think like this. Nietzschefags will destroy the West before they admit they're wrong. Dump that shit before it's too late.
>>4692 Nice posts anon.
>>4691 POTD I realize that your lucid writing is unlikely to sway a reprobate leftist from his ideologies Anon even so it's not an impossibility. But it just might rescue some young man from becoming deluded by the lies of Marxism, and thus disillusioned. Please keep up the good work Anon! Cafe needs your influence, as indeed the entire West needs such truths.
Open file (229.16 KB 1272x1080 Thucydites Quote.jpeg)
>>4691 >>4692 This is the quality I miss in the mainstream chans. God bless you abundantly.
>>4691 thank you, but honestly when I meant "communism" in the original question, I didn't mean actual regimes, but more in the sense of a stateless classless hippie commune, is this the goal or intent of Christianity at the core? I would hope not.
>>4760 Statelessness and classlessness aren’t Christian. God established governments on earth for the enforcement of the good and for order, and we are told to obey them within reason (prophets such as Daniel, of course, rightfully refused to obey when he told to bow before the golden idol, even if it meant death). For classes, we can see a general principle of hierarchy throughout the Bible. There is of course hierarchy between God and humankind, and then there is hierarchy between man and woman, old and young, clergy and laity, master and slave, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean brute domination of the one by the other, and the Bible is clear on this. Some people like to point to Acts to show that early church held all things in common and even rebuked one couple who held things back to show that the early church was somehow exclusively communistic and should be today. One forgets that the early church was being actively persecuted and was tiny, and needed all the help it could get. And we have no evidence that any of the churches set up in Antioch or elsewhere were communes either, nor did those who were baptized on Pentecost ever go and found hippie communes in their homelands. Monasticism has retained a communal spirit to this day most often in its cenobitic forms though. This has nothing to do with some sort of worldly political program though. Even the ten commandments have a notion of theft and thus property as well.
>>4704 >chans They're called imageboards but I get your point.
>>4771 They're called chans because he's referring to chans, it's a narrower subset and it's pretty obvious what he's talking about. If he was talking about bulletin boards in general he'd have said bulletin boards but that obviously isn't what he meant >imageboards There are plenty of textboards which are higher quality than the main chanosphere. There are plenty of imageboards that are higher quality than this site that aren't chans and have a radically different culture
>>4779 Chans is what normalfags call these sites.
>>4805 >>4779 >>4771 >being this autistic about what Mongolian throat-singing forums are called
Call imageboards whatever you want. Who cares!
Interesting how the ruler of an unabashedly Orthodox nation gets cut out of the globohomo cabal, isn't it?
>>4827 >russia is unabashedly orthodox That's some mighty wishful thinking
>>4691 >>4692 I want to elaborate a little more on this now since I don't explain things very well when I'm pissed off. >Abstract universal man >Single humanity God created all things and by His will they were made. Now you're complaining that He loves all the things He created? The fact of the matter is that we are all creations of God and we all need Him. The argument that humanity coming from one source means that all humans are the same only works if you deny any kind of evolution (which to be fair some Christians do). It's plainly obvious that Anglos are not Teutons and West Slavs are not East Slavs to say nothing of the far greater difference between Westerners and Chinese for instance. But your access to God - your adoption by Him - is not dependent on your nationality. This is the meaning of the verse "there is neither Greek nor Jew." If you look at the context of that verse (Galatians 3), it is not saying that Greeks and Jews don't exist. It is saying that neither grants you any advantage or disadvantage in following Christ. >God is absolutely distinct from Nature >All things that are not God are God's creation Yes. >Here stems the [Christian] hatred of Nature Here is revealed the writer's hatred of God. He cannot stand the idea of God being utterly distinct from himself that he seeks to compact God into the natural world. He wants to make a tame god for himself that has boundaries and can be controlled. He wants a god that he can pull out at his convenience when he's feeling a little spiritual on his outdoor walks but who won't follow him back home. This is the truth. This is the Neo-Pagan's grotesque inversion of the "natural" order. He wants God to serve man not man to serve God. The Romans say the relation between men and gods as like a contract. If men made all the right offerings then the gods were obligated to respond. This attitude is inherited by Neo-Pagans when they wish for a god that they can control and who will benefit them on their own terms. Quite contrary to how the Neo-Pagan view denigrates the divine, the Christian view elevates the natural. Yes, the Christian has a higher view of both God and Nature. Whereas they must believe in some Nature that exists by happenstance and without purpose, the Christian believes that Nature indeed has a purpose and a reason for existing. Therefore, unlike the Neo-Pagan, a Christian can truly believe that Nature is good because it is good for something. The Christian view of Nature is that she is called to be higher. God created her, yes, and she was good, yes, but she was then given over to man in order that man may fulfill her through cultivation and work. This is perfectly exemplified in the humble activity of gardening. The gardener takes what has been created by God (and which is indeed beautiful itself) and fashions it into something greater. In a sense he "re-creates" and so acts in the image of God (as he was created) while at the same time drawing Nature upwards towards himself. In doing so, he glorifies God because God created both. Contrast with the Romanticist - Neo-Pagan view (I'll get to this connection later) where Nature in her raw state is the ultimate and that any alteration to this must be seen as at best a stain on her beauty and at worst a direct affront to her. From here it is an easy step to the modern environmentalist hatred of humans. This hatred stems from the view of humans as a parasite on Nature and as something external to her. Christians do not see ourselves as outside of Nature but as her king. We are to rule over her, not to her exploitation and ruin, but to her benefit out of love. You can see that by trying to put Nature first and highest, you really end up denigrating everything else and then even Nature herself. This will happen with all things that you try to put before God. The tighter you try to hold onto them, the faster they will slip from your grasp.
>>4865 >In antiquity there was little to no distinction between religion and civic life In Christianity there is little to no distinction between religion and daily life. You are not to put God in a box and only take Him out on Sundays. We live and breathe our faith in even the smallest things we do (or at least we are supposed to). Whether we are in church, at work or with friends and family, we are practising Christianity when we love others. When we forgive our co-workers for messing up, we are practising Christianity. When we offer up a prayer before dealing with a difficult person, we are practising Christianity. When we help our friend move his stuff, we are practising Christianity. In all things there is the opportunity to practise Christianity. Notice how many of these involve other people. This shouldn't be surprising since we are commanded to love our neighbours as ourselves. IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE A FULL PRACTICE OF CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT INVOLVING OTHER PEOPLE. In church too there is communal involvement. Going to church is an inherently communal activity and there's a reason why you can't "do church" at home. It's because you need other people. One of the things all Christians (in theory) believe is the communion of the saints. Meaning that all Christians both on Earth and in Heaven are in mystical communion through Christ. This occurs through the sacrament of the eucharist which is why it's also called communion. The entirety of the Church is saved together as one and we are to love and help each other on our life's journey. We are not plucked out and saved individually but rather drawn into the community of the Church and saved collectively. However, people are not doomed to one fate or the other because of the rest of their Earthly communities. In that sense an individual may choose to go against his family and become a Christian. Why shouldn't this be the case? Why should people be held prisoner in the darkness just because their communities won't follow them into the light? >I bring not peace but a sword How blind can you be? Are we not right now brothers at war? I am a white anglo by the way Is there not division between us? This is exactly what Jesus was talking about. Feel free to BEGOME CHRISTIAN and end this division right now but we can not stop speaking the truth just because it causes conflict between people. The truth always does that. Nevertheless, even in our opposition to both you and the secular world, we never fall to hating you. Even as you spit in our face, we must smile back because our goal is not to destroy you but to be united with you in Christ. What about yourselves? Do you not speak the truth (as you see it) even as the world cries "Nazi! Nazi!" Is there not enmity between you and your brothers - even within your own families - over your beliefs? You fucking hypocrites! And worse, what is your response? To cast off your own brothers as worthless impediments. How Volkisch indeed. >>4760 And now back to communism. What communes are you talking about? The utopic ones in the 18th century? Let's be clear. The Church is not an NGO. It is not the Church's job to bring about a utopia and that includes yours. This is a truth all non-Christians seem to struggle with. It is impossible not just for the Church but for humans in general to bring about a utpoia. All utopias are dystopias. It is not our job to enact any particular political, economic or social situation on Earth. The Jews killed Jesus specifically because he refused to do this. He refused to be a conquering saviour and smite the Romans and bring about Jewish political rule. This is what the Pharisees wanted. Therefore, any attempt towards a utopian society must be view at the very least with suspicion by the Christian. But it's not just because it's not the Church's job. The very core of Christianity is that we need God. Not only do we need Him generally because we were created to be in relation with Him but we need Him specifically because we have violated our relations with Him and with each other and we are not able by ourselves to remedy this. God is the one making us and all creation new. God is the one bringing Heaven down to Earth. We cannot do this ourselves. All utopian ideals are a rejection of the very core of Christianity by thinking that mankind can bring about its own salvation and paradise. As I said, the Church is not an NGO and I think it should be clear why it can never become one. As Jesus said: His kingdom is not of this world.
Open file (145.15 KB 717x965 Evola tradition.png)
Open file (95.34 KB 840x421 18-nidj7dx.png)
>>4866 And now Neo-Paganism. This was a topic I avoided originally for a couple of reasons. One, it wasn't so much the issue at hand. Two, Neo-Paganism is not itself the main problem. Nietzsche is. This is reflected in the kinds of people drawn to them. I put a sincere Neo-Pagan in the same category as an honest atheist. You can talk to these people. You can be friends with them. You can have an open discussion with them and come away feeling more positively towards them than before. I have never come across a Nietzschefag that was not bitter, vindictive and bent on making as many bad-faith arguments as possible. Every time Christianity is so much as mentioned in passing, they are there to bang out their latest meme accusation. Make no mistake; they don't disagree with Christianity, they hate it with every fibre of their being and beyond any rationality. I used to think this was all Neo-Pagans but realised later it was just this section of them. However, the time has come to make this argument against Neo-Pagans. Now you might be wondering why I have hereto insisted on calling it "Neo-Paganism" instead of the much easier to type "Paganism." That is because true Paganism is dead. It died centuries ago and there are no European Pagans left. Neo-Paganism is an artificial construction born out of the romanticism of the 19th century. It is derived from the popular imagination at that time of what they thought Pagans did and believed. The fact is that, outside of Greece and Rome, nobody knows what ancient European Pagans actually believed and thus any popular beliefs can be said to be Pagan. Consider how close romanticism and Neo-Paganism are in the worship of Nature. They are the same. The grandeur of Nature, all-encompassing, irresistible, life-giving. These are all straight out of the romantic period. Since there was a general absence of facts regarding Pagans, all sorts of strange myths about them popped up. Notable among these is the idea of pan-Celtism which I still see from time to time today. This idea that the ancient peoples of Europe formed some unified or agglomerated ethnic group There's your universal, abstract man! has been shown to be false by archaeology. Yet this idea is common among Neo-Pagans. They are commonly equivocal between the Greek and Germanic gods for instance. This is because they believe in no gods (in the common way of speaking) but rather worship Nature herself as if Zeus derived from lightning instead of the other way around. This is an inversion of at least what the Greeks believed (who can say for the case of Teutons). Zeus wields lightning bolts as his weapon. He is the master of lightning not its product. In their temples too they built statues of Zeus and not of lightning bolts. It is shocking to me that people who reject Christianity for not being White enough turn to animistic religion when that is only evident today from ethnography of non-White peoples. Evola said that the decline of our civilisation is characterised by a move from tradition to modernity. That man's personal experience no longer encompasses the invisible world and accordingly he no longer holds onto those truths passed down that were known experientially as knowledge and not just as ideas or theories. This is you. You have rejected tradition - the only tradition that you have - in favour of modern novelties and (what used to be) fashionable sentiments. You cannot just manufacture new tradition because the old tradition is no longer conducive to modern ideologies. This is the very opposite of what tradition is! If a white, European person is looking for tradition, he has a single option: Christianity. Unfortunately, that white European person is in a difficult position since his parents likely rejected tradition before him and have refused to pass that tradition down to him. Or perhaps they have passed down a mangled zombie infused with various modern ideas and popular sentiments. What can he do? Fortunately, we have the Church which has preserved the writings of great saints so that we are not held hostage by our parents. The chain of tradition can be passed down to you by recognising what has always and at all times been believes (that is to say the universal experience of the Church) and recognising that the most of the bastardised forms of Christianity passed around today are in direct contradiction to that experiential knowledge. The frayed end of tradition is being held out to you from centuries of Christian writers. Just grab onto it. BEGOME CHRISTIAN
Open file (274.35 KB 423x299 1611217705206.png)
Open file (209.47 KB 1080x1080 1621473601683.jpg)
Open file (110.29 KB 500x472 1624648831422.jpg)
>>4633 The very first thing, Christianity isn't Jewish. The first "Jew" isn't even mentioned until 2nd Kings chapter 16 and they're being driven out of Elath. And nowhere was Israel renamed to "Jew" by God as He renamed Abram and Jacob. And if you look at the translation process, "Jews" weren't even in Bibles until the 18th century. Nowhere is Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc called a "Jew" either. >>4827 It's all political theatre
>>4691 >>4867 >Julius Evola wasn't he some sort of neo-pagan who hated Christianity?
I don't want to create another thread, so I'll ask this here: does anyone have those big lists of all contributions that Christianity (and religious people in general) as a whole had on society, sciences and humankind in general?
There is also the Bible story of the Tower of Babel and how ancient Globalism tried to unite the earth against God, the Christian God Is against Globalism.
>>4899 Yes, i do. Here is the anti-leftist version and the regular version.
>>4902 much appreciated anon
>>4865 >>4866 >>4867 Remarkably good posts Anon. I'm grateful for your lucid and cogent writing on these topics. It pains me to see fellow Whites get caught in Satan's snare and literally reject truth & salvation over the 'muh kike on a stick!' meme. These men should be our fellows and our brothers. If writings like yours become more broadly available, maybe more scales would fall off these men's eyes and they would walk away from that evil. Cheers.
>>4917 The White race is the vast majority of the elite, they don't need to be protected. They're still the majority in europe and america, they're already in a good position despite all the degeneracy aimed at them (which the elites don't care about liberal politics anyways). https://www.nationalists.org/data/european-population-by-country.html
>>4918 >The White race is the vast majority of the elite Well for obvious reasons. But the elites are hardly my concern Anon. The millions of 'regular' Whites are a more pressing concern it seems to me. And for my case in particular, I was writing to Anon about the choices being made by thousands of deceived shitposters who are literally walking away from eternal salvation b/c this insidious lie that Christianity isn't a White man's religion. I understand how Pierce and others came to this conclusion, etc., but the simple fact is there is but a single door to salvation, and He is Jesus Christ. I don't want to see my fellow White brothers fall into the exact same trap and mistake the Jews made 2'000 years ago: >"10 then let this be known to all of you and to all the people of Israel: It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed. 11 This Jesus is ‘the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone.’ 12 Salvation exists in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” https://biblehub.com/acts/4-11.htm (context) >they don't need to be protected. I beg to differ. Clearly slow genocide is being aimed squarely at us by TPTB, including the (treacherous) Whites in the globalist cabals.
>>4921 > including by the (treacherous) Whites*
>>4921 Even if you ignore the whites in the elite, they still contribute someway economically to non-elite whites. Whites in general are pretty economically well off. Why do the wealthy need protection? >I beg to differ. Clearly slow genocide is being aimed squarely at us by TPTB, including the (treacherous) Whites in the globalist cabals. How can there be a genocide of whites people if they are still the majority in their white countries?
>>4899 >>4902 I also recommend the series, The Catholic Church - Builder of Civilization hosted by Thomas E Woods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5siHd1P5zk&list=PL57857981F3CC5D78 >>4633 In his lecture The Church and The Market, as well as in his book of the same name, Woods(Austrian Economist and Libertarian) says that the previous popes might say that capitalism has some flaws, but that communism is 100% incompatible with Catholic teachings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExAJmlx2S50
>>4827 Russia occupies a house of the Lord (Saint Peter's) with it's craven corrupted government and its mafioso cronies. True Christians in Russia need to take back His house.
>>4900 >not realizing that Pentecost is the reversion of Babel and a uniting of diverse of people through God rather than through a Satanic pride
Someone want to make a screencap of the refutation to OP? Starts here: >>4646
>>4895 Capital T Traditionalists, a philosophical school of which Evola was a member, even if he eventually disagreed with the founder Rene Guenon and drifted away, are a weird bunch, but haters of Christ they're not.
>>6824 Evola wrote an entire book against Christianity
>>6830 >Evola wrote an entire book against Christianity Heh, wouldn't that be against 'organized religion'? I doubt you can reasonably claim him to be an enemy of Jesus Christ.
Open file (91.23 KB 850x400 1627501588406.jpg)
>>6824 >>6830 He also wrote this.
>>6842 Sounds like 4chan. sauce?
>>4633 No, the only Christians who support globalism and communism are """Christians""" and we dont talk about those
>>6842 that sounds fake
>>6842 all the old religions use to do that with the exception of maybe the Romans. For example in the Near East you had Ishtar and Tammuz who (in my opinion) were personified deifications of ritual beastiality preformed during that time. My theory is that this was satan's way of trying to manifest demons into reality by having them posses animals and then have sex with women. Obviously it didnt work.
>>6844 >>6858 it's from one of his private letters to Guenon.
>>6858 It is. I've also seen it attributed to Rene Guenon.
>>4633 You can find parallels with any worldview to Christianity. Since Christianity is reality and heresies are deviations from reality. Satan is a revolutionary, he revoluted against God. Christians are meant to restore not revolute/rebel. So to me communism and other revolutionary idealogy like anarchism and even natsoc* are all satanic. Natsoc claims to be conservative, but it doesn't conserve anything, it only subverts all traditional culture into some symbolic thing while bringing a new system into place. And when that happens, all "conserved" ideas will be annihilated to prevent any opposition. Natsoc persecuted the Church and attempted at subverting it. Fr Seraphim Rose nicely covers that topic: https://www.docdroid.net/SlxAMji/nihilism-seraphim-rose-pdf
Open file (42.09 KB 977x518 Screenshot_4.png)
>>4633 >The world exist as a sort of parasite to God This is completely false, we don't see the world as bad or parasitic. God is not leeched from in any way. If anything, the world manifests Gods glory, not that it makes God more powerful, but it's a testament to his power. God is not only transcendent but also present. God is not external to everything ( like in ADS, catholicism, shia islam) but also within everything. God is far and near, external and internal. There is no dialectical tension between the two, God can be both.
>>4646 very nice
>>4646 >>4647 You're still a Third Positionist or what?
>>9198 I'm not sure I would identify with the term, because politics is largely a complete sham, but I think democracy is a puppet show and is a bad philosophy of governance in the first place, and that both communism and capitalism are destructive anti-human ideologies. I'm also quite suspicious of globalization, global elites, technocracy and Jewish power. So in a sense, I'm somewhat of a Third Positionist.
>>9205 If you're interested I recently saw this Christian twitter account talking about the things you mentioned. https://twitter.com/dexx731
>>9207 Thanks, anon. It looks like some good information is being spread on this account.
>>4692 >What finally soured me was the realisation that national socialists do not care about the truth. They do not consider Christianity with the object of truth in mind, they consider it for its value as a political weapon. They want a religion that is politically expedient for them not one that is true. In every attack against Christianity, they talk about everything but whether it is true or not. Reread your pic. Not once does he attack Christianity on the grounds that it's untrue. The truth or falsity of Christianity is literally the only thing that matters. If it's true, you have to believe it. If it's not true, no other arguments are necessary. National socialists here fall into the exact same trap that communists do. Only considering things in terms of their value to the cause. This. I find great irony when people say "Christianity is dead among white people" while also being National Socialists. Wonderful post.
Open file (728.87 KB 4096x2331 1652035544548.jpg)
I know this is an old thread but I think you might find this interesting. Pic 1 is a response to/refutation of Pic 2 that was typed up on 4channel (inb4 "go back"). It's on the topic of original sin and it's relation to SJW "white guilt".
>>4633 >Does Christianity truly support globalism/communism? No
>>11890 Response pic is alright but there's much more to say. When Leftists I call them that not because I think it's a good word (I don't), but for want of a better one talk about guilt, they are talking about something eternal and inherent to that person. You are guilty because you are White. When Christians (and other normal people) talk about guilt, it's guilt for something you've done. You're not guilty because you're human but because of your thoughts and actions. Christians do not repent of original sin, we repent of our own sins. Original sin is, as the response says, best thought of as a disease. It's a corrupting influence that is passed down through generations that mars us and prevents us from reaching the full nobility of humanity - the kind of humans we were created to be. "White guilt" on the other hand is not something that harms you (in fact it is supposed to benefit you) but something that harms others. This difference means that, while Christianity has the effect of lifting people up, Leftism is about pulling people down. In Christianity the feelings of guilt are meant to draw you to greater repentance. In Leftism they are meant to keep you cowering and silent. In Christianity we are eager to admit our faults so we may be free of them. Leftists are eager to hide their faults so no-one can use them against them. Now we are come to the absolutely central and core difference between Christianity and (this aspect of) Leftism. This is the reason why every right-thinking Christian ought to find this idea to be disgustingly abhorrent. There is no forgiveness in Leftism. You can never have your guilt removed or fixed. See for yourself if I speak the truth. All those who apologise to Leftists are never absolved of their sins but hounded all the more. Comments from decades ago are dug up and used against you. Contrast with the Christian who can find absolution for his sins such that those sins he repents of no longer have any power over him. Forgiveness means you can no longer use a person's sins against them. If I say, "I forgive you for denting my car," but then bring it up again in an argument, I haven't really forgiven you. Once you have sought forgiveness for a particular sinful act, that's it - it's gone. Your sin has been blotted out and no one can read what was written there. This is why we Christians must not be too harsh on others on account of their sins. We ought to desire others to be free of their sins and we know that the visible sinfulness of a person may not match an invisible transformation going on within. Furthermore, we know ourselves to struggle with sin and, like God forgives us, we ought to forgive each other. It is an internal thing in Christianity. It is a defect with yourself that you want to have fixed not a problem you have with someone else that you want them to change for your sake. The Leftist does not know forgiveness. To the Leftist, a wrongdoing is something you can never escape and a weapon to be used against that person. The whole idea of "White guilt" is explicitly a weapon to attack White people. If DiAngelo were in the position of God, the only reason she wouldn't instantly send everyone to Hell is because she would want to keep us around to cower and worship her in fear. Before she sends us to Hell of course. Thankfully, she is not and so who is she to say what I am guilty of when God Himself has washed me anew? More reasons why the comparison is bullshit: The whole point of Christianity - the whole reason God became man and died on the cross - was that so that we humans could be cured of our original sin. In fact this is exactly what baptism does. We Christians are no longer even under the power of original sin anymore (although we still suffer from its effects). The whole point of "White guilt" is that there is no salvation, and you're a bad person forever no matter how much you apologise, just for who you were born as. I will admit I haven't read DiAngelo's writings and I never plan to. I have a very low tolerance for injustice and can't stomach their drivel. My understanding of this concept and my response are based on what I have seen from screencaps and I have never seen anything mentioned about rewards. However, I feel very confident in saying that whatever rewards DiAngelo promises, they're not going to be as good as eternal life. In fact I doubt that they could be considered rewards at all and certainly not at all comparable to even the least of the rewards from Christianity. As one final note, the verses used in support of (4) are terrible. Whoever made this should have used John 3:18-21. >He who believes in him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.
>>4646 >>4647 >>4691 >>4692 >>4865 >>4867 >>11920 Man, it's crazy what wonderfully-written posts can come from this little imageboard. This stuff should be archived somewhere.
Open file (279.63 KB 500x627 ifonlyyouknew_lasch.png)
>>11890 Christianity is about humbling yourself before God, accepting that you are a sinful piece of flesh, and hiding your piety/righteousness from others. It originates from antiquity and highlights the resolution of man's conflict with the outside world. Wokism is about exalting yourself before others, praising yourself for being an "ally" (whatever that means), and showing off your righteousness in front of others. It originates from late stage capitalism and highlights the 'narcissistic collapse' into yourself. Wokism has more in common with phariseeism (proto-Judaism), that Christianity. The Pharisees exalted themselves and praised themselves for being so righteous (basically virtue signaling). The pharisees also wore extra fancy religious clothing (like putting pronouns and ukraine flag in your twitter bio).
>>4633 Old ass thread I made almost 4 months ago, but what about the Pentecost? Verses of mention would be Acts 4:32 and 2:44-45. Besides that, thanks to everyone who participated in the thread and refuted this silly assertion through well thought out and at length explanations, Christ is with us all
>>13017 What about Pentecost?

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