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Open file (455.64 KB 500x311 hanging lights.gif)
Welcome to /comfy/ ! Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 09:08:13 No.1 [Reply]
Comfy is a place to relax. Please be kind and keep the things nice. The rules are: >Follow the global rules >Take it easy >Keep it SFW >No rabble rousing That means no unrelated political posts, intentionally provocative posts, posts insulting someone's race or religion or promoting committing crimes. >No boat rocking That means no uncalled for insults, rudeposting, or instigating drama. >No advertising You can talk about comfy places, but blatant advertising is not nice. Other nice boards: https://late.city/late/ https://kind.moe/kind/
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comfy room 01/26/2023 (Thu) 04:59:50 No.4117 [Reply]
do you have a comfy room what makes a room comfy how do i make my room comfy also post comfy spaces
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>>4615 Cozy AF. This yours?
Open file (60.25 KB 640x426 Old Man's Desk.jpg)
Open file (133.32 KB 828x1022 niya.jpg)
Open file (76.32 KB 582x433 index.gif)
>>4640 may i ask what your room is like?
I want this.
>>4645 That is really clever. I plan to add that when I have a place now. Thanks Anon! :)
>>4645 That's neat but where I live it wood quickly turn into the >>>/pro/ window.

Open file (148.30 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 01:32:41 No.1956 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>3976
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/16/2023 (Mon) 03:31:39.
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>>4633 My apologies, but honestly I don't know. It was basically a grey-white color. and it's ears were at least 150% the height of it's head. It's tail was extremely poofy, and it kept it several inches up off the ground. It was small-bodied like a typical fox, but it's legs were clearly longer than the typical red fox's. Frankly, I had the most amazing night before sleeping out under the universe above (perfectly clear, berry thin atmosphere up on the high plateau), so I was in a quite spiritual mood already. This amazing doggo's appearance that morning within just a few yards off felt berry in-line with the rest of the morning. >tl;dr It may have been a fennec fox, but it was actually white instead. Neither of these are exactly right, but gets the idea across. It was taller & lankier than these two.
Open file (627.70 KB 768x384 campfire.gif)
>>1956 blessed thread
>>4634 that's a totally serene description of your time there. thanks for that
The doctor said she saw something related to the thyroid. I need to have my blood drawn again. Nothing serious I hope. Stay well /comfy/.
>>4644 You'll be fine Anon.

Open file (170.67 KB 1140x488 61973282949127921278258.jpg)
So I'm Finally Doing It Anon 12/31/2022 (Sat) 05:04:36 No.1110 [Reply]
Lived long enough in spartan conditions to know that I'm quite ready and able to do it. I've done my stay in a cot on a navy boat down through the Suez and back a dozen times, living out of a cramped 1x3' locker for 9 months at a time. No man truly needs significant space. If you have room to lift your body with your limbs and to cook, you have enough space. >It's time I hit the open road, boys I saved up for a year so I don't have to finance anything. It's time to buy the van. I've got a few prospects in mind that I've been scouting out for half a year. One specific pre-built that has all my needs and wants covered. I do want to custom build one day, but today is not that day. Next year or the one after, maybe. More saving! I'm pretty aware of the trials and tribulations of van life. I camp a lot already and again there was the military on various boats small and large. I am berry averse to staying in one place for too long and I can't really see myself continuing to rent. I don't know what I want off this post other than to give my friends something to talk about for awhile on a cozy night, but if there's any full timer's out there please respond. Anyone less active in their travels are welcome as well! Let's talk the outdoors and alternate lifestyles. By the way, I'm going full in on an E-350 with an extendable top so I can actually stand my 6' tall self up in there! Anyone got a good cassette toilet recommendation?
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>>4617 >that Sonoran Desert imagery I'm jealous. I've always felt drawn to Arizona and that region specifically. >I like that it's called a spartan with maximum space included! Yeah, it's not berry fitting in that sense. I think they just wanted a name that conveys toughness. >Just lower your standards for the road a bit, don't do it full-time and I'm sure you could manage with less than desired space. It can be as quick as a weekender gig or you can do it seasonally if you have it in you. My employment situation wood definitely get in the way of that, but maybe if I found something where I could work from home it wood be worth a try.
>>4631 Good morning! Hope you're enjoying your day so far. Employment on wheels is different, to be sure. I got "lucky" during the pandemic thing. >if you can call a personal business failing because of the germ and getting fired from the next job lucky Ended up with a bretty sweet remote WFH job. They're not particular on internet so I could be at a coffee shop or at home or at a park doing what I do. That's the most obvious way to stay income positive on the road. Otherwise you gotta go be creative and sell stuff or do seasonal work. I've heard wwoofing can be quite satisfying work on the road. Best of luck if you decide to do it! Oh btw are you the music anon? What do you play? I brought a few harmonicas with me to pass the time.
>>4632 >wwoofing Interesting. Didn't know about that Anon, thanks.
>>4632 >Ended up with a bretty sweet remote WFH job. They're not particular on internet so I could be at a coffee shop or at home or at a park doing what I do. That's the most obvious way to stay income positive on the road. Otherwise you gotta go be creative and sell stuff or do seasonal work. Finding decent work wood be hard for me. I have no real job skills and am not at all a self-driven person in the sense that you have to be to do freelance work, for example. That's what a lot of people who live nomadically do for employment, but I'm more of a clock-punching type psychologically. >What do you play? I brought a few harmonicas with me to pass the time. So far it's been keyboard, guitar, and a bit of flute. I also have a few other kinds of instruments I haven't spent any real time with yet. My skills in eberry instrument are lacking, but I find them satisfying to occupy my time with. It's not like I intend to play live music or anything like that.
>>4638 >keyboard, guitar, and a bit of flute Like me some of Ian Anderson's work. I did flute waaaay back in middle school. Bretty sweet instrument. Don't get lazy with it! As for the job.... I do a regular 9-5. Clock punching is what got me here! I do want to do some type of freelance or small business work. I need to further explore that voice acting stuff, but also I do a lot of crafty stuff that people tell me I should sell instead of hoarding for myself. That self-drive stuff is a bitch, huh? You ever run a personal biz? Make your own hours, so to speak? Tried it once and failed miserably haha. Who says you've gotta work when you're the boss amirite

Open file (292.49 KB 1920x2328 roman-nechaev.jpg)
/late/ meet up emergency thread Anon 01/02/2023 (Mon) 14:04:05 No.1512 [Reply] [Last]
As our friends of /late/ are offline and posting on /shelter/ is not really convenient it may be a good idea to have a thread here for the latefrens. >follow the rule and keep it /comfy/
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>>4600 I will greatly appreciate to submit some music to the radio anon. Hope we'll bring back Latestation. >>4605 Done. Was it really needed on /comfy/ ? Hey, lets see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>4626 Nice.
>>4626 Anoncafe Admins are legitimate, and clearly part of helping the Internet communities. Good decision Lateanons.

Open file (909.71 KB 1214x1439 robot.jpg)
/meta/ + QTDDTOT Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 23:15:19 No.4607 [Reply]
Requests, enhancements and all things that don't deserve their own thread. Lets make /comfy/ comfier.
>>4608 >Done. Was it really needed on /comfy/ ? Heh, maybe not. But there have been two or three times I wanted to chat with you over the past few weeks, but didn't know where to do so really. I was going to discuss the torchat thread that was posted, and let you know it wasn't really a berry /comfy/ spot. But I didn't want to presume to rm it myself w/o mentioning it to you in case you saw it differently. That's all for now, I see you've already taken care of things. Thanks BO.
>>4607 really cute art
>>4609 I checked the link and tbh it wasn't really uncomfy : >a dead chat >some useful links >some files Was it comfy tho ? No, not really. I was not sure to delete it but I remembered previous BO said no more advertising so I did it anyway. I updated the rules accordingly, just to make it clear. >>4610 https://www.artstation.com/krzymsky I really like his style.

Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 01:04:27 No.3976 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3507
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>>4590 Oh yeah, I heard about touhou but never played it.
>>4591 This again. So many great content creators who, once they get successful and popular, turn into mammonish nesting birds. Maybe they will live to see the last of good days, maybe they will see that eberrything they clutched onto in their hearts was nothing but dust. Even if they don't, they will anyway, in the afterlife.
>>4595 Beautiful.

Comfy Wallpapers Anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 10:49:01 No.69 [Reply] [Last]
Post comfy wallpapers, looking at the same screen eberry day can be tiresome.
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Open file (172.80 KB 1920x1080 159243-Amiga-Commodore.jfif)
Open file (363.56 KB 1920x1080 hd_1920x1080_v01.png)
Open file (385.65 KB 1920x840 16-bit-memories.jpg)
>>4311 Amiga FTW. Berry /retro/ .
>>4311 O N L Y A M I G A !
>>4311 God I cant believe I skipped out on a cheap amiga at one point.
Open file (1.23 MB 4096x2160 130049.jpg)
>>4297 I woodn't have posted that first one if I'd noticed that ugly watermark on the bottom.

Open file (2.05 MB 4032x3024 BRED.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 4032x3024 carrot attempt.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 4032x3024 carrot result.jpg)
Open file (2.62 MB 4032x3024 pork.jpg)
Comfy Baking, Brewing, and Cooking Anon 12/30/2022 (Fri) 05:37:33 No.763 [Reply]
Baking, brewing, and cooking are berry important hearth-building and health-building skills. They are a surefire way to make yourself /comfy/, Anon! What are you baking, brewing, or cooking at the moment? How is it coming out? What will you be trying next time? Is there anything you'd like to try improving? Is there something you'd like to learn? Maybe you have something you'd like to teach us? I tried some old things and new things today! Pics related are: >the bread I made earlier today; a shrimple white cobb loaf. This was the first time I was just able to make it from memory. It felt great to be able to just reach for the ingredients and go through the motions. As luck wood have it, the prove went well and the slashes formed up beautifully. I was worried that the crumb inside wood be a little wet but it turned out berry nice with a good chewy crust. The loaf is wrapped in beeswax cloth now so I can eat it over the week. I'm considering getting a sourdough starter going but I don't know if I'm good enough to handle it yet. >my first attempt at glazing carrots Apparently glazing (which I have found out is different from caramelising) is a basic technique that even professionals find difficult to get perfect eberry time. I think my first attempt here had just a touch too little water and a touch too little sugar, though I reckon I got the butter correct. See how the finished carrots don't have an even glaze? They still tasted berry good with some parsley and finishing salt. Next I'm going to try blanching with asparagus. >sous vide pork tenderloin >fell for the sous vide meme Yes, and I love it! Weirdly, the garlic I put on these pork tenderloins was stained bluish-green by the other herbs during the water bath, but they cooked down to a tasty colour during the two minute finishing sear. I had the pork together with the carrots for dinner. They tasted great and I felt a great upswell of wellbeing after I finished them. Your turn, Anon!
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>>794 As a pastaman, my favorites are Siciliana (a Margherita with cooked, diced eggplants) and Mimosa (cream and sweet corn). But I have never understood why the "pineapple on pizza" thing is treated like an affront to God. Pizza was born just a way to cook readily available items, the topping is secondary to the crust/base. Without a good base, a pizza is bad no matter how you make it. >>796 Got a good recipe for it? >>796
>>808 >But I have never understood why the "pineapple on pizza" thing is treated like an affront to God. Lol. Me neither, I love Hawaiian.
Just made and ate 2 cheeseburgers. After a good sport session it was more than welcome. I've taken to making them with breaded schnitzel instead of ground steak and honestly I prefer this way. Nothing really crazy as the only thing I did is the sauce (mustard + ketchup + fried shallots + parsley). Usually people like my sauces. and pineapple on pizza is gross
I don't get to bake berry often. Tonight I made a pineapple cake for my local sports club. I had forgotten how much comfort the smell of cake baking brings to the house.
>>4142 >I had forgotten how much comfort the smell of cake baking brings to the house. Sounds berry comfy! Enjoy some for us Anon.

Comfy music Anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 10:22:04 No.45 [Reply] [Last]
What's your favorite album or song to chill out and listen to in its entirety?
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>>2675 >>Kevin Drum - Imperial Horizon (discovered on Latestaion) Nice! Currently listening to it with a backround of RainyMood.ogg . Thanks Anon. https://www.rainymood.com/
Les Rallizes Denudes, despite being harsh and underpinned by gentle violence and darkness is top comfy for me. It's like being wrapped in a cocoon of noise, melancholy and soft anger. It fills me with heat as if a massive star is about to explode inside me. Listening to this song on repeat and can't stop crying overwhelmed by its radical beauty.

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