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Open file (195.22 KB 736x920 cbn.jpg)
/comfy/ temporary bunker Anon 02/03/2024 (Sat) 02:04:11 No.8178 [Reply]
cozy winter cabin edition Due to the downtime of Trashchan scheduled for 2024-02-04 18:00 UTC this thread is set as a bunker in the meantime.
Edited last time by Taulier on 02/03/2024 (Sat) 02:20:32.
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>>8202 Not too certain yet, but I think the Trashmin has given the green light there.

Open file (599.10 KB 400x400 moving.gif)
/comfy/ ready to migrate Anon Board owner 01/20/2024 (Sat) 15:51:57 No.8175 [Reply]
Ok guys, I think we can do it now. The new board is set to our new house at Trashchan. Admin here is a nice folk and did a great job to migrate the board. Again, thanks to him for his job and for welcoming us there :) That was a fun ride on the Cafe since all these years as an Anon and more recently as the new /comfy/ BO. Also thanks to the Cafe staff who did a great job at running this place. I'm personally sad to see it disappearing and I'm proud to have been a Cafe netizen and have taking part in this adventure. During the last days I worked on the theme to make it as welcoming as I can and migrate by hands the few posts that were made since the migration job. I hope you'll enjoy it as I tried my best to keep the same vibe (as the jschan engine is quite different you may find some minor differences). I think there are still little things to tweak on the theme but I will do it on the fly now. Feel free to use the /meta/ thread to give feedback :) >https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/thread/4607.html tl;dr: come post to our new home @ https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/index.html Goodbye Anon.Cafe

Open file (289.17 KB 2048x1246 EprfPO7UUAA6SVy.jpg)
Comfy Jigsaw Thread Anon 03/26/2023 (Sun) 02:16:09 No.4861 [Reply] [Last]
I wood like to invite anyone browsing to come and solve a few puzzles together. Post an image and I will make a jigsaw of it if you want. https://jiggie.fun/comfy
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>>8138 Thanks! I think this color selection is rather bretty. Keep up the good work! :)
>>8146 I was the other one working on it. The pieces in the center I had loosely organized by which sides were jutted out, and were 'white-ish', that way I could whittle away at the top of the puzzle. You got the right side and bottom bretty nice. Is there a button that automatically bundles them up in a square like that?
>>8156 >Is there a button that automatically bundles them up in a square like that? Yes. ctrl+space and shift+space do two related things, give them a try. Good job anons! :)
>>8156 >The pieces in the center I had loosely organized by which sides were jutted out, and were 'white-ish', that way I could whittle away at the top of the puzzle. Yeah I figured you were placing those out and that's why I didn't try to bother them.

Open file (909.71 KB 1214x1439 robot.jpg)
/meta/ + QTDDTOT Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 23:15:19 No.4607 [Reply] [Last]
Requests, enhancements and all things that don't deserve their own thread. Lets make /comfy/ comfier.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 08:04:00.
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Open file (117.96 KB 900x600 1696045936511459.jpg)
Berry nice work overnight, BO. Hope your wrist is feeling a little better by now. >>8166 It's A-OK Anon. Any board that wants to do so, has several options available on the webring (and elsewhere) for migration. The Internets will be just fine. We'll all be fine. Cheers. :) TOGETHER, WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!
>>8166 >R.I.P. Anon.cafe Long live /comfy/ !!! Theming work almost finished, still have to figure how to implement post highlighting and some details but I'm bretty satisfied since the jschan engine is different and I had to adapt the syntax and all... Enough for today. Also Trashmin is a nice dude and always prompt to help, it gives me good hope for the future of /comfy/. As the default spoiler image was nice on the cafe but not so on Trashchan, I will see if it is something that can be changed, if you have any suggestions let me now :) My wrist is better but I'm waiting for a call from the doctor to take stock.
>>8168 >Long live /comfy/ !!! This. :) >if you have any suggestions let me now :) Well, it should be something possibly cute as well as comfy. Smol kittens, for example, seem bretty much universally-approved on IBs. Or, a cup of coffee seems to be the enduring mascot here at /comfy/? >tl;dr Smol Kittehs Drinking Cawffeh!! :^)
Open file (259.47 KB 500x333 comfy_spoiler_01.png)
Open file (258.17 KB 500x333 comfy_spoiler_02.png)

Open file (268.93 KB 1920x1080 w null_ff64ntbf305b1.png)
/uxp/ thread : UniXPorn new anon 06/09/2023 (Fri) 21:49:56 No.5798 [Reply]
share your comfiest desktops here! (image is not mine)
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Open file (1.36 MB 1920x1080 scrot.png)
>>6024 how is general driver compatability, i've tried some of the bsd's and it's kind of what kepy me from using them as i have some funky audio equipment i like to use
>>7942 The few times I tried BSDs it never worked as expected (more because I'm not enough techy than hardware limitations I guess). Tried Haiku on different laptops (one from early Y2K and one from early 2010's) and it worked lke a charm. The installation process is bretty easy with a GUI installer (like the ones on Ubuntu or Mint). The only problem is the stability of some programs (web browsers needs serious improvement) but the works keep going on.
>>6154 >Bitwig and Zrythm might be worth looking into, but the latter requires a subscription to get all the features What? Zrythm is open source. Just build it yourself or get it from your distro repositories you lazy quack
>>6150 >ReactOS >bring best of Linux and Windows why not use wine instead?
Open file (266.56 KB 3251x1825 chasjkawec.png)
>>6154 *Qtractor >>6178 I'm actually thinking about learning Renoise. I've been screwing around with a different tracker and like the workflow. >>8000 The basic version is free, but you have to subscribe if you want an unlimited amount of tracks. I still am keeping the option of trying the basic version on the table though. >>8169 Because I hate dealing with Wine and want something that works with no hassle. If ReactOS was actually a usable Windows replacement, I'd consider using that for music purposes. Unfortunately, it's basically unusable.

Open file (143.05 KB 395x486 ayyy.jpg)
Anon 11/15/2023 (Wed) 15:34:57 No.7642 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #8 Comfy UFOs and Wintertime Edition Prervious >>5351
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Open file (181.95 KB 1284x1186 FNonkJuVUAMXLiX.jpeg)
Open file (106.89 KB 666x800 saint-francis-sitting.jpg)
>>8093 May the Lord Himself comfort you in the midst of all this Anon.
>>8093 The struggle for comfy remains an uphill struggle
>>8095 >>8096 Bless you anons. Thank you.
Open file (51.08 KB 480x320 blinkenlights.jpg)
I've made a couple of fake imageboards where no-one can really post on, just to bait and track those mean spammers, but someone pointed out to me that they're actually bretty comfy and some attempted posts have been nice :) In light of this, I'm tempted as a challenge to try and make a custom imageboard where it's almost impossible to make an uncomfy post, because there are so many wordfilters and imagefilters. Of course part of that challenge is to not block legitimate users while doing that. Maybe send any suspicious but unsure posts to a moderation queue before making them public.
>>8142 That sounds berry neat anon. I look forward to hearing more about this.

comfy room 01/26/2023 (Thu) 04:59:50 No.4117 [Reply] [Last]
do you have a comfy room what makes a room comfy how do i make my room comfy also post comfy spaces
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>>8026 Thanks!
>>8025 I prefer the look of the more minimalistic ones, but they woodn't work for me. I've got too much stuff and not enough room to to put it.
this thread is making me want to get a wooden desk, anyone know some decent ones?
>>8031 Go antique-ing, estate sales, flea markets, wherever you can go to buy furniture older then you. Because modern equivalents are not as good as the ones that have weathered generations.
Isn't Amish furniture supposed to be good?

Comfy music Anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 10:22:04 No.45 [Reply] [Last]
What's your favorite album or song to chill out and listen to in its entirety?
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My pick might not be conventionally /comfy/ but this album always puts me at ease no matter how I'm feeling. Can't upload flacs so: https://youtu.be/TMRz40CpjNI
OP here... been a long time since I've last come to this board, I'm super happy that my thread has been able to let people share their own music. Hope you'll enjoy these comfy tunes I've been listening to a lot recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f86fFgzpyBc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOpmtFoZWjA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhj9X0THMAk
>>7989 >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f86fFgzpyBc I love atypical vocal performances like this. Thanks for sharing.
Open file (41.42 KB 1075x712 offering a.jpg)
>>8002 Glad you're enjoying it! Christian Vander's work in both Magma and Offering is full of unusual vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJf3UBqck_g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4As9ZnrV2TQ
I've been listening to this a lot since I heard it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZf41UudAbI

Comfy CYOA Anon 04/05/2023 (Wed) 02:20:29 No.4968 [Reply]
ITT we make create our own comfy adventures
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berry cool, thanks
https://imgur.com/a/8BYZ2tf Here is "new cyoa", I helped make a few years ago. Enjoy
>>7975 This might be my new favorite
>>7979 Yeah its a good one. I always go for the Barry bonds upgrade route

Open file (43.38 KB 640x480 Fi4VR-eWQAAHIPo.jpg)
Liru the Werewolf Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 15:37:42 No.2251 [Reply]
Liru loves us and wants us to be happy! 😊
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>>7038 >>7041 Oh, wait ! It's a full size doll ? It's a love doll ?!
>>2251 OK, but what shall we do to make her happy ?
Open file (95.42 KB 658x987 111314788_p1.jpg)
Liru deserves our love and respect ❤️ 🫡
Open file (2.06 MB 600x450 982jzh2qzr2b1.gif)
I like Liru because she is werewolf.

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