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Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:02:01 No.673 [Reply]
Reminder that life is great
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>>3812 >does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? no >Or are you guys apolitical/hate ebil natzhees? yes
>>3812 Fellow shipskin here, just be yourself, as long as you're being comfy it'll be fine. This board is for enjoying yourself, not judging others,
It's an anonymous board, nobody needs to know your skin color.
Open file (97.79 KB 717x1000 motorhead.jpeg)
Life may not be great, but you have to see the good side of it, even if it's small, because there's already enough of the other side anyways
>>3822 Being a pessimistic cynic is easy. Being an optimist is rewarding. >>3812 >In relation to that, does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? Berry much no. On a similar note, rabble rousing is also frowned upon. Do have a look at the rules if you have not already. >>3628 The trick is the 'healthy salad', not the broger!

Open file (1.13 MB 990x600 census.png)
Open file (7.08 MB 2853x2853 Gonbad-e Qabus Tower.jpg)
Open file (3.01 MB 1600x1330 caucasus-mountains.jpg)
Open file (48.85 KB 800x462 97719897867100975409.jpg)
Make your own country/region thread Anon 02/18/2021 (Thu) 18:56:06 No.3766 [Reply]
A large territory comprising of green steppes in a center strip, unforgiving mountain ranges along the west making a natural border that prevents access to a large sea aside from a chokepoint that allows entry to the region, many winding canyons and valleys to the southeast, lush flowing rivers coming in from the north that drain to the southeast, the southwest a dusty and hilly region, and northeast an inhospitable desert that gets covered in snow during Winter. Within this are three loose ethnic territories united by a network of 5 major ceremonial cities and trading centers a la Persepolis. Mongoloid, Nordid, and Semitic traders pass through commonly through the northeast and north with a good portion laying down roots. Non-descript Aryan/Slavic hunter-gatherers that live mostly nomadic lives and are the major demographic living on the steppe and dusty hills, settle down in a new place once a year to farm and move on leaving some permanent structures, omnivore diet, uses wagons and horseback to transport, weak central culture and no dominant religion. Caucasians who are mostly nomadic in the lower mountains and bases with some and eat nothing but meat and dairy, make up the majority transport themselves by horses, few worldly possessions, regard themselves as a specialty warrior society like Cossacks. Iranian type of people who live in caves and crude houses in the valleys and canyons and to the northeast, pescetarian diet out of circumstance with red meat being a luxury, wary of outsiders and don't interact with one another as much as the other three do, have basic boats for lakes and rivers, modes of transport is yak and camel. Religion are largely shamanistic and monotheistic with a minority of a polytheistic one and and eastern philosophical religion. The rule of law is laid down by the king who below him has governors and tribal leaders who pay tribute to him based on their possessions in coinage. While it doesn't matter what religion and race the king is he has always been one of the Aryan hunter-gatherers and practiced the monotheistic religion. Architecture is a mix between Armenian, Kartvelian, and Iranian styles with basic mudhuts and strawhuts. The language is masculine, smooth, and consonant-heavy, a mix of Yaghnobi and Kartvelian with an alphabet that mimics that of the Semites' but there is no uniform one due to traders and learning what each sound makes then transmorphing to their own; from west to east it shifts from cuneiform to phonetic.
Feudal Japan...but in a desert.

Open file (2.05 MB 4032x3024 BRED.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 4032x3024 carrot attempt.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 4032x3024 carrot result.jpg)
Open file (2.62 MB 4032x3024 pork.jpg)
Comfy Baking, Brewing, and Cooking Anon 04/26/2020 (Sun) 11:36:45 No.380 [Reply]
Baking, brewing, and cooking are very important hearth-building and health-building skills. They are a surefire way to make yourself /comfy/, Anon! What are you baking, brewing, or cooking at the moment? How is it coming out? What will you be trying next time? Is there anything you'd like to try improving? Is there something you'd like to learn? Maybe you have something you'd like to teach us? I tried some old things and new things today! Pics related are: >the bread I made earlier today; a simple white cobb loaf. This was the first time I was just able to make it from memory. It felt great to be able to just reach for the ingredients and go through the motions. As luck would have it, the prove went well and the slashes formed up beautifully. I was worried that the crumb inside would be a little wet but it turned out very nice with a good chewy crust. The loaf is wrapped in beeswax cloth now so I can eat it over the week. I'm considering getting a sourdough starter going but I don't know if I'm good enough to handle it yet. >my first attempt at glazing carrots Apparently glazing (which I have found out is different from caramelising) is a basic technique that even professionals find difficult to get perfect every time. I think my first attempt here had just a touch too little water and a touch too little sugar, though I reckon I got the butter correct. See how the finished carrots don't have an even glaze? They still tasted very good with some parsley and finishing salt. Next I'm going to try blanching with asparagus. >sous vide pork tenderloin >fell for the sous vide meme Yes, and I love it! Weirdly, the garlic I put on these pork tenderloins was stained bluish-green by the other herbs during the water bath, but they cooked down to a tasty colour during the two minute finishing sear.

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>>3720 I'll have what she's having
All of you should try omurice, not the trad way, just try to get omelette all around the rice. Also try making golaz and paprikas, its basically just onions and meat, tastes amazing.
>>3720 raw ham and figs
Open file (674.39 KB 700x3285 40 types of pizza.jpg)
>>3720 Curry pizza with chicken and pineapple or mexican style with lots of jalapeños.
>>3720 Anchovies, pineapple and ham

Anon 05/01/2020 (Fri) 05:09:57 No.563 [Reply]
Doing comfy things is nice, but how about doing FUN and EXCITING things? ITT please talk about what you like to do for fun. Maybe we can even do some fun stuff together. Me, I like boats. I like swimming too. It's fun to be in the water in general, plus it's good exercise. I plan to get a boating license some time, although it's an expensive hobby.
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>>2353 Just don't let it become a habit otherwise other people might think you're slightly weird.
>>2355 and?
>>2356 I see that you too don't care about anybody's opinion of what they'll think or see you.
Open file (320.49 KB 1668x1181 thumb-1920-612581.jpg)
>>2333 No they were fishing there and as it's not an official swimming spot it probably woodn't have been a good idea to go swimming. I drove to another pretty big lake after hitting gym yesterday and swam there with the setting sun, drove back with only the moon lighting the way. Feels good
>>642 When this is all over I wanna take a nice trip again. Just get on a train to nowhere and see what awaits.

Open file (2.53 MB 5056x3792 DSC_0357.JPG)
Open file (944.73 KB 3792x5056 _20200714_051157.JPG)
night walking, walking at night Anon 07/14/2020 (Tue) 03:13:07 No.2082 [Reply]
Post pics from your /nightwalk/s. What do you like about nightwalking? For me it's the fresh air, the comfy lights, and the feeling of walking down empty streets that are normally busy, feeling totally alone.
I live in the countryside, so there is not much walking down empty streets. But it's comfy walking through the open country only with the moon lighting the way. I might take a picture next time I take such a trip
>For me it's the fresh air, the comfy lights, and the feeling of walking down empty streets that are normally busy, feeling totally alone. Same here. In an area with normally busy roads but no night activity, walking down the middle is cathartic. Just make sure to stay safe near corners and hill crests!
I liked walking in the urban areas. The quiet when most of the traffic is gone. A highway stretches off into infinity in either direction, dividing a commercial and a residential zone. The occasional semi roars through, an anonymous black shape lit up like a Christmas tree. It's safe enough, but feels a little dodgy to cross when the light's flashing red and I haven't brought my skating gear. If I have brought my skating gear, I'm probably heading into the commercial zone to slink through the parking lots and cruise the mile of neon bike path that runs behind the strip malls. Eberrything's closed but the 24 hour gyms and the mcdonger'ses. The movie theater parking lot is full of birds and sounds just like my japanese animes.
The days are getting longer again...

Ship thread Anon 07/15/2020 (Wed) 09:58:01 No.2117 [Reply]
It's a shame that shipposting seems to be frowned upon here, I think ships can certainly be /comfy/.
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>>2658 Doesn't sound comfy but sounds exciting
>>2660 Exhausting as nearly impossible to sleep without a good sea berth.
Open file (568.62 KB 750x1334 IMG_5734.PNG)
Do you think it'll float? Sorry for posting phone cap
>>2863 I'm not sure? 1750 seems suspiciously cheap for a boat.
>>2128 >>2131 It's nice to turn down the engines and enjoy the view for a while.

Open file (261.99 KB 1280x697 Sql-3RZuV0o.jpg)
Visualizing Anon 05/05/2020 (Tue) 22:48:14 No.766 [Reply] [Last]
Tell me about your ideal comfy life. >ideal house >ideal gf >ideal source of income >ideal country to live in >ideal average day
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>>3664 What wood you like to know?
>>3674 I just wanted to hear more of your ideas. I love big log cabins myself (spending time with family as a little kid in one on holidays) and your idea seems comfy.
Open file (317.30 KB 512x384 unnamed.png)
Open file (342.54 KB 512x366 unnamed (1).png)
Open file (512.39 KB 512x512 unnamed (2).png)
Open file (366.53 KB 512x366 unnamed (3).png)
>>3678 There are 5 main districts in Argyria, each with different environments and neighborhoods. They are the desert, mountains, plains, lake, and forest. There are also 2 roads for each district of the kingdom, making 10 roads total. Each road is set with a number of houses themed around a specific architectural style. They are Log, Japanese, Tudor, Victorian, Tuscan, French, Spanish, Ranch, Neoclassical, and Modern.
>>3656 >>3679 Can we have a thread where we make up our own countries? That wood be fun.
>ideal house Countryside in a Cottage, preferably Northern England away from any other parts of Society >ideal gf shortstack, same age, able to defend herself, capable housewife tomboy >ideal source of income weapons manufacturing for the town/cottage, swords at the simplest, machine guns at the most complicated >ideal country to live in A germanic England. >ideal average day Breakfast with GF/Family, Go around the cottage/town with the lads, back home to GF/Family
Edited last time by Butterberg on 02/09/2021 (Tue) 14:35:15.

Open file (441.60 KB 1200x1590 matt_emmett.jpg)
Post Parables, Allegories, Fables, Koans Anon 04/30/2020 (Thu) 19:51:55 No.531 [Reply]
When my mind is troubled, I make a little story in my head to simplify my situation. When I share them with others, I never explicitly state the moral so they can take away their own. It's a very comfy thing for me, it's how I express myself like some people do with poetry or doodles. I think if more people made a habit or practice of it the world would be a comfier place. If any of you do something similar, or would like to try it, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Here's a little story I've been rolling around in my skull for a few years now: A long time ago, a man built a brick wall in a wild field. Those who walked past it would often say, "look at this great symbol of order in a disorderly world!" Many years passed, and the wall crumbled to a scarcely recognizable pile of rubble. Passerby would shake their heads and frown at the sight. "No matter how men may labor to assemble some comforting order, nature will work ten times as hard for ten times as long to return it to disorder. How tragic!" As the wall finally turned to dust, the earth sighed. How nice it felt to become that much more neat and round.
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A novice of the temple once approached the Master Programmer with a question: “Master, does Emacs have the Buddha nature?” the novice asked. The Master Programmer had been in the temple for many years and could be relied upon to know these things. He thought for several minutes before replying: “I don’t see why not. It’s bloody well got eberrything else.”
>>531 That as indeed s pretty cool story
>>531 The reason that the mind becomes agitated easily is because of the “gunk” that we have in our minds. All this “gunk” is there due to greed, hate, and ignorance. A calm mind can be compared to a clear, calm lake that made the surroundings serene. That lake could become undesirable, an eyesore, if one or more of the following happens. (i) A dark-colored dye is in water, (ii) The lake has boiling water, (iii) Water is covered with moss, (iv) Lake is perturbed by wind, (v) Water is turbid and muddy. Extreme sensual desire is like a dark dye. The attraction for something becomes so strong that one’s complete attention is on that. The mind can lose any control over what is sensible and what is not rational (or immoral). Extreme hate is like boiling water. We all have seen people who are so enraged that they are out-of-control. As for a "frozen" mind represented by moss covering the water, sleepiness shows just a symptom of a dull and inactive mind not exposed to dhamma. Then there's restlessness and brooding arising from high-mindedness (like from being "drunk" with power, money, etc) and low-mindedness. In most cases, because of the high-mindedness, one tends to DO lowly things suitable even for an animal. Either way leads to a scattered mind incapable of seeing right from wrong. Finally we have the tendency to do stupid things because of the ignorance of the true nature of the world. For example, the tendency to do immoral actions to get what one wants because this person doesn't know nor care about the adverse consequences of such activities.
>>1844 I lol'd. >>531 The head monk was meditating when a layman barged into the temple. "Father, your disciple is blocking the path" The layman and the head monk went out of the temple and sure enough - his disciple was lying on his back on the path. "I understand the teachings. I have become the path." The head monk stepped on his disciple, "This path feels a bit springy," and jumped up and down.
Open file (216.31 KB 960x638 gondola_farm.jpg)
There once was a young man who, as a child, had a great deal of hope and naive dreams of his contribution to the world. He fantasized of leading mankind to colonize the stars, he fantasized of being a great and mighty warrior, sword and shield in hand, and he fantasized of being a simple farmer working tirelessly on his crops. But fantasy was all he had, and he could not adjust to reality. So he, unconsciously, chose to drown his woes in purposelessness, gluttony and sloth, which wood only drive him deeper into his fantasies. There, however, he wood find the truth, hidden away among the deep recesses where Fantasy met Reality. He became Enlightened as to the nature of things, and found a tiny piece of hope to hold on to. He began having hope, and by praying to his matron, he found some degree of success. Now, he stands at a crossroads, where his Fantasy-Truth now must combat Reality, which itself is breaking down into Fantasy.

Open file (3.84 MB 704x480 1526282301232.webm)
the past , the present & the future Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 09:31:41 No.825 [Reply]
Why does the world have to be so cruel to us? I just wanna have fun and post with anons in peace but they keep deplatforming us, smearing us, running fed ops against us etc. Even if the webring becomes a stable home now, we've lost so many anons and communities over the years that'll never come back. 8chan has no clear successor which caused anons to be splintered far and wide around the internet with little ways to get back together again. I remember back on 8chan in around 2015, on the board list the top 50 boards each had hundreds and hundreds of users and tons of activity. Now no boards outside of /cow/, /v/ and /a/ seem to have any significant userbase left and you can easily go days or weeks without one post on many of them. Basically the question is: How do we bring back the golden days? Can things ever go back to how they were?
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Open file (2.17 KB 452x242 tablecat.png)
oldfag here. The golden age of imageboards ended in 2007. The best imageboard was idlechan. The best community was News 4 VIP
>>3633 Ah, I was just thinking of how I missed idlechan. Sometimes I think about how things wood have turned out if world2ch took off instead of 4chan.
>>3633 what is best board now?
>>3651 Anon Cafe
>>3633 >>3634 Never heard of idlechan, what was it like?

Open file (117.56 KB 601x1068 rgre43w4tAsdf.jpg)
❄❅❆ 𝑫𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓 ❅❆❄ Anon 11/30/2020 (Mon) 23:33:05 No.3058 [Reply]
Well, here we are, the last month of the year. What's your go to for year end /comfy/? Snuggling up in a thick blanket while drinking hot choco with the TV or radio runs in the background? Or just staying at home, enjoying the idleness?
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>>3548 Oh definitely, I'll see how to remedy this. I'll start taking drawing classes this saturday, since I did try to learn in may last year but can't do Gesture Drawing. I just don't know how to get friends, maybe I'm just too cold.
>>3552 Have you considered joining some sort of club? Your drawing class might have some options to collaborate with other people. I joined a private gym a couple of years ago and we all get together to go out to eat, one of the members helped me find a car as well. The nature of a club having a shared activity makes starting conversations much easier.
>>3235 Why do people use discord? Does it have any benefits over Mumble/Tox/Matrix/whatever, other than network effect?
>>3570 Instant belonging into a community where eberryone is interested in the same things as you. And you can be anonymous and change identities like changing hats. Whereas in social media you are expected to show your face and the chans are impersonal where no one are friends and reddit is mob rule by upvotes while Discord can ban any type of behavior and can be semi-private. Discord also puts adults in contact with children which is the other reason why its popular. Many scandals. Stay away.
>>3566 >Have you considered joining some sort of club? I don't know where to find those clubs though, I think they're a myth created by entertainment

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