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Open file (548.67 KB 1200x550 era.jpg)
Anon 01/15/2021 (Fri) 03:36:55 No.3556 [Reply]
What were the chances i was born as a human? Seriously, i could have been a dog, a bat or a simple fly, but somehow by chance, i was brought into existence as a Homo Sapien given the gift of bittersweet self awareness, life itself is an amazing phenomenon already but life that is able question its own existence and feel all these terrible yet beautiful emotions with just nothing but chemical reactions and electrical firing currents of neurons is on a whole other level, it is no wonder that people believe that there is a higher and deeper structure to the Human consciousness, that this is no random process and that we were destined, chosen and created by some higher being. And to add to another layer of chance and luck i was born in the UK, a first world country, where starvation and war are foreign concepts, i could have been some poor Negro bastard in Africa, An Arab in the middle east, or a poor Asian slaving away in the sweatshops, but i was born here, sure things are still not perfect, this place still has many flaws, dead end 9-5 jobs are common and people lay on their death beads with regrets, that life no longer holds meaning, but it is not as much of a Hell as the others, at least for the time being, and to add yet another layer of chance/luck, i was born into an era where technology and science is advancing at an astonishing rate and Human suffering, at least at the material level, is becoming less and less, although we are facing the challenges of depression and suicide due to the lack of meaning to life now, it is the mental suffering that will plague us in this new era for the time being, but even then it is still an amazing time to be alive, i could have been born a peasant in the middle ages, dying at 30, or even a cave man where eberry day is a struggle, where i wood have had to risk my life constantly just to get a meal to stay alive and keep experiencing. It is just, an amazing feeling, it is so surreal at times.
>>3556 but here i am in the 21st century where never before seen marvels are happening, sure i will never know the glory of Rome, or the ancient Egyptian civilizations, or the Ancient Greeks/Spartans, Chinese, Japanese, Persians, the simple life of tribes in Africa, pre-colonial america etc, i will have never witnessed first hand the major historical events of world history such as the french revolution, the american war of Independence, the crusades, the industrial revolution, the Renaissance, the first and second great wars, the cold war etc, and although these were glorious and terrible yet exciting eras of Humanity i am witnessing the most glorious and perhaps terrible but never the less exciting era yet, and although i am witnessing it as but a humble nobody, a middle to lower class citizen, my luck ran out there, i was never born a famous celebrity or great man, but even then, even though i am but a nobody, if i live my normal lifespan, i will have witnessed perhaps the most glorious and perhaps terrible yet exciting era of the our species yet, this is an unprecedented time, we are on the verge of the technological singularity where our salvation or doom lies, We are on the verge if expanding among the stars, we are on the verge of becoming godlike beings or our extinction and both are exhilarating thoughts, to think i, we could be witnessing the final chapter of our species and the beginning of the new or a new greater chapter for our species is some feeling, i am witnessing, we are witnessing probably the most important moment in Human history so far, what were the chances of me, of you arriving here? What were the trucking chances my God, it is amazing, and it is terrifying.
>>3557 And i will be there until my death, whether i live for thousands of years or die tomorrow where the raging fires of Hell, the bliss of heaven, the greys of Limbo, the warrior's of Valhalla, a reincarnation towards another life, the void of nothingness awaits, or if i am to roam the earth and the universe as a ghost/spirit., witnessing wonders and nightmares, it's beautiful, life is indescribable whether you are a religious fanatic (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists , Christian, trucking Jews "perhaps the same as evil to some"), a hardcore materialist atheist, An artist, a scientist, Male, Female, truck it why not? other, a Communist, a Fascist, a National Socialist, an idiot, a genius, black, White, Asian, Evil, degenerate, a drug addict/an explorer of psychedelics, righteous, Super A.I., aliens, gods, the God,a humble animal, perhaps even just a cell, we are all witnesses of our own life and this era, we are all experiencing this thing called existence, whether it is just us or if there are extraterrestrial and higher godlike beings that are there experiencing it along with us,here is hoping that we may contact them, as we embark on this journey,with our friends and families, and strangers, with those that we fell out with long ago, with those that stayed with us until the end, with our trucking bullies and enemies, and oh man, it is something when you stop and think about it for a while, all i, we can really do and should do is improve ourselves. It is just, an astronomical thing to witness, if this is true reality or just a simulation, that we are all just the universe and existence essentially experiencing itself.
This is spam btw Don't waste your time.
>>3556 0% chance. You were born human because it is your dharma to be a human. /thread

The Road Anon 09/17/2020 (Thu) 23:33:15 No.2673 [Reply]
Post anything comfy related to time spent on the move. What car(s) do you own? Have you ever done a nice big road trip?
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>>3241 i don't imagine it's too comfy for driving
>>3242 I think it is, same with fall. With winter you just need to be careful of ice but the scenery is nice and comfy. Getting out of your car then getting back in and warming up makes me feel so cozy.
>>2737 I am thinking about getting a motorcycle this summer, I imagine cruising makes you feel berry free.
>>2723 I worked for a company that sent me into the LA basin eberry other day out of Kingman...So, last year when the riots in LA broke out I looked for safer work. Now I drive a semi for a garbage company. I sometimes miss the travel, but there's a lot of stuff I don't like dealing with so I'm happier with my local job; home eberry night, my own shower, can finally settle down with my gf (now fiancee). It's all kinds of better.
>>3542 >now fiancee congrats!

Open file (1.26 MB 1280x720 zhxiz794989sdhfkg.mp4)
Anon 05/13/2020 (Wed) 04:57:29 No.941 [Reply]
"Come on, Snickers. Time for our walk." He throws himself in the tub, resolute in his act of defiance. Sara calls after him in her usual lackluster way. On occasion, she is forced to re-establish dominance by these little wars of attrition, in which she most often plays the role of unmovable object, her eventual victory achieved through the boredom of her misbehaved pet. "Okay, that's enough. Come on." Her tone sounds vaguely impatient. Snickers drones her out with a stultified howl. The dreams are back again. He suddenly remembers. Just the night before, while in a deep slumber, there came an ancient memory from the hind regions of the beast's mind. Now, in the tub, the dream's recollection appears to him in a cloudburst of sensation. Twilight silhouettes of shady woodland, deer in silver moonlight -- a breathless chase through clearing and undergrowth, rich crimson rewards of victory -- the scent of a she-wolf, dangerous and dark as night, beckoning to join her in the mists of the forest... The visions fade and the tub reappears. Sara is getting the squirt bottle. Snickers gives in and pulls himself out of the tub, feigning apology and submission. Sara clamps a metal choke-collar around his neck and attaches the leash. After their half-mile walk, Snickers eats his dry kibble and lays down in his bed by the sofa. The tinny noise of the television rattles in his ears, as he watches a fly bump into the window, trying helplessly to escape. Eventually, malaise sets in and he drifts off to sleep. No dreams tonight.
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>>966 It's a big dog.
>>970 for you
>>941 >not greentexting this when's round two lad?
>>966 That's what she said

Open file (196.69 KB 384x436 mako thumbs up.png)
Anon 12/31/2020 (Thu) 11:15:24 No.3442 [Reply]
Happy New Years' Eve /comfy/. Thanks a lot for the comfy times and may the next year be much much much better than this one. In the meantime you can post your goals for the next year. I will finally go back to college and get that Compsci degree after zigzagging and going nowhere all these last years. My goal is to actively participate in it and get to finish the first year of the career.
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>>3442 Happy New Year anons, best of luck to you all. >goals Get an internship, get over my fear of change
>>3497 Git's not hard, actually. https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Good luck with the book Anon, I hope it's one worth the effort to you.
>>3497 >>3506 Git can be frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it you won't even think about it, when I started working I kept messing up my commits but now I rarely make a mistake
>>3510 >>3506 thank you. It's kinda hard to wrap my head around. For now I just uploaded my gnu/linux config files and as I started using that meme window manager - dwm and other suckless tools recently I also need to somehow get into branches so that I can easily revert back when I install some buggy patches. So that link might be helpful. https://git-scm.com/book/ I read some of this, but it's pretty long for a beginning I guess side effect is it will be easier to learn programming if I'm already familiar with all this software
>>3503 my shoulders are ready

Open file (45.44 KB 750x500 uy vuit.jpg)
ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕚𝕣 Anon 12/15/2020 (Tue) 21:02:22 No.3259 [Reply]
Is your chair /comfy/? Is there any chair you wood buy, during the next available sales? Any recommendations for fellow anons?
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sat in one of those chinese rebranded gaming chairs for years until it just wasn't usable and i had back pain, went to a surplus store and got a $100 ish certa chair, it's pretty good for the price and if you're in that price range, i'd go for it, but there are a lot of really nice chairs in the $300+ range sorry for the essay :P
>>3323 Don't be sorry, I like reading anon's essays.
No. It's one of those fake leather executive chairs with minimal adjustability. The height is wrong and the pleather makes extended sessions on the chair into an unconformable and sweaty experience. Better than the Ikea dining chair I used to use.
>>3525 That said, once corona lets up and second hand chairs are available at a reasonable price I'll grab an ergonomic office chair. Looking forward to the comfy.
Open file (115.85 KB 1000x989 product_image.jpg)
Pillows on floor is where its at.

Open file (4.08 MB 456x640 Alien Skies.mp4)
Open file (6.72 MB 1050x1050 Berlin Ruins.mp4)
Open file (1.36 MB 640x480 Eastern Front.webm)
Open file (1.28 MB 320x480 NEET Cave.webm)
Gondola Thread Anon 04/03/2020 (Fri) 09:39:21 No.198 [Reply]
Can't believe there hasn't been one yet.
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Open file (3.53 MB 326x176 1449842859746.mp4)
Open file (7.56 MB 854x480 1450281482026.mp4)
Open file (1014.46 KB 640x480 1450286863557.mp4)
>>3488 >#2 Wonderful. Audio Sauce? In fact, mind breaking down all your gondolas Anon pls?
>>3490 Sorry, I am but a lurker and reposter and cant offer any help. I hear there are programs that can identify music but I am not sure how helpful they wood be.
>>3491 I see. Well that's fine then just keep posting Anon, thanks!

Open file (42.29 KB 1920x976 Comfy anon.png)
Anon 11/18/2020 (Wed) 20:55:25 No.2991 [Reply]
Wow This Is Really Comfy
It is, my friend. Glad to see you here.
>>2991 this is indeed comfy

/comfy/ movie night? Anon 05/08/2020 (Fri) 17:45:48 No.807 [Reply] [Last]
What would you lads think about setting up a nice weekly movie/anime/whatever stream to get comfy together? I think it could be lots of fun and we could spend some nice time together.
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>>3373 mind posting that on catbox or something mate? deffo not giving those grannies a click.
If you missed the movie you can still make it for the Wall.
Started the Wall.
Thanks to eberryone who came!

Open file (133.66 KB 500x500 1601690908422-0.png)
Anon 10/12/2020 (Mon) 19:30:00 No.2807 [Reply]
What are you thankful for /comfy/? Here's my partial list >I am healthy >I have lots of tasty food to eat >I've got a warm comfy bed >My limbs all work >I have eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth >I can read and write >There is lots of cool and useful technology I can use >I am in education >I have lots of time to do fun things >etc. etc.
18 posts omitted.
>>3228 We yellowtext here.
>>3175 He's gonna say it!
>>3254 Actually, I'm not.
Open file (322.89 KB 720x576 Oggy.png)
I can be a tor user on this imageboard!
Open file (28.51 KB 620x465 384134857.jpg)
>>3101 BO berry tough job.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 11:16:59 No.830 [Reply] [Last]
Ahoy, comfy friends! The Infinity Cup, "the world's most comfiest tournament", is about to begin anew! We would really like it if you could come join us, whether as a team or for the fun of it! https://anon.cafe/icup/ is the place!
56 posts and 18 images omitted.
Open file (99.08 KB 1038x1038 GCupLogo1038.png)
Hello /comfy/, I arrive at your humble board to officially announce the GCUP! The GCUP will be an exhibition tournament between boards of the webring that represent nations of the world, and will be contested under usual ICUP rules. In addition, we'll also be hosting friendlies for non-national boards/teams as part of the festivites. Friendlies can be played under normal rules, or, if you choose, under alternate (meme) rulesets that will be decided closer to the Cup's kickoff. If you wood like to participate, head on over to the pinned thread at our board on Cafe. The event is set to begin February 13th, 2021. Look forward to having you there!
>>3200 >I arrive at your humble board >humble (adjective) >3a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious >b : not costly or luxurious Unbelievable.
>>3209 Kek. I imagine xir's an ESL who thinks xir's actually being self-deprecated, by implication making a backhanded compliment in comparison. Plebeians. Plebeians eberrywhere. Kek, what if xir actually meant it?
sooo should we join?

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