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Anon 04/20/2021 (Tue) 11:41:59 No.4233 [Reply]
Gib cute bunnies only
>>4237 Vector'd
>>4601 It's enough to make a grown man cry

Open file (64.09 KB 800x450 sm.jpg)
Social media Anon 04/27/2021 (Tue) 19:26:27 No.4459 [Reply]
Do you anons use social media or other forums where sign up is required?
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>>4520 I kind of wonder if my old friends ever wonder about what happened to me. Maybe it was a crappy thing for me to do without telling people in advance. Oh well, we weren't close and were drifting away anyway.
I don’t have any socialmedia accounts at all. I only create what I call “decoy accounts” with randomized usernames and password which have no ties to my true identity if an app or website forces me to log in to have full access. Yes, that includes darkmode. These accounts are created in a way that almost makes them one time use only. Other than that I have tried multiple times to have an account on pages such as ruqqus which only results in me deleting the account all together after a while. I just can’t have an account, it doesn’t work with me. This is why I mostly if not only use IBs to communicate with strangers. This IB is the only one I use because it’s the only one I have seen where nsfw posts are a minority. That is why I favor this IB over others.
old forums are dead
>>4563 What forums?
>>4563 YOUR DEAD

Open file (10.52 KB 277x182 ladda ned.jpg)
Anon 04/25/2021 (Sun) 14:43:22 No.4333 [Reply]
A story. One word at a time. Previous thread: >>4248 Today
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Man, you anons sure know how to produce top-tier mediocre tales.
>>4367 Maybe we should try a sentence at a time.
>>4368 Sure. New thread: >>4369
>>4370 I’m guessing you are the anon who started ‘’A story. On sentence at a time’’ thread. You anons have done a good job with to the story so far. Much better than the previous two threads. Looking forward to seeing how the story will conclude.
>>4478 Indeed

Open file (274.58 KB 1920x1080 2.jpg)
Anon 04/19/2021 (Mon) 19:59:06 No.4215 [Reply] [Last]
Why has 8kun become a haven for depraved degenerates (NSFW boards)? Has it always been like that? >Pic for asthetics.
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>>4409 Disagree, it was taken down after a couple of manufactured controversies, not because its lack of moderation (which is true in the smaller boards, not really in the big ones which had overmoderation)
>>4215 Lovely pic, op!
>>4436 I feel like a forum in which the only rules are no porn and no political discussion wood work well. It seems like those two things are what end up ruining eberrything in the long run.
Open file (62.68 KB 640x360 hearhear.mp4)
>>4458 >I feel like a forum in which the only rules are no porn and no political discussion wood work well.
Open file (1.05 MB 3841x2011 wallpaper_sunset.jpg)
>>4458 Such wisdom, wood listen tbh.

Open file (221.35 KB 212x256 2.png)
Thoughts and opinions Anon 04/02/2021 (Fri) 19:47:32 No.4106 [Reply]
A common proverb shared on the internet, thus: "If your profile picture is from an anime, your opinion doesn't count." Thoughts on said proverb?
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>>4323 megumi is basically a hag
Open file (22.67 KB 1200x900 hilda_twig.png)
>>4324 I will post my cute pic and leave before fbi-chan thinks we know each other desu. This ones not lewd in any way.
>>4325 Ok my dear friend, see you later
>>4234 Hear hear
Sir, The proverb is correct, sir.

Open file (49.96 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Anon 05/09/2020 (Sat) 11:16:59 No.830 [Reply] [Last]
Ahoy, comfy friends! The Infinity Cup, "the world's most comfiest tournament", is about to begin anew! We would really like it if you could come join us, whether as a team or for the fun of it! https://anon.cafe/icup/ is the place!
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>>3200 >I arrive at your humble board >humble (adjective) >3a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious >b : not costly or luxurious Unbelievable.
>>3209 Kek. I imagine xir's an ESL who thinks xir's actually being self-deprecated, by implication making a backhanded compliment in comparison. Plebeians. Plebeians eberrywhere. Kek, what if xir actually meant it?
sooo should we join?
I propose renaming the team to /cola/ any objections?
>>4309 sounds cool

Open file (179.16 KB 700x1280 icup7trophypic.png)
Infinity Cup poll Anon 04/22/2021 (Thu) 17:05:07 No.4303 [Reply]
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ ) We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u
We have a /icup/ thread over here >>830

Open file (211.44 KB 396x297 2.png)
Anon 04/20/2021 (Tue) 21:37:33 No.4248 [Reply]
A story. One word at a time. Once
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Lock the thread, BO. The story is complete.
This story sucks
>>4295 Based and agreed.

Open file (227.73 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
Dreams thread, the /comfy/ awake in the sleep Anon 05/27/2020 (Wed) 07:38:01 No.1181 [Reply]
It begun with a small tale of an old man dressed in eastern clothes, how he described the actions of a hero who never returned. As he was speaking actions of martial arts and combat were in the background, sketches of them, until he names the title of the event entuthiastically, where the characters strike a pose and the art gets detailed in the middle of the screen. The last segment of it there was a map like thing, it showed the progress that was made in the story, the last bit the protagonist made was on a boat that was turned upside down, the bodies were floating under it. For eberry step before it, a small scene wood happen in the map, the last scene had the hero pushing over the giant baron from a cave and going to the coast to get to his their boat Before getting out of the sea, there were two demons protecting a pagoda thing in a berry abrupt cliff with a thin bridge. One of them had one arm as the wing of a dragon and red, he protected the door, the other one was green and had tenctacle like hair and protected the bridge. The villain in the tower always has a story of where the characters that dissapointed him are thrown to a pit where the character's mother died. it consists of a destroyed staircase where the way out is by jumping to the cliffs that have been separated. Many just end up falling to their deaths. And in one point, the red winged man gets sent to it, tries to get out, only for some force to slap him on the head and his skull to hit a wall and slides to his death There is also at one point a baron of hell like creature emerging from one giant hole, only his head is seen, but it's huge and hides the sun in a moment. The sky was dry orange and the ground was like the grand canyon. Imagine Mario Kart 64's Yoshi's Canyon with all the roads being small and falling from them sending to your doom, it was like that but with more highs and lows, a pagoda/eastern castle hidden between the mountains, and small bridges and ropes connecting small locations The appeal of the story is that it was narrated by anons from one imageboard since many years and as it went on it got expanded. story of one man who went to the island of twisted cliffs and canyons to get revenge at those who killed his mother. The visuals were similar to those old greek myth movies from the 50s. The character may've worn a torso armor that only covered his torso, and brown leather shorts, but he did look like a greek warrior from those movies with his hair curled and an absolute unit. Unrelated, I was stuck on a high tree at some point, like 20 meters tall. I asked a man down there if he could call the firefigters for help. I descended with a rope tight in my waist. When I got to the ground the sky was oddly clear, a colour combination between light blue and chrome. I came across an old man, we exchanged some letters and he gave me the name for a writer of a book. then I walked to the horizon where there was more light blue/chromed things, probably a city, probably a pier. probably a path in the middle of the water, probably a path with the waters next to it and leading to the city. Been a while since I had dreams like this, I think it's due to practising something I like to call "Musical Visualisation" where I imagine a setpiece, scene, or environment from the music I'm listening. This time it was pic related, I think getting to focused on Corona-Chan's journey is letting me forget the things I was capable or I am capable of.
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>see something cool in a dream >take out phone to take a picture >wake up >check phone >it's not there Eberry time.
I don't usually dream anything special at night, but my midday nap dreams are the most vivid I ever had. Absolute crystal clarity, and they only last for short moments before I wake up. Crazy stuff
Open file (604.47 KB 798x808 1588260519733.png)
I dreamt that a bunch of thugs were in front of a man's house because he said Battlefield (the videogame) was bad. At one point some black folk get cocky and say "Nuh uh, you didn't say that, you said the game's baaaad" and slowly violence starts too escalate. I get pissed and start yelling at them "YOU'RE A FUCKING NIGGER" repeatedly loud and even attempt to punch them, but my fists didn't go through
Dreamed that I was a small boy playing Star Fox on my parents' room while they were sleeping. The dim light of the tube TV and the clack of the n64 controller made me weirdly nostalgic. Perhaps Kinaman's documentary about the Dendy made me dream like this. Despite not being russian a lot of my youth was similar to his up until I got an N64
I dreamt of an old anime guy that I used to watch rec'ing some anime nobody heard about. One that stuck with me was called "Milev/Medliv and the house of miracles". It was based on the world of Omori, but due to some event in the game they visit a house and doing this made the world get stripped of it's soul, it's style and any semblance of what it was before, eberrything that was left was a sea of red and a black sky wIth some stars. Medliv in order to fix this has to visit certain houses around the flooded world that host spirits that can break free this world from the curse that has been brought.

Open file (1.13 MB 990x600 census.png)
Open file (7.08 MB 2853x2853 Gonbad-e Qabus Tower.jpg)
Open file (3.01 MB 1600x1330 caucasus-mountains.jpg)
Open file (48.85 KB 800x462 97719897867100975409.jpg)
Make your own country/region thread Anon 02/18/2021 (Thu) 18:56:06 No.3766 [Reply]
A large territory comprising of green steppes in a center strip, unforgiving mountain ranges along the west making a natural border that prevents access to a large sea aside from a chokepoint that allows entry to the region, many winding canyons and valleys to the southeast, lush flowing rivers coming in from the north that drain to the southeast, the southwest a dusty and hilly region, and northeast an inhospitable desert that gets covered in snow during Winter. Within this are three loose ethnic territories united by a network of 5 major ceremonial cities and trading centers a la Persepolis. Mongoloid, Nordid, and Semitic traders pass through commonly through the northeast and north with a good portion laying down roots. Non-descript Aryan/Slavic hunter-gatherers that live mostly nomadic lives and are the major demographic living on the steppe and dusty hills, settle down in a new place once a year to farm and move on leaving some permanent structures, omnivore diet, uses wagons and horseback to transport, weak central culture and no dominant religion. Caucasians who are mostly nomadic in the lower mountains and bases with some and eat nothing but meat and dairy, make up the majority transport themselves by horses, few worldly possessions, regard themselves as a specialty warrior society like Cossacks. Iranian type of people who live in caves and crude houses in the valleys and canyons and to the northeast, pescetarian diet out of circumstance with red meat being a luxury, wary of outsiders and don't interact with one another as much as the other three do, have basic boats for lakes and rivers, modes of transport is yak and camel. Religion are largely shamanistic and monotheistic with a minority of a polytheistic one and and eastern philosophical religion. The rule of law is laid down by the king who below him has governors and tribal leaders who pay tribute to him based on their possessions in coinage. While it doesn't matter what religion and race the king is he has always been one of the Aryan hunter-gatherers and practiced the monotheistic religion. Architecture is a mix between Armenian, Kartvelian, and Iranian styles with basic mudhuts and strawhuts. The language is masculine, smooth, and consonant-heavy, a mix of Yaghnobi and Kartvelian with an alphabet that mimics that of the Semites' but there is no uniform one due to traders and learning what each sound makes then transmorphing to their own; from west to east it shifts from cuneiform to phonetic.
Feudal Japan...but in a desert.
>>3776 interesting. anything to add to that?

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