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Comfy Jigsaw Thread

I wood like to invite anyone browsing to come and solve a few puzzles together. Post an image and I will make a jigsaw of it if you want.

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Welcome to /comfy/ !

Comfy is a place to relax. Please be kind and keep the things nice. The rules are: >Follow the global rules >Take it easy >Keep it SFW >No rabble rousing That means no unrelated political posts, intentionally provocative posts, posts insulting someone's race or religion or promoting committing crimes. >No boat rocking That means no uncalled for insults, rudeposting, or instigating drama. >No advertising You can talk about comfy places, but blatant advertising is not nice. Other nice boards: /late/ - Late Nights >>>/late/ /kind/ - Random Acts of Kindness

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/comfy/ Videos

Post your comfiest webms, mp4s and others. OCs welcome.

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Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #8 Comfy UFOs and Wintertime Edition Prervious >>5351

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Comfy vidya thread

ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).

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What's you favorite season anon? I usually love autumn for the melancholy feels and the smell of the forests under the rain. Winter is really nice if you have a warm and comfy place to spend time in. I like being outside for long walks in the cold night tho, especially if there is snow. Spring is pleasant, lot of flowers and nice perfumes in the nature. I can feel deep into my soul and my body the rebirth of the nature.

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/meta/ + QTDDTOT

Requests, enhancements and all things that don't deserve their own thread. Lets make /comfy/ comfier.

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Tell me a short story from your life. Anything mundane, exciting, nostalgia, emotional. Literally anything as long as it's a vaguely happy one.

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What was the most comfiest time in ur life anon?

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Comfy Baking, Brewing, and Cooking

Baking, brewing, and cooking are berry important hearth-building and health-building skills. They are a surefire way to make yourself /comfy/, Anon! What are you baking, brewing, or cooking at the moment? How is it coming out? What will you be trying next time? Is there anything you'd like to try improving? Is there something you'd like to learn? Maybe you have something you'd like to teach us? I tried some old things and new things today! Pics related are: >the bread I made earlier today; a shrimple white cobb loaf. This was the first time I was just able to make it from memory. It felt great to be able to just reach for the ingredients and go through the motions. As luck wood have it, the prove went well and the slashes formed up beautifully. I was worried that the crumb inside wood be a little wet but it turned out berry nice with a good chewy crust. The loaf is wrapped in beeswax cloth now so I can eat it over the week. I'm considering getting a sourdough starter going but I don't know if I'm good enough to handle it yet. >my first attempt at glazing carrots Apparently glazing (which I have found out is different from caramelising) is a basic technique that even professionals find difficult to get perfect eberry time. I think my first attempt here had just a touch too little water and a touch too little sugar, though I reckon I got the butter correct. See how the finished carrots don't have an even glaze? They still tasted berry good with some parsley and finishing salt. Next I'm going to try blanching with asparagus. >sous vide pork tenderloin >fell for the sous vide meme Yes, and I love it! Weirdly, the garlic I put on these pork tenderloins was stained bluish-green by the other herbs during the water bath, but they cooked down to a tasty colour during the two minute finishing sear. I had the pork together with the carrots for dinner. They tasted great and I felt a great upswell of wellbeing after I finished them. Your turn, Anon!

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Comfy music

What's your favorite album or song to chill out and listen to in its entirety?

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Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #7 Springtime Edition Prervious >>1956

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So I'm Finally Doing It

Lived long enough in spartan conditions to know that I'm quite ready and able to do it. I've done my stay in a cot on a navy boat down through the Suez and back a dozen times, living out of a cramped 1x3' locker for 9 months at a time. No man truly needs significant space. If you have room to lift your body with your limbs and to cook, you have enough space. >It's time I hit the open road, boys I saved up for a year so I don't have to finance anything. It's time to buy the van. I've got a few prospects in mind that I've been scouting out for half a year. One specific pre-built that has all my needs and wants covered. I do want to custom build one day, but today is not that day. Next year or the one after, maybe. More saving! I'm pretty aware of the trials and tribulations of van life. I camp a lot already and again there was the military on various boats small and large. I am berry averse to staying in one place for too long and I can't really see myself continuing to rent. I don't know what I want off this post other than to give my friends something to talk about for awhile on a cozy night, but if there's any full timer's out there please respond. Anyone less active in their travels are welcome as well! Let's talk the outdoors and alternate lifestyles. By the way, I'm going full in on an E-350 with an extendable top so I can actually stand my 6' tall self up in there! Anyone got a good cassette toilet recommendation?

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Post interesting wikipedia articles pls

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Why don't you wear a "home outfit" anon?

The first thing I do when I get home is to change my clothes for my "home outfit". This is important for me because it allows me to mark a frontier between the outside world and my comfy den. This is an old habit from a time I was living in a big city and not wanting to bring the outside dirt and sadness inherent in that kind of environment into my home. Now I live in the country but I have kept this ritual. What's your favorite "home outfit" /comfy/ ? I generally put some old jogging pants, old t-shirts or sweaters depending of the season. I also have a warm bathrobe I like wearing after a good shower and staying naked underneath. Also I never wear underpants, they're not comfy for staying at home. I'm always barefoot, sometimes with socks when I feel a little bit cold.

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Photos/art that remind you of your past

Are there any types of photos or art that remind you of your past? For me, its photos of lonely roads at night lit by street lamps. Growing up, my family took me on road trips across the U.S. and I've lived in a variety suburban neighborhoods, I've seen plenty of empty streets at night. These scenes make me feel at home.

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Comfy Animals


R: 26 / I: 19 / P: 2

Liru the Werewolf

Liru loves us and wants us to be happy! 😊

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Comfy CYOA

ITT we make create our own comfy adventures

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Movies, shows, anime...

We all appreciate being comfy. Part of the process implies staying at home doing nothing but watching some enjoyable things. ITT we share good watch to spend some cozy moments in front of.

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It's my birthday today, /comfy/


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Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number approximately one billion worldwide. They are the principal means of transportation in many parts of the world, especially in densely populated European cities. Cycling is widely regarded as an effective and efficient mode of transportation optimal for short to moderate distances. Bicycles provide numerous possible benefits in comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise involved in cycling, easier parking, increased maneuverability, and access to roads, bike paths and rural trails. Cycling also offers a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air and noise pollution, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and greatly reduced traffic congestion.

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Hello, could somebody help me understand the Imageboard webring? Is the project still going on? I’m berry out of the loop on this

R: 70 / I: 68 / P: 3

do you have a comfy room what makes a room comfy how do i make my room comfy also post comfy spaces

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...what a month, huh?

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Lets create and share /comfy/ banners.

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Comfy Wallpapers

Post comfy wallpapers, looking at the same screen eberry day can be tiresome.

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/uxp/ thread : UniXPorn

share your comfiest desktops here! (image is not mine)

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Internet Nostalgia

What are some comfy things you remember seeing online a long time ago? I randomly remembered this image, have you seen it before? Do you know what platform it was posted on and the significance of it?

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 3

Any tips on studying a whole load of text Like compsci or cloud engineering I m trying to past these and getajob But they are so hard and confusing.

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Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>3976

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Dreams thread, the /comfy/ awake in the sleep

It begun with a small tale of an old man dressed in eastern clothes, how he described the actions of a hero who never returned. As he was speaking actions of martial arts and combat were in the background, sketches of them, until he names the title of the event entuthiastically, where the characters strike a pose and the art gets detailed in the middle of the screen. The last segment of it there was a map like thing, it showed the progress that was made in the story, the last bit the protagonist made was on a boat that was turned upside down, the bodies were floating under it. For eberry step before it, a small scene wood habben in the map, the last scene had the hero pushing over the giant baron from a cave and going to the coast to get to his their boat Before getting out of the sea, there were two demons protecting a pagoda thing in a berry abrupt cliff with a thin bridge. One of them had one arm as the wing of a dragon and red, he protected the door, the other one was green and had tenctacle like hair and protected the bridge. The villain in the tower always has a story of where the characters that dissapointed him are thrown to a pit where the character's mother died. it consists of a destroyed staircase where the way out is by jumping to the cliffs that have been separated. Many just end up falling to their deaths. And in one point, the red winged man gets sent to it, tries to get out, only for some force to slap him on the head and his skull to hit a wall and slides to his death There is also at one point a baron of hell like creature emerging from one giant hole, only his head is seen, but it's huge and hides the sun in a moment. The sky was dry orange and the ground was like the grand canyon. Imagine Mario Kart 64's Yoshi's Canyon with all the roads being small and falling from them sending to your doom, it was like that but with more highs and lows, a pagoda/eastern castle hidden between the mountains, and small bridges and ropes connecting small locations The appeal of the story is that it was narrated by anons from one imageboard since many years and as it went on it got expanded. story of one man who went to the island of twisted cliffs and canyons to get revenge at those who killed his mother. The visuals were similar to those old greek myth movies from the 50s. The character may've worn a torso armor that only covered his torso, and brown leather shorts, but he did look like a greek warrior from those movies with his hair curled and an absolute unit. Unrelated, I was stuck on a high tree at some point, like 20 meters tall. I asked a man down there if he could call the firefigters for help. I descended with a rope tight in my waist. When I got to the ground the sky was oddly clear, a colour combination between light blue and chrome. I came across an old man, we exchanged some letters and he gave me the name for a writer of a book. then I walked to the horizon where there was more light blue/chromed things, probably a city, probably a pier. probably a path in the middle of the water, probably a path with the waters next to it and leading to the city. Been a while since I had dreams like this, I think it's due to practising something I like to call "Musical Visualisation" where I imagine a setpiece, scene, or environment from the music I'm listening. This time it was pic related, I think getting to focused on Corona-Chan's journey is letting me forget the things I was capable or I am capable of.

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Late Night

What are some activities that you find are good for late at night? I find loneliness hard to keep at bay and thus difficult to relax.

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Andrew Tate Is in the Simpsons (2017)

He even says "G"

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Comfy tattoos

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Midnight Drinks & Snack

There is nothing more comfy than midnight coffee with a light snack during some nightly watching or playing. I prefer quick sandwiches so it's usually honeyed and buttered toast, PB&J/PB&H, or bean toast.

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/late/ meet up emergency thread

As our friends of /late/ are offline and posting on /shelter/ is not really convenient it may be a good idea to have a thread here for the latefrens. >follow the rule and keep it /comfy/

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Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3507

R: 444 / I: 190 / P: 4

Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number four. "It's warmer in the south" edition. Old thread: >>2990

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Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number three. Autumn edition. old thread

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Operation: Rebuild /comfy/ !!

ITT: We all rebuild /comfy/ together! First things first; we have a raw archive of /comfy/ saved from back in June 2022. There are five, ~500MB pieces to it here: (524.29MB) (524.29MB) (524.29MB) (524.29MB) (496.87MB) Download all 5 archive files into a single directory, then they'll need to be reassembled together again. -For UNIX, you can concatenate the pieces together thus: cat comfy.7z.* > comfy.7z Then, expand the full archive out locally: 7z x comfy.7z -For Windows, just use the 7zip program (it deals w/ multipart, ie '.001' files, automatically) --- The basic order of business here is for you, Anon, to download and reconstruct your own local copy of the archive of /comfy/ to your local machine. This consists of thread directories with their raw HTML & JSON files. All the associated media files for any given thread are under it's 'media' subdirectory. These are the raw original files, as provided by to the /robowaifu/ BUMP software over the Internet, and organized by threads. The simple idea here is to work through the old board, thread-by-thread, post-by-post, restoring both the texts of the post, as well as the files (images, etc.) themselves for that post -- by hand. It's a tedious, autistic process (and it's also how we rebuilt /robowaifu/ after the 8ch debacle). If that sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of then sweet! Sign up right here & now Anon! :^) >tl;dr We need anons to manually copy paste these old posts/images back onto /comfy/ again! Just pick a thread from the archive, start a new thread here for it, and begin working away. Simple as. Also, pay careful attention to relink the old crosslinks/quotes to point to the new post's numbers instead. Hopefully, someone might eventually devise an appropriate automated mechanism to: parse through these files and either a) convert the entire thing "into a LynxChan 2.5.14 database" (>>>/meta/16085), or b) walk through the archive material as-is and post it here in an automated fashion (ie, with a custom bot). Who knows? Till then, we must work by hand with what we have. If you know of a thread you wood really, really wood, like to see restored (and you're also willing to work hard to accomplish it) then Just Do It! :). No point in crying over spilled milk Anons, this is what we have to work with. It's way, way better than nothing so let's all roll up our sleeves together and rebuild the board we love! Copy Paste Restorers FTW Gambatte!!

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The adventures of the Traveller and Genet Season 2 Previous season: >>178 The stage is set ten years after the encounter with the wicked merchant Olivarius:

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How was your day, anon?

Divulge your failures, your triumphs, and your struggles from the day. No event too small to mention! Today, I had a lot of fun cleaning the floors in the home. I ran up and down the hallway with a soapy towel, got on my hands and knees and scooby-doo scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, and was completely exhausted and satisfied by the end of it.

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I wanna live in the woods

To get away from the world. Post comfy cabins.

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This video is so comfy for some reason

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Ship thread

It's a shame that shipposting seems to be frowned upon here, I think ships can certainly be /comfy/.

R: 175 / I: 6 / P: 5

A story. One sentence at a time. Previous threads: >>116 >>151 Once upon a time there was a mighty tree waving in the wind.

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Book discussion

‘’’Book thread!’’’ Anon, what is the best book you have ever read? Why do you like it? Has it changed the way you view the world?

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A story. One word at a time. Previous thread: >>116 Today

R: 34 / I: 0 / P: 6

A story. One word at a time. Once