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>>1817 >similar stories of run-ins with fairies or other strange creatures people were said to have encountered in the distant past. Celtic Fae folk?
>>1828 Yup.
>>1817 Human brains filter information rather than display reality. It's a weird concept but eberrything you see is a "video" made by your brain from the data it's collected. It's not what is actually in front of you. If your brain is full of UFO stories then when it has to process something beyond it's understanding it may turn to UFOs to do it. I'm of the opinion there are lots of weird things in the world and some of them maybe beyond human comprehension. We're no different then a bird staring at a computer screen. It can't make sense of it but it tries it's best any way
>>1847 Terry, is that you?
I think cargo cultism is pretty interesting- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult
>>1817 Years ago I remember someone posted on /x/ a drawing of a demon sighting looking a lot like the grey aliens, some occultist who's name escapes me. Maybe those are just supernatural phenomena we can't explain or maybe the human brain just likes to play tricks on itself. Who knows? >>1847 That's technically right but you're probably overrating what's being filtered. There are ways of interpolating info from what you know in order to prove what's observed and what's not aren't the same. I think anything we see that isn't reasonably associated with reality isn't too far off base.
>>1962 First time hearing such a thing made me chuckle. Have these breasts... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast-shaped_hill
Wikipedia starting point: "Zine" Lead to-> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinderwhore https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroin_chic Not particularly great articles but interesting to learn about new subcultures and the social contexts they were born from and influenced.
Open file (19.77 KB 474x310 LODS OF EMONE.jpeg)
>>1702 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incidents_of_objects_being_thrown_at_politicians I noticed a trend of national favorites. >Aus: egging >France: flour-bombing >Greece: Yogurt >[debatable] Middle-East: Shoe-throwing >USA: Pie, glitter-bombing
>>2359 >eBay listings has a 'New Species' category That's next level.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neotrogla#Sexual_reversal Not actual full reversal, just organ reversal, sperm suction.
pretty /comfy/ to know that the God(father) of Modern Physics pretty interested, and does not outright dismissed some things his peers wood laughed at as non-science. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton%27s_occult_studies
>>1777 >are unidentified flying objects real yes they are, but it's probably some guy that flew a custom shaped drone for ships and giggles Anyway, extraterrestrials, extraterrestrials being real wood trigger people religious wise and then society wood fall apart due to holy wars. That's why. PS: the thread is of the most triggering in the catalog
>>3424 There's nothing incompatible with religion and extraterrestrials.
>>1846 >>1828 >>1817 supernatural makes fun of this aliens are faireies thing in an episode, though I'd not suggest watching all of that show.
>>3425 To many there wood be. God killed the unicorns and such with a flood, why wood the aliens not be an evil creature? Jesus has to come with the aliens for them to be seen as angels, or the most powerful human militaries wood start launching missiles at one another for random reasons such as "being on satan's side" if they are okay with the dark angels that have reveled themselves to us. Satan could jump in and out of hell after all, it's going to make tons think they are angels sneaking into earth while god is waiting for them to fight the good fight, to fight as christian soldiers the armies of darkness, so then they'd attack while screaming for jesus to show up. Also, if it were the middle ages they'd have killed any unicorn they came across. Because it's' a satan. That's how it wood play out. For many. The bible cruelly tests men and plenty wood deem this a test. It's why they make shows like V while I'm on tv shows, because I'm the one that brought up the supernatural episode, a main character is a literal priest in that and does NOT trust the aliens, then it basically shows the ays to be problematic like humans and I kept eye rolling and never finished the show, as they acted too much like people, but the point is that human religious people are blatantly though to see aliens as bad. Like with Signs being a better example. That is a blatantly christian show. In fact the majority of alien fictional movies are about them trying something insidious on us. Only the tv shows attempt showing them as perfectly fine, like with stargate, then it turns around and goes full Egypt = bad on you, as they didin't believe in god so if Egypt were made by aliens then ergo they were A SATAN WITH A CREEPY VOICE TO ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE and eyes glowing and all. Wraith in stargate atlantis eating people, and they never bring up what they believe in becasue to be an atheistic aliens it to serve satan "as you cannot serve two masters". There is zero neutrality in the christian war mindset. Armies of dark vs light. The aliens wood have to cater to that and adopt christianity or face the wrath of the US mlitary, the Russian military, the UK military, the French military, etc, as they have insurgents within their ranks chimp the truck out. /drama
>>3427 You didn’t disprove my point at all, nor is religion exhausted by Christianity.
>>3430 If you don't understand what I am talking about you probably don't understand what the abrahamic are actually like. It is a war monger religion.
>>3432 so what about other religions?
>>3433 Abrahamics are too big to even worry about the less problematic ones.
>>3434 You only addressed Christianity though. I'm not sure the Christian view of aliens is even that harsh, and it's a bit of a stretch to assume that the USA (who might already be in contact with aliens), France or the UK are suddenly gonna turn radical Christian in their policies when they've been secular for centuries.
>>3427 >Also, if it were the middle ages they'd have killed any unicorn they came across. Because it's' a satan. Marco Polo came across unicorns in the middle ages and didn't kill them. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Travels_of_Marco_Polo/Book_3/Chapter_9 Also, so many new animals were discovered during that time, and none of them were killed for being satan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_zoology#Middle_Ages
>>3143 The "skeptics" who think that they can debunk anything they don't like by labeling it as "pseudoscience" are completely insufferable. There are plenty of people out there who deserve to get crapped on for misusing the name of science, but a lot of proponents of "pseudoscientific" ideas don't even claim to be doing science in the first place. >>3424 >yes they are, but it's probably some guy that flew a custom shaped drone for ships and giggles Misidentified man-made aircraft are certainly part of it, but I don't find that to be a convincing explanation for the entire phenomenon. >>3425 No, but it makes things more convoluted. Woodn't Jesus have to descend to eberry isolated planet to sacrifice himself for their sins, or wood they all have remained unaffected by original sin? Wood the ushering in of an earthly paradise on post-Armageddon Earth affect them at all (when I was a Christian I used to wonder about whether astronauts or other potential off-world humans wood be affected).
>>3433 Mormonism supports the idea of alien life. Many of the modern reported UFO encounters and what happens within them are reported in the Hindu scriptures (Vimanas, futuristic weaponry, abduction phenomena, the claim that there are 400,000 species of humanoids in one Purana, etc). Buddhism and Jainism aren't much different in this sense. Islam wood have nothing against alien life, the second verse in the entire book addresses God as "Lord of all worlds", etc. Atheist are retarded if they think aliens wood destroy religion.
>>3441 >atheists only wood think it Why bring up Buddhism, of which falls under the umbrella term that is atheism. Simply tons of Christians wood not be able to take it and then ship wood hit the fan. It'd not destroy religion, it wood create religious drama. If religion were not a thing then indeed less drama wood be had, in general.
>>3464 I meant atheism in the materialist atheist sense of the West. Buddhism is of course atheistic in the sense that it doesn't posit any sort of theistic creator god, but there are plenty of gods in Buddhism
>>3465 Yes, exactly: Buddhists don't believe in a higher power, ergo atheists. But as for gods, it's like you say Buddhists acknowledge their existence but do not look to them for guidance as they're stuck in the same death-rebirth cycle as the rest of us, just with gold chains instead of rusty iron like humans are.
>>3468 Or burning chains like those in the hells ("apayas"). More info if you like! https://puredhamma.net/tables-and-summaries/31-realms-of-existence/
>>3464 >If religion were not a thing then indeed less drama wood be had, in general. Depends on your view point. My religion has made life berry comfy for me. I think if religions didn't exist people wood just find something else to make drama about.
>>3954 >At the 35th G8 summit, Gaddafi publicly called for the dissolution of Switzerland, its territory to be divided among France, Italy and Germany. Heh, good luck on that one. >Libyan exports to Switzerland.svg lmao
Open file (962.87 KB 3840x2160 1616279153605.jpg)
Open file (863.90 KB 1545x813 Cubivore.jpg)
>>4182 >After the war, Lanz accused Hitler of having not only stolen but corrupted his idea, and also of being of "inferior racial stock". lel
>>4182 >Lanz justified his esoteric racial ideology by attempting to give it a Biblical foundation; according to him, Eve, whom he described as initially being divine, involved herself with a demon and gave birth to the "lower races" in the process. Furthermore, he claimed that this led to blonde women being attracted primarily to "dark men", something that only could be stopped by "racial demixing" [...] kek
>>4187 >tfw vaguely Med-looking and attracted to blondes Also, I've got to start using the phrase "sodomite apeling" more often.

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