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daily checkpoint Anon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 20:07:23 No.4977
what did you do today? and how was your today? and date
16 [cant we continue to talk about our days in the thread and count with each post?]
17 Sure, how was your day today? It's still early but I just had a difficult exam that I probably passed. The rest of the day is bound to be comfy.
18 Whoops, got pretty busy the past couple of days and didnt have time to reply. But today, I feel a bit more at ease. I quite a bit on my plate and still am trying to handle it all, but I'm going to take my time with it all and remind myself not to rush or procrastinate. Starting off with a clean cup of water and a bit of cleaning before I move on with my day.
19 Woke up by gf, not slept as long as I wanted but she wanted some cuddle and a good F. You cannot say no to this. Spend morning with her at my home doing nothing but chatting, vibbing and caca. End of morning I cooked some ratatouille with vegetables she brings. Afternoon, some house chores more vibbing with gf till I have to go to work. At work rn. Quite tired but, work have to be done.
20 today was nice, played some vidya and had some yummy chocolate cookies. based day in general
21 >>7126 Hope you passed >>7174 Hope the rat soup was gud >>7175 What vidya you into rn? Finished the last minute of the next poopy YT video today so hopefully it does well. Hoping for internet success is cringe but man even though I mostly do it for my friends I put way too much work into this caca.
>>7178 22 What's your channel? If you post it here I might subscribe and ring the bell too
>>7178 >Hope you passed I didn't haha haha
>>7180 23 btw
>>7178 24 im really into silent hill right now !
>>7184 Playing SH 3 on pcsx2 currently. Not as good as the 2nd tbh. >>7178 >rat soup Was fuarking gud yes, gf liked it to. I still have some in the cooking pot will finish it tomorrow, it will be even better after few days. >>4977 >what did you do today? Slept till afternoon (I needed it damn). Drank my coffee. Listenning music. Took my shower and went to work for another night. >current feels >goodz
25 I messed up another job interview today. At this rate I'm never going to get one :( >>7184 Silent Hill is great. Which one is your favorite so far? Mine is the first game.
>>7186 26 mine is also the first one, as thats what im playing rn lol! i really like it so far, i hope the next few are just as good :D
>>7185 27 Forget we were counting to 100. >>7190 Silent Hill 2 is really nice. More psychological. My favorite. Still have to finish the 3rd and test the others.
>wake up >drank coffe >take shower >spend time with gf >go work >finish rat soup >post in thread
Open file (121.08 KB 1600x900 dfg74946d9gf7446sdf5g74.jpg)
>>4977 not much really. woke up and wanted to workout but didn't.... got a tiny bit of food in me and some weed. relaxed in the sun for a good long time. oh but i found this place! this and late.city which i'm excited to hang out in tonight as i work. about to work in a couple hours. i do WFH so i'll be chillin here and there i guess
>>4977 holy shi frens i posted this nearly a year ago thank yall for replies
>>7211 ultra cozy thread! just wish there was more activity
count pls 29
>>7211 Yeah, I like those threads because even if you have nothing really interesting to say you can put some shrimple words. Also it's comfy to read how's eberryone going. 30
Open file (1.59 MB 1024x1024 spooky.png)
31 >>7179 IDK Anon shilling doesn't seem all that comfy >>7180 Aw quack man :( YT goin bretty good, so far new vid has more views quicker that any other vid I've done, won't beat the record but the steady improvement makes me feel good. Vidya wise I'm gonna start playing Deus Ex, seems fun
>>7228 Oh I'm just interested in what you're doing that's all It's not shilling if someone asked for it, that's how I see it 32
>>7228 What editing software do you use to make your videos?
>>7228 >>7230 curious also. I've been getting incrementally more familiar with Premiere and I like it a lot. making memes in it is fun too >>5887 33 because it was skipped >>7234 >>7234 >>7234 >>7234
>>7235 aaargh the numbers... (34)
>what did you do today? Wake up way too early because gf. Was pissed off because night working. Dumped the gf. She was not comfy. Part sad, part relieved. Not a bad day tho. Did some of you use Kdenlive for video editing ? I think it's not as good as Premiere but it's ok for my needs. Tried Openshot but buggy as hell on my system. 35 What's up anon ?
(36) >>7229 Fair enough I guess it's Ethan's Place >>7230 I use Premiere like a basic pooch. I've found most are berry similar and it's just the one I have the most experience with. Although it does have some annoying crashes >>7238 Kdenlive looks pretty good honestly might need to take a look at it. I've also been meaning to look into learning Davinci Resolve
>>7238 >Dumped the gf. She was not comfy. Oh dang sorry anon 37
>>7238 >>7258 As far as FOSS editors go your best bet is Olive 0.1.2, it's Premiere-esque and hardware accelerated, though there are some small bugs and it's quite lean on features (pairing it with Blender Compositor is a good idea if you need more than the effects available). Kdenlive gives a good impression (it's feature-rich as you wood expect from the KDE suite) but it's held back by the MLT framework, which powers most well known Linux NLEs such as Shotcut, Kdenlive or Flowblade. This is because Media Lovin' Toolkit is an old (and quite buggy) project originally designed for standard definition broadcast TV, as a result it doesn't take proper advantage of modern computing power (multi-threading and your GPU). The roadmap does include proper hardware acceleration but until then any project that uses it will be handicapped compared to other software (even the unintuitive Cinelerra-GG is a better choice than any MLT editors honestly).
>>7259 Nah, she was not good for me. I prefer being alone than wasting my tile and brainery with girls that don't fit my needs. She's a nice girl, but not for my standards. >>7260 I mentioned I used Openshot (I may have tested it) but in fact it's Shotcut that was buggy as fuark on my system. KDEnlive is enough for my needs (really basic editing) but I may try Olive when it gains in maturity. 38

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