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Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
>>6418 >>6371 Update: I'm too obese to give blood. That money was going to go to a gym membership, ironically! One with a pool so even my morbidly fatass could do cardio without destroying my joints!!
Open file (440.14 KB 392x392 hidamarimiyakodance.gif)
>>6419 nice! I myself hate going to the exercising, but I can't really have that bad mindset anymore since I joined the military lol
Open file (34.03 KB 551x752 bike autocok.jpg)
Finally got my tax return done after months of being so depressed I was sleeping 16-18 hours a day.
Open file (65.42 KB 600x450 1582866301667.jpg)
>>6498 I also applied for food stamps; I'm finally getting around to tasks I should be proud of accomplishing except the tisms and sions make me feel indifferent towards! A few more things to do and I may be living off disabilitybux like any filthy NEET wood, hopefully just enough to haul my fatass to the gym and afford food.
>>6498 I want this caca to be over soon.
>>6504 really? block bypass and a word filter? jannies do it for free!
>>6505 a new arrival, I see Where do you hail from?
>>6501 Just wanted to say good job anon, I'm glad you were able to get to where you are. I too have started being more productive since being depressed if only a little. Good luck with the future I wish you happiness.
Open file (10.53 MB 1280x720 boomhauer.mp4)
>>6532 You are berry kind, thank you! Also an update: I'm now on food stamps. Goodbye to overeating oatmeal because it and milk were about the only things I could afford!
Open file (377.20 KB 161x168 lowpolybird.gif)
>>5219 Kinda crazy to think that I made this thread several months ago. Navy life is alright so far (but that's because I'm still on school). Met a ton of friends and a cutie tomboy girl a few months ago, we've connected so much about a lot of things and we're still together happily (never thought I'd be so close someone because of the Navy). I'm so happy so far bros, but who knew I'd find so much fun here in the military
>>6872 congrats bro
>>6873 thanks! and evening comfybro, hopefully you had a comfy nice day hopefully friday will be a nice day too!
>>6874 np, and hopefully so.
>So anons, how's your life going? Oh, I still wish I was never born. The usual.
I feel like I've stagnated in terms of advancing in life given that I'm almost a wizard but am hopeful about the future.
Open file (138.88 KB 900x1000 tanya witch.jpeg)
>>5219 I've landed a full time job from my internship before I graduated college, fortunately its close by home. The flip side is I can't afford to move out since rent is high and home prices are in orbit. >Joining the Navy If only I came here far earlier I wood've pushed you to join the Air Force, the Navy is having horrible personnel issues that have been compounding over several decades. They are putting ships out to sea that are not properly maintained, not properly crewed and the promotions are competitive. If anything I wood implore you to work on a submarine which are given a much higher priority than surface vessels.Subs also are given better food since.. Well, you're underwater and if caca breaks your gonna drown or suffocate Admiralty has been pushing for aggressive deployments which has sustained a fatigue on sailors; you can talk to veterans who had to deal with 16-hour shifts or more. That's just for normal duties on a ship and not for a 16-hour combat operation >Muh Chairforce 1. Ur on land, not staring at water since the Earth is 70% water... 2. Living arrangements are similar to hotels, the food is better than the Navy. 3. Unless you're sent to sit in a bunker and learn what in the quack a floppy disk is; you'll be able to readily work on what you've trained for. Navy will have you working odd jobs for about 2-years before you can move into what you were originally trained for. Either way if you can get a clearance, especially a TS--you can get into the private world after leaving and multiply your salary.
Had to dump a relatively new online friend simply because I realized that I absolutely do not have enough time on my shoulders for the stuff we were doing. Only problem is, that's really only what I told him. I've got more friends I goof off with; he just came into the picture a lot later than he did, especially at a point in my life where I'm gonna have less time for goofing off. Only problem is, this new friend got super passionate about what we were doing and even made like, a well-organized server for eberrything that he's pretty much gonna have to sit in alone now. So now I'm wondering if I'm just a pooch for not just giving it to him totally straight instead of the half-truth and making him disgusted with me for his own good. I mean I'm sure he'll abandon it anyway and/or just use it for his next friend, but it hasn't even been a week and he told me that "people like me are rare to come by". Not even sure if this word soup I typed up makes sense in retrospect, but I'm glad at myself for having the self-control to cut off people if I really, truly don't have time for them. Been doing the exact opposite for way too long and it's quacked me over. >>7001 The Navy's totally quacked; have a friend who basically was the top of his class in the, like, preliminary tests, got recommendations eberrywhere for being in leader positions, but then they decided to do a second eye test while eberryone was on the ships -- and EVERYONE failed. They either had to take janny duty or get booted off the ship, and pretty much eberryone chose the latter. They're treating them all like prisoners while they slowly sail to land, and a fight pretty much breaks out eberry day due to eberryone being so irritable.
I just feel really tired. It's all so tiresome seeing imageboards die out slowly from 2019, and observing how it gets worse and worse as more and more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything. It's saddening to bee honey.
>>7022 >more and more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything Does that really happen? I haven't noticed it.
>>7023 I don't have any other explanation for how many boards are a lot quieter nowadays. Maybe I'm just pessimistic and they're still around, although not as active, but it's what it looks like.
>>7024 I think low activity is just a staple of places like this, that's nothing new. This board at least doesn't feel like it's less active than before, and we never had that many people in the first place.
>>7025 Also activity just goes up and down in waves, sometimes there's more and sometimes it's less. It's all a-ok.
>>7022 I come here eberry day but don't necessarily feel like I really have anything to add. I feel the same way you do.
>>7022 >>7027 >more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything interesting observation
Open file (101.52 KB 604x600 1593283820002.jpg)
I am working on an ASP.NET web project for college and I am fuming. I love programming but I definitely don't like working with others, mothertruckers have broken my IDE
>>7035 What habbened? What did they do?
Open file (53.55 KB 532x309 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7036 It's complicated >partner I am working with is a 40-year-old mom >has will to do ships but not the best >when she created the repo apparently she forgot to add .git-ignore, which according to our teacher helps with bugs not habbening Now it's the tricky part >when I did a push once I may have shut down my computer far too quickly because I was working with my sister's PC and she came home, which may be why the project got fugged or >my partner did something and the program got fugged It doesn't help now that after this, I keep getting errors IDE0005 and CS0246, I searched on the internet but nothing really fixed it, tried reinstalling, repairing Visual Studio and still the same I love coding but not this
>>7037 Forgot to mention that this is habbening on all of my projects now, not just this one. So it must be something on my end that has gone wrong, but I don't know what
Open file (121.53 KB 320x262 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7037 >>7038 turns out i had to recompile the thing jesus
>>7035 I feel you anon I have been spending the better part of June fixing other people's code
>>7037 >she forgot to add .git-ignore, which according to our teacher helps with bugs not habbening That's how your teacher explained .git-ignore? You need to RTFM quicksmart anon.
>>7044 He didn't really say that. gitignore apparently is used so that certain files aren't pushed and there are less issues when merging code from one end to the repo. I just associated it with that because that is what was driving me crazy the last 4 days
I'm hungry but my food is still too hot. Other than that my life is going pretty good right now
I have not had a conversation with another human being in around a year. I am living in a foreign country. I'm learning the language. I lost eberrything of significance in my life. I currently have nothing to live for. This horrific point in my life is making me stronger mentally and physically. I started getting into FOSS, privacy, security, and anonymity a bit ago. I have learned a fair bit since then so that is good. I am also learning outside of those interests, so that is also positive. Ultimately, I hate life right now but I will probably live to see better days. You should appreciate the things of significance in your lives anons, whatever they may be. I certainly did not do that kek.
>>7047 How are you learning the language if you aren't talking to anyone?
>>7048 I never said I didn't talk to anyone, just that I didn't have a conversation with anyone, I talk to people to learn the language. I don't talk to people outside of the lingual class outside of sporadic, occasional, basic human interaction.
Open file (823.29 KB 1779x1002 ClipboardImage.png)
i can't be the only one
>>7049 My apologies if my writing style is weird, anti-stylometry. I accidentally used the word outside twice in a strange way, so I apologize if my answer was not clear, aside from some rare (a few times a month) basic human interaction I do not speak to anyone. I do not get the chance to interact with people often due to my living circumstances. This is due to change now that I have begun the language class. The class is currently cancelled but will probably restart soon. There are English speakers so I do not have to wait around to gain fluency in the language to talk to people. Even still, I doubt I will feel much better after gaining to ability to interact with others. People are pretty much the same wherever you go, all of my classmates are normies. None of them are people I wood befriend. But I cannot deny that things are looking more positive for me, I will at the berry least gain the ability to interact with other humans which will alleviate some of my mental anguish.
>>7050 Neither is accurate
>>7052 it was accurate in my head ok?
I feel so guilty, I broke my sisters laptop accidentally and even after getting it fixed the hinge is still more loose than what it was before. She will find out that I broke it and get really mean towards me. I hate this.
>>7050 I don't usually feel as if I'm fighting monsters when I'm coding, but I can get quite invested into it
>>7054 Tell her and say you're sorry, that will be better than if she finds out.
>>7057 I can't afford it right now, I asked for her help at getting work and if I told her about that she wood lose her marbles and make it tougher for me
>>7058 But if she finds out and you didn't tell her, woodn't that be worse?
Open file (181.11 KB 700x500 1641024497824.gif)
My college is so badly administrated it makes me wanna drop out of my career. I shouldn't do it, but I am so quacking tired, why can't they make eberrything right? Why make your students have to put up with so much bureaucratic bullcaca? Why lie to your students that what they've done is registered in the system? I wanna blow my brains out, this career is my main way out of the rut I am in now but the absolutely poopy administration makes me wanna drop out
>>7076 Can't you just transfer to another colledge?
>>7076 Not really, where I live other colleges don't have the career I am doing and they're far more expensive. I just hate it. They're gonna make me waste six months of two subjects I already did because of the terrible administration, but I have no other alternative to the place I am studying right now.
This post >>7079 is meant for this post >>7077
>>7079 Hmm then I don't know... You probably already tried eberrything I could think to suggest so I can only tell you to hang in there and don't let something so stoopy change what you want to do with your life.

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