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Open file (148.32 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 04/06/2022 (Wed) 08:13:23 No.6652
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>4886
>>6897 Most of them have been declared national treasures and turned into museums. In a few cases the original lords donated their former castles to become temples.
>>6898 yeah man, 's cool
Open file (298.79 KB 1772x896 cave.jpg)
i like water
Open file (9.01 MB 3799x2521 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 640x640 BigVictoryStep.webm)
In addition to visiting, I've adjusted my colors against my browser's wishes, which makes me happy.
Open file (11.79 MB 5400x3600 shutterstock_2116228193.jpg)
>>6652 Heres something 4k, I'm a newfag here and i can't triforce so don't even ask. congrats yall got my first post. rolling for dubs.
Open file (11.79 MB 5400x3600 shutterstock_2116228193.jpg)
>>6936 omg here the photo.
>>6936 >>6936 well first post messed up, im just going to leave the site have a good time guys. keep anon cafe chill place.
Open file (282.15 KB 1466x2048 5441bc6f9dd40119836ef.jpg)
>>6924 comfy tune, thank you anon
>>6950 Nippon comfy
this is my first post on /comfy/ and I love it !
>>6954 Hello!!!! May there be many more.
>>6652 woah it's been 3 months since I was here finally done with the semester....
>>6652 first time here! I hope you are all well >>6956 eyy well done anon
>>6954 >>6957 Hello! Where is eberryone coming here from?
>>6958 Found this a while back I think from IRC maybe but didn't comment, I added it to a list of websites i wanted to check out properly and kinda felt like now's the time :^) love these hidden little communities, they really feel like diamonds in the rough and a reward for looking in the right spot
Hi /comfy/ will go to bed soon. Have a great day / night.
I tell myself I will clean my bedroom, but when I am in it I get all sleepy
>>6963 There's a lot of trash in it now ( I moved out and mum doesn't clean up after me anymore )
Hi! Greetings from spain!
>>6975 Is spain comfy?
Open file (1.17 MB 850x835 8ba0f88af2e30ae75.png)
HOT HOT HOT! I'd rather be swimming. In need some of those comfy underwater edition vibes.
>>6988 >HOT HOT HOT! Oh man it was so horrible here last week.
>>6997 I moved out of Florida to get the quack away from hot weather, like north of it, and now we're getting numbers HOTTER than that.
I'd take hot summer weather over the rest of the year any day, even when I'm roasting like a pig on a spit.
>>7004 I think spring or autumn are comfiest. Not too hot, not too cold.
>>7005 Anything under the 70s feels too cold to me, and so I'm not happy with the rest of the year outside of summer with where I live. I'd prefer a warmer climate, but I'm afraid of bugs and with warmer climates come bigger creepy-crawlies.
Open file (840.59 KB 640x360 snow.webm)
Open file (200.88 KB 537x385 Screenshot (134).png)
Currently working on my website, but woodn't it be /comfy/ if we had some sort of irc chat or something to host a movie night eberry now and then?
>>7010 We tried that once and no one showed up. Could try again though.
>>7010 damn didn't expect lainers here
>>7011 maybe if it was inter-chan aka we get other /comfy/ chan's along and it woodn't be just limited here
>>7010 More people came when it was announced here in a thread, I think.
Open file (252.17 KB 1920x1080 night.jpg)
It's been a while, nice to be back!
Open file (35.81 KB 495x500 caca.jpg)
Just passing by. Stay comfy lads.
Open file (86.48 KB 800x800 FEr1HdfDoP.jpg)
hi /comfy/. anyone know what happened to /kind/? is it gone, or just unavailable indefinitely? this board and /kind/ is pretty chill.
>>7018 2kind.moe
Just stopping in to say hi
Open file (996.26 KB 2048x1536 2 Ringo 2007.JPG)
Hey /comfy/ been gone for a bit, not that I'm a consistent poster.
I am happy and eberrything is good
>>7029 That's how things should be around here.
>>7031 Comfy things are comfy.
Open file (34.98 KB 592x432 244355.png)
i think it's comfy when it rains
Open file (7.81 MB 5178x2478 527226ld.jpg)
Feeling quite comfy tonight. It's a Sunday night, it's quiet and I'm full and well-fed. I just made some tea. All of my chores are done for the weekend and I don't have to work tomorrow. Unfortunately I am quite tired, so I will not be able to enjoy this feeling for long. I wood like to stay up doing some writing or some other creative activity because I rarely manage to be in such a state, but I'm just so tired.
I've not posted here in a while. I hope eberryone's having a good summer so far.
Open file (56.46 KB 640x636 2022 summer flavor.jpg)
Just woke up again and I'd like some ice cream right about now
Open file (158.10 KB 1279x1536 eggboy.jpeg)
hi /comfy/, haven't been here in a while, a lot of things habbened in my life, but i'll try to check this place more often, it's one of my fav boards ^^
>>7082 Welcome back! >a lot of things habbened in my life I hope it's good things
Open file (131.06 KB 1024x683 emerald-coast.jpg)
Open file (300.58 KB 1600x1066 41378111892_80bb11d62c_h.jpg)
Open file (38.58 KB 500x400 f2f02245.jpg)
Makes me want to play Wave Race again.

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