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How was your day, anon? Anon 12/31/2022 (Sat) 15:49:44 No.1300
Divulge your failures, your triumphs, and your struggles from the day. No event too small to mention! Today, I had a lot of fun cleaning the floors in the home. I ran up and down the hallway with a soapy towel, got on my hands and knees and scooby-doo scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, and was completely exhausted and satisfied by the end of it.
[]Or you could just setup a street cleaning "militia" and spit in the direction of cops for not doing their jobs. You could probably go through whatever your white ethnic neighbourhoods are and advertise a fitness/volunteer street cleaning club. Good luck at your classes. >5 chinups >1.3k in 8 minutes Berry impressive. I can only manage three or four chinups and then my arms won't pull me up that far anymore. That time is also really good. Keep it up, anon. I understand that situation with your ma. Kind of feels like our parents are just waiting to die, not living. I dunno if it'd work for you, but I try to let out my natural jubilation to get them out and about. [] >biggest struggle I truly have is myself Despite what we all usually think, a man is not an island. I've made friends through imageboards, maybe it's something you'd appreciate, if you haven't already. We're all in this together, for good or bad.
Open file (872.63 KB 346x360 1553815051514.gif)
>>1302 If there's something that should always be taken into account, no matter how small progress is made, you're a better man than you were before once you made it. It's good to understand that whatever it is, steps forwards should be celebrated, eberry little counts
Open file (49.83 KB 550x446 D-9xKT0UYAAl1GL-orig.jpg)
I pushed myself to have a shower, then I went outside to water the flowers while my family are away. I could have chosen to just stay in bed or sit at my computer all day, but I didn't, so I'm a little pleased with myself.
>>1304 im happy for you anon
>>1300 We had a victory today. It was a victory marred by a couple of failures, but it was a victory nonetheless. We drank champagne. It was nice. Apart from that I’ve picked an old hobby back up (what’s one more among many?) and rearranged some of my living space. Autumn is energising me so I hope I can make the most of it.
As usual, I did nothing but play video games and browse imageboards all day.
Open file (393.84 KB 1280x720 Fairy_Tail_276_9.png)
I had to pick my car up from the garage but I was too cheap to pay for a taxi so I went on foot. But I left late and had to run for a while so I could get there before it shut. Now my feet hurt bad.
>>1308 Any day you had real fun is a victory, honestly. Unless you're like, absorbed by the guilt of not moving forward or something. >>1309 Look on the bright side, anon. If you just keep running now, after the fact, using a guide, you'll be on your way to being able to run marathons.
>>1310 Yes. It’s productive to have fun and relax. You should wholly immerse yourself in its healing power. If you’re not resting and being a glutton for idle distraction then that is bad because it dilutes the pleasure you’d otherwise get from it. Imagine ruining video games and imageboards for yourself!
Open file (111.77 KB 756x1008 01.jpg)
Open file (153.57 KB 1008x756 02.jpg)
Open file (134.45 KB 1008x756 03.jpg)
Open file (136.52 KB 1008x756 04.jpg)
Open file (1.95 MB 320x180 05.mp4)
>your triumphs Alright, well.... A few months ago, I picked up pic related from some dude on Craigslist, an old transistor organ from around 1967. I kinda figured there'd be problems with it, and sure enough there was. I know a fair bit about electronics, but don't have much practical experience, so I thought I could manage. And somehow...I was right. Feels awesome.
>>1312 That's awesome man, really nice job, and it sounds sweet. The great thing about those old organs is that, even though they breakdown all the time, they're (usually) designed to be relatively easy to open up and repair. Always have to marvel at the time and effort they used to put into wiring back in the day too, it's something of a lost art.
>>1312 Good job. Those resistors tough.
I had half my team bail on me while building smoke detectors today. I got them done, but it was a caca board. Apparently smoke detector companies are going back to using lead solder paste.
>failures surprisingly nothing much today, but i quacked up my last semester because i'm a lazy piece of caca >triumphs payed a lot more attention in class the last couple of weeks, keeping notes, studying on time and not smoking weed until this periods exams are done >struggles getting easily distracted and kicking off the weed. A lot of my friends smoke so it's not exactly easy saying no overall it's been a pretty good day, i wish all anons the same >>1312 Looks good anon, i don't know much either about electronic repair in the practical sense. Just quacking around can teach you a lot though.
Open file (29.24 KB 254x303 I'm alright.png)
>Failures I've been trying to rise when my alarm goes off instead of hit snooze. Hit snooze three times. Two times or less tomorrow. >Triumphs Did some weighted vest walking and fingertip pushups against the wall. Have been doing more bodyweight stuff lately. >Struggles I haven't been as consistent with my reading as in past months. I'm seeking more distractions rather than just putting the work in. Consistency is the eternal struggle.
Nothing's been right since 8chan went down. Been unfocused and easily distracted. Pushing on with my hobbies, but it's coming along berry slowly.
Open file (168.68 KB 402x600 yakub unsurprised.png)
Eberry day is a little better. Sure, right now I'm kind of a gutter, but I'm making steps forward, I really hope to get in the air force at the end of the year, my pull-ups are getting better, and I'm learning my push-ups, one hundred each time, slowly adaptating to each new form of doing them until I get to do traditional push-ups. Darkness looms in eberry corner, but you have to learn how to manage it and overcome for what you believe in, history never wrote itself by people sitting in a fetal position sucking their thumbs while crying of the horrors of the world. Actually pointing the horrors of the world and how some people try to run away claiming that they could live anywhere since they've seen them straight kinda revived my despair againQuack
I managed to whip myself into making progress on a project at work; also managed to drag myself through another day of work. I did a good job on the models I've been painting. My decaying home is one long, sustained failure and struggle that I can't get myself out from underneath of. I can't find anyplace else to live on my salary, but I don't know where to go for better pay. I still feel anxious and might not be able to get any sleep again.
Years ago I stumbled upon "Personalizer" by Taishi. I really liked the sound but couldn't find more of this dude. Recently I stumbled upon a Taishi mix. It wood fit more on a Friday/Saturday night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF_d1-0apF4
Open file (42.28 KB 846x592 feels-late.png)
I'm extremely bored today. Working from home, tasks are coming in slowly and the few that have have been shrimple ones. I'm tied to the computer but there's nothing fun on the internet anymore. I'd rather be watching paint dry.
new poster here, this feels berry comfy to post here, so well... here it is. I felt berry bored today (maybe because i'm behind a device most of the time), but decided to visit the city and go to my ususal stores. Surprise, surprise, my social awkwardness kicked in and caused me to feel berry unconfortable near people. Nonetheless, i still managed to get my arse outside, so it was still a good day. >Struggles I am noticing lately that i am not really feeling like myself anymore. The past feels just like a glass wall, where all my mistakes and mishapes are contantly being shown to me as a way for my inner self to say "You already made a fool out of yourself, what is even the point of trying?" I need to fix and act on it myself, but can any of you gve me some advice on hot to deal with this?
>>1323 >all my mistakes and mishapes are contantly being shown to me as a way for my inner self to say "You already made a fool out of yourself, what is even the point of trying?" This is a berry common thing. The part of your brain that is doing this thinks it’s protecting you but it’s not too clever so it’s actually holding you back by doing what it thinks is it’s job. The trick is to make it feel satisfied so it stops. For example, another anon once gave this tip: When your brain replays an embarrassing interpersonal moment from your past - perhaps a time when you felt ashamed or did the wrong thing - freeze it, and pick out the other person or people involved. Say to yourself, “This memory has helped me to learn <whatever> and now I can put it away.” In your imagination, go back to that situation as vividly as you can, allow the memory to habben, and then before it fades, imagine that the other person or people speak to you and forgive you for what you did, felt, said, or whatever. Make it shrimple, clear, and to the point. In this way the part of your brain that tries to keep you from repeating mistakes will be able to stop tracking that memory because it will feel that the matter has been settled, and the memory will trouble you less. If it comes back at all, it should come back with reduced intensity, and you will be able to repeat the process. Other memories from your embarrassment stack might begin to trouble you instead, so shrimply repeat the process for them. In this way you can become able to put away those memories where they belong and free up your energy for use in the moment to help create for yourself the future you want.
>>1312 grats anon this is cool as quack
pretty sure i got a legitimate compliment today but other than that it's pretty caca :)
or what did you do today ? i did dopamine detox today
I decided to use my pi for for torrenting, i burnt a OS on it and it runs now, i will think about how to make it seed/leech and send copy files to my main efficiently later later today. >>1327 Did it have any effect in your productivity?
I went for my first run at 4am. Pretty good. >>1327 How did you do it? I wood do it but I have absolutely nothing else to fill my time with.
>>1328 >>1329 its reduced my screen time and my day was spent berry effeciently
>>1329 Nice on anon. I'm just about to go for one now. The earlier the better for me so I don't have to put up with the heat
Worked. I'm starting to miss being a NEET.
My home's internet is broken. I called to ISP and they said they gonna fix it, but it gonna be on Monday. So I enjoyed today without internet. And tomorrow will be.
>>1327 i wish i could do it too. but my days are only filled with dopamine recently
I usually hate christmas because of all the forced social interactions, but now that I live with my gf, I watched with her a twitch stream and a couple of anime episodes until midnight and we had a good time together. It's hard to forget for a minute all the bad memories from the past.
I don't wanna blog-post so I'll keep it short. Left a sweet sixteen today. Long time "lover" if we can go that far. Really a shame to lose someone this way. I can't go into much detail why, but goddamn loss really hurts sometimes. We've all, I'm sure, had to lose a girl in our lives but this one hurt more than most. There is no going back so it's time to just move on and keep trucking. Any anons here that have dealt with significant loss of a future that was dead set in their minds? How do I cope? It hurts so much, but it's the new year and the comfy music thread is getting me through right now. >Do anything fun for the new year?
>>1349 >How do I cope? One day at a time -- as always Anon. >"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own." https://biblehub.com/matthew/6-34.htm (BSB) Just don't do anything stupid brother, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Things will look up for you this year, I promise.
Open file (44.01 KB 407x422 cheers.jpg)
>>1306 What habbened, anon? You seem berry happy about your circumstances. Glad to hear it. Tell us about your small victory >>1308 Get up now. Don't wait. Get up and improve your body, if nothing else.
>>1350 Thanks, bud. I know they will. I'm still thinking of exacting my revenge. It was a really stupid situation. Let me ask you this: should I go out of my way to kill a horse that cost a family a fortune only to spite a jew?
Open file (64.68 KB 640x480 alwayremberhappyday.jpg)
>>1356 >Let me ask you this: should I go out of my way to kill a horse that cost a family a fortune only to spite a jew? LOL. Of course not, Anon! Donate it to a children's riding school instead. Do not hurt anmals kthx. :^)
>>1357 it's not my horse! It's theirs and the family spent a car's purchase on the thing. I don't normally kill ex girlfriends like a loon, but I think taking the life of their investment is a good way to hit the wallet. Comfy is good for the light stuff, but I also feel like this deed wood be comfy as well
>>1359 No, do not hurt the anmals pls. You'll thank us when you're sober. Thinks will turn out better than you think they will. Just be patient! Getting some rest soon, goodnight.
>>1360 nite, mate. good post
>>1349 I can relate to your pain anon. I often lose a precious girl younger. It takes me years to finally starting to deal with the pain after harsh years of depression. Today I still think about her but without the pain (at least just the little stingy feel of heart broke remains). I hope she's doing well. >how to cope Man, I can't really be helpfull with this as I myself couldn't cope with the deep sadness I was in. Take your time, try to not focus on the pain and keep moving on. KEEP MOVING ON !!! And be prepared untill you come around your 30's love sadness will be really hurting. That's what the life teach me about. >>1356 Hurting / killing animals is definitively NOT comfy anon. This poor horse have nothing to do with your story so please leave it alone.
>>1312 Looks neat. I'd like to get a Farfisa and a Rhodes piano if I ever strike it rich someday.
Open file (81.81 KB 552x373 sleepy_mouz.jpg)
A day like another, waking up, listenning music with coffe then going to work. It's early in the morning and I will be in my bed soon. Spend all the free time I had this night to work on the board. I'm quite satisfied by the work done but on the other hand I have a little feeling I did it in vain. I may be a little tired so things will looks better after few hours of sleep :) Also /late/ being 502 is quite sad as it's a nice place and friends of us. Hope ythe'll be back online soon. Have a nice day guys.
>>1312 Love the sound of it, GG my man ! It's so satisfaying fixing something by yourself like this. Hope you'll have good fun with that piano.
>>2230 Thank you for your service Anon. It's neat to see ppl pulling together to restore this place. Sleep well!

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