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Open file (292.49 KB 1920x2328 roman-nechaev.jpg)
/late/ meet up emergency thread Anon 01/02/2023 (Mon) 14:04:05 No.1512
As our friends of /late/ are offline and posting on /shelter/ is not really convenient it may be a good idea to have a thread here for the latefrens. >follow the rule and keep it /comfy/
I guess Quilt is like totally MIA. If he was taking down the site, you'd think the admin blog wood go with it, and if he was trying to get the site back up, you'd think the admin blog wood be updated. Anyways, since this is both a /comfy/ and a /late/ thread ITT: post pictures of blankets. Also, what's your favorite tea?
Open file (386.35 KB 1440x1037 bed_moment.png)
>>1514 Having a good blanket is important. I still use my summer blanket. She is berry comfy. The winter one is comfy to but as the winter is quite warm here she's in the closet for the moment. One of my favorite moment is when I know I will go to bed soon and wrap me up in my sheets, especially after a long night of work. Sleeping is nice. I like it a lot. >favorite tea? I'm not a lot into tea, I enjoy some herbal teas from time to time depending of the mood and the needs. Otherwise I like mint tea but I had trouble growing my mint this year.
>>1515 I sleep with two blankets eberry day, all year. When it's warm I sometimes think of just using one, or just a sheet, but if I take the blankets off I can't sleep.
Open file (73.58 KB 300x100 gondola_in_bed.png)
I'm sorry to hear /late/ is having issues ATM. Let's hope they get straightened out soon.
>>1516 I have a second blanket that I use as an extra pillow so that if I feel a little bit cold I can use it as an extra blanket. I usually sleep with open windows, I sleep better feeling the fresh air in my room.
in the winter. I sleep with a lot of blankets. I like the pressure they put on my body when im sleeping. in the summer. its too hot to have more than one unless the AC is running; but sometimes I put them on anyways.
Open file (35.79 KB 661x397 station.jpg)
The radio is still running. Some comfy dark and slow jazz rn. Night just begun. Little rainy, a bit cold. I will be there to work a little on threads in my free time. Hope you'll have a good night my friends.
>>1685 Sleep well Anon!
>>1686 No sleep for me, night working. Things gonna be cozy tho.
Open file (750.44 KB 3264x2448 IMG_20230103_010553.jpg)
Open file (879.86 KB 3264x2448 IMG_20230103_010533.jpg)
After the rain, as the night getting colder here is the fog. I have the feeling to wrapped in a gaze of darkness and tha world out there looks like it faded away.
>>1892 Did you take these? They're great!
>>1955 Thanks, I like the ghostly effect of streetlights in the night fog. They're just in front of my window so I enjoy the view. I usually don't do photography because I've got an old mobile phone but I used the one from the work.
i was wondering what habbened, nice stumbling in here to see some of you. it's raining here also, and will rain for a while, it's bretty comfy.
>>2232 same here, like >>1514 said, I thought it was strange that the blog wasn't being updated during this rando down time.
>>2232 >502 Bad Gateway That likely means that /late/'s Admin need to reboot the MongoDB server.
>>2235 I really hope it's just some maintenance task on their side. Quite weird the blog remain silent as the board this morning is still 502. Hope it will be oben for tonight. If no you'll probably find me here. Take care /late/frens.
Here's the zine.
>>2234 They typically update the blog after they fix the issue or outage. Tbh its a bretty bad way to update people on the situation. I'd be nice if they updated us sooner
>>2416 What's the point having a blog to keep folks updated if you did it afterwards huh ? As long as the blog is online, we must hope the board will be back.
>>2417 Cant disagree with that my friend
Night is cold, things get icy will go for a little walk outside. Did you enjoy night walks /comflate/ ?
>>2619 Once, I lived up North. In a small city on the banks of the Mississippi. In the winter time the river wood partly freeze. I wood go there at night, and watch the moonlight glitter on the great sheets of ice as they cracked and flowed. I can still hear it. I struggle to recall so much. So many moments I wood love to go back to, but I don't even have to think to hear the creaking, the shattering, and the drifting of ice on the Mississippi, up North, in winter time.
>>2628 After a little reflection, I think it comes back so easy because there's nothing bittersweet about it. It doesn't lean on any other memory. It isn't colored by the march of time. It's just it's own thing. Totally unentangled from the rest of my life.
>>2628 Berry interesting imagery Anon. Share more if you want to.
>>2630 In that moment there isn't much more to see. The city is totally behind me, and asleep anyways. Far across the wide river is woodland and it's just as black as the sky. The only things visible are the moon and the scattered silberry reflections on the changing ice and flowing water that only give hints as the thebshape and movement. The sound, I can't really describe. I've never heard anything else like it, and you can feel it in you. Id you ever have the chance to hear the sound of a partly frozen river at night, do it. I'm not sure if the darkness makes a difference to the real actual sound of it, but this set of memories isn't 'the sound of a partly frozen river at any time of day' It's specific to the night. So, I think there's something too that. As far as any other moments in my life, I'm coming up empty.
>>2629 i have memories like this also, and it's really great because so much of my life has a dark tinge to it looking back, things i just don't think about, it feels cold and uninviting. i have a memory that seems berry strange and i can't really place it, just some time when i was younger, and it was fall, and the lighting was really nice, and i was walking down the sidewalk on a street i don't walk on too often. it was in my neighborhood, but it felt like i was in a different world because it was quiet and peaceful, and like dreamy. really nothing habbened, it's a moving snapshot of a 5 second period in my life, and it is like an island in my mind. i like the way you described that memory, "It doesn't lean on any other memory. It isn't colored by the march of time. It's just it's own thing." it is something i have been thinking about recently and you summed it up bretty well.
>>2631 >So, I think there's something too that. Cooler air is denser, and sound travels better. Also, the city sounds (if any) are also diminished. Finally, when it's dark, your brain naturally begins feeding more 'processing power' into your other senses, like hearing.
now 4chan is down
>>2637 I saw some guy on some board in the webring saying their host was going to drop them. Funny if that was true. Won't matter though. They get enough traffic that they can pay enough money for someone to host them.
>>2628 Was that in the Driftless Area?
>>2639 nta but i have been there to do some camping and trout fishing, it's really nice. it's nicest area near where i live, central IA.
Open file (839.75 KB 1600x1200 100_0569.JPG)
>>2641 I've never camped there, but I definitely think it's the most scenic area in the region. I used to visit relatives who lived around the Baraboo Range when I was a little kid. I think the most impressive parts of the Driftless Area are in the parts that border the Mississippi.
>>2642 i went up there for 2 weeks and stayed in a few different spots, the whole area has some berry gorgeous scenery if you know where to find it. the Mississippi river parts are berry cool, although the river isn't as clean as it once was unfortunately. i remember reading that it used to be so clear that you could drink out of it directly, now it's just a polluted mess.
>>2639 Yeah, it was! >>2643 Really? I'm not so sure about that. I thought the Mississippi was always brown.
>>2644 that's what i remember, but i suppose i could be wrong
Anybody know how to access the /late/ discord? The zine mentions there's a new one but has no link.
>>2646 It's with the Letters from the Editor.
>>2646 If you get there and they know more, please tell us here what you find out, frien. I miss /late/.
>>2649 I'm in it. We're totally in the dark. All the site staff disappeared months ago, and no one there has any contact with them.
>>2650 >All the site staff disappeared months ago, and no one there has any contact with them. different anon here, that sucks, i just found that place and really liked it, i hope it comes back.
Open file (339.14 KB 716x873 wut_doggo.jpg)
Board is not even 502 and just gives a failed connexion error. As for the blog (even the hiddencorner.org) and the radio. Guys, I'm affraid...
>>2653 damn
>>2653 It will all be ok anon. Gotta keep hope. I was actually able to connect to the blog for once. Keep hope!
What's the blog URI, please?
>>2658 blog.late.city
>>2659 Thank you Anon.
All good things come to end... Unfortunately before their time, it usually seems.
>>2662 That story hasn't been written yet, friend. Patience.
>>2662 Prople said the same for /kind/ and guess what, it came back. >>2663 Exactly, patience is a virtue.
>>2644 >Yeah, it was! Bretty weird how three people on such a small board have spent time in such a specific area that's probably of little interest to outsiders.
>>2680 Especially considering there isn't a major city there.
>>2682 Yeah. I could be wrong, but I think La Crosse is the biggest one there and the Wikipedos say that has less than 53,000 people in the city itself.
>>2680 small world
If anyone reading this is in touch with or is /late/ staff please make the site come back soon.
Open file (26.32 KB 600x601 lzbth.jpg)
I may be wrong (I hope) and may be extrapolating a bit, but at this point I'm beginning to think /comfy/ BO was also the admin of /late/ and closed it as he does for /comfy/. I really hope being wrong on that.
>>2703 You plainly mean the old BO, right? I asked him if he knew anything of /late/ on his /meta/ response post (>>>/meta/16109). Haven't heard back. The timing of the three does seem oddly coincidental to me (/kind/, /comfy/, /late/). If it turns out the board is in fact offlined, then we do have archives of /late/ available for rebuilding it somewhere, if the community decides to.
>>2855 The Glow in the Darks wage an eternal war against the Trinity of Coziness.
>>2983 No doubt, but I don't think in this case we can rightly impugn the former BO(s). After all they did maintain the boards for a good while, and in good fashion IMO. It is what it is, things will work out as long as Anon wills it to! :)
It wasn't berry active but the tech thread was one of the few places online left where some interesting discussion and knowledge sharing habbened, without much noise, virtue signaling and dick measuring. I will miss it if it doesn't come back.
>>2680 Add a fourth. I had a run in with some anthroposophists in The Driftless. That place has an intense existence that pulls people in. If I have the energy I’ll tell the whole story sometime.
>>2855 >I dont want to have a part in it anymore >so I'll just delete the boards and sites lol What an asshole. He could have just transferred the ownership to someone else. I hate people who think they own the community.
Open file (1.38 MB 2420x3024 qj80oadscnz21.jpg)
>>3142 Wow, that's nuts. It reminds me of how August Derleth, H.P. Lovecraft's friend who was the first to publish his work in book form, apparently thought there was something weird going on with Devil's Lake: https://www.cultofweird.com/blog/cthulhu-power-zones/
>>3143 I'll volunteer to buy a new /late/ domain and bring the archives back to a new site if I could get some janitors on board. I could probably afford hosting for a few years before needing donations, and have the technological experience needed.
>>3146 Someone in the discord mentioned that the domain expires on the 13th of February if we wanna wait and see what habbens. I'd like to give Quilt and the others the chance to fix whats wrong. If the domain expires and there's still no /late/; then I believe it wood be right to move forward with this plan. Till then, I believe that we should wait and see. Maybe we should set up a bunker on anon.cafe
>>3147 >Till then, I believe that we should wait and see. Maybe we should set up a bunker on anon.cafe I'm just a friendly-onlooker, but both points seem like sound wisdom to me, Anons.
Open file (909.71 KB 1214x1439 robot.jpg)
>>3146 It wood be greatly appreciated anon. The Robowaifu bot archiver had these archives so it wood be something doable. >>3147 Sure we can wait more. It wood just be better to have some words about the situation from the staff.
Doesn't anyone else think it's Kinda suspicious that the site goes down seemingly by a DDoS attack and the some guy comes out of the woodwork saying they're going tomake a new /late/? I mean like, it's only been 12 days since it went down.
>>3276 >it's only been 12 days since it went down. Not that anon but it's quite long 12 days without any update (even on the http://late.hiddencorner.org/ which is on a different domain, offline rn). And it's not as /comfy/ was not a friend board so they can drop an update here. We really are in the dark...
>>3146 >I'll volunteer to buy a new /late/ domain and bring the archives back to a new site if I could get some janitors on board. I'm not involved directly, but I wood recommend you all wait until the domain expires as mentioned ITT. That wood be reasonably-clear evidence IMO that the previous Admin is unable to keep the board going at this time. Also, in my experience, you really only need one good board volunteer to keep things in order. I'm currently running our own board (/robowaifu/) without any -- it's just me. >>3147 >Maybe we should set up a bunker on anon.cafe This. >>3149 >The Robowaifu bot archiver had these archives so it wood be something doable. I'll try to have the /late/ archives we have pushed up to anonfiles.com within the next 24hrs, Anon. I'd suggest in the meantime you Anons approach the Anoncafe Admins in the /meta/ board-request thread (>>>/meta/3) asking for a bunker. I'm confident they are aware of your situation from our posts ITT and on /shelter/. It wood be shrimpler for me to create an "ITT, we rebuild /late/ !!" thread if you Lateanons already have a bunker here for it to live in. >>3277 >And it's not as /comfy/ was not a friend board so they can drop an update here. >We really are in the dark... We don't know anything more than you do Anon. It's really on the original Admin of /late/ to make a statement or not.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/12/2023 (Thu) 18:03:50.
>>3279 >I'll try to have the /late/ archives we have pushed up to anonfiles.com within the next 24hrs, Anon. Alright Lateanons, here you go. Step 1 completed: https://anonfiles.com/154731R8yb/late.7z_001 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/50Ue1fRay1/late.7z_002 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/09l0wfT3y5/late.7z_003 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/51scx2T7ya/late.7z_004 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/j9y3xaT7y2/late.7z_005 (524.29 MB) https://anonfiles.com/K9y5xeT6y9/late.7z_006 (64.46 MB) Download all 6 archive files into a single directory, then they'll need to be reassembled together again. -For UNIX, you can concatenate the pieces together thus: cat late.7z.* > late.7z Then, expand the full archive out locally: 7z x late.7z -For Windows, just use the 7zip program (it deals w/ multipart, ie '.001' files, automatically) note: For further details, cf. /comfy/'s own 'rebuild' thread (>>34)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/23/2023 (Mon) 05:05:31.
>>3142 >>3144 I've hiked a fair amount of places but there's something about that area that feels more primeval. Like eberrywhere is ancient, but there it feels like things stuck around. Me and my dad actually got lost hiking around Devil's Lake once. It was just a day trip, but we had kept a pace and managed to get bretty far out, then this massive storm rolls in out of nowhere, and suddenly it might as well be midnight because the cloud cover is so dark. We started trying to follow the map back, until we realized the trails on the map shared the names with the trails we were on but besides the name there was no correlation between the map and reality. I thought it was bretty funny at the time and we made it out fine.
>>3510 nta but it sounds like a nice little adventure. i actually had a berry similar feeling when i was up there, like those twilight zone type episodes where you go through a tunnel and end up in a place that isn't supposed to be there. i went up there with some friends to fish, and we ended up on top of this hill that had little cabins you could rent. we didn't rent one, but we just played some frisbee because it was a nice area. a huge storm ended up coming in, and it was one of the craziest feelings right before it hit. eberrything was quiet and it felt like time was frozen. the air was thick, but it was just the right temperature where you couldn't feel it at all, it felt like swimming in comfort. then a massive gust of warm wind comes out nowhere and it was instantly a downpour with lightning eberrywhere. one bolt hit a tree like 100 yards away. we got under the awning of one of the cabins and just chilled watching the storm. good times.
>>3510 >I've hiked a fair amount of places but there's something about that area that feels more primeval. Like eberrywhere is ancient, but there it feels like things stuck around. There's a little forest near some property some family members of mine own somewhere around the Northwoods that makes me feel that way, although I've never found that area as a whole berry appealing.
Open file (881.88 KB 3024x4032 pencil.jpg)
So, I got tired of using disposable mechanical pencils and decided to get some higher quality ones at my local OfficeMax. The first one I got (left) is a pental twist erase. It has a long tube eraser, just by twisting the end you get more eraser. It has a cushion on the writing end too. Only problem is that the cushion is so thick it hurts to write with. Writing with one of these is about as fun as smashing your fingers with a hammer. So, I got the sleeker tul pencil (right). As you write, the graphite replaces itself automatically, and the writing end of the pencil has shock absorption (for some reason). Like the pentel, it has a long eraser tube that extends as you twist the end. Only downside is that the erasers on these things are comically thin, and they're a dollar each to replace. Considering that an eraser block is also a dollar each, it'd be a much better investment to primarily use one, which is also the first time I've ever used an eraser block. What pencils do you use /late/? Does anyone here still use those wooden ones?
Open file (88.97 KB 1310x84 goat.png)
>>4004 can't beat it
>>4004 I recently bought a 5-pack of Pentels at the $1.25 store. Good move AFAICT. I may be able to honestly pursue my desire to read/write Moonspeak, now that I never have to sharpen my pencil again! BTW, this makes me think that the Nihongos created mechanical pencils just b/c this. Is this true?
>>4009 You fool, you fell right into their scheme.
>>4004 I have drawn for so many years with regular mechanical pencils it is my preference.
>>4011 Lol, maybe so Anon. I guess they saw me coming! :^)
It's not coming back, is it.
Open file (240.22 KB 538x360 Day 23.webm)
Open file (183.35 KB 648x432 comfy-late.png)
Proposition: If /late/ is truly dead, strike a deal to create the /comfy/late/ --empire-- board for the comfiest board
Open file (1.55 MB 1082x1080 82763846727.png)
Damn, things can be so ephemeral; all those little thoughts and feels gone with the wind. But I guess it's always has been and will forever be this way. Either way, love you guys.
>>4024 That's an interesting image.
>>4025 Here's the original. It may seem familiar after a moment.
>>4027 I like that typeface on the book cover. I think it's ITC Avant Garde.
>>4004 >/late/ reborn paper edition I'm more into writing than drawing so I use pic related. You refill it by pouring ink in a dedicated tank. I really like this pen. Even for cacaty drawings I prefer using ink pens.
>>3453 Bad news Latearchivist, links 3 through 6 are dead. Wood it be possible for someone to re-upload them ? Thank you for your efforts.
Open file (409.44 KB 2402x2489 20220627_095349.jpg)
It's a berry late, berry rainy, berry lonely night. I am just laying here in the dark listening to the rain and the wind. I feel so profoundly strange in a way that I can't really articulate. The rain and darkness creates an atmosphere that is somehow deeply comforting but also quite sad all at once. It's times like this when I really miss the board. To see other people's thoughts and feel some sense of connection in the midst of cold, lonely nights.
>>4032 OK, missing files are re-uploaded and the original post now edited with the new URIs. Get 'em while the gettin's good, /late/! :^)
Open file (59.27 KB 257x196 1644036178565.png)
This is kinda out of the blue. But I remember there being talks of /late/ getting an chat or an IRC. If anyone wants I can host something similar as I recently made an live image-board. The gimmick is that essentially we can see what we type in real time when making a post. For the rest it works like regular image board. Wood anyone be interested? I could post a link as I'm finishing it up right now and it should be fully online in few days
Open file (7.94 KB 352x457 tux_neofetch.png)
>>4100 I'm curious to see it, post the link anon ! Quite /late/ here. Messing around with cmus, desperately trying to implement a script to display the cover art in the terminal (using kitty). As things don't work as I want and out of frustration I decided to tweak my neofetch. Spending some times to render a custom colored ascii logo wile listening to Chet Baker. Seems the things turned /comfy/.
>>4101 Good luck Anon.
>>4101 Here it is anon. Expect a bretty weird design though and few things still lacking. I'll be updating it a bit more https://moonch.vip/board/late/catalog If you want to see what's cool about it. Open a thread twice and put the one tab on the left side of your screen and the other tab on the right side. Then start writing your post. also calling the board /late/ feels wrong, but I had no clue for a different name. If someone has an idea on a different name to use I'm open
>>4106 As the function may be technically interesting, I'm just not confident other anons can read my text before I finish it. Nice design tho but we're still waiting for a proper /late/ reborn.
Open file (2.48 KB 76x102 late3423.gif)
>>4106 Your board is incredible anon. As gimmicky as it is, if you had designed it in the 2000s or even early 2010s there wood be hundreds if not thousands of anons flooding to your board because of the real time posts alone. The site needs refined of course, and there are anons today whose dispositions are different than those of the past. Many of us are quite shy for one reason or another and might not want others watching as we type our post. Even so, I really think you should keep building your board and gently let anons know around the webring and beyond. Maybe something interesting will habben. As for a name, what about Moonchan?
>>4107 >I'm just not confident other anons can read my text before I finish it. Nice design tho but we're still waiting for a proper /late/ reborn. Oh no, this isn't supposed to be THE /late/. I was just making an live image board and it hit me that there was talk about late getting some sort of chat. So I thought it could be useful. But regular and live image boards are different. The latter one's being more of a real time chat with the previous one skin. If anything I wood want late back with some link to what I made as a chat option. As for confidence. I think it's something you grow comfortable with bretty quickly. It's just scary cause it's unusual at first. But it's a nice way to learn how to think up phrases on the spot. >>4109 Thanks for liking it! Yeah I'm proud of it. And it's true it needs some refinement. I fixed few issues today that were called out. It's wise to test on both firefox and chrome since CSS behaves slightly differently on each of them. > I really think you should keep building your board and gently let anons know around the webring and beyond. Maybe something interesting will habben. Will do but I feel asking people to check my stuff for no other reason than it's my stuff always felt bad to me. I can't do it without feeling my skin crawl. But I'll see and contact some space with cool people that I know of. Maybe some will be interested. >As for a name, what about Moonchan? I like it. But it hit me that a better way to name wood have been lunachan. As moonch is already the domain, I called the board Luna. New url since the previous one doesn't work anymore https://moonch.vip/board/luna/catalog
>>4112 >bretty quickly. You know. Did I misspell bretty twice by now or does this board change the word? I am wondering if my mind is frying haha
>>4112 >As for confidence I may be a little shy. Just the user is writting message scares me on regular chat services. That's why I don't use them a lot and prefer slow image boards in general. >to be THE /late/ Just noticing you changed the name to /luna/. Cute name. >>4113 It's bretty weird isn't it?
>>4113 If that were true it bretty much wood be berry quacking strange anon.
Open file (709.08 KB 1600x1008 handsthankyou.jpg)
>>4032 >>4097 Thank you for sharing your archive with us again !
Open file (163.16 KB 1200x1233 1673572361363.jpg)
/kind/ was asking about you /late/, wondering how you're doing. Maybe go pay them a visit? https://kind.moe/kind/res/1119.html#1119
>>4137 Nprb. I love /late/ and look forward to the board being back up again, and good as new!
I was daydreaming about going to uni last night before falling asleep, thinking about if i will finally win over social anxiety and such. It was lightly raining and my window was open to listen to the rain. In the middle of daydreaming i fell asleep and started actually dreaming of a uni life where i am just as much of a loser as i was in uni. I don't even know where i actually fell asleep but college life was looking grim. In my dream i lived in one of the dorm that was quite faraway from the college. during a latenight commute or a random walk i met a girl, she was longer than me (i am 1.70 and she was like 1.90 or something), messy black hair to her shoulders, black eyes and black pants with a white shirt with something written on it in giant black letters(it was something like a metal bands merch). During my walk she approached me, i don't remember the exact words but the convo went like: "Hi" "h-hi" "Don't you think walking alone this late is dangerous" "i don't have much to get stolen" "some people want things others don't even know they have, i want someone to drink with me for example" "o-okay" After this she held my wrist and we went to some mountain or something to talk where i cried to her shoulder. i don't remember any convos exacly. After this i realised she was in my uni but our dorms are far from each other soo we meet late at night at random places late at night. It was raining and dark in almost eberry part of this dream. We had a lot of latenight dates, i got to know her a lot and realised how obsessive she is, i learnt that she was stalking me after getting into college soo we didn't met by chance. She said she wood cut all my friends if i had any, she also stopped talking to her friends, we started living together in a apartment with a broken window. I told her it is quite cold one night so we started cuddling trying to heat up. She was whispering how much she loves me to my ear. It was raining horribly outside and we are cuddling as we praise each other inside, it was amazing. Then randomly i wake up to realise i am hugging my blanket, the rain is just as bad as it was in my dream, i am freezing cold because i collected all the blanket while hugging it and the carpet is wet from the rain. I just want her back and nothing else
Open file (10.43 KB 225x225 Thought.jpg)
Alright, Anons. I've been studying imageboards and how they fall, work, etc., and I think I have a nice blueprint for a /late/ replacement and renovation. Needless to say, this elaborate plan betrays my autism and isn't concrete. There are certain things I feel are vital, however. I have no talent in programming or web hosting, but I wood be more than happy to contribute funds or volunteer time to see this habben. >Name I think either LateChan or LoreChan fits nice (you'll see why), but I really don't care what it's called. >Basis This new site wood consist of multiple boards, in order to better focus content, and for reasons you'll see further herein. I am adamant that this site should be as lightly advertised as possible, decline connection to the webring, and overall focus on a discoberry-basis for entry. The reasons for this are twofold. For one, it will keep halfchan and redditfags to a minimum, at least for awhile. It will also (along with other features) keep inter-site drama (see zzzchan and 8kun) drama to a minimum. >SFW Boards /sanctuary/- A board dedicated to comfy material and generally a space to hide from normals. /lore/- A board for sharing, recalling, and cataloging internet/nostalgic history (think ChrisChan dumps or early YouTube content), as well as 1980s-2010s culture. /x/- A standard paranormal board, barring succposting and mysticism. Think of this as creepypasta/X-Files and /fringe/ as halfchan's modern /x/. /v/- A bimeo james board, nothing more or less. /biz/- A business and finance board, with less emphasis on crypto and daytrading. and more on long-term, secure growth (as well as other non-investment topics). /prep/- A /k/ board with additional topics of homesteading, prepping, and other practical matters. /wiz/- The first containment board, for holding wizard or /r9k/ posts, 'incel' content, etc. SFW to keep loli/fag caca to a minimum. Posting about wamen moments or chuds is to be disallowed on all boards save this and free, notwithstanding the exceptionally rare circumstance of it being on-topic. >NSFW Boards /fringe/- A board for tarot, mysticism, gnostic posts, lucid dreaming, etc. As a general rule, i it doesn't fit in History Channel or the Matrix, it goes here instead of /x/. /free/- The random board, also used as a site wide trash board (hence not being called /b/). Any and all lewd threads deemed unique enough to exist belong here. I based this provisional list on my best estimation of the trends of threads on /late/, which suffered from threads being moved around too much by varying interests (a problem natural to all over-concentrated boards). As is obvious, no one Anon can predict the future or know all necessary boards, and as such I will explain how boards can be added momentarily. The board management must be altered, as made plain by the sudden deletion of /late/. It is completely unreasonable for one autist to be able to rob the site from all others when he acquires butthurt or a rope. Therefore, I propose a 'Viceroyalty' system for the admin/mods. Each mod in this model wood take ownership of a board of their specialty, with the admin being voted as a first among equals. That way, if the admin vanishes, all board owners have admin access as to keep the site running until matters can be resolved. This also resolves the issue of board owners vanishing without replacement, as on EndChan, as once a vassal owner vanishes, the admin can appoint a new one immediately without having to deal with the claims system and the accompanying empty boards. It will also allow for an individual-basis system of rules, without the cross-board staff of other sites (though site rules will exist obviously). I told Quilt via email that the newfags wood ruin /late/, and I don't want to see that habben here. As for board creation, I propose a compromise between halfchan and 8kun. No Anon can make a board, but with popular request and the consensus of the assembled staff, a new one can be created and an owner appointed. This will also help avoid board abandonment with replacement of deserters and a lack of flooding the site with redundant boards. That's all I have for now, thanks for reading this quacking Great Wall of Autism, and like I said, I am at all my frens service whenever needed. Your fren, Anon
>>4153 I wood argue yet another /v/, a /biz/ and to a lesser extent /prep/ aren't really necessary and don't really fit in with /late/. /v/ is redundant and there's already so many of those, most of them inactive. /biz/ and /prep/ can easily bleed into politics, and the last thing we need is yet another place full of eberryone graffitiing their political gang signs eberrywhere. But that's just my low quality input, anyways
Open file (275.17 KB 850x1024 Future.jpg)
>>4154 No, fren, you make some solid points. I should have included one of the most important site rules I had in mind, borrowed from /late/. No /pol/ posting. Quilt did an admittedly good job enforcing this while allowing discussion of facts. Notice I didn't suggest a /pol/ board. As long as politics aren't the primary focus and any side quips are civil, it shouldn't derail anything. This again feeds into the suggestion for local moderation, as it can be more focused. Frankly, and I know this opinion is not popular, I and some others saw /late/ as a general purpose board, while keeping it comfy. I understand, however, that some want to keep it focused specifically to delirium filled cheez it reviews. That is why I suggested segregating into /v/ /prep/ etc. Anons of all interests deserve a place sheltered from the uncomfy, at least in my opinion, and I think we /late/ frens can make that real. As you mentioned, many other interest boards are dead (though many more are normalfied). I wood pose that a new one of each could gather exiles from other dead sites (i.e. 94Chan, one of the few communities I consider remotely worthy of /late/). Sorry for the rambling, just excited to make this work.
Open file (219.16 KB 640x640 1657962664139.png)
>>4114 >That's why I don't use them a lot and prefer slow image boards in general If you want I could make two board options. One supports live posting and other one is a traditional image board. It woodn't be hard to add. Also eberryone is sure /late/ is dead? Apparently the domain expires over a year https://www.whatsmydns.net/domain-expiration?q=late.city which means it got renewed, right? I'm kinda surprised it closed down too like a month after it had an overhaul to speed it up >>4153 /lore/ wood be a place I wood be interested in. But putting anything semi related to /pol/ like /biz/ or /prep/ is a death wish for anything comfy. >I based this provisional list on my best estimation of the trends of threads on /late/, which suffered from threads being moved around too much by varying interests (a problem natural to all over-concentrated boards). As is obvious, no one Anon can predict the future or know all necessary boards, and as such I will explain how boards can be added momentarily. Maybe adding more boards for specific interests wood be good. But I kinda like "general" image boards. It's fun to be hit with something unexpected outside your interests from time to time. I might have a fix for that though. Make an aggregator board which has an option to select which boards you want to get the threads from. So you can filter it. Once you done it generates a link that you could bookmark to save your settings that way
>>4154 You're right anon. Keep /v/, /k/ and /biz/ out of /late/. >>4155 I like the first draft you've made here. Keep it up anon. >>4156 >two board options. Nah live board is fun, don't listen to my paranoid ramblings. I may cometo lurk from time to time and maybe post when I'm sure nobody is here to spy on my typing :) >the domain expires over a year Maybe they renewed thedomain just tobe sure no one can build a new /late/ on this one.
>>4153 Interesting, and good effort-post Anon. You plainly have thought about this for a good bit.
>>4156 yeah the domain got renewed. It was suggested on the discord that the admin doesn't want people to continue /late/ without them. So they locked up /late/ and essentially walked away with the key
Open file (1.35 MB 616x927 incakola.PNG)
>>4153 I think making a new board like this with all these things could be cool and valuable to anons at large but it doesn't sit right with me to suggest that late's userbase specifically go to a board so drastically different. I don't want some new fundamentally different thing to replace /late/. I want /late/. A board that different shrimply woodn't be /late/ it wood be something else. Moreover, late's userbase is not large enough to support that many boards (and I don't want it to be that large either) Late's varied threads and feel were a result of just enough activity to keep its various threads going. Late doesn't need to be organized into different boards and its topics didn't suffer, that was part of the boards character. Anons made minecraft threads when they wanted, they made feels threads when they wanted, they shared musings on esotericism and philosophy and their favorite soft drinks when they wanted. Generally there weren't many obnoxious threads. That's all /late/ was and needed to be. As for needing a big team of "dumb" mods I'm good. If some coherent friendgroup that isn't filled with drama wants to take over that's fine. If a dedicated anon builds a new /late/ and slowly lets in anons as mods who are established users that actually care and show they care by having stuck around so long, that's fine. What's not fine and I've rarely seen work on any board (or internet community for that matter, coming from someone who ran teamspeak communities and source game servers for years) for berry long is introducing some new complicated governance system that always leads to drama or some anon(s) going apecaca at some point and ruining it. I don't mean to discourage you in general though. I do think making new governance models for boards can work sometimes, and dedicated people can make bigger projects work. And you should make /lore/ and some of those other boards on a different site! /lore/ sounds amazing! I think there's space for more altboards in general and I hope we have a renaissance of them! But /late/ specifically doesn't need all that. It wood be welcome to let us know if you do make a new board with these new ideas though, I'll certainly check it out, and maybe become an active poster, just don't try to claim that it's /late/ please because it woodn't be. (Unless a critical mass of lateanons disagree with me and flock to it, in which case I cede my points.) The only board that should succeed /late/ should be /late/ itself. Since Quilt doesn't seem to be coming back that means we have to start a board, go through the arduous process of rebuilding all the threads from the archive, and then maintain the ruleset and moderate the board as it had been before. Once we do all that if we get some new ideas on how to make minor or maybe a rare major modification to late's structure and it's board culture that's okay. But we absolutely cannot radically and suddenly change that board culture and still call it /late/.
>>4265 This lateanon gets it.
Ah~ It's so late~ it makes it harder to get to bed nya~
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>>4265 Couldn't have said better anon. >>4153 The idea is interesting but to divergent from the original /late/ feeling.
>>4153 mmm yeah so uh no. Theres no reason to drastically change the culture and feeling of /late/ for popularity. the board was small but it was comfy. Almost like a group chat filled with your friends. /late/ has developed its own comfy and cynical culture. I dont think it should change.
>>4269 I am enslaved to /late/ changing, fren. I only wish to see it avoid another demise. The culture of /late/ was by far the best of all imageboards I have seen. That is not in question. What is up for discussion is whether offering SEPERATE spaces for similar Anons wood be beneficial to the site on which /late/ or its successor is held. I want the old site back just as much as you, but unless Quilt shows up it shrimply isn't habbening.
>>4272 >dumbquack I meant not enslaved to it changing.
>>4265 I agree with your sentiments but the fact of the matter is that (while not necessarily following the plan I suggested, anything will work), doing exactly the same as before will only lead us back to /shelter/ threads and the drawing board. Yes, the /late/ we had was the best board yet, but we can still try again. The overreliance on Quilt and the isolated nature of the board has flaws, clearly. I understand especially your wariness of board staff, the jannies of halfchan alone are more than adequate justification for that. Still, having one moderator (or worse yet, an inconsistent one) means there are slow-on-the-draw responses to posts containing [illegal content], as there were on /late/. Even if that troll caca stays up for a day or two, it can cause glowie attention or board drama.
>>4272 >but unless Quilt shows up it shrimply isn't habbening. Not true. There are ample possibilities for ressurrecting a board in various ways. An anon ITT has already offered to fund the hosting, just as one example. There are nearly-complete archives of the board at hand. Now it's shrimply a matter of will. I no longer think the original idea of waiting for the domain to expire before moving is now relevant if the old Admin has in fact renewed it again. Can other anons confirm this fact?
>>4278 Yes, that is true, but I fear attempting the exact same design again will only lead us back to this berry thread. Even if it was as shrimple as you pose, why hasn't it been done yet? I'm not demanding we destroy what was, only that we adapt it as little as necessary for the future.
>>4282 With all due respect, you definitely appear to be an outsider. Now you're engaging in fallacies ('why hasn't it been done yet?', 'shrimple as you pose' [sic]) to support your call to action. What's your agenda here fren? The reasons are abundantly clear ITT. It'll get done when it gets done. This 'bunker' thread is to come to a consensus first, and that without cajoling. Patience Anon.
>>4283 Well, not an outsider, but maybe ambitious for /late/? Not trying to make bad faith arguments, but I'm saying for all the despair we saw at the loss of the site, there seems to be little action to back that passion up. Also, making discussion and offering suggestions and points/counter-points (as we have both been doing) is not cajoling, and the suggestion that it is betrays a reliance on indecision. Yes, I have an agenda. I want to see a board that offers the best services to all, regardless of interests or sub-cultures. If expanding our horizons and alliances is the best way forward (though it is far from decided), then we have to be open to that. Just the same, if we get /late/ back as you intend, that's fine by me, as long as we are able to avoid similar events to those of the past days. If the shrimple act of pushing discussion forward or offering suggestions is cajoling, we can't expect to get anywhere.
>>4286 >and the suggestion that it is betrays a reliance on indecision. Lol what does this even mean? >Just the same, if we get /late/ back as you intend, that's fine by me, as long as we are able to avoid similar events to those of the past days. That's a good attitude for sure, but there are no guarantees in this life. Just eberryone move forward in good faith together, eberryone use BUMP to keep the new board backed-up as well (or at least curl/wget), and we'll all do our best. We're in a war over protecting our freedom of speech Anon. There's always a back and forth during war, and you have to plan for that accordingly. But we'll be fine as we stick together in this. I do however, agree with you that the time for movement has come. If the Anon who will fund the server is still willing, I'd say let's move. I'm willing to Janny it, or even BO if that's what it takes to move forward. I have more on my plate and wood prefer not to, but I'll do so if that's what's necessary here for /late/ 's reconstruction.
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Open file (107.97 KB 1080x1219 quiltcontext2.jpg)
Open file (246.14 KB 1080x2997 quiltcontext.jpg)
safe to say /late/'s not coming back, at least in it's current capacity...
>>4293 Sounds like he was under a lot of pressure in general. But these were from almost 1 year ago Anon, anything from him more recent? What about the radio? That was plainly a big draw for the site.
>re: ideas to add other boards to /late/ redux the single board with a bunch of topics mashed together was one of the things I liked about it. Multiple themed boards makes sense for a large community, but for a small one the single /late/ board I think is what added to it's pleasurable vibe. My 2 cents.
Open file (29.83 KB 1080x1015 ELgeCL8U4AEBheG.jpg)
Linking my post on /kind/ here in case /late/ has difficulties getting set up on their own hardware and domain: https://kind.moe/kind/res/1119.html#1731 Carving out space on Junkuchan woodn't be tough and I'd love to help out if need be. I'm merely a lurker but I think having a single board is the best way forward. Activity will be stifled if people are spread about on multiple boards. Let the community build back up and, if /late/ gets too fast, you can reconsider making an extra board or two.
>>4293 Does anyone have a link to this discord? As much as I loath the platform I'm on it because of other people I talk to that will never leave and it wood be nice to have another place to talk to lateanons until the board gets going at least. >>4296 >>4295 100% I'm >>4265 and really want us to just have our one board again. Junkuchan and wirechan both look comfy, though I'm not super familiar. I woodn't be opposed to becoming a board on a more established and stable imageboard. We'd have more protection from those awful bots that way too. I admit, the one thing I consistently dreaded about /late/ which wasn't Quilt's fault, was randomly seeing things that terrified and depressed me. Also, Quilt if you're reading this. Thankyou for the years of work you've put into the board and if you keep the minecraft server and radio going on any domain I'll use them!
>>4299 It was in the latest issue of the /late/ Zine. Heres the link and the zine. https://discord.gg/RuXQAUPBPk
>>4294 That was the last time we ever heard from him. all we got was radio silence until the admin blog was made >>4299 There was a request for a bunker made on /meta/. I encourage people to go support that so we can at least get our own space (no offense /comfy/ <3)
>>4293 That's really a shame. I hope it works out well for him and for you guys. I really do. I hate to see this habben to a board and community.
I have to agree with the people saying a single board wood probably work best.
>>3453 the .static directory (which is supposed to contain the CSS and JS files) is empty tried extracting the zips twice but the folder is still empty am i doing something wrong? if not, does anybody have the .static folder?
>>4302 >all we got was radio silence until the admin blog was made Is the admin blog still available? >>4306 >the .static directory (which is supposed to contain the CSS and JS files) is empty You're doing nothing wrong Anon, that's my fault. I never added that to the program, and then lots of other things habbened after. My apologies. If someone ever did a 'save page as...' from their browser, the CSS can be retrieved that way. The new version of the software will be much better, and this will be included in it.
>>4307 What software did you use to archive the webpages? and also, are they still accessible (the website in its actual state)? or is the zips the only things remaining from /late/ ?
>>4308 >What software did you use to archive the webpages? It's called BUMP. We wrote it for preserving our board. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12974.html#14866 >and also, are they still accessible (the website in its actual state)? or is the zips the only things remaining from /late/ ? https://late.city/late See for yourself, Anon. Thankfully we had been archiving /late/ periodically as was our wont. We've pushed them publically now, to help rebuild /late/ wherever it lands. (>>3453)
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>>4307 No, both the backup hiddencorner domain and the one on late.city both went down with he site
>>4313 I see. Welp, he certainly gave plenty of advance notice. We wood have made more frequent backups if had known. We hope he's doing OK. Thanks for the information, Anon.
>>4306 If you still need the .static files it looks like they were archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/*/https://late.city/* Filter for ".static" of course.
>>4315 Excellent. Good job Anon.
tysm anon!
>>4317 Where!?
>>4153 Anon from the above post here. I'm actually really glad you guys were so responsive and productive in discussion. I was worried you guys woodn't like a single board because most sites hate general-purpose boards. I like them for their refined culture and /comfort/. Anyways, based on eberryone's input, I'd now advise we discard my original post and instead either bring the site back or move to wirechan. It seems to be just a little bit closer to our native culture. Anyway, I have no idea how hosting works, but I could contribute up to 75 USD for hosting expenses if we went independent.
Open file (1.26 MB 911x781 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4322 Based beyond belief, thank you fren.
>>4322 Alright. Someone made a request to the wirechan admin (Koi) for a new board on wirechan. Someone said that it doesn't feel right and koi joined the discord to see what was up. We all agreed we wood use it as a bunker since the cafe admins haven't replied yet to the post on /meta/. I'd be nice if whoever made the request come forward on the discord so eberryones on the same page
Open file (2.55 MB 2537x2526 25.jpg)
Well, I'm off to late.bunker. I hope to see the rest of you /late/ frens there
Open file (344.31 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036.jpg)
Hi to all my /late/ friends, /comfy/ BO here. I was not really active lately but lurked with attention. I think we should really move on the issue and start creating the new /late/ on a dedicated domain (if the anon wanting to paid for the server is still up to). I see a bunker was created on Wirechan, it's a good start but we need to work on a dedicated site and keeping it as close as the original was (ie. no multi boards. Despite the idea is interesting it's not close to the /late/ feeling where all the threads in their diversity were on a single board). I may not be a really helping hand on the technical stuff but I may willingly be vol. Especially because in my part of the world /late/ hours are different I was noticing the bad posts when the staff were asleep yeah those disgusting p*do ones. To be sure we may at least be two vols as I'm not on the internets 24/24. Hope /late/ reborn soon and thanks to all involved in the process. Also, Quilt take care of you and thanks for having maintained this nice board.
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Hey, I have a question. Wood anyone be interested in bringing back /late/ station? I know how to get a web radio up and running. But I wood need help with getting songs to play as I don't trust myself with picking the right music. Also any ideas on what to do with a domain? Buy a new one just for the station? Wait till someone buys a lain domain and ask for a subdomain?
really wish we had a chatroom that wasn't on discord, even IRC wood be better. Not that I like boards even having an offsite place for discussions, it tends to be detrimental to the traffic and discussions on the actual site, I understand why /late/ needs one, but it still doesn't feel right, and discord communities are just gross
>>4598 >o be sure we may at least be two vols as I'm not on the internets 24/24. I've already offered to janny as well, so with the new BO, that wood be 3 of us. More than enough.
>>4600 >Wood anyone be interested in bringing back /late/ station? That was a great thing about /late/ IMO. If someone will build it, then we'll find good music to play, Anon. >>4602 >and discord communities are just gross This. Doxxcord is anti-Anon.
>>4598 While I have you 'on the line' BO, can we start a /meta + QTDDTOT thread pls? Our 'rebuild' thread kind of served as that for a few days but now we need a dedicated one, I think. Pardon for off-topic, /late/.
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>>4600 I will greatly appreciate to submit some music to the radio anon. Hope we'll bring back Latestation. >>4605 Done. Was it really needed on /comfy/ ? Hey, lets see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>4626 Nice.
>>4626 Anoncafe Admins are legitimate, and clearly part of helping the Internet communities. Good decision Lateanons.

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