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Open file (43.38 KB 640x480 Fi4VR-eWQAAHIPo.jpg)
Liru the Werewolf Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 15:37:42 No.2251
Liru loves us and wants us to be happy! 😊
Open file (34.76 KB 112x112 petpet.gif)
Open file (328.08 KB 3200x4450 1655938750272.png)
Open file (30.23 KB 320x240 e1c447f0.jpg)
Open file (65.77 KB 750x600 url.jpg)
There is something about this werewolf. I want to convert to Liruism.
Remember, pls keep it SFW ITT Anons. (>>1)
Open file (153.19 KB 966x1011 1518962880375.jpg)
>>2254 Of course. Just because someone makes a dumb porn parody of the character doesn't mean the character is really like that.
Open file (662.11 KB 2644x3754 CmvpaW0UIAAlTwJ(1).jpg)
Liru is a lovely werewolf
>>2661 A cute. But, well, werewolf. They bite.
>>2664 Only if you're rude to her.
>>2667 And if I accidentally on her tail one day, what then? Where do I run hide from those vicious fangs Anon?
Yes, she is a werewolf but she is incredibly kind, good natured, educated and mature (at least compared to the other princesses) She woodn't lash out in anger unless you were in the clear wrong. I woodn't cross her, we know where that can lead but I really doubt I wood be able to get close to a situation where that wood be likely.
>>2679 Well, you do make her sound appealing Anon, I'll confess. Am I allowed to put a muzzle on her at the Adoption Agency first?
Liru is a princess.
Open file (81.25 KB 595x842 DoKJ5lIUUAU35xi.jpg)
Open file (68.20 KB 385x278 literally a goddess.jpg)
Open file (220.47 KB 386x576 tERMneh.png)
She is deserving of much love.
Open file (321.21 KB 1278x1090 SSQcT.jpg)
I love Liru! ❤️
>>5825 AWOOOO!
Open file (306.22 KB 1109x1478 0918da6a4a37c091.jpg)
Love Liru! ❤️
Open file (157.98 KB 1536x2048 1641766885345.jpg)
>>6393 Neat! Is this something you yourself are fashioning Anon? If so, you should share your work on /doll/ or /robowaifu/ .
>>2251 i need to get some liru porn :3
>>6717 I hope it won't be posted here XD
Open file (442.19 KB 1490x2000 AHR007-Off-B011.jpg)
>>7038 I've seen a post on /doll/ about this. Glad to meet her :3
>>7038 >>7041 Oh, wait ! It's a full size doll ? It's a love doll ?!
>>2251 OK, but what shall we do to make her happy ?
Open file (95.42 KB 658x987 111314788_p1.jpg)
Liru deserves our love and respect ❤️ 🫡
Open file (2.06 MB 600x450 982jzh2qzr2b1.gif)
I like Liru because she is werewolf.

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