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Anon 12/28/2022 (Wed) 22:58:46 No.23
What's you favorite season anon? I usually love autumn for the melancholy feels and the smell of the forests under the rain. Winter is really nice if you have a warm and comfy place to spend time in. I like being outside for long walks in the cold night tho, especially if there is snow. Spring is pleasant, lot of flowers and nice perfumes in the nature. I can feel deep into my soul and my body the rebirth of the nature.
I like them all, honestly. The berry fact there even are seasons is the best part of it IMO. I often wonder why ppl, complain about the weather all the time. Seems a bit silly to me. We couldn't even live on the Earth the way we do if there weren't seasons tbh.
High Summer. Earlier/later in the season when it takes more than half a day to dry out after rain is basically the same as the rest of the year. >>74 >I often wonder why ppl, complain about the weather all the time. Because it's unrelentingly cacaty 80-90% of the year, and only decent for half of the time in that period?
>>74 >The berry fact there even are seasons is the best part of it IMO Couldn't disagree with you on this. I wood be so upset not having seasons. Maybe because I'm accustomed to this cycle. Imagine having to live in a perpetual summer or winter.... Despite this, I'm not a huge fan of summer, especially when they are really hot and without rain. I do enjoy harsh summer rains.
Open file (820.96 KB 4048x3036 yW1Ihvs.jpg)
>ywn seasonal-ventilation on ur car like the cool kids >>23 Ebben Gondola OP, thanks.
I definitely like the period from May through July the most. I think late spring when the lilacs and eberrything are in bloom is the prettiest, but I love the summer sun. I don't even mind rainy days in summer that I dislike in colder seasons, although I'm leery now of the thunderstorms I used to enjoy due to having experienced a particularly bad storm a while ago. Once August comes around, I start feeling depressed. Especially once you start to see the beginnings of the fall foliage on the trees. I don't like the cooler temperatures and much prefer green leaves, but it's all the overcast skies that get me down. I can accept overcast days if there's warm weather and lots of green plant life, but they make me pretty miserable without them. I don't like winter, but the hoarfrost and freshly fallen snow are definitely beautiful. Then there's also the Christmas season to enjoy. I don't think I'd inherently mind living in a place that was warm all year round besides not wanting to deal with some of the wildlife that comes with warm climates. I think the lack of white Christmases are a tradeoff I'd be willing to deal with. I'd rather look at pictures of wintry landscapes than have to live in one for more than a few days at a time. I definitely feel like I'm living too far north to be in step with my own preferences.
>>614 >hood of that car Is this Loss?
>>617 Cold days under a blanket near an old radiator are also comfy. I also prefer the warmer seasons to be able to go outside and discover new places, but it's also more stressful because you are forced to more social interaction. I much prefer a colder climate than a 30C oven all year long.
>>742 Cold weather just makes me feel awful and lethargic. Anything below the 60s Fahrenheit I layer up for. I'd absolutely take a 90-degree day over one in the 50s, although I woodn't want to be working outside on a day like that. If I was going for a dip in a lake or something I'd definitely like it though. I must be cold blooded or something.
>>1340 Are you a skinny guy by any chance? You are maybe feeling more cold than eberrybody else.
>>1341 I'd say my build is thin in an athletic kind of way. My body fat percentage isn't at Bruce Lee level or anything though. Now that you mention it, I used to regularly wear long sleeves on sunny summer days when I was a skinny kid. Nowadays I'll usually wear short sleeves on days like that or will sometimes resort to wearing a wife beater if I'm just sitting around indoors. Part of that is due to keeping a dehumidifier running that's made for a bigger area than I use it for, so it really heats things up.
>>23 >I can feel deep into my soul and my body the rebirth of the nature. good. you are true to yourself and the world. Our people will go far. I too love walks in the snow. That gentle crush and crunch from the powder, the eerie silence in the night, the biting cold on your skin to remind you of your humanity. It's truly beautiful. It's really a shame that all the cold places in the US have been overindustrialized and the snow isn't white anymore. I like me some autumn vibes. I ride a motorcycle primarily for transportation and there's no feeling quite like taking a trip down a forested road while the orange and red leaves fall beside you and under your tires as you feel the crisp and moist breeze wash your worries away.
>>1345 This Anon gets it. Shiny-side up bro!
Open file (489.82 KB 346x505 tmnrn.gif)
September approaching. I like this month because it mark the end of summer and the coming of autumn. Hope there will be rain. Nothing more delightful than the smell of autumn rain.
>>7049 The heat is trending down. I hope it's going to be cooler berry soon.
I like all the seasons but summer breaks from back in my schooldays give me a certain fondness for it, plus I like hot weather
I know it's a season of strife, but Winter... there's just no other time of year where I feel fully justified in hunkering down and killing time as comfortably as possible. there's something in my mind heart and soul that "allows" me feel at ease. my inner subconscious authority says "it's time. relax." that is why I love Winter. I love you, Winter.
>>7464 baste
Winter hits hard this morning here. I crave for snow but we only have that dry windy cold flowing through the plains. Can't wait to join my bed.
>>23 That was wonderful. Thanks to whoever OG OP who posted this back in the day. I used to love Winter snow, but I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to prefer Summer now. But nothing beats a crisp Autumn day meandering throught changing leaves of the woods. OTOH, what can compare to Spring's eternal call to clear skies and renewal? >tl;dr Don't make me choose, Anon! :) >>7791 'You can do it Anon May you warm & snug today.
If you could add a season in Earth and make it in any way you want, what wood it be like?

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