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Open file (2.58 MB 1920x1080 1596688477741.jpg)
Anon 01/10/2023 (Tue) 17:47:06 No.2990
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number three. Autumn edition. old thread https://web.archive.org/web/20201124060427/https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1239.html
Open file (430.04 KB 1080x1350 n9kfb.jpg)
it's late late hours for me now. i just wanna sit, and enjoy the idleness of staring & listening to the waves at a local beach hope you, wherever you are right now, are well
Hope you’re having a good Saturday guys. Also to that guy who got banned for being POC I think it’s a shame there’s no politics board for proper discussion anymore. I know this is a term the media uses to complain about white people who stand up for themselves, but that board is now white supremacist rather than WN. They’ve gone beyond caring for their race, they want other ones to perish.
Today had been such a slow day that nothing has habbened which made me remember. It was like I just skipped a day.
Howdy /comfy/ >>2992 It's not a big deal, political boards are stressful anyways.
After maybe half a year, I realized smuglo.li is two four-letter words. I always saw smuglo and thought that was a fun word. Man I feel dumb but in a nice funny way.
Comfy beginning of the week, I hope you're all having a good day.
>>2996 Berry good advice.
Open file (54.14 KB 402x287 really2.PNG)
>be me >just made oolong tea >in my new thermos >waiting for tea to cool >something comes up >I have to leave my house for an hour or so >ohshipmytea.png >put the lid on the thermos >leave to do thing >come back >tea is the perfect temperature
Open file (48.89 KB 600x400 wet46zs34as.jpg)
guess you indirectly gave me a push to spend on a thermos
>>2998 I wanna try oolong tea, but it's bretty expensive here.
>>3000 What is it? I never heard of it.
>>3001 It's a fairly broad category of tea roughly in between green and black
>>3000 Where are you specifically? You can get a hundred pack on amazon for around 13 dollars.
Good evening, eberryone. Let's all take it easy today.
Who ever keeps complaining about /fascist/ ruining this board? I must invite you to relax.
Open file (4.90 KB 226x125 ca.png)
>>3001 It's tea that's not green but not quite black either, some people call it 'blue tea' where I live >>3003 >Where are you specifically? Argentina, problem about buying stuff off amazon is that we bretty much have to pay double the product's value on taxes. Also see pic related, most products can't even be shipped here.
>>3005 As this anon said, whoever is doing this just needs to stop already with this.
>>3006 Interesting, Maybe something like Alibaba or maybe buying a live green tea plant and making your own tea through that maybe?
>>3008 There’s also a physical store that sells a mixture of teas in Córdoba
Open file (209.86 KB 1920x1280 dre5yye.jpg)
>>3006 what abt other teas brewed from tea leaves? honestly speaking i prefered green tea and other types of teas 😆
>>3008 I'd love to grow my own plant. >>3009 Nice I'll check that out >>3010 I love green and black tea, and infusion made from other herbs, I just wanted to try
Hi comfy. Forget you guys exist, bretty cute little board, visiting from /late/, mind if i stay a while?
>>3012 Of course, and thank you for pointing out /late/. It looks like a bretty nice board.
>>3006 Where in argentina bro? Im from southern brazil, do you guys drink mate all over the place or not in some regions? What do you think of mate yourself? I love the stuff. Especially cold. >>3013 I cant believe it, an actual reply /late/ faces some troubles. 1 post per day, maybe less. I like this place. I will try to post here, and contribute to the threads
>Where in argentina bro? Northeast, so we're probably bretty close, bro >do you guys drink mate all over the place or not in some regions? As far as I know people in the entire country drink mate, but I've never been down south so I'm not that sure. >What do you think of mate yourself? I love mate and used to drink mate amargo all day long, not anymore because it wrecks my stomach and keeps me up at night, I still drink it, just not as much.
>>3015 >probably bretty close bro Im 100 km from the uruguayan border, bretty close to you i guess. Wanna meet up for some entrevero? >mate keeps me up at night I have the exact opposite problem, makes me sleep like a little baby
>>3016 >Im 100 km from the uruguayan border same here >Wanna meet up for some entrevero? Nah I'm not a huge fan of going outside, also I can't travel because covid >I have the exact opposite problem, makes me sleep like a little baby Wish I had that problem
Open file (84.18 KB 640x640 1581713740742.jpg)
Today certainly wasn't a comfy day, but it's over now and it's time for some comfort
>>3018 Hey Man what’s wrong?
>>3018 Same here, kissmanga was taken down and I didnt even get a chance to update my saved bookmarks list. All those hundreds series I had bookmarked; Gone.
>>3017 >>3016 Do you guys drink mate the same as you wood a normal tea as a relaxing drink? I have never head it.
>>3019 Just work stuff, I'm so bad at it that my boss thinks I'm slacking off but I'm actually working overtime most days, I'm afraid I'm gonna get fired. >>3020 I had no idea, sucks to hear that, I'm gonna guess kissanime is also gone, bretty uncomfy. >>3021 >Do you guys drink mate the same as you wood a normal tea as a relaxing drink? It's kinda weird, some people here drink it bretty much constantly, it has caffeine so it's not berry relaxing for me, I usually don't drink it in the afternoon, it's great when you're working or studying, it actually helps me concentrate in the morning.
>>3020 im sorry to hear that. i can relate to saving tons of bookmarks and one day they're just gone :(
Open file (2.96 MB 1061x1500 2enx4.png)
>>3023 It should've been obvious that it was going to be taken down at some point, considering they moved domains before. This is why I've started keeping track of my mangas in a notepad software.
Open file (51.77 KB 1079x601 3ri7hod7iky11.jpg)
Hope you guys are having a comfy day
>>3025 I just woke up like 2 hours ago and my day is about to start, so I'll see whether it will be a com one or not, I have this planned to do.
Open file (378.15 KB 645x687 398758322189.png)
>>3022 >>3023 >>3024 Yeah it sucks having to reorganize eberrything but at least I had a back up incase something like this habbened. Back when sadpanda went down I imported my manga list into mangadex, so the list I have now is a yearish old. Better than nothing I guess..
>>3026 Lucky, My sleep schedule is Trucked and I have to go to school so I stayed up until six trying to fix it.
I've gone back to college this week, and I already feel so tired and uncomfy.
>>3028 I found that any kind of heavy exercise will tire out my body and crave sleep when night comes, I wonder if it will be the same for you. It wasn't as comfy as I thought it wood but I managed to accomplish a lot compared to the previous days, surprisingly. >>3027 You should take what habbened as a warning that it may habben in future, too. I'm happy for you that you didn't lose eberrything, though. >>3029 I've never liked college, eberry time I was there it was like I could feel the air being high-strung and intense, but I suppose that's normal for such a place.
>>3029 Sorry to hear that, friend. College is the antithesis of comfy
I had to reschedule my meeting with the dentist today for another day because I got scared when he told he'll have to open a hole so that he can remove it fully.
Open file (828.99 KB 960x540 tea party.png)
>>3034 I've been watching K-On, so comfy
Open file (222.55 KB 1024x768 wojaks-bar.jpg)
What will it be, fren?
>>3035 What other comfy animu have you watched?
Open file (98.99 KB 1279x719 Non-Non-Biyori.jpg)
>>3037 I haven't watched a lot of anime to be honest, the one that I found the comfiest by far was Non non Biyori, used to lay down in bed watching it with a stupid smile on my face and my brother, who lives with me, gave me weird looks. Then I watched other stuff like nichijou or danshi koukousei no nichijou, which are kinda about the same (daily lives of highschool students) and some romcom stuff, but those end up making me feel depressed because girls like those don't exist in the real world. Also watched a lot of shonen stuff but that's not berry comfy to be honest.
>>3036 Cocoa, hot please, and easy on the marshmallows
>>3034 Made me giggle, not gonna lie.
Open file (218.75 KB 600x900 h298hsy.jpg)
wanted to create a thread for sharing those /comfy/ quotes, captions, and phrases that warms your heart. but i guess i'll post some here first. >Summer wasn’t always like this. When I was growing up in a small California town called Lagunitas, a perfect stillness awaited us when we stepped out of school for the holidays. We had no summer classes, no camps, no relatives to visit. The calendar was a blank. >Eberry summer day the hills of Lagunitas pressed in and the light pressed down. It was as if the planet had come lazily to a stop so we could hear the buzzing of the dragonflies above the creek – and the beating of our own hearts. >Without school to tell us who we were – fifth-graders or sixth-graders, good students or idlers – we were free just to be ourselves, to build forts and to roam around the neighbourhood with a head of schemes. >There was time for eberrything. Minutes were as big as plums, hours the size of watermelons. You could spend a quarter of an hour watching dust motes in the shaft of sunlight from the doorway just wondering if anyone else could see them. >I don’t really miss those long, slow days. What I miss is summertime, the illusion that the sun is standing still and the future is keeping its distance. On summer afternoons, nobody gets older. Kids didn’t have to worry about becoming adults, and adults didn’t have to worry about running out of adulthood. You can lie on your back watching clouds scud across the sky, and maybe later walk down to the shop for an ice cream. You could lose your watch and not miss it for days. by Adair Lara
>>3033 wisdom tooth?
>>3042 Yeah, it's a wisdom tooth. >>3041 "Eberry breath we take, eberry step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity."
Why am I so tired all the time? Not even coffee cold water and exercise helps.
>>3044 Have you checked your diet? That can cause problems with your health, too. On a side-note: I want /comfy/ to be unindexed again, it has gotten kind of slow.
Open file (310.26 KB 2048x1638 59532934_p0.jpg)
Open file (285.81 KB 626x841 2.png)
I want to give her head pats and squeeze her cheeks! I love mai waifu so berry much!
>>3044 >>3045 Take it even further and get a blood test, you may be deficient in something that can be fixed but you can't confirm without a blood test. Vitamin D is a common deficiency for anons.
>>3046 >tfw your waifu gets introduced late in game and gets next to no development
>>3048 Such is the fate of characters introduced later into the game, anon.
>>3047 >>3044 could be Anemic
is it autumn already for you? from where i’m at, there’s only hot, rainy, and warm & humid. cool temperature are only for a short while.
>>3051 It's almost spring down here, although we're getting 30°C temperatures already
Open file (42.89 KB 672x408 6570832907880.jpg)
Can you be comfy and depressed at the same time?
>>3053 I can only when I'm watching anime (or sleeping) and forget eberrything else. But only for short periods of time.
>>3052 does it get cooler (even slightly) during November~December period? can't wait for that period to come.
>>3055 Nope, it's the opposite, summer starts in December and January/February are hellish. I wish holiday season was in winter like up there, I wood actually enjoy that time.
>>3056 yeah me too, wood love to have snowing season hahaha! but that will probably mean the earth is drunk and tilt its axis way over.
Open file (556.55 KB 199x150 Je0uXRf.gif)
Ha! Just realised if you type the words "every" or " would", they will changed to "Ebery" and "wood"
Being evil is berry comfy
>>3058 Also habbens with berry and ship
Open file (538.21 KB 2000x2000 ComfyBoi.png)
How was your day anon? I hope it was berry comfy. why doesn't /comfy/ have a board mascot?
>>3061 >How was your day anon? It was nice, job was ok, it got a bit colder and it's raining outside, now I'm having some tea and playing videogames, berry comfy. How about you?
hello i am new here. i like the vibe here already and am looking forward to becoming a member of the community! overall i have been feeling not comfy for a while and really need a place like this to relax. so i guess thank you to eberryone here!
Open file (53.63 KB 800x731 Wikipedia_Puto.jpg)
>>3062 It went well anon >it's raining outside lucky you, it's berry sunny in here >>3063 welcome to the club anon >i have been feeling not comfy for a while and really need a place like this to relax. i hope you get better, here have some rice cakes.
>>3061 >why doesn't /comfy/ have a board mascot? It does
>>3065 the pink haired anime girl?
Open file (281.54 KB 270x480 rr4ge.gif)
the difficulty of deciding whether to drink cold or hot coffee. anyway, i guess /𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆/ is dead again? around 24hrs ago it got 502 error, now it's 404-ed
>>3067 >Upgrading and fixing things is what it says now. I'm sure it' s nothing to worry about.
Open file (565.85 KB 640x785 sluggish.png)
>>3067 Finally the admin answered to the emails sent to him, I really hope he'll be fixing the issues about not being able to post images.
I just want all the drama to end.
>>3070 Me too, fren.
>>3071 I wish I was talented enough with plants to grow a cherry blossom tree. I am in a similar temperate region but I'm sure it isn't easy and insects in my area are ravaging trees.
>>3070 I sure as hell dont, the only thing I look forward to is the inevitable collapse that draws nearer with eberry passing second.
>>3072 Nothing is stopping you from learning, fren.
Open file (14.61 KB 224x224 moonfisher.png)
>>3061 >>3065 >>3066 I used this green Polandball for one of the banners I made and I always associate him with this board.
>>3073 I hope so too, i doubt things will just fizzle out, but it woodn't be the first time it habbens
>>3075 I thought the pole was a cigar and the string was smoke and I was wondering why the smoke was going "down", then I figured it made sense because if he's on the South, his "up" wood be down when looking from this perspective but then I realized I'm just a dumbass.
>>3073 agreed, if things can just "go back to normal" with them gleefully having had their fun and us tolerating their existance, well we don't deserve to continue to exist.
>>3078 who's "them"?
Open file (1.46 MB 640x800 IMG_4848.MP4)
>>3079 Shh, we don't want to invite "them" here.
>wake up >eat >coom >sleep >repeat There surely must be more to life... Right?
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/10/2023 (Tue) 18:25:06.
>>3081 Ofcourse, but tell us what's bothering you anon?
Open file (5.74 MB 720x405 0123956873289.webm)
>>3082 Nothing and eberrything. Im just getting older
>>3081 Of course, prayer.
>>3083 Go work out. Lift weights or join a martial arts class. You need exercise in your life, it’ll make you feel much better
Open file (11.02 KB 747x491 1564784541227.png)
>>3081 That was my life until I started working a few months ago. I miss it
>>3079 the anarchists running around burning and looting with no end sight mainly, while the people who live in those communities, sit back and ask for more.
>>3087 And here I was thinking it was just some board drama.
Open file (250.21 KB 551x256 youtube inexact.PNG)
I am thinking about opening the board again soon. What do you guys think? It should be fine right?
>>3089 Oh, nevermind, seems like /cow/ are trying to setup shop here now.
Open file (179.66 KB 540x405 1046688262708.png)
>>3085 >work out tried that meme, it made me feel weaker eberry day and I had a consistent workout for like a month, I figured i was doing something wrong and gave up >>3089 please no
>>3089 I was wondering why it was gone from the main board. It woodnt bother me either way, its always been comfy to me regardless.
>>3091 Were you taking rest days for recoberry in between your workouts?
>>3091 >tried that meme Well you can't just leave it at that. What were you doing as a workout, what was your routine?
>>3093 Yes >>3094 Pushups, situps, curls, jogging. If you guys have any suggestions that arent overly complicated I did probably do it, eberrytime I go over to /fit/ they info dump alot of ship I woodnt know how to properly do or understand. Not obeese just skinefat and I dont have a local gym.
Open file (163.81 KB 310x275 ai.png)
Herro /comfy/ how are you today?
>>3096 Berry good, I just woke up from a whacky dream.
>>3096 I'm doing great, friend. How about you?
>>3096 Today is my work from home day so I can write my reports on the couch with my baby kitty
>>3096 Breddy gomfy :DDDD
>>3096 Not daijoubu I guess
>>3096 Eberry muscle in the body is sore and it feels like I've been kissed by a freight train.
>>3098 My sleep schedule is messed up but apart from that I am just enjoying my comfy time. Remember not to take your comfy for granted and to always do your best.
We're almost at the long weekend frens. What're you planning to do? I'm looking forward to cleaning my living room and getting some internet spaceships time.
>>3105 >long weekend You're so lucky bros, hope you have a comfy weekend >Remember not to take your comfy for granted and to always do your best. Good advise, I put a couple of extra hours into work today so I didn't have to do stuff during the weekend.
>>3105 Exercise, eat, exercise, I'm trying to increase my weight massively. Hopefully I'll muscle up and fatten up.
Good evening, this night was bretty comfy. I got to sit on my terrace and drink Nesquik while watching the rain fall.
>>3108 That's bretty nice, fren. I'm gonna have some for dinner, thanks for the suggestion.
>>3030 Nothing like a cute cat to start the day comfy
>>3045 I think i need some vitamines.
Open file (5.07 MB 4101x2628 2h42i.jpg)
>>3111 Why? Has something habbened to you that you need to take them? Are you perhaps not eating enough veggies and fruties?
>>3112 Yes i eat fruties but perhaps not enough meet
We're indexed again. Let's see what habbens.
>>3113 Well, you should meet your dose, pills can sometimes give you side-effects. >>3114 Thank you, BO!
>>3115 >cluckime
>>3116 Hi new friend!
>>3116 oh no.........
>>3118 anyway
>>3115 Yep I wood rather get my nutrition the natural way.
How are you today /comfe/?
>>3120 hunting and berrypicking?
Open file (282.93 KB 750x420 8902138000869.mp4)
Open file (359.74 KB 1600x1060 comfy cabin.jpg)
>>3121 Even if my day doesn't go so good, comfy I remain.
>>3121 Last night I was berry uncomfy because my cat had disappeared, she had never done this and I was really worried something might've habbened to her so I spent all night looking for her, luckily she turned up fine this morning so I'm good now.
>>3125 I am glad to hear that your cat is safe anon.
You lads are showing on the board list and there's a briefcase next to the board name. Are you guys okay? Has the BO disappeared?
>>3127 Ignore me lads, I completely missed >>3114 Hope you have a /comfy/ experience with it.
>>3127 The briefcase means that the board's SFW.
>>3125 Whenever I go outside of my home, I always check to make sure my catto is all fine and god.
I keep forgetting about posting here, ill try to post daily so at least its not 100% inactive I really like this place. I am comfy today, had a good night's sleep, a rarity >>3124 That is the spirit of the comfy poster For we could get drafted in a war and we'd still be comfy
>>3126 Me too, turns out she didn't even leave the house, he was just buried under a bunch of clothes in an old closet. She just wanted to have a night of comfy sleep. >>3130 I never leave the house so I'm bretty much always with her, she just disappeared in a ten minute window while I was doing some stuff.
>>3131 Outward circumstance cannot affect our inner comfy.
>>3133 >>3131 This is our sanctuary and each post is like a prayer.
good to see eberryone doing ok i was gone for a while, hows the re-listing on the boards going?
Surprisingly ok, since it habbened just before a refugee drama raid event.
>>3150 Huh? I didn't even notice that. >>3135 Berry good. We already made it to top board for a while.
Open file (434.23 KB 1440x810 1598239116175.png)
I like comffyy
Open file (154.18 KB 1043x398 EgagC3wWsAAvifh.jpg)
It's friday frens, just one more push!
Open file (85.13 KB 526x716 13a0aef9f5411622.jpg)
>>3152 I like you too.
Open file (63.81 KB 679x655 1230087130798.jpg)
Just shipted it was berry comfy
eberrythings gonna be daijoubu, we all make it someday
>>3157 Yes You especially
I'm losing any and all motivation
>>3157 大丈夫じゃない
>>3160 No negative thoughts allowed here, fren.
>>3157 make it to where?
>>3115 degeneracy and effeminate behavior is not comfy >>3159 try working out bro, go to the /sig/ thread at /fascist/
>>3163 go back
I wonder if I can make my bed and room more comfortable. Apart from a bit of my mess, it looks kind of... sterile. Makes me want to live in a house of my own...
>>3165 Post pics anon. We'll give you helpful tips to comfyfy it. >>3163 You don't know what comfy means.
Open file (525.79 KB 720x540 comf.png)
Open file (362.18 KB 638x478 comf1.png)
CN City was occasionally berry comfy.
Open file (431.27 KB 636x480 chill with a view.png)
>>3167 I can't think of any comfy western shows, but it makes the comfy scenes stand out. >>3166 Don't grab the bait, friends. It leads to bad replies.
>>3168 I remember a halloween night many years ago where three friends and I were on top of a hill at night with drinks listening to parties in the distance, talking about teen ship. 8/10 comfy, a joint nightwalking + comfythread flavor vibe.
>>3167 The interstitial bumpers are probably the most comfy, like Adult Swim ones can be.
Open file (1.02 MB 1258x714 imp_scrape.mp4.png)
automation is comfy digital archivism footage https://the-eye.eu/public/Random/ytarchiving_1.mp4
>>3163 Go away umcomfy false flagger. t. /fascist/ user
Picked up a coffee table today and it really brings the room together. Feels a lot more comfy sitting on the sofa watching TV with a table between the two for some reason.
>>3173 Berry nice anon. Do you plan to put things on it?
>>3171 It's both meditative and productive.
/comfy/ poll: >coffee >tea >hot chocolate >other
>>3176 Hot choco
>>3176 Green tea
>>3176 I prefer chocolate, but only when it's cold. Coffee comes second but it makes me feel uncomfy afterwards so I usually drink tea. Weird that my order of preference is the opposite of what I usually drink.
>>3176 Tea, chai with and without cream
>>3180 Good taste, Anon.
>>3173 It probably fills in some space, a lot of room is nice but I can't say it's cozy.
>>3178 Japanese green tea with the toasted rice on top is patrician, if you get a chance.
>>3177 >>3179 Choco best tier.
>>3183 Genmaicha is berry tasty.
>>3176 definitely coffee though sometimes hot choc if coffee rans out and i forgot to buy
>>3176 tea/oolong specifically is really nice
Ima shrimple man I come to comfy I post
>>3176 >coffee >hot chocolate
>>3188 GOOD good
>>3188 Im complex soul I see comfy on overboard I post
>>3191 Being back on overboard has caused a wave of new posts, it's berry comfy
For the last month or so some boards on here have been in a heated debate on which one is the gayest. I think /comfy/ has been the least gay so far.
nice to see /comfy/ indexed again >>3193 honestly it's just one annoying board
I came I saw I posted
I posted I posted I posted
>>3193 And that my good man is a good thing
>>3163 Effeminate behaviour is comfy for effeminate degenerates, anon. It can also be fun and comfy to indulge a little bit of self-deprecatory humour by acting like a massive hobbit from time to time. Also, non-weebs get the rope.
>>3193 >>3194 Berry uncomfy posts
>>3199 Comfy = thing i like
>>3200 Yes
>>3200 Obviously.
>>3201 >>3202 you = comfy
>>3176 Hot chocc with recently added whole milk on a snowy night while covered in a sweater or blanket is MAX comfy
>>3203 That is also correct
>>3205 No, you are correct
Got a long drive back home tomorrow Maybe it'll be comfy
>>3207 Did you get some rest time on your trip?
I'm here, I post. Good to see that /comfy/ is back.
>>3209 >/comfy/ is back. We've always been here
>>3208 It hasn't started yet
>>3209 We never left, welcome back though
>>3191 I see anon post I post
veni vidi post on comfi
Open file (94.44 KB 640x480 1531750740783.png)
La la la la la la la la la
>>3208 It was ok, i had a headache the whole time but now i'm ok
it's /late/ for me now, and it's raining. just finished watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, now listening to some Jimi Hendrix's slow songs while sipping some originally-hot-but-now-is-cooled coffee berry /comfy/
I hope you have a godo day to day
Open file (23.35 KB 250x249 1584054784315.jpg)
Have you smiled today?
>>3220 I just did when I read your post
>>3221 Mission accomplished.
Open file (321.79 KB 600x800 stay_hydrated_anon.png)
>>3222 ALRIGHT, BACK SLOWLY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER Do a 360 and go drink some water :^)
>>3223 Water? Like out the toilet?
>>3224 Only if you're a dog
>>3223 I'd rather drink some hot choco, friend, gotta enjoy the few cold days I have left until next year.
>>3226 I'm envious of you, I like cold days more than hot days. Pls save me.
>>3227 I like cool days and warm nights.
Open file (968.93 KB 2803x2673 3e46.jpg)
which fast food joints/franchise is your go-to /comfy/ food, if any at all?
>>3228 does such a place like that even exist?
>>3229 sitting around late night at >local fast food place< in the 1-4am range has a specific feel to it i cant describe
>>3230 If it did i wood move there
>>3229 I live in a small town and there are no such places, so I've never been to a McDonald's or anything like it. I still don't see how it wood be comfy, I imagine it being full of people and really noisy all the time
>>3229 nice try, marketing department
>>3234 I woodn't be jealous, it's not as cheap as it should be. Funner when you are a kid. There are some alright novelties but it's hardly good food, assuming you live in a western nation. I'd be more jealous of foreign food restaurants, do you have any?
>>3236 >I'd be more jealous of foreign food restaurants, do you have any? Nah, just local small restaurants where they serve regular food (what's regular in this country I guess) and a lot of pizzerias
Open file (245.23 KB 796x551 20191218202529bad.jpg)
Open file (355.42 KB 900x600 20191218202530c20.jpg)
Open file (337.97 KB 900x600 20191130230932d5d.jpg)
Open file (108.26 KB 900x604 2020031022112606e.jpg)
Open file (305.42 KB 900x600 2020032510533664d.jpg)
>>3238 Autumn in Japan is so comfy bros
I am never /comfy/ painful pinches on my shoulder in back area always hurts for some reason especially when sitting or carrying things on my side . I must of injured it last year because that was when it started but I never went to a doctor because I can't afford it. I went on vacation with my parents but bags that I had to carry was too heavy for me. At least I could lay down at pool comfy during my stay.
what's good my dudes.
>>3241 All is good my man, hope you all have a comfy day
Open file (868.32 KB 2880x2160 UP.jpg)
>>3241 Getting to work on my hobby but then becoming obsessed with two other hobbies that overshadow the first hobby that has a deadline now but finally motivating myself to do the first so it's all good. That's what's good, my main lad.
>>3243 What are your hobbees anon? Maybe we could have a hobby thread if there isn't one already
>>3238 Are you on a vacation there, anon?
Been listening to this album a lot, also my first time visiting /comfy/ in a while.
>>3246 Welcome back!
Open file (170.37 KB 1000x562 NHFjZTFheEtVNWpRP8.gif)
while we all have different idea and definition of what is /comfy/, sometimes i felt terribly confronted by others in regards of me being /comfy/. it seems to me that many people can't relax, and being /comfy/ is only when they reached retirement age. even so, some of them wood still want to continue being active by working part-time. sometimes i really ponder what has modern society done to our collective mind. *breathe in exhales out* that say, is it a "good morning" or "good night" for you right now, /comfy/?
>>3248 It's a "good afternoon" to me. We all deserve to be comfy.
>>3248 Good evening here. I like all of you that are here.
>>3248 Yeah same here, all the time. The other day my boss asked me "what do you like to do on your free time" in a friendly manner, I replied honestly, told him I just play games or listen to music. Then I realized he was actually laying a trap, he's always telling me how he keeps studying and learning job related stuff even on weekends, that he bretty much never stops working. He probably expected the same kind a of answer from me. But whatever, I work my hours and just relax the rest of the time, maybe that's bretty mediocre from me but I'd rather live a mediocre comfy life than waste all my life working for a "career" I'll never enjoy. >that say, is it a "good morning" or "good night" for you right now, /comfy/? Good evening down here, it's getting kinda hot.
Reporting in, I'm still alive. >>3038 I want to hug Yukko.
>>3160 あのさ, 話したいですか, 名無しーさん?
Open file (8.08 KB 362x328 wish i were asleep.png)
>>3247 Thanks brother, it feels good to be back on /comfy/.
Hope you all had a comfy weekend
Open file (518.16 KB 680x951 1601290672648.gif)
>>3256 My weekend was berry comfy! What about yours?
>>3257 It was bretty good, slept a lot and played video games the rest of the day.
I saw this gif from the front page and it made me happy! Have a wanderful day, eberryone.
Open file (39.45 KB 425x600 d0.2195835.jpg)
about 31 days to Halloween, then 87 days to Christmas what are some of your plans for the holidays, /comfy/ ?
staying up /late/ again guys, popped by to see the board >>3261 i think i might actually celebrate halloween this year, its bretty comfy and all the chans are berry fun on halloween. my last christmas was bretty terrible, ill try to make this one better. cant believe this year went by so quickly, man. im getting old
Open file (353.72 KB 1506x1951 ety73mw7m5e75e37.gif)
it's the weekends! is pumpkin spice /comfy/? i haven't actually tried anything pumpkin spice flavored
>>3263 I've never tried and I doubt there's anybody selling anything with that kind of flavor. You'll have to try and see.
>>3261 >tfw live in backstreet in a long shared driveway we get 0-1 trick-or-treater a year, nice and comfy, don't have to go and buy candy or get annoyed.
Open file (30.19 KB 655x368 empanadas655x368.jpg)
>>3263 >cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves Sounds bretty good, I use those (except ginger) when I make sweet empanadas, but I'd imagine it'd taste just as well or better with it.
>>3266 Now you made me hungry.
>>3263 >it's the weekends! not anymore! im dreading tomorrow, lads. as much as id dread any monday, i guess
>>3268 Just push through anon, it'll be weekend again before you know it.
Open file (27.53 KB 381x432 rabbit.jpg)
https://sites.google.com/site/worldofserina/home Been reading this Google Site that hypothesizes the aftermath of putting a small ecosystem on an otherwise uninhabited planet and let it evolve, focusing especially on canaries. Enjoying it so far, finding out that speculative evolution is kind of my jam, especially the huge timeframes. Also kind of feels nice to not be waking up at 6 or later in the morning anymore now that I'm back in college.
>>3269 but then it'll be Monday again
>>3271 Yeah, but you woodn't be able to appreciate the comfiness of a Saturday if it wasn't for the uncomfiness of a Monday.
Open file (40.95 KB 324x322 lethargy.jpg)
In bed, Discord political arguments are the worst. At least I'm comfy and listening to nice music though
Open file (36.64 KB 234x234 image0.jpg)
>>3269 well anon, i guess you were right.... its thursday night, and no work tomorrow. might as well be the weekend! congrats on surviving another week guys! >>3270 thank you so much for posting that link. i love speculative evolution >>3282 what kinda music anon? im listening to some russian stuff myself
Open file (21.28 KB 310x232 1412137352345.png)
>>3270 I thought she was a severely pregnant woman. >>3282 >Discord
>>3282 I'm listening to Aqua right now, really wakes you up surprisingly enough
i will always post here just to check to see how eberryone is doing <3
Checking in, I should really do that more often but I get set with the couple places I post and forget. Really getting sick of my current situation and I want to go on a trip overseas, I plan on doing that as soon as possible. Listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ENlDhW36u8
>>3283 >congrats on surviving another week guys! It was tough, not gonna lie. Luckily this is a long weekend in my country, because of Columbus day, don't know if it's the same where you guys live.
>>3287 Where you going to Anon? I hope it isn't some tourist trap, they seem bretty forgettable and expensive. Also nice piano cover, it's name is berry relatable.
>>3286 I am doing berry well, thanks! How are you doing anon?
>>3287 >and I want to go on a trip overseas Nice, have you been overseas before? AirBnB-type places are often far cheaper and more cultured than hotels. You aren't the type of anon who travels across Europe to just eat McDonalds the whole time, right?
>>3290 I'm beyond /comfy/ thanks for asking, i love you all
>>3292 Anon, if you are happy, I am happy.
Autumn winds are hitting my area. I'm happy that soon it will be winter and I can be extra comfy. Wearing some soft and earn clothes, listening to relaxing done, reading wholesome manga, and sleeping with a thick blanket that is soft to the touch. Ah winter, how I miss you eberry year.
>>3294 I'm berry jealous of you my friend, winter is almost over. Wish I had a lot of money so I could have a house in each hemisphere so I could live in perpetual winter.
>>3294 >>3295 I like winter days and summer nights.
Open file (84.51 KB 1440x720 er6j35655.jpg)
>>3295 i used to have a adolescent dream of living in Antartica. you know, with no one except penguins and polar bears around it wood be damn /comfy/ on some levels one can't found on urbanised places.. sadly, it can only remain a dream. as Thanos once famously said: "Reality can be disappointing." anyway stay /comfy/ people!
>>3297 why don't you become a polar researcher of some kind?
>>3297 Two words, Anon >Richard E. >Byrd OK, maybe that's 3 words, but you get the point.
>>3295 Some ski instructors basically do that, working in the other hemisphere during summers.
Open file (91.35 KB 220x293 wdugtbnubw4t.gif)
>>3298 >>3300 health issues/physical body and the lack of intellect knocked me awake to harsh reality. however i guess i'll make do with what i can to be /comfy/
>>3297 But penguins stink and polar bears will kill you.
>>3297 But there aren't any polar bears in Antartica my friend.
>>3303 thats what they want you to think
>>3303 The young me used to think there are. i mean.. i can't tell the difference between Arctic and Antartica back then!
Open file (75.66 KB 1096x731 Bao.jpg)
Why are fellas so scaredy these days? >Post a sarcastic banter reply to a clearly illegal spam thread, get banned for pedo enabling >Debate about the qualities of a certain product politely, get banned for grammar >Reply about a controversial topic in a paranormal discussion, get banned for controversy It's all so tiresome lately in the imageboard realm, makes me appreciate this place even more
>>3306 Post on better boards, like /comfy/. /comfy/, the good board.
>>3306 >get banned for grammar Where was this?
>>3308 pls no bully them probably got banned by a bot, if that's a clue
>>3309 Okay, that's exactly where I was suspecting. Gives me uncomfy thoughts just thinking about that.
>>3306 Why do you think Anon? The same story as ever. Whenever over-socialized leftists and women infest a community, it immediately goes to ship as far as right-thinking men are concerned. Chemo was a decent repellent for awhile but even that it hardly useful today. Also in case anyone here hasn't noticed, there's been (and is) a concerted effort going on to destroy IBs through psyops, red flags, goon-posting and other typical glowneighbour behaviors. Be grateful we still have something that approximately resembles an open Internet most of the world over. Even that will disappear one day at the hands of these types of people.
>>3311 Even when it's not comfy discussing it, it has to be mentioned that there's a berry fine line between no moderation leading to mayhem and too much moderation leading to a hugbox. At the end of the day the users are what's important and who put the comfortable in comfy, but the ever changing nature their backgrounds, behavior and culture lead to IB culture changing itself. Curiosity, optimism and amazement of the digital trends is now shifting into passiveness, despair and authority conformism. Someone said something a while ago that i didn't want to believe but i think it's truer by the day, we are the last of our specific kind but also separated due to the berry nature of being anonymous. We should be grateful we have a bunch here together.
>>3306 I've moderated communities, I've seen first-hand effective and ineffective moderation, including honest mistakes and powertrippers. Each imageboard fosters a different feeling. Some don't want politics. Some want to be chaotic, like /b/ was. The grammar ban makes me suspect is was a certain /a/ site (I forget the name) which autobans for that. I'm not sure why, maybe the owner is autistic. The other two are hard to judge without more context. It's easy to misinterpret sarcasm so a positive response, or in fact any response, to an illegal thread is fair game to ban (especially if you bumped the damn thing). It's a liability for their hosting provider. But again, it could just be shipty moderation or a moderation style that doesn't want your posts. Not all imageboards want eberryone. Is /comfy/ scaredy for banning politics? Maybe so, but that's a good thing for its community. >>3311 You might be surprised at how left-wing 4chan originally was (Bush era) and how many women were there. Most of the far-right stuff was edgy chemo, stormfags weren't welcome and were eventually put into a containment board just like the bronies were. The thing is that that 4chan originally had an effective anon culture where if you admitted who you were (black, white, male, female, gay, straight, whatever), you were flamed for it. In most IB communities, no-one should know or care as it just distracts from the thread. Poor moderation and rapid growth destroyed that. The issue isn't that these people are left-wing, right-wing or women. The issue is that they made it clear they were left-wing, right-wing or women and that this was accepted by moderators and the community. A good moderator publicly shames both sides, because irrelevant politics ruins communities. Both sides lament the rise of the other side on imageboards (right/pol/ complaining leftists are invading eberrywhere, while being the most popular boards on many imageboards including 4chan, 8chan and anon.cafe and frequently bringing up their politics outside their board, like the annoying type of vegan). note to mod: if you feel this will start a political debate, delete it.
>>3312 Anonymous imageboards won't go away. There are hundreds of active ones; the webring and /icup/ don't even cover a tenth of the good ones. Sometimes it takes a bit of exploring to find one that is active and fits your taste. Don't be fooled by the doomers. We're not the last of our kind.
>>3314 I think a lot of that misconception comes from the people who thought 4chan and 8chan were the only two active imageboards before 8chan went down. 7chan, 420chan and some others have been there since 2005 and are still alive today, and those are just the English ones. 8chan did nothing original (see masterchan) except become a home base for gamergate once 4chan told them off. It became popular, infested, horribly admined and died. When you look outside the 8chan spawn, there's a world of imageboards.
>>3314 By last of our kind i meant to say our generation between 25-35 yo that grew between digital commodities and actual "normal" social childhood that also browsed the early imageboards and its "traditional" culture. Many appeared later than us and there's berry respectable oldfags that were before us but nobody still quite in our same wave of thought and communication, although it's safe to say our generation also had double-think collectivists and casual lemmings like any wood. But the thing is that i'm not seeing many like us like i did some years ago, either here or in other kind of forums. Speaking of other imageboards i just berry recently visited Endch again and i was surprised to see /new/ was still there and somewhat active, it's a rediscoberry to me, there's also many cluckchan crossposters but also many who still behave like early exodus anons. Nice to see some alive and now i'm trying to remember why that site had a bad rap in 8ch at some point, i don't recall it being far fetched hence why i believed it.
Open file (840.84 KB 2560x1920 1219973937343.jpg)
>>3313 >bumped the damn thing I saged and exaggerated the comment itself, hence why i thought my intention was clear. It's like getting a 3 month ban for a cat hiss on penis-tier post while saging. The "controversial" topic was murder audio tapes (Toolbox) and how most cops back then had to stomach it so no big deal, and that many anons wood probably also withstand it because we have seen and heard worst (also anyone claiming otherwise is a newfriend) i guess i hurt someone's feelings and got the hammer. The other one was autobot but i don't understand how some posts have clear infringements and some others get punched for it, some threads have chunks missing and it's tough at times to understand the discussion at hand especially when there's a heated debate. I understand the board's context is a major player but why talk about 2 loonies opening someone like an old teddy bear if you are going to bump in the head anyone saying the cops were just as hardened for having to listen to it several times for any clues and that more than one anon wood also hear it after so much gore spam from the old days. I sometimes don't get it, i don't think going off the script from the expected reaction is worth a ban at times. Yeah we are in danger of getting the nip ourselves, so here's a pic, a random comfy pic. A mattress is one of the best investments one can make, you can't cheap on it.
Open file (48.04 KB 569x264 blinkenlights.jpg)
>>3317 Thanks for the nice pic. I just think that's bad moderation then. Especially automodding grammar, grammar is complex and removing instead of blocking (to allow re-try) is idiotic. I remember talking to someone (on /server/?) about it, I was guessing it's either an attempt at increasing post quality (a permutation-compatible R9K wood be better) or possibly an attempt at combating linguistic forensics (I doubt it, poor approach, shouldn't be done without explanation). Either that or the admin has an obsessive disorder. I'm tempted to say "pick better imageboards" but if you like certain topics, it's not that easy. I've found three current ones I like, one is comfy due to good but strict moderation (removes clear politics bait and responders, low effort posts), one is fun due to /b/ board style moderation (basically just deleting spam, sometimes), and the other I moderate. I have been complimented on it despite my mistakes so I think I'm doing alright.
>>3317 >A mattress is one of the best investments one can make, you can't cheap on it. Yep, it's your health AND your comfort for... well it's supposed to be around a third of the day but I need to work on that. Hydrate and sleep, those are my goals now.
Open file (33.60 KB 1202x1202 WinRAR.jpg)
>>3317 >books I wonder if it was intentional...
Nothing like sharing a special moment with your waifu to start the day off right.
It's really hot, friends, berry, berry, berry uncomfy
I'm munching on an umaibo before hopping on VR to play some Onward. I finished my homework for the weekend on Friday, so that's nice. I'm also going over to my dad's for dinner later so that'll be a comfy and tasty time. I hope you anons are having a nice weekend.
>>3317 >>3319 >A mattress is one of the best investments one can make, you can't cheap on it. I actually replaced my bed with a sleeping bag due to limited space and don't regret it.
hello. i am relaxed. i have studied more than usual today, and im glad for that. heres a berry useful site for ebooks, thousands of em. hope you guys are doing well https://b-ok.cc/ >>3324 i find the floor with just a sleeping bag to be more comfortable than my bed. strange huh? probably just a shipty bed. >>3321 it was literally -2 a few days ago, now its uncomfortably warm.
>>3325 >i find the floor with just a sleeping bag to be more comfortable than my bed. strange huh? probably just a shipty bed. Yeah, I genuinely like the firmness. I'll probably get one of those faux-shikibuton mattresses when I get more space, but I don't want to go too thick. Either way, it feels like I fall asleep better now.
>>2990 https://8chan.moe/voxxe/ Hello comfy, I am trying to master the path of comfiness, butt I feel restless whenever I'm not doing something supposedly 'unproductive,' how do I overcome this?
>>3327 >advertiseing outside the advertising thread UH OH
Open file (37.57 KB 400x371 happyyotsuba.jpg)
Hello /comfy/ just came here to remind my friends to never give up
>>3329 ....thanks. I wish I wood reincarnate in a peaceful country like yours, Yotsuba.
>>3329 Uhh, are you sure about that?
>>3327 >voxxeposter trying to learn the art of /comfy/ I wish you luck, it will be an interesting journey to watch.
did /comfy/ went down a day ago? got error message when i tried to access it before today anyway glad /comfy/ is back!
>>3333 /comfy/ is always there inside of you. It exists regardless of the board.
>>2990 It’s 4am, Venus to the East, Mars to the West, open air gazebo, tropic-cool nighttime, lick of dawn on the sky? Whatever it is, I’m reclining, cool predawn breeze, sipping cocoa, blanket, reading scripture. And here’s a comfy verse for you lads: >For she [wisdom] is an infinite treasure to men! Which they that use become the friends of God, being commended for the gift of discipline. Wisdom 7:14
>>3334 This As soon as you become one with the comfy you'll left behind worldly needs such as image boards
>>3336 But it becomes comfier with people who share /comfy/ with you.
First time postin', I've been lurking /comfy/ for a little while now, but I finally mustered up the courage to post. Living in a small town in Kansas and going to school for welding. I'm from Ohio, I've lived in SoCal for 4 years; Kansas has been good to me so far. Right now it's fall, so there's this rustic, /comfy/ feel. I have unfortunately found myself dipping again, but it is what it is. >>3297 I've been wanting to go to Antarctica, too. Hopefully I can become a good enough welder that I can find a spot at one of the stations, maybe even winter over. Hopefully you catch that unicorn one day.
>>3338 Glad you're posting here Kansas, welcome to /comfy/.
glad to see so much activity on here, recently turns out im not that bad of a blacksmith. sitting by the forge, waiting for a piece to heat up is berry comfy in the winter. welcome anon! >>3297 its a weird dream to have, but i think it wood be quite comfy me? id like to live in northern russia, northern canada, alaska, somewhere like that. the cold is berry /comfy/
Hello /comfy/, posting here again after a few months.
>>3341 Hello anon
Open file (44.82 KB 742x553 1594447351009.jpg)
After a couple of really hot days, rain and cold wind feel berry comfy.
Open file (128.66 KB 800x531 rswAEtg4ets.jpg)
>>3340 >>>3297 here yes, as someone growing up in just so near to the equator, the cold is definitely much /comfy/. a bonus if it's quiet (or dead silent!) too. generally i find solace in quietness. noises even from mundane activities like washing the dishes kinda un/comfy/.
>>3343 That cat is a bread?
>>3345 maybe it's just a bread who really wanted to be a cat
https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/334.html#q1206 Hello /comfy/ how are you tonight nya~?
>>3347 Are you a cat? Are you bread?
Open file (177.07 KB 1080x1080 piurht8ier.mp4)
>>3347 shoulders kinda stiff though other than that, bretty /comfy/.
>>3347 I'm doing well. I wasn't having comfy days lately but today I feel good.
Open file (241.82 KB 1000x1357 ijrewy.jpg)
Happy Halloween /comfy/ not sipping pumpkin spice latte as its price is usually jacked/marked up here haha! a normal mug of instant coffee wood do for me
This week is going to be something, sadly many people are going to be discomforted before settling in. Other than that, Halloween was a tad disappointing, but my country never had an Halloween tradition to begin with anyways.
>>3352 there's still christmas to look forward to. and if you're in school there should be the year-end long holiday by now.
Open file (871.76 KB 350x500 69645756.mp4)
I've been bretty comfy the last couple of days. Been writing a laid back romance story for /monster/, feels good to be back in the word groove again.
Anyone here had any /comfy/ dreams lately? I had a dream last night but I was driving a train off the rails with bad steering and no brakes.
Open file (59.02 KB 497x500 1573649967620.jpg)
>>3355 Lately all my dreams have been about work, I can't wait for this year to end
Open file (20.40 KB 640x376 1590049518330.jpg)
the park is always comfy. when no one is around and you here faint sounds of the surrounding. a bit of wind with no light source other than moon.
Cool, calm and collected.
Open file (92.08 KB 493x740 5548-44r46yw46.jpg)
it's morning now where I'm at, and it's raining. berry comfy.
>>3027 I love balalaika god that show has so many waifus. And im not really into anime girls usually. Chinglish is awesome too. Never really liked rosarita tho >>3024 Beautiful pic. Will be my fb cover if i ever reactivate. Like thatll habben with how rhings are today
>>3124 This looks like a liminal space
>>3124 This is a liminal space
Open file (105.55 KB 1000x667 mindfulness.jpg)
Things will go on as they have been going on.
Open file (303.46 KB 424x616 1604704592302.png)
rec me some anime I was getting into it, really enjoyed Kaiji and Gurren Lagann, but then I made the stupid decision to get into SnK because eberryone was spamming "muh rumbling" and I was fed up that it just couldn't trucking end. Yes I'm that impatient. Wood like to get into Akagi and the rest of Kaiji's manga, but I don't care about mahjohng, I flatout don't care
Open file (1.40 MB 1800x1800 1595843268728.jpg)
It's been months since I last posted on this board. Glad much hasn't changed. I take solace in that, despite how turbulent and stressful this year has been for me both online and in my personal life, I've managed to sort out most of it. Now, I'm looking to enjoy the rest of the year with my bucket list of anime, visual novels, doujin games, manga, and my stash of vodka and whiskey to keep me company, no matter how much shiptier the world will have become by the end of it, and even beyond that. I'm doing well self-employed, so I don't have much else to worry about for now. Better to be comfy than fearful when the current world order ends. >>3282 >Discord I stopped using Discord last year. It's semi-unarchived environment is just too prone to attracting the most ostentatious holier-than-thou types, underage wannabe edgelords, and more insipid cretins than you'll ever find on 4chan. >>3363 I couldn't agree more. Free will is a myth, human behavior is determined by economics, and the course of human history changes like the seasons no matter how much people clamor for no winter. >>3364 Can't say I've seen a lot of anime like Kaiji, but if you like anime about complex competitions and clever strategizing I recommend Girls Und Panzer, which is a sports anime about girls in tanks (pic unrelated). Ignore Das Finale, though. It doesn't have as much substance compared to the entries before it and just feels like treading water. If you liked Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven is right up your alley (Just the original TV anime, ignore eberrything else.) It leans more towards being a real robot show, but the action, animation, characters, and writing are all exemplary. I also recommend Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and its sequel Second Gig, Strike Witches, Summer Wars, Princess Principal, Texhnolyze, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Bacanno!. For the best of slice of life and romance try KOn!! and Bakemonogatari respectively.
>>3364 If you enjoyed Gurren Lagann maybe check out some of the other stuff made by Trigger, like Kill la Kill and Promare (this one is a movie). There isn't much anime like Kaiji, a couple of years ago they made a series based off one of Kaiji's characters, the guy they forced to kneel on a grill, don't remember his name, it's a prequel to Kaiji but I haven't seen it, so I can't say if it's good or not. If you're into manga though, check out The Legend of the Strongest, Kurosawa! it's a manga about a lonely guy who really wants to make friends. it's written by the same guy and I like it better. Also listen to anon here >>3365 he has some bretty good recs
Open file (35.31 KB 112x112 1601334395808.gif)
>>3365 >>3366 Thanks anons, I'll be sure to check out Texhnolyze and Kill la Kill, I now remember having an interest in them back when I was getting into the medium. Berry much obliged.
it's difficult to be comfy these days
>>3354 I hope your project succeeds.
i am relaxed
he is relaxed
>>3365 It's been months since I last posted on this board. I was just about to say this!
Open file (30.08 KB 480x360 65.jpg)
Hi, all! >>3368 > it's difficult to be comfy these days It is. It really is, friend. I recommend trying to avoid anything to do with what you have no influence over and focusing on what you can do and see right before you.
>>3373 Thank you for your kind words.
I need my comfy after a hectic playthrough of a game
Had a bad dream last night but now I'm comfy, even though I'm "at work"
Open file (21.59 KB 619x528 go stupid.png)
Open file (54.74 KB 1094x599 hallucigen.png)
>>3283 This is a month late but I'm listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfqXh5s4t4k But I think I was listening to Brian Eno at that moment. >>3284 >>3365 I first started using it to share my drawings but I mainly use it to talk about music I like, and I think it's alright although it's distracted me from quite a bit so I've tried to keep it at a minimum. Plus it made me forget how neat imageboards are
>>3376 If you can be comfy at work you got a nice job.
>>3378 Webdev, it's fairly easy and I do it from home. Also there's a lot of time I spend doing nothing since I'm waiting for someone to send me some stuff or something like that.
It's always Halloween, friends!
>>3381 Sometimes I feel like quitting my job and looking for something that doesn't consist watching a screen all day.
Considering learning some John Fahey songs on guitar.
Open file (173.02 KB 900x490 oiueswthiw.jpg)
>>3382 gardening? or any hands-on jobs in the nature industry?
>>3383 That's odd. I was just thinking about him earlier today.
>>3384 Doesn't even have to be so nature related, just not staring at a computer monitor all day long, currently I'm a programmer
I am not comfy and I wish I could find a community worth being part of online.
>>3387 >I am not comfy that is sad
happy thanksgiving frens my country doesnt celebrate it but i ordered a big burger because why not. i am reasding som nice books rn, hope eberryone is well >>3387 >a community worth being part of online. uh, this one, dumb dumb!
I want to fug a comfy robot so badly ;_;
Open file (614.11 KB 225x225 1595738390615.gif)
Played a bit of Rondo Duo I'm ASTONISHED by the animation quality. Wood also like to upload a torrent to thepiratebay or some other place where I could share it (like nyaa.si) but I don't know how that wood be done and I'm afraid that someone who knows his stuff hacks my torrent and fills it with RAT files
Man, I've really destroyed my schedule. I've been up all night practically eberry night and sleep when the sun comes up. Clearly I have a problem...
>>3392 What doo you do all night?
>>3393 Mostly read books and VN's, sometimes browse like right now.
>bought rpg maker >don't know what to do with it
>>3395 /comfy/ simulator? you could make that work, i think
>>3395 make a waifu simulator. when you have it working, post about it in /robowaifu/s Robowaifu Simulator thread https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/155.html#155
>>3396 I guess that could work, just make a room with a bed and a computer and get rid of rabble rousers that appear on the net from time to time interacting with the monitor >>3397 >make a waifu simulator Something like Summer Memories? Seems kinda hard to pull off
>>3454 That sounds fun and boring at the same time. But maybe that's just what comfy is.
Managed to code a UI for a thing I'm doing in godot. Now the thing I may be lacking are enemies, I guess a shrimple target will do
>>3395 >>3456 I wanna get into gamedev but I'm too lazy, also no art/music skills other than coding
>>3454 >Something like Summer Memories? Seems kinda hard to pull off Doesn't have to be anything special, just a suggestion. Better to try and fail than do nothing and entirely waste your money anon. Even if you fail, you get something out of it.
>>3457 >no art/music You can always learn how to draw or play an instrument, it just takes some commitment I did ragequit drawing though, doing loomis heads got into my head because I was tired of doing them but it was necessary to learn construction
>>3459 I feel like I'm too old to learn anything and I'll never be competent at anything.
>>3460 Again, it's all about commitment, Leonard Cohen put out Songs of Love and Hate when he was 37, Painkiller was made when Rob Halford had 39, and if you want an even more drastic example, Goya made Saturn devouring his Son when he was 80 years old. You just have to be interested enough to make an attempt, that's all it takes
>>3461 >Painkiller was made when Rob Halford had 39 After learning how to sing, compose and release productions since he was a teenager. Music is a difficult beast for older people but it can be done for sure, at least done by feeling, interest and passion is fuel enough. >>3459 >got into my head I wanted to start this winter, too bad you went out i wood've liked to have some company, i will try to draw some "construction" related stuff architecture perspectives so hope you can visit later on.
>>3462 Not saying music isn't hard it is but the "tricks" that sometimes impress the normalcattle is berry easy. learning solos pulloffs and hammer-ons isn't berry hard to learn. What is berry hard to learn is learning to keep eberrything on time and in rhythm. It takes years and lots of skill to do but most of people that aren't in music don't see it that way and are impressed by the shrimple things.
>>3463 (me) since we are talking about instruments does anyone else play anything. I used to play the baritone but once I got of school I decided to use my sister's guitar because she quit after the first year of using it. I find practicing berry /comfy/ because it's just you and instrument at your own pace. I can't describe the feeling but I feel at peace even when I was bad it. It is berry meditative, really recommend learning an instrument it just silences the world around you.
>>3464 I've been practicing guitar for the last few years. I'm not as good as I should be by this point because I usually just play shrimple parts I already know while watching YouTube videos, but the main thing for me is learning to play in time properly. If I'm playing somebody else's music, I just try to learn riffs and chords I like rather than entire songs. I'm aiming just to use my playing a source for samples and will just end up chopping up my bad off-time playing if need be. I started off on electrics but ended up going acoustic for the clean sounds. I don't see much use for distortion in what I'm currently trying to do and can always add other effects after I'm done recording. Recently I was looking into lap harps and came across this instrument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHA2kFjoGSQ Harps and wind chimes have always been two of my favorite acoustic sound sources, so I fell in love with this due to it sounding like a harp with the sustain of a wind chime. I was wondering what it is about it that gives it that sound and if it wood be cheaper to get something similar custom made that's more tailored to people who want a more traditional instrument in terms of options. I have a cheap fife lying around that I need to learn to play. Other than that, I learned a little bit of basic keyboard stuff a while ago. Synthesizers are my main interest musically, and I'm just venturing out into these other areas from there to spice things up and to try and learn to record things live. I actually plan on shelling out a bunch of money for a new synthesizer toward the beginning of next year.
>>3464 I played piano in my teen years, dropped it for dumb reasons. This thread made me think about playing again though.
want to play cyberpunk but won't be able 'cause I have no GPU
>>3467 That sucks bro. I have a bretty cheap one so I probably won't be able to play it either, it's a shame looks nice
>>3466 I used to play guitar a little, don't really feel like picking it up again. I've been thinking about getting an ocarina though.
>>3461 >>3462 >>3463 >>3464 Can I learn guitar with a cheap (around $100) guitar, like an ibanez or squier. I don't have a lot of money to spend on something I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to get into.
>>3471 Yeah but you should buy it used or in a store you can try it in person, the frets should not be properly leveled, not worn out and they should not make buzzing sounds. Try to get made in japan or korea guitars, they are often berry high quality, japanese even more so.
>>3472 Maybe I should bring along someone who knows his ship because I could probably get ripped off easily now that I think.
>>3471 Yeah, I started on a crappy Behringer guitar from back when they made those. It makes sense to get a cheap one when you're just starting off and it's uncertain whether or not you're going to enjoy it. At some point I'd like a custom guitar, but I plan on holding off until I can actually learn to play in time. Right now I have stuff from brands like Epiphone, Squier, and Yamaha, which are perfectly fine to me. >>3472 Sweetwater is probably a good bet as far as ordering off the Internet goes. They supposedly have a bretty good inspection process before they ship their stuff out.
>>3473 Yeah that's a good idea, generic strat is just fine but consider what kind of frets you like, small or jumbo frets, what scale length for a new player I'd recommend smaller scale for noobs who cant stretch yet which is a bit rarer, you will be dependent on this scale though once you get used to it else you will kind of have to relearn your muscle memory if you get another one with different size, smaller scale i find is great for access but its all personal pref and your hands. >>3474 Instruments are really personal guy needs to go in a guitar shop and cop eberry guitar and ask for different spec to get to whats comfortable
>>3471 Get a brand guitar+amp combo, it should be around 200, or buy a better guitar now and amp later. Then just go on youtube and find a tutorial for a song you like, most playing consists of bar and cowboy chords. Cowboy chords are nice to learn and just play something out of your head.
im feeling a little sick so i bought some honey and vitamin c gummies also trying out a new tea: passionfruit and apple, smells nice hope eberryone is comfy
How do I do tremolo picking?
>>3006 check out healthteahouse on chinkexpres or yunnansourcing (not on aliexpress) they ship worldwide
>>3347 azu nyan is so comfy
>>3471 i started off learning the basics off a sub-$50 classical guitar. though the music i play aren't too complicated.
>>3480 she be angry if you are not serious in what you do though
Does any of you like candles?
>>3478 You mean to get that tremolo pump slide sound or just by wiggling your fingers on eberry tap
>>3483 I like candels.
>>3483 I like to blow them out and then light them using the smoke trail.
Over 3000 posts already, congrats /comfy/.
Day off, it's bretty hot but still having a comfy day, hope you guys are doing well
>>3488 >it's a bretty hot day Argentina or 'Straya? because i'm freezing myself here at dry 5 celsius. With a pillow and a bed sheet it turns berry cozy tho
>>3488 >AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA
>>3490 haha i used to do that all the time as a kid. probably annoyed the crap out of the adults around.
>>3489 >Argentina or 'Straya Yes The former
>>3489 Shippostin's a good job mate. Challenging work >, inna doors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry. Cause at the end of the day, long as there's two anons left on the board, someone is gonna bait someone.
>>3483 I like to burn cheap indian incense sticks after bath.
Howdy. >>3492 Salu2.
Too sleepy...
>>3496 Sleep is such a bliss.
>>3495 holi >>3496 Wish I could just go to sleep for a berry long time.
>>3497 >>3498 >sleepy at daytime >not sleepy at night AaaahhhhHHH STOP IT
Finally my favourite board is back.
I am here! Are you here?
>>3501 I'm searching for an image I made of a /comfy/-tan, I think the thread where I posted it died.
>>3502 where didst you post it? didst you check the archives?
>>3503 There are archives for this board?
>>3504 Both of the old "post here when you visit comfy" threads are archived, did you post it there?
>>3504 >>3505 Usually, I archive them when they get around 400-450 replies. That's when loading them becomes slow, at least for me. The old ones are found here. https://anon.cafe/archives.js
That being said, new thread >>3507 >>3507 >>3507 >>3507 >>3502 I wish you the best in your search.

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