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Operation: Rebuild /comfy/ !! Anon Board volunteer 12/29/2022 (Thu) 08:05:32 No.34
ITT: We all rebuild /comfy/ together! First things first; we have a raw archive of /comfy/ saved from back in June 2022. There are five, ~500MB pieces to it here: https://anonfiles.com/jbBaT9O0yb/comfy.7z_001 (524.29MB) https://anonfiles.com/82IeXeO5ye/comfy.7z_002 (524.29MB) https://anonfiles.com/Q6SbY0O7y6/comfy.7z_003 (524.29MB) https://anonfiles.com/w6qba0P1yc/comfy.7z_004 (524.29MB) https://anonfiles.com/BcY7a9P3yc/comfy.7z_005 (496.87MB) Download all 5 archive files into a single directory, then they'll need to be reassembled together again. -For UNIX, you can concatenate the pieces together thus: cat comfy.7z.* > comfy.7z Then, expand the full archive out locally: 7z x comfy.7z -For Windows, just use the 7zip program (it deals w/ multipart, ie '.001' files, automatically) --- The basic order of business here is for you, Anon, to download and reconstruct your own local copy of the archive of /comfy/ to your local machine. This consists of thread directories with their raw HTML & JSON files. All the associated media files for any given thread are under it's 'media' subdirectory. These are the raw original files, as provided by anon.cafe to the /robowaifu/ BUMP software over the Internet, and organized by threads. The simple idea here is to work through the old board, thread-by-thread, post-by-post, restoring both the texts of the post, as well as the files (images, etc.) themselves for that post -- by hand. It's a tedious, autistic process (and it's also how we rebuilt /robowaifu/ after the 8ch debacle). If that sounds like something that you'd like to be a part of then sweet! Sign up right here & now Anon! :^) >tl;dr We need anons to manually copy paste these old posts/images back onto /comfy/ again! Just pick a thread from the archive, start a new thread here for it, and begin working away. Simple as. Also, pay careful attention to relink the old crosslinks/quotes to point to the new post's numbers instead. Hopefully, someone might eventually devise an appropriate automated mechanism to: parse through these files and either a) convert the entire thing "into a LynxChan 2.5.14 database" (>>>/meta/16085), or b) walk through the archive material as-is and post it here in an automated fashion (ie, with a custom bot). Who knows? Till then, we must work by hand with what we have. If you know of a thread you wood really, really wood, like to see restored (and you're also willing to work hard to accomplish it) then Just Do It! :). No point in crying over spilled milk Anons, this is what we have to work with. It's way, way better than nothing so let's all roll up our sleeves together and rebuild the board we love! Copy Paste Restorers FTW Gambatte!!
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/31/2022 (Sat) 16:01:32.
>>34 I'll just start small with Book_discussion_0004258
Hmm, that was easy. I'll try another smol one next. Comfy_music_0000313
>>44 That wasn't too hard. You kind of have to be careful b/c all the old crosslinks are no longer valid ofc. Just use the new post numbers for the restored posts you crosslink to. A bit tricky, but other than that not hard. I'll do some more tomorrow, /comfy/.
I'll work on wallpapers. Comfy_Wallpapers_0002522 May take me a bit tho.
/kind/friend reporting for duty. I'm going to restore the ship thread (>>2117) and then do the story threads (I believe the first one is >>2428). If anyone has recommendations for threads they'd like to see restored, please tell me and I will do them if I have time.
>>77 Ship thread finished, mateys. I am now going to restore the story threads: >>4248, >>4333, >>4369, and >>4616.
>>77 >>114 Wonderful! Thanks /kind/ly, Anon. :^)
Open file (26.74 KB 458x458 souri.jpeg)
Just woke up. Really happy to see you guys have doing some good work to restore some threads. I'm proud of you. Wood like to see the cute animals thread restored to. Will try this but I can't promise I succeed as the tech illiterate I am.
>>114 Great work Anon. I'm going along behind you and locking each thread once completed (as before). Just let me know if you need any edits, etc. >>256 Morning BO. Yep eberryone's working away this morning. > Will try this but I can't promise I succeed as the tech illiterate I am. Please just go for it. We can edit anything that needs it after the fact. Also, if you mess a post up, just delete it and start again! :^) BTW, please enable 'delete your own post' so that other editors will have the same freedoms. Cheers.
Open file (55.60 KB 833x1138 1672111143563.jpg)
Signing off for today, friends. I can restore more threads tomorrow and over the weekend if you guys need more help. I will link to the restored threads so people can find them more easily. Ship thread: >>79 Story thread #1: >>116 Story thread #2: >>151 Traveler and Genet season 1: >>178 Season 2: >>376 >>281 Thanks. The only mistake I've noticed is that I forgot to change a post number in >>386. It should be 377 there not 4624.
Open file (125.89 KB 1209x542 2022-12-29_06-57-06.png)
>>481 You are a machine! > Highest rate in webring history, I'm sure. > I can restore more threads tomorrow and over the weekend if you guys need more help. Thanks, we'll certainly need help again Anon. At this rate we'll restore the board to good working order in no time. Cheers! >>481 >It should be 377 there not 4624. We'll fix it!
I was afraid it wood be too difficult because thought at first there wood be some programming involved. I never thought rebuilding by hand a thread could be so comfy. Quite autistic but it's a good feeling seeing the thread coming back to life slowly like a phoenix. Still in my pyjamas with nice music, a hot coffee and my pipe. The smell of the soft rain outside coming by the open windows really add a nice touch to it. And thanks again to the anons involved in the work, hope eberryone will appreciate the work you've done here.
Why are you locking the threads?
>>484 Because the originals are historical artifacts. ATM, (>>376) is still WIP, technically, but given the extraordinary circumstances ATM, we'll just put a temporary hiatus on it. BTW for that thread, there are only two posts missing AFAICT. NOTICE If you are the Anon who wrote the next-to-last post, please reproduce it here. I was the last poster in that thread, so I'll do the final one afterwards. Then I think it's suitable for eberryone if we start a second thread for season two?
>>485 Wait, so you just want a /comfy/ museum...?
>>487 Lol no. But the story threads are special serials. You should know this if you've been around long. They were locked before, all but the current working one (as should be).
They weren't.
>>506 My mistake then. They are now. We can always go in and edit any of the story threads, but they serve as Anon's foundation for his basement press (>>370). This source material should be stable ofc.
>>514 Ok, but why did you lock the Season 2 thread? It wasn't finished yet...
>>517 > ATM, (>>376) is still WIP, technically, but given the extraordinary circumstances ATM, we'll just put a temporary hiatus on it. BTW for that thread, there are only two posts missing AFAICT. >NOTICE >If you are the Anon who wrote the next-to-last post, please reproduce it here. I was the last poster in that thread, so I'll do the final one afterwards.
>>483 You're killing it! Glad it's been /comfy/ for you. I hope several other will join in the fun and help us out here too! :^)
>>605 Comfy animals thread restored from the archive and added some new things. This one was important as comfy / cute animals are really enjoyable and brings good mood when in need. That's all for the moment. Maybe will work on another thread later in the night.
Open file (797.50 KB 1200x900 Good_jerb_Clarence.png)
>>608 You too. Please remember to invite other friends around the Internet to come here ITT and help out /comfy/ too! Nice holiday cheer if we all pitch in together, right?
As we have now this thread for discussing about the reobening of /comfy/ I cleaned and locked the Welcome to /comfy/ bread. >>609 Sure I will spread the word. As long as it don't bring anons with bad intentions it's always good thing having nice fellas to help out.
Thanks based wikipedia thread restorer!
>>68 OK, I finished up wallpapers. Guess I'll work on this one next. Comfy_Baking_Brewing_and_Cooking_0000380
>>762 OK finished /cooking/ thread. I'll do some more a little later.
I can do the snacks thread
Doing What_was_the_most_comfiest_time_in_ur_life_anon_0006092
I can restore some more threads today if anyone has suggestions. >>482 Oof, so close to 200.
>>909 Please choose whatever you'd like to Anon. I'll work on more later myself.
>>910 Okay, I'll start off by restoring the dream thread (>>1181).
>>911 Great! You (and eberryone else) can always just pick whatever you see hasn't been done yet and you'd like to. No need to ask tbh. Cheers, have a /comfy/ day Anon! :^)
Open file (135.20 KB 596x800 expert_doggo.jpg)
comfy vidya thread restored
>>1099 Great! Thanks Anon much appreciated! We've passed 1'000 already
Open file (1.82 MB 1281x1424 DAMN.png)
Flood detected, wait X more seconds. Not comfy when you're working on rebuilding a thread.
Wondering if rebuilding the old post here when you visit /comfy/ breads worth it. What about just starting on the fresh one that already exist here ? Same for the how's life going ? threads. Let me know.
Open file (162.08 KB 850x1202 sleep.jpg)
Sleepy /LATE/ anon reporting. Probably wont be a lot tbh, but I should at least do something for my second most visited board. Will do what I can during my spare time. Oh and Happy New Year /comfy/! <3
>>1160 I'm kind of split on this. Maybe recreate them but lock them?
>>1160 My position is that we should of course recreate them. Do as this Anon >>1166 says and lock them if you'd like. But they are definitely a charming part of /comfy/ lore IMO.
>>1151 Hmmm. In my experience that generally habbens here on Anoncafe only if you are in fact posting duplicate messages in short-order. Maybe you were doing over one that was messed up or something? >>1166 Welcome /late/! Thank you for your service! :)
>>1166 Happy New Year!
>>1160 Another idea might shrimply be consolidation. For example there multiple 'when you visit', and also music threas as well. A board reboot is the literal perfect opportunity to consolidate a few old threads together IMO.
>>1168 >>1167 (meant to link this)
>>1166 Thanks for joining in sleepy anon. >>1172 OK if we go for reviving them, we should try to merge them in one thread.
>>1178 OK I'll focus on the music and you do the visit threads?
>>1179 Go for the music, maybe you should merge it with the existing one here >>45 I will work on the visi threads lately as I have still things to do IRL rn.
>>1193 Will do. It's important that each consolidation thread be handled by a single Anon, I think. Otherwise things will come in out-of-order. This isn't necessarily a problem from a technical sense, but it may be more challenging to the restorer(s) to re-quote/re-crosslink with things changely out of hand.
>>1193 OK, that's got the two other music threads: Comfy_music_0000798 Chill_Music_0000921 merged into (>>45). If I missed something music-oriented, someone please let us know ITT, thx.
>>1299 Nice job anon. I see someone working on the How was your day thread >>1300 I was wondering at first if we could merge it with the post here when you visit comfy but after looking at it it's a better way keeping them separate. also less work for me when I will finally work on the post here... threads Keep it up guys !
how was your days done.
Open file (39.44 KB 564x424 sleepy.jpeg)
>>1307 No thread rebuilding for me tonight. Lack of sleep last night and big lazy. Just want to lay on my couch watching videos. Not even sure I will be up till midnight for the noo year uwu. Have a good night anons and Happy New Year !
>>34 What habbened to /comfy/? Happy new year
>>1337 Checked. The last BO flipped the table and left in a huff. We don't know why. The new BO has been organizing a reconstruction by hand.
>>1339 But why delete eberrything? We can't change the board main mod?
>>1339 >The last BO flipped the table and left in a huff. I don't think we can say that for certain. All we know for sure is that the board suddenly vanished without a word, AFAICT. The rest is shrimply conjecture at this stage. The main point is to focus on maintaining a healthy & comfy environment here on out. Our new BO seems to care and for that we can all be thankful. We wish the former BO well and hope he's OK right now. >>1342 In fact we do have a new BO, Anon. (>>>/meta/16091) --- Let us all be grateful for everything we have anew this coming year. Have a Happy New Year /comfy/!
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/01/2023 (Sun) 06:24:22.
Open file (163.91 KB 500x336 mousee.png)
>>1337 le haxxx0r numbers here. >>1339 >The new BO has been organizing a reconstruction by hand. It wood not be an easy task without the helpful hand of all the anons involved :) >>1353 >Our new BO seems to care Sure I do :) >We wish the former BO well and hope he's OK right now. I hope. May the new year be /comfy/ !
Cheking in, let's restore those Post Here...
>>1369 I start with the third thread as it is in the archive. I see the second one is still reachable here https://web.archive.org/web/20201124060427/https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1239.html#2361 so maybe I will work on it later (altrough lot of images missing).
>>1370 Done. Was quite long due to the quantity of post and being autist trying to respect the original mardown and having to find some images manually as they were not into the .7z archive. Start the fourth thread.
>>1834 Bravo! Great work ''Post Here..." Anon. Place is really starting to feel like home again! :)
>>1835 I'm happy to have finally finished it. Thinking there are still 2 threads to do frightne me a little. If someone want to work on >>1836 drop a word and I'll lift the lock. For the moment I have things to do IRL, will come back at it later (maybe in the night).
I am wondering... Should we rebuild the old threads Post Here as they were archived by ex BO anyway ? Could we not focus on the last one Underwater Edition instead ? I will focus on this one untill you give me your opinion on it guys.
>>1954 OK the current thread is here >>1956 merged with the new one. I deleted the one ythat was open just after the reobenning. I feel I worked hard on these threads. Hope you'll enjoy friends.
>>1954 >>2228 Excellent work BO. Thanks for all your efforts. You probably appreciate all the hard work of others more than most now. :^) Thank you.
Hi BO. Well it's been 7 days since our successful reboot of our board began. I'd guess that things have settled down to more normalcy again. Therefore might I suggest you consider unlocking our dearly-beloved story series active thread; that is if you think we're ready again? >Traveller and Genet Season 2 (>>376) >cf. (>>485) It probably bears some looking after for a while as well, just to see our friends safely back on their journeys! :)
>>2233 >You probably appreciate all the hard work of others more than most now I never underestimated the work done by all those involved. And again, thank you berry much for taking part in the operation Rebuild guys. >unlocking Genet thread #2 I was wondering the same, seeing it locked is definitively not comfy. Also I wood like to have your opinion on >>1954. Should we bring back the olds Post Here threads ? If anons really want them back, I will take some time to work on them tonight.
>>2247 >seeing it locked is definitively not comfy. It seemed the best route to keeping one of our most cherished thread series safe while we were both busy rebuilding the board. Now it can be looked after better. >Should we bring back the olds Post Here threads ? Yes, IMO so. OTOH, they can be merged into one and locked if you think that's suitable ofc. But they are certainly a strong part of the historical lore of this, one of the Internet's most iconic boards. >tl;dr Yes. :)
>>2255 hehe that's my opinion to. Was just lazy thinking of the work that still should be done. Anyway I got some free time tonight :) >merging Will think about it, it may be more convenient. Also, old BO leaved a message >>>/meta/16109
>>2259 Thanks for eberrything BO.
and now /late/ is down.
Post here when visit /comfy #3 and #4 finished and merged. Will continue with the #5 in >>1371 so we'll have all those nice posts in one place. Although being some bretty monotonous work it's bretty interesting reading again all these posts, it really gives the vibe of /comfy/. Eberry newcomer should lurk them a bit. Don't hesitate to give me feedback if I did anything wrong.
>>2613 Great work! No I haven't spotted anything wrong, in fact you've been exceptionally diligent. Much better than me haha. :^) Yes, it forces you to get close with the history of a board thay way. >>2559 A /late/ meetup thread has been created here by Anon. You can find them here (>>1512)
>>2613 BTW BO, we have a backup of /late/ for the same. Jun 2022 period as here, should it ever be needed.
>>2618 If you woodn't mind me asking, for how many boards did you keep backups? Hope will never have to rebuild /late/ yes
>>2624 About sixty or seventy. BUMP's intentionally designed to be efficient (more than say, a basic wget or curl command wood be for an imageboard), so it's quick thereafter once the initial base archive is created. Once I saw how fast it worked on refresh updates, I was "Ehh, let's get a bunch of them, just in case". Usually in just a handful of minutes I'd refresh them all (I used a simple Bash script + Cron Job to pull them down one-by-one automatically).
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/04/2023 (Wed) 12:34:45.
BO, roughly-speaking, we as a board are in large part back on our feet now. If you think it's justified, I'd suggest you unsticky this thread before long. --- Also, sadly it looks like /late/ may be offlined. (>>2653) I've confirmed that anon's claim it's not responding. It's currently still in the DNS, but no response from a server. :/ I'd suggest we join them in their meet-up thread here and talk ideas out with them BO. Having a friend in your corner can be a big emotion boost when your IB goes down. >threads-related >>>/shelter/4286 >>>/meta/16116
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/05/2023 (Thu) 22:29:25.
>>2656 The /late/ meetup thread was open by me, as I am myself an user of this board. I really hope they'll come here to drop a word as all their blogs are offline right now and the mail address I wrote to is on the late.city domain (so probably offline to). >meta/16116 not found
>>2668 I understand. Yep, looks like Anoncafe took the /meta thread, as /shelter/ is actually the correct location typical of such 'disaster-recoveries' on the Internet. We're obviously close neighbors with both /late/ and /kind/ so a thread here was entirely appropriate (as with our friends at /kind/ putting us up for a couple of nights). I'd suggest you approach them with the idea of rebuilding their board with our archives of them. If it seems a favorable idea they are inclined to all work hard together towards, then I'll maka another multi-part archive available on anonfiles. Then together we can all go as a delegation to /meta, to request they host /late/ here on anon.cafe instead. Eberryone already here has good favor towards /late/, and that will be a good point in favor for the Admins of our site here, I think. Sound good, BO?
>>2670 I was thinking of asking to open a /late/ board on the cafe as a last resort, yes. But as I don't have myself any contact with /late/ admins I cannot take any decision at this point. Maybe lets wait a little bit more for some news on their part. I woodn't start to rebuild /late/ if they're just offline temporarily. In the case /late/ is really dead, we may think about it seriously but I really want first to have some words with them. If anyone can reach them (I see they have a discord but it seems dead to >>2650) and I don't use it myself and can gives update it wood be really appreciated. They wanted to open an IRC channel but the board vanished before it. In any case, keep the archives preciously as it may be useful in a past that I prefer wood just be a sad hypothesis.
>>2671 >I woodn't start to rebuild /late/ if they're just offline temporarily. Ahh. Good point, BO. I suppose my desire for compassion towards them (remember, we had to bring our own board back from scratch too) is making me get ahead of myself. >In the case /late/ is really dead, we may think about it seriously but I really want first to have some words with them. Good thinking. >If anyone can reach them (I see they have a discord but it seems dead to >>2650) and I don't use it myself and can gives update it wood be really appreciated. Sorry I'm not your man, either. I personally refuse to use Doxxcord on moral grounds. >keep the archives preciously as it may be useful Will do. Just like the others, it's a part of our heritage that needs to endure.
Open file (34.90 KB 440x604 clarinet_boy.jpeg)
BO here. Just noticing by toggling the cyclic option on the thread "archives of the old post here" and adding new posts I deleted the old ones. Man, I'm so upset rn... I... I will re-re-build them, I promise. But this time, no merging as it has broke the things... Man... Come on...
>>2987 That's bad luck BO! Sorry to hear that, thanks for putting in all this effort to restore the board.
>>2987 Yes, it's the nature of a cyclic. It's intended to keep a thread's post count under a set limit, in /comfy/'s case that's 500 posts. As you probably know now it's the first posts that were slid off the thread. The last 500 are fine. Sorry I wish I could have warned you if I'd known. Thanks for all your efforts, BO.
>>3103 No problem. Just back at it rn. I just learned the hard way what cyclic does... I really feel like a goober as it's clearly stated in the modration manual. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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