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Open file (203.78 KB 448x478 ..png)
Anon 02/26/2021 (Fri) 15:23:09 No.3843
Open file (249.61 KB 500x500 1534407398420.gif)
what is this, the cute anime girl thread?
I really hope you don't say mean things to me
>>3845 Saying mean things gets you b& around here
Open file (56.44 KB 650x321 nyanpasu renge.jpg)
Open file (12.26 KB 474x231 gandalfu.jpg)
Open file (170.45 KB 480x270 CONDUCTOR.gif)
>>3844 NANOCHAN! What did they do to your hair!?
>>3872 This, nanochan, is not.
>>3905 Silly anon, I was talking about the real Nano-chan. :^)
Open file (335.36 KB 1200x1000 22702109_p0.jpg)
>>3913 I like this Nano-chan.
>>3915 A cute. stolen saved for my robowaifu collection. >Now, if only I could figure out the proper folder for it. >aegis, nope >nano, nada >???

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