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comfy room 01/26/2023 (Thu) 04:59:50 No.4117
do you have a comfy room what makes a room comfy how do i make my room comfy also post comfy spaces
Start from making a comfy area to sleep
Open file (55.16 KB 625x415 joy.jpeg)
My room, as the rest of my den is quite comfy. At least for me. The most important in my opinion to achieve comfy is to have some green plants in the house. As for the sleeping room it have to be minimalist but warm and most of all you want a good bed. I really enjoy my blankets and I'm always happy to go in when I need to sleep. I feel like a bear coiled up in a cocoon of warm softness. For the warmness I got bookshelves. Also you want your furniture to be wooden. Wood is warm and comfy. I personally like pine. For a time I used to have lot of trinkets eberrywhere but since my last move I have done some sorting and only kept the useful and beloved things. Also the house have to be clean and tidy. Filth and disorder are not comfy, not for me at least.
Open file (639.28 KB 1280x720 Anime Living.png)
>>4125 i agree anon i was i was just sorting through my stuff a few days ago myself i have a wood desk but am thinking of upgrading i also need to get a bed and dresser but am stuck as to if all the wood should be the same color or different and if i should go light dark or somewhere in the middle and if i may ask where do you get your furniture from?
Open file (182.74 KB 1920x1080 1659846856110733.jpg)
Open file (666.98 KB 1800x1783 1667112532905846.jpg)
Open file (66.75 KB 736x1040 1671499696339656.jpg)
Open file (939.91 KB 2626x1750 1673059175268350.jpg)
Open file (91.70 KB 750x942 1654288162401.jpg)
Open file (249.21 KB 1200x1600 download (6).jfif)
Open file (2.25 MB 4032x2268 1650744000205.jpg)
Open file (702.98 KB 2448x3264 clualci331sz.jpg)
>>4146 >where do you get your furniture from? Mainly in second hand stores, sometimes in the trash. I like to repair and customize them to fit my needs and give them a second life.
>>4147 Really like the 4th picture. It's really the kind of rooms I enjoy.
>>4150 in the trash?
>>4270 I don't know how to translate it properly in english but yes, basically. Sometimes peoiple get rid of their old furnitures by throwing them in the streets.
This image is berry comfy for me.
>>4277 He's cute, but the cig smoke wood kill me
Open file (509.16 KB 3128x1482 SETUP.jpg)
Open file (74.93 KB 1024x486 setup.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 3264x2448 battlestation.jpg)
Open file (71.70 KB 775x581 battlestation_shitty.jpg)
I like rooms that have a lot going on. I wood rather my room have a lot of stuff lying around randomly than some fancy furniture that aren't used for much with as little accesory as possible. The 2 monitor one with the wood monitor stand is mine. I took them naturally but normally there are less things on floor and more things in shelves/desk
>>4281 As I only use my room for sleeping, I keep it minimalist. But even in my living room where I spent moist of my time there are not lot of stuff here and there. >Hilda >Hollow Knight Nice anon.
>>4276 ooh
Open file (130.53 KB 1080x810 1674261780791389.jpg)
Open file (1.92 MB 1280x962 Screenshot (157).png)
>>4276 >>4150 >Mainly in second hand stores, sometimes I'll pick some up off the curb.
wish I had a comfy room that's why I escape to this board I guess
>>4615 Cozy AF. This yours?
Open file (60.25 KB 640x426 Old Man's Desk.jpg)
Open file (133.32 KB 828x1022 niya.jpg)
Open file (76.32 KB 582x433 index.gif)
>>4640 may i ask what your room is like?
I want this.
>>4645 That is really clever. I plan to add that when I have a place now. Thanks Anon! :)
>>4645 That's neat but where I live it wood quickly turn into the >>>/pro/ window.
>>4648 is that an issue?
Open file (1.43 MB 4032x3024 1653867243417.jpg)
Open file (840.32 KB 2560x1920 1653870036827.jpg)
Open file (92.57 KB 1920x1080 1652351594778.gif)
Open file (379.88 KB 1024x576 1651796344547.jpg)
Open file (966.05 KB 2448x1624 1651369869894.jpg)
Open file (850.04 KB 4032x3024 oldsetup.jpg)
>>4642 still in the process of setting up my room but i'd like to achieve a similar comfy feeling, dark photo but this was old setup under bed
>>4651 Deffo berry snug space feel Anon.
Open file (164.14 KB 960x720 1n8p1p13nnfa1.jpg)
Open file (98.02 KB 640x360 mjv5xz6zsyga1.jpg)
Open file (45.16 KB 640x367 mnqadurhi1ga1.jpg)
Open file (101.99 KB 640x360 83xgc37yrzga1.jpg)
Open file (3.89 MB 4032x3024 IMG_4862.JPG)
>>4652 Thanks anon it was bretty comfy, but loft bed was just to uncomfy so sold it
Open file (798.81 KB 4000x3000 den.jpg)
This is the place I spend the most of my time when at home. I have some houseplants in the room but we don't see them here. I am so used to seeing them that I find the room uncomfy without them on the picture. Sometimes, as the couch can converts into a bed I just put all my blankets on it and stay comfy watching movies, listening music or playing some vidyas. Sometimes with the gf for max comfyness.
>>4667 Really love the wooden figure thing sitting on the shelf. Used to have one of these guys but lost it somewhere
>>4654 Nice tech, Anon. This type thing suits me well generally, but I also like having unmanicured nature at hand too, something like an old, formerly-resplendant-but-now-overrun formal garden wood be peak /comfy/. Do you have nature nearby?
>>4281 Cute dost yoghurt box and plushy :>
all your rooms are comfier than mine
>>4675 I know that feel Anon. Sometimes you just gotta make a room comfier in your headspace.
>>4675 You will eventually get it to the comfy status. From my experience designing it to be comfy doesn't make a room comfy even if it looks bretty, if you don't feel at home there, it won't do. You just gotta live in it and make it feel more home until it feels comfy. If you don't know what you even like stripping things off until you get to a minimalist point where nothings could get off then building from there is a good idea.
>>4677 Dubs don't lie. Anon is right here, comfyness is more a personal thing than a general idea. Make your room suitable for you and your needs. Build a room that makes you happy.
>>4675 its somewhat of a lengthy process for me tbh, so i'd say enjoy the journey also most of the rooms i posted aren't mine and i just posted for inspiration
Open file (781.52 KB 1500x1000 1665679439235.jpg)
Open file (3.34 MB 1885x1491 1669822593985.png)
Open file (1.33 MB 2558x1440 1674391972916.jpg)
Open file (3.95 MB 3922x2490 1675022094621.jpg)
Open file (881.12 KB 2560x1440 1485724510958.jpg)
weekly dose lol
>>4739 The first one is berry nice. I like it a lot.
Open file (8.11 KB 660x491 finale1.png)
Open file (184.67 KB 1462x822 screenshot (1).jpg)
Open file (225.65 KB 1462x822 screenshot (2).jpg)
how wood you make this room comfy? bed stays where it is i currently have a thin desk under window 40"x20" also still need to get a bedframe
>>4763 As you don't have lot of space you cannot ad lot of stuff. It will depend on the colors of the wall. Carpet is nice. And you can put some plants, maybe at the end of the bed and some little one on the desk. Also you can play on the cozy effect with nice curtains, depend on the color of the room and how you want the light to be filtered.
Open file (1.73 MB 2268x4032 IMG_0081.jpg)
Open file (1.84 MB 4032x2268 IMG_0091.jpg)
>>4765 the colour of the wall is like a light beige and thats the window
>>4778 These are comfy colors for a room. Maybe add a pinch of a warmer color (the carpet ?). Does the carpet is the same as in the 3D model ? Maybe you should try another position. I wood say along the bed but you have the desk. Try to find a wooden bedframe matching the desk to. My opinion : add some green plants. Period. Did you plan to add sme things on the walls like posters, painting or photograpy ?
>>4763 What's the floor material, wood vinyl or some other material? ...Oh never mind >>4778 >also still need to get a bedframe Well unless your an ultra minimalist life style wise or you've just got a big closet, no even still if you can help it I'd recommend getting a bed frame with built in drawers but if you've already made up your mind on one then get some hand made wood or woven baskets to put under them. You should also be wary of plywood bed frames, especially ones lined with fake wood textures made of vinyl because that caca inevitably starts peel off. Get a solid wood or steel bed frame instead. Given I guess you've chosen to put some chair/couch thing in front of the of the bathroom door I guess a bed side table even a small one is out of the question? I'd recommend getting some wall mounted shelves and what not for openly storing books or a lamp or whatever instead. Also get a wall mount for your choice of sword autism, because it be kinda cool. Avoid IKEA caca, it's not built to last and your caca will either be sagging or peeling just after a few months. rescues some sturdy antiques instead if you can find what you need so long as they aren't painted with lead, hell even caca from Walmart is superior than caca from IKEA for whatever reason, I've got a handy down coffee table made in Vietnam that my uncle got from Walmart and it's still kicking just fine I'll be it a little dinged up from moving it but that's fine since I use it in my garage. >>4779 >My opinion : add some green plants. Period. I'll add to this, fresh air is great but if you haven't got a green thumb go with specifically small succulents and a money tree since all you have to do for those is give them a ice cube once a week and ensure they've got enough sunlight. If you can't handle that then just stick with a single cactus and flick a few drops of water unto it once in a while. Also eventually you'll need to re-pot said plants since the roots will want to expand, make sure you only go for soil made specifically for succulents, money tree's are a little less picky but given you live in a little micro apartment or whatever I doubt you'll be composting your own soil anytime soon. Or at least I think that's an apartment anyway but for all I know it could be a mini house out in the middle of nowhere where no one will give a quack about your drum of leaf and potato peels filled with earth warms with holes drilled on the bottom. that's suspended off the ground with 3 or 5 bricks. Yes that last part is berry specific, I used to do that back when I lived in farm country/fly over land which I intend to move back into but I'm currently renting for a few reasons but mostly to be close to some family and my current job.
>>4779 Yeah the carpet is practically the same as it is in the model cant really figure out a space for it though. having it under the bed doesn't let me move my chair freely, pushing it out from under the bed so its touching the wall with the window and the wall which the beds headboard is on squishes eberrything into the corner. having it under the desk feels odd as it leaves empty space on either side. so currently i have it like it is in previous 3d model but pushed to the front of the room past the desk although this doesn't let me open my entry door fully seems to be the best position. I've been looking for a wooden bed frame just on Facebook and craigslist don't really know where else too look any suggestions? Yea i do plan on getting a few plants i used to have one tough guy stayed green and healthy till the bitter end... Not really sure what to get as far as stuff for the walls
Open file (2.04 MB 4032x2268 IMG_5964.jpg)
>>4781 yeah as for the bedframe i want to get a solid wood one i was thinking maybe a bookcase or captains bed type of thing but im not sure what wood you recommennd and where should i look? nothings obstructing the bathroom door i have a small low table a few feet away from it for some floor gaming though (beside the desk)(its in the 3d model) where wood i put these wall mounted shelves? i do like the idea of getting a sword ill probably look into that near the end >rescues some sturdy antiques from where i do plan on getting some plants, tahnks for the tips. and gardening does sound bretty comfy i'd like to get into that when the time comes below is the small table mentioned and what i used to have previously under the loft bed
>>4788 lol above*
>>4788 >from where ntsa >antiques stores >second hand shops >pawn shops >in the trash (yes sometimes people get rid of really nice things in the trash if you're not affraid of doing some dumpster diving)
>>4781 I once bought bookshelves at Ikea (mainly because it's the only ones I found with th right dimensions for my needs and way more cheaper than some handmade ones) and I quite happy with them. It's plain wood pine without coating by the way. But most of my furnitures are antiques and are way more better in term of quality yes. For the greenies I may recommend a ficus and or yucca are they are really easy to maintain. I just put some water when they need it (almost one tim a week but they I can easilly let them without water one entire month). I sometime do a little pruning when in need and they are in the same pot from some years now and are perfectly good as it as I dn't want them to grow bigger from now. Generally people tell me they are beautiful so yes you can have nice plants without this lot of effort. >>4778 Depending on how your window is openning I'll put some little plants there on the little tablet of the windows frame.
>>4788 >i do like the idea of getting a sword ill probably look into that near the end Neat, what kinda sword to you plan on mounting? I plan on getting a Wakizashi which as basically a short Katana for practical applications. Just need to find the perfect one from Korea or Pinoy land since getting a genuine Nippon Katana is damn near unobtainium because if Japans goofy laws that funny enough make it easier to legally get a gun there as apposed to a sword. >>4791 Well you seem to have a better experience with IKEA products than I do because eberrything I've assembled for my friends and family ended up in a landfill after just a couple of years and in more extreme cases weeks. So I admittedly have a bit of a bias towards IKEA as well as some other things I dislike about their company hence why I personally refuse to give them my money. >But most of my furnitures are antiques and are way more better in term of quality yes. Good for you >For the greenies I may recommend a ficus and or yucca are they are really easy to maintain. I'll look into those, some day I hope to have my own little sun room for all sorts of indoor plants.
Open file (2.81 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20230316_125807.jpg)
>>4817 >Japans goofy laws that funny enough make it easier to legally get a gun there as apposed to a sword It may be more related to the cultural aspect of the sword than the lethal potential. The sword has and always have a huge cultural meaning in Japan. Not a weeb nor a swordsman myself, but it's the more logic explanation I think off rn. Maybe it could be related to some famous crimes committed with swords (Mishima Yukio coup attempt, Yodogo Hijacking Incident...), also if not wrong I believe the majority of (the few) crimes there are committed with knifes and swords. >>4817 >IKEA For the moment, the bookshelves are here since less than 2 years and I don't moved them so it's good for the moment. I avoid as much as I can buying stuff here, it's the only time I did it and hope it's the last.
>>4831 >It may be more related to the cultural aspect of the sword than the lethal potential. The sword has and always have a huge cultural meaning in Japan. IMO, it's more the CY politicians are afraid of being JUST'd by sword, like that 17yo an hero did to that Filthy Commie back in the day.
>>4739 There is something berry kino about that T.V. being framed by the shotgun and guitar in the third picture.
>>4839 >berry /k/ino Indeed
>>4739 The first picture is my dream setup tbh
>>5454 henlo fren we hab a walbabe bread here >>69
Open file (7.84 KB 100x100 viewprofileimage.png)
>>5457 phankyou
>>4670 yea there are some parks and bikepaths nearby now that summers here i'll go and explore one of these days
>>4847 lol
henlo frens i was wondering what type of bedframes you guys have and where you got them from? currently searching for one
Open file (198.20 KB 1280x962 t2rrsw7dn85b1.jpg)
Open file (135.66 KB 960x720 afav9c27etja1.jpg)
Open file (117.77 KB 960x720 ulqo7h9j8a7b1.jpg)
fall is steady approaching
>>6443 I wish I could help. I just use sleeping bags.
>>6443 I have a mattress on the floor :)
>>6445 >afav9c27etja1.jpg Super comfy. I wish I could live again in a small town, I'm tired of this cement monstrosity.
>>6443 I have my mattress on two tatami mats, I have a coffee table that it roughly the same height as my mattress on the mats and I put my laptop, ebook and phone on it when I'm not using them or about to go to bed. Makes bedmaxing bretty comfy for me.
>>6445 Cat is nice.
>>6449 thats what i've mainly been doing for the past cuppla years too :) doesnt work well in my new room though. as it is small and the bed overlaps with the other spaces too much i often find myself stepping on/over it, just laying there all day even though i habe a chair/desk, and making it less often. I feel a bedframe wood solve these issues and create more seperated spaces in a room that seems to blend together thinking of getting a nice sturdy wood one with some presence to it hehe
>>6446 based
>>6623 that sounds bretty comfy is that all you have in the bedroom? what ebook do you have im bretty interested in getting one to do some reading before bed opposed to just mindlessly scrolling
>>6455 agreed. oh cool if i may ask what small town did you use to live in and how was life different there?
Open file (1.42 MB 4032x3024 1657761129114.jpg)
Open file (325.54 KB 1600x1105 1645548060532-1.jpg)
Open file (1.97 MB 2016x3025 1657758833649.jpg)
Open file (110.44 KB 555x720 1440984662470.jpg)
I'm going to dump some photos that I've saved, I gotta admit that some rooms are comfier than others.
Open file (157.53 KB 1209x1653 71-CPkHat-L.jpg)
Open file (622.50 KB 1296x972 1638599607768.jpg)
Open file (79.17 KB 568x414 1650455109514.png)
Open file (1.74 MB 3096x2322 Room 2022-05-15.jpg)
The four photos above depict a berry specific type of bedroom. They remind me of a time when I was working bretty much all day and wood only come home to eat, bathe, and sleep.
Open file (60.87 KB 800x600 1653428013608.jpg)
Open file (65.07 KB 512x385 1653420834982.jpg)
Open file (240.93 KB 1024x768 1653418218477.jpg)
Open file (275.70 KB 1024x681 1574009049017.jpg)
Do you prefer a more tidy room or...
Open file (1.89 MB 1280x960 1669600933559.png)
Open file (1.43 MB 4032x2268 1653539660252.jpg)
..a more cluttered one? (nevermind the fact that these are more like battlestations lol)
Open file (100.85 KB 1024x755 room-1024x755.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 2592x1944 1681324688339-0.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 1242x1204 1671883824925286.jpg)
Open file (179.02 KB 1600x1200 1393740489481.jpg)
Well, that's the end my small dump. Hope you guys enjoy it.
>>8025 These practically look like business shops. >those dangling drives tho What could possibly go wrong? :)
>>8026 Thanks!
>>8025 I prefer the look of the more minimalistic ones, but they woodn't work for me. I've got too much stuff and not enough room to to put it.
this thread is making me want to get a wooden desk, anyone know some decent ones?
>>8031 Go antique-ing, estate sales, flea markets, wherever you can go to buy furniture older then you. Because modern equivalents are not as good as the ones that have weathered generations.
Isn't Amish furniture supposed to be good?

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