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Open file (332.22 KB 1280x1032 1669932889557.jpg)
It's my birthday today, /comfy/ Anon 01/26/2023 (Thu) 11:37:02 No.4118
Happy Birthday Anon. I hope you do something special & fun today!
Happy birthday anon! What are you going to do for your bday? I hope you will be maximum levels of comfy
Open file (369.67 KB 444x408 56886544.gif)
Happy birthday
Open file (2.36 MB 255x191 dancin kot.gif)
>>4118 Happy birthday anon ! How old are you now ? Will you do something special today to celebrate it ?
Open file (260.29 KB 311x657 3409.png)
>>4118 Happy Birthday Anon!
Open file (51.99 KB 608x739 1674522614957793.jpg)
>>4119 >>4121 >>4124 Going to dinner with my mom, 27 today. I am shamefully posting my cash app. If anyone sends me 20 for help on my bday, I will send back Saturday when I get my check. $dantesinferno288
Open file (1.23 MB 269x202 bush dance.gif)
>>4118 Happy birthday.
happy birthday, anon!
what the heck this is an almost year old thread lol
>>7051 Eh, I guess it's never too late to wish an happy birthday XD
>>7052 Its anon's birthday & 2/3rds!

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