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Open file (909.71 KB 1214x1439 robot.jpg)
/meta/ + QTDDTOT Anon 02/01/2023 (Wed) 23:15:19 No.4607
Requests, enhancements and all things that don't deserve their own thread. Lets make /comfy/ comfier.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 08:04:00.
>>4608 >Done. Was it really needed on /comfy/ ? Heh, maybe not. But there have been two or three times I wanted to chat with you over the past few weeks, but didn't know where to do so really. I was going to discuss the torchat thread that was posted, and let you know it wasn't really a berry /comfy/ spot. But I didn't want to presume to rm it myself w/o mentioning it to you in case you saw it differently. That's all for now, I see you've already taken care of things. Thanks BO.
>>4607 really cute art
>>4609 I checked the link and tbh it wasn't really uncomfy : >a dead chat >some useful links >some files Was it comfy tho ? No, not really. I was not sure to delete it but I remembered previous BO said no more advertising so I did it anyway. I updated the rules accordingly, just to make it clear. >>4610 https://www.artstation.com/krzymsky I really like his style.
Hello /comfy/. This is the /late/ BO. The users over on /late/ decided that they wood be okay with having the main board here on the cafe because of the stability. With that I wood like to start rebuilding threads from the archive. If you can help out, that'd be great. If you cant find the time, that's okay; feel free to chip in when you have the time. >>>/late/ thanks in advance <3
>>4888 And no, this is not an April fool's joke.
Open file (21.23 KB 266x345 how.jpg)
>>4888 I'm bretty busy lately but I will try to help as I can. Count me in /late/
Wojak is fine. Soyjak (or any other leftist dogwhistle) is not. Keep it /comfy/ frens. :)
>>5414 At least they had their containment thread.
Just to notify you guys I took the decision to delete the watercolor painting thread. Painting is a comfy hobby but the thread itself was not.
>>5541 understood. thanks for the update BO.
Open file (973.86 KB 1215x1600 you will regret this.png)
>>5541 >deletes thread of a struggling watercolour artist
Open file (657.92 KB 480x360 Now You Fucked Up!.webm)
>>5556 At least hitler had some talent and waited some times before going mad. OP was a total piece of poopoo from the beginning.
>>5541 Please be aware that /retro/ was completely destroyed overnight during a slide attack similar to the one that was attempted on /k/ recently. >>>/retro/3176 Please adjust your board's thread rate limit accordingly BO!
Open file (145.68 KB 1080x1200 present_danger_brib.jpg)
>>6292 Thanks for warning us. I applied the settings accordingly. I apologize in advance for any bona fide users who may be adversely affected. If anything wrong, let us now.
Edited last time by Taulier on 07/31/2023 (Mon) 20:32:35.
Open file (29.77 KB 533x526 fcplm.jpeg)
Hey anon who reported on the last caca artist thread, I think I banned you by accident. Sorry about that really uncomfy move, please appeal the ban and I will lift it.
>>6860 Still here
>>6862 Nice, glad to know. I'm still learning how moderation works and I was affraid I did a mistake.
Where is the love thread ? Was it uncomfy ?
>>6940 Maybe the OP rm'd it? I doubt the globals wood have, and I didn't.
>>6946 Thanks for clarifying. The thread was nice so this is why I've asked.
>>6947 Nprb. I didn't even notice it went missing until I saw your post (since it's a topic I find unpromising for Anons in general. :^)
I wood suggest we shrimply delete any covid threads such as >>6966 straightaway, BO. Obviously the homoglobos will be fearmongering and pandering in overdrive for the next wave they have planned. Why should /comfy/ support their efforts is my view on things?
>>6969 I delete them as soon as I notice them. It have nothing to do on /comfy/ imho.
>>7064 Thanks for asking about this particular issue, I'm really not sure what position to take on this type of subject. Maybe I'm a "too good for this world" person and don't see the evil where it's hidden but I tend to believe that anon is sincere and just needs some kind words (this is what someone may be looking for by visiting /comfy/ and if it may be even a little help, why not). But I remain on my guard because I know that this kind of subject can become quite problematic. So for the time being I prefer to leave the subject open, but if decisions have to be taken with regard to moderation I'll act accordingly if I see that the topic becomes mischievous. To other anons, please stay safe and never let the evil win on you. You'll better than that.
>>7068 Got it BO, thanks. I'll rm my own post b/c I don't want to leave even that content around for some anon to find.
Anon on /cyber/ figured out the archive thread he wanted restored. >>>/cyber/631
>>7350 Help Robowaifu ! I will need the archve because I don't have it anymore and the anonfile links are dead now :(
>>7352 Yeah, unfortunately Anonfiles actually shuttered b/c CIA glowneighbors attacking it with Charles Petzold. I'm not on a machine that has an archive ATM, but I'll try to figure something out around Thu. Sorry bretty busy r/n. At least anon figured out which one though. Cheers. :)
>>7353 > Charles Petzold That's the first time I've heard that one.
Open file (31.94 KB 292x300 beg.jpg)
>>7353 Sorry to ask again, but as I've promised to /cyber/ anon. Sorry if I seem insistent, it's just a friendly reminder. Maybe use catbox.moe in place of anonfiles ?
>>7513 Ahh, thanks for the reminder Anon. My apologies, but I have a technical issue that may prevent me from doing this till the end of November. If I manage it earlier, I'll link it ITT. Thanks for the suggestion about catbox, but I gave up on them a while back b/c they shrimply refuse to even work now across Tor, AFAICT. Any other suggestions, Anon?
>>7517 OK, take your time. >catbox wasn't even aware they were not Tor friendly. Tbh, it's been a while I'm not using Tor regularly so I don't know for a proper solution. Maybe Onionshare, I used it in the past and it wokred well.
Open file (4.28 MB 1275x8438 Vidya Movies Poster.png)
(You) are cordially invited to the second annual POST THANKSGIVING MO/V/IE NIGHT Another curated selection of video game movies will be played for your amusement. Some of them good, most of them bad, a handful so-bad-it's-good. WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/vidyamovies WHEN: November 25 & 26, 2023 Times are approximate and may be rounded up/down for convenience. Please arrive 10 minutes before the actual listed showtime. DAY 1 STREET FIGHTER 1994 The fight to save the world is on! 6:00 AM PT / 9:00 AM ET / 2:00 PM GMT MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION 1997 Destroy All Expectations... 7:51 AM PT / 10:51 AM ET / 3:51 PM GMT HITMAN 2007 Most believe his berry existence is a sin. But others know he is a necessary evil. 9:37 AM PT / 12:37 PM ET / 5:37 PM GMT POKÉMON: THE FIRST MOVIE 1998 The Pokémon match of all time is here. 11:21 AM PT / 2:21 PM ET / 7:21 PM GMT FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN '''2005" Is it for the children, for a memory, or for himself? 12:56 PM PT / 3:56 PM ET / 8:56 PM GMT FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 2023 Can you survive five nights? 3:13 PM PT / 6:13 PM ET / 11:13 PM GMT HALO 4: FORWARD UNTO DAWN 2012 The story of Halo 4 begins at dawn. 5:12 PM PT / 8:12 PM ET / 1:12 AM GMT WING COMMANDER 1999 An action packed thrill ride! 6:45 PM PT / 9:45 PM ET / 2:45 AM GMT DAY 2 MAX PAYNE 2008 When a man has lost eberrything, he only has revenge. 6:00 AM PT / 9:00 AM ET / 2:00 PM GMT THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 2019 Frenemies Unite. 7:53 AM PT / 10:53 AM ET / 3:53 PM GMT RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE 2004 The evil continues... 9:35 AM PT / 12:35 PM ET / 5:35 PM GMT TEKKEN 2010 Survival is no game 11:23 AM PT / 2:23 PM ET / 7:23 PM GMT DOOM ANNIHILATION 2019 Your mission: don't die. 1:04 PM PT / 4:04 PM ET / 9:04 PM GMT SIN: THE MOVIE 2000 The sins of the father, have been passed to the child. 2:51 PM PT / 5:51 PM ET / 10:51 PM GMT THE WIZARD 1989 They're on a cross-country adventure to the world's greatest video championship. It's more than a game...it's the chance of a lifetime. 3:58 PM PT / 6:58 PM ET / 11:58 PM GMT !!! ACHTUNG !!! !!! VERBOTEN !!! 5:48 PM PT / 8:48 PM ET / 1:48 AM GMT
Hello /comfy/ I wanted to find out if any regulars here are interested in taking over /christmas/ (the BO is inactive) and run it through the New Year so we can 'save' Christmas? I can do it if necessary, but it won't be as good likely b/c I'm berry busy ATM. BO? Puzzle-Anons? SEND HALP PLS :)
>>7784 Damn, I'd completely forgotten this place existed. I'll think about it, but I'm not sure I'm the right anon for the job due to lack of time and devotion. As a last resort, I might try, but I'd rather not do it at all than do it badly and dispassionately.
>>7786 OK, let's see if someone else steps up. I say let's give it through Sunday only, b/c there's a delay in transfer typically, plus it's a fair bit of work promoting it all. BTW, anyone can help spam promotion of the /christmas/ event... the more the merrier! :D
>>7787 > convos-related: >>>/meta/16409 >>>/christmas/2977 https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/85538.html#99458 update: OK, the current BO has spoken. He's ready to transfer the board, /comfy/ . >>>/meta/16419 >tl;dr Now's the time anons, please speak up to run /christmas/ this year! :) update 2: Well, don't everyone speak out at once! :DD >>>/meta/16420 I'd sure like some volunteer help, anons.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 08:05:51.
COME TO THE 2023 /CHRISTMAS/ FESTIVAL Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons! >>>/christmas/
@BO I recommend you create an entirely new thread for discussions/options/etc., for /comfy/ anons to discuss our options regarding the Anoncafe Admin's announcement: >>>/meta/16466 --- update: Since this is a general site problem, one not just limited to /comfy/, let's instead join in a group-effort thread dedicated to solving this dilemma for every board: >>>/shelter/4994
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/11/2024 (Thu) 21:21:51.
>>8069 Smug has a /cute/ board with a lot of overlap.
>>8072 Thanks! Since this is general, wood you mind repeating this at: >>>/shelter/4994 and maybe giving some specific ways you think such an integration might be accomplished?
Open file (449.56 KB 498x277 tmpt.gif)
OK, I've just read /meta/'s announcement that Café is coming to an end. This makes me really sad as this site was like a second home to me and (I'm sure) to many other anons. Regarding this situation, I don't think I'll continue to be BO of the new /comfy/ once we've found a new home. Due to some changes in my life, I don't have the time to manage the migration and I think it's best for me to let someone else take the job. I'll help work on this problem until we've found a new home and wherever /comfy/ goes, I'll still be part of the adventure.
>>8075 I understand how you feel, Anon. As one who worked hard side-by-side with you to bring /comfy/ back post-by-post, by hand here I completely understand. OTOH Apparently the Trashchan Admin has decided to enable board creation (>>>/shelter/5079), and he solved a scripted way to do this automatically instead of the tedious way. If we can arrange to move /comfy/ there (using our own BUMP archives of it), and it can be 'magically' restored there, perhaps you could reconsider becoming the BO at the new home? You've been a really dedicated and good BO for this /comfy/ edition, and I'm sure we'd all love you to continue at it if you can. Maybe in a few days you'll feel better Anon. We're all bummed by this news. Keep moving forward!
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/12/2024 (Fri) 02:32:58.
>>8077 Some anon on the /shelter/ thread proposed to move /comfy/ on 8moe which is imo a bad idea. Trashcan may be far way better alternative. Reading his post here https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/64.html and he seems to be a nice lad and it could be a nice place to host /comfy/ I will ask them to open a /comfy/ there and I keep ownership the time we have to move, then I will reconsider my choiuce of quitting if things are less painful than I think.
>>8078 Apparently Wapchan have open board requests, it seems to be a nice place to.
Open file (2.00 MB 498x440 do_your_best_anon.gif)
>>8078 >Some anon on the /shelter/ thread proposed to move /comfy/ on 8moe which is imo a bad idea. Yeah, I saw that. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT FED HONEYPOT Heh, seems we're already on the same page on this BO. :^) >and he seems to be a nice lad and it could be a nice place to host /comfy/ Yes, he's berry competant too, as well as a good lad. >>8079 >Wapchan They have really stepped up for nuKind when they were adrift again recently. Good backup choice IMO. We have two months BO, I'm sure things will sort themselves out. Cheers.
>>8078 >>8079 trashchan seems technically competent, but the site seems to lack any overarching culture, while wapchan as a whole seems much more in tune with /comfy/s way of doing things
>>8081 Maybe we can move to trashchan, and use wapchan as our unlisted bunker board? Does wapchan support unlisted boards, do you know Anon? --- You see, wapchan doesn't allow Torposting currently, and I only sh*tepost across Tor. So, it would exclude me from our own board! :D
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/12/2024 (Fri) 03:11:30.
>>8082 looks like the wapchan admin just reenabled torposting, lol
>>8083 Haha, I saw that! So, for me the issue comes down to the fact that the Trashchan admin already understands the BUMP board archiver's file layout, and has solved an 'auto-magically' script that will repopulate a new board from said archives. That's a BIG win, IMO. Rebuilding these boards post-by-post by hand is a big chore!! :DD
>>8084 Yeah I'm fine with the Trashcan option as you said it can it can save us the tedious job of redoing eberrything by hand :D >>8081 Wapchan seems to fit the culture, yes and it's a serious alternative (as it allows Torposting finally). Maybe we can use it as a bunker, I'm asking to the admin if they're OK with that maybe ?
>>8085 >Wapchan I don't see them listed on the webring gadget? Maybe they can be added? I've visited them and they are a legit altchan that I personally think wood be a good addition to the webring.
>>8086 >Maybe they can be added? I don't have any idea how this thing works as I never used it. Also see the response from Figadmin here about the bunker on Wapchan : https://wapchan.org/wap/res/713.html#q1111 >I am not entirely sure how to restore an archive here if needed, but since anon.cafe also runs on lynxchan, it shouldn't be too hard if needed.
>>8087 Any site owner could add Wapchan into the webring (and I recommend that). >Figadmin resp OK, sounds good, thanks Anon! Good night & see you anons again soon. Cheers. :)
So are we settling on trashchan as the main cafe migration destination?
>>8091 Feel like we should vote on it.
>>8092 I'm fine with the idea of a vote. Trashcan and Wapchan may be 2 good solutions for me. It will mostly depend on the ability to restore a BUMP archive (Trashcan and Wapchan are fine with the idea).
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/12/2024 (Fri) 11:20:04.
>>8091 I wood like to stay on the webring so thats my vote
>>8099 Isn't it easy to put wapchan or traschan on the WR?
>>8102 >Isn't it easy to put wapchan or traschan on the WR? Yeah, bretty easy. -The Root needs to run a smol script periodically (say eberry 5 mins) that polls the other sites in a list file for their current posting stats. -Some other WR Root needs to add them into the 'trusted' list. Shrimple as. BTW, Trashchan is already part of the webring, and has been for years.
My vote is cast for Wapchan.
>>8104 At the moment I can access trash, trash is on the webring, seems to be working on transition, and hasn't raised any red flags for /comfy/ content.
@BO I'd start planning for your new CSS for the new board, so that it feels completely /comfy/ for us all. Not sure if there are any important considerations of differences between JSchan & LynxChan, but it's worth investigating on your part ahead of time, I think. Cheers. :)
>>8116 Do we have a confirmation for Wapchan or Trashcan for our new /comfy/? Personally, I don't mind being on the webring, but I want to make sure I'm making the right decision about which site to migrate to. As for CSS, I prefer to do it myself because I really enjoy it :) I don't have much free time these days, but I'm keeping an eye on things from afar. As soon as I get home around the 16th, I'll get back to it in earnest. I'd just like to know for sure whether to choose Trashcan or Wapchan. Both are solutions that suit me.
>>8122 I guess it depends if you want to be on a site where the status quota wood still be the same (on the webring, admin being mostly in the background, other boards having different/conflicting rules) or if you want to be more of a core part of a site (admin being more visible, not on the webring, other boards having similar rules). A few other boards find wapchan "controversial" but this seems to be due to reasons that have nothing to do with the actual moderation of the site. If you moved to wapchan you could probably merge with /chill/ which seems to be their relaxed board.
>>8123 >not on the webring Can't you just ask the wapchan guy to join the webring then?
>>8122 Well, I encouraged you to continue on as /comfy/ BO -- we all did. So in the end, you have to make that final decision Anon. --- • The Admin of Trashchan, yourself, and myself have already begun the process of migrating there. He has already begun the work itself in earnest, and is operating completely in good-faith towards us and other boards here (such as /retro/ ). > pic-related • The Trashchan Admin is technically-competent, is forward-thinking (eg, planning ahead for someone else to in-effect be able to keep the site running should he disappear for any reason [1]), is clearly an Anon at heart, and I've been a part of that site for years (~4y). He knows what he's doing, and will work directly with anons to solve problems (which I've proven personally). • I'm sure the Wapchan Admin did a competent job helping the latest version of /kind/ get back together again, and I have no reason to suspect that site of any ill-intent towards anons. Rather the opposite in fact; the new /kind/min & community seems quite happy there AFAICT. I simply don't know Wapchan, as they are new to me. • Clearly, my counsel to you is that we move forward with the current operation and migrate to Trashchan. This will be the smoothest pathway at this time to a trouble-free migration + full-restoration of our board there, I believe. It seems apparent that the Admin himself is doing pretty much all the heavy-lifting for board auto-migrations using BUMP archives. --- I hope these bullet points help you with making your decision, Anon. And whatever you choose, I'll be happy to continue to support you -- you've done a great job as BO! Cheers. :) 1. http://trashbakket2sfmaqwmvv57dfnmacugvuhwxtxaehcma6ladugfe2cyd.onion/
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/14/2024 (Sun) 17:04:17.
>>8122 >>8126 Figured i'd try and see if channelchanger actually worked these days, and made a locked copy of /comfy/ as a proof of concept. https://wapchan.org/comfy/
>>8130 Thanks for the info, Admin! Cheers. :)
>>8122 Alright BO, the Trashchan Admin has now completed a 'test run' migration of /comfy/ . Here's the link: https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/catalog.html Add'l info: https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/64.html#149 Looks like we're all set on the Tchan end of things. Now we here just need to set a firm migration date, then we'll all move over to our shiny new board! Cheers.
>>8130 >>8134 So both boards did a full copy? Interesting... I guess it's just down to what admin you like better at this point.
Hi eberryone Just checking in and I'm really happy to see both Wapchan and Trashchan admins did a great job for migrating /comfy/ on their sites. I'm berry exited to start on a fresh adventure once the Cafe will close. I'm not sure which one to use as our main board and forour bunker. I need to take the time to use them a bit and see how things works under the hood. I'll keep you updated really soon and sorry for not having been here a lot these last days, I'm on a travel trip and canot use theinternet a lot. Tomorrow I will be back home so I will have more time to look at that. Thanks to Admins and Chobitus for their good job :)
Open file (5.67 MB 640x480 nobody here.mp4)
>>8140 Heh, we actually have a /comfy/ moosic bread. Check the catalog, Anon. :)
Open file (323.61 KB 1900x891 CSS_wip.jpg)
I've started working ont the CSS. It's just a work in progress but I think it will be fine in a few days (I'm donig this during my night work schedule so I do piece by piece). Any recommandations wood be welcome in term of design improvement while we're at it :) I think, if eberrybody's ok with the idea, I will then lock /comfy/ and only letting one post to inform visitors we have moved to Trashchan. @ Chobitsu If you'd like to continue to be vol on /comfy/ maybe you should register an account on Trashchan so I can add you on the board's staff members.
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/18/2024 (Thu) 01:33:12.
>>8144 >I think, if eberrybody's ok with the idea, I will then lock /comfy/ and only letting one post to inform visitors we have moved to Trashchan. OK, I'll be happy to help with things if you think it's needed BO. Thanks for the update! Cheers. :)
>>8144 When are you going to lock it? >Any recommandations wood be welcome in term of design improvement while we're at it :) I'm not so sure about the gray boxes. Maybe a light brown instead? Don't know.
>>8144 You can select a diifferent theme than win95 as a base if it makes things easier for you.
>>8148 >When are you going to lock it? Once I'm sufficiently satisfied with the CSS, give me some days. I'll post updates here and will move the few posts that don't have been migrated by hand. >The gray boxes I'm planning to modify them, I'll try to reproduce as faithfully as possible the theme we all know here. This was just a first draft :) >>8151 Yes I've seen they've got a lot of nice themes on the Trashchan, the default Win95 is bretty /retrocomfy/. Last night I sprained my wrist at work, so I'm going to have a few days off. The upside: I've got time on my hands, the downside: typing with one hand is bretty annoying xD
>>8152 >Last night I sprained my wrist at work Oh no! I pray you get well quickly.
>>8153 Thanks, it's mostly an inconvenience cause I have to do all my things with one hand. I did gud work on the CSS but still have things to polish. I wanted to upload it for having your thoughts but something need to be tweaked on Trashchan before I can.
>>8154 >I wanted to upload it for having your thoughts but something need to be tweaked on Trashchan before I can. OK, looking forward to seeing your progress soon, BO! Also, get well soon too. :)
OK Trashchan admin worked on some technical point and now the CSS is set. Not in its final form but I'm quite happy for now. Give feedback anons please :)
Open file (82.83 KB 1272x850 2024-01-19_02-49-48.png)
>>8158 >Give feedback anons please :) The board is fine, but I don't see any way to choose a comfy theme, and you can see that the default theme for me is just the win9x one: >
>>8144 >If you'd like to continue to be vol on /comfy/ maybe you should register an account on Trashchan so I can add you on the board's staff members. Go ahead BO. I've had an account on Trashchan for years now.
Open file (144.99 KB 1709x933 2024-01-19_03-03-19.png)
Open file (67.77 KB 1167x874 2024-01-19_03-03-57.png)
>>8159 Alright, this was issue is something apparently, to do with the fact I had the tchan/comfy tab open before you began adjusting the CSS. I opened the site's home page, then clicked /comfy/ and got the proper one as the default. Just a heads-up for eberryone. > Looks great BO, nice work! :)
Open file (171.29 KB 1653x928 2024-01-19_03-11-58.png)
Open file (92.64 KB 1299x909 2024-01-19_03-13-40.png)
>>8161 Well shoot. That's what the catalog and the index theme looked like, but when I open an individual page (for instance the Comfy Room), it looks like win9x again. > I don't think I'm doing anything wrong on my end, BO (just clicking the links like normal), am I? How does it look for others? https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/index.html https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/thread/4117.html
>>8162 Just noticing this, that's weird because when I upload the CSS in the "on the fly" settings (accessible by anyone, not just staff) it works on the threads. I will investigate lately, for now I have to go to the dnetist. >attached is the work in progress CSS if someone wants to investigate while I'm out. Checking back later :)
>>8162 >>8163 I don't understand. I asked Trashchan admin to look at it. I believe there is something in the jschan engine that don't work as expected. Or maybe it's on my side but I don't understand what I'm doing wrong ┐(‘~` )┌
Open file (102.94 KB 1392x949 2024-01-19_08-34-16.png)
>>8163 >>8164 Great! Looks like between the two of you you squared things away, BO. Cheers! :)
R.I.P Anon.cafe
Open file (117.96 KB 900x600 1696045936511459.jpg)
Berry nice work overnight, BO. Hope your wrist is feeling a little better by now. >>8166 It's A-OK Anon. Any board that wants to do so, has several options available on the webring (and elsewhere) for migration. The Internets will be just fine. We'll all be fine. Cheers. :) TOGETHER, WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!
>>8166 >R.I.P. Anon.cafe Long live /comfy/ !!! Theming work almost finished, still have to figure how to implement post highlighting and some details but I'm bretty satisfied since the jschan engine is different and I had to adapt the syntax and all... Enough for today. Also Trashmin is a nice dude and always prompt to help, it gives me good hope for the future of /comfy/. As the default spoiler image was nice on the cafe but not so on Trashchan, I will see if it is something that can be changed, if you have any suggestions let me now :) My wrist is better but I'm waiting for a call from the doctor to take stock.
>>8168 >Long live /comfy/ !!! This. :) >if you have any suggestions let me now :) Well, it should be something possibly cute as well as comfy. Smol kittens, for example, seem bretty much universally-approved on IBs. Or, a cup of coffee seems to be the enduring mascot here at /comfy/? >tl;dr Smol Kittehs Drinking Cawffeh!! :^)
Open file (259.47 KB 500x333 comfy_spoiler_01.png)
Open file (258.17 KB 500x333 comfy_spoiler_02.png)

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