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Open file (2.71 MB 2362x1577 comfinema.jpeg)
Movies, shows, anime... Anon 03/09/2023 (Thu) 14:04:40 No.4767
We all appreciate being comfy. Part of the process implies staying at home doing nothing but watching some enjoyable things. ITT we share good watch to spend some cozy moments in front of.
Open file (169.28 KB 500x375 bedtime.png)
I have a ritual for at least 15 years that consist of putting some Shrimpsons episodes for sleeping. I really enjoy this moment when I feel sleepy, going to bed with a bowl of cereals and watching some episodes before sleeping. I have seen the entire show many times since then but I don't care. I don't even watch, but just having it at low volume really help me to sleep. The computer is programmed to go to sleep after one hour so that I am not disturbed by its light when I'm sleeping and when waking up. I prefer by far the first seasons, especially for that nostalgia feel. Have you got some comforter rituals like this for sleeping ?
Open file (22.93 KB 296x377 1336695455873.jpg)
>>4768 >Shrimpsons lel >I prefer by far the first seasons, especially for that nostalgia feel. Including the first one? I'm surprised so many people don't seem to like that one berry much.
>>4770 ngl I'm part of these people. Season one is good but you can feel the show only aquire its maturity past some episodes. I woodn't say season one is less good, just have a different feel regarding next seasons.
>>4771 It's definitely somewhere between The Tracey Ullman Show and classic Shrimpsons, before it found it's groove.
Open file (2.57 MB 640x480 otto-otto-mann.gif)
>>4768 Is Otto the most /comfy/ Shrimpsons character? >>4767 The first episode of Acacaa no Joe 2 gives me oddly comfy vibes. The film Hard Times (with Charles Bronson) is another odd comfy pick. Maybe its the melancholic yet accepting vibe of the story.
>>4785 Otto is definitively a nice fella I wood enjoy spending time with.
Open file (424.05 KB 1920x1920 Be Dana.jpg)
Just ate a biiig pizza while watching X-Files. I really like this show.
Watching The Wire for the first time in my life, I started it last week and I'm already halfway through season 2. Enjoying it quite a lot. While it isn't like The Sopranos at all, I got quite the same joy and entertainment out of it so far.
>>4819 I've got the entire series downloaded, I should do the same tonight!
who else here finds old 1930-60s black and white films to be berry comfy? Alfred Hitchcock's shorts in particular, but im interested in other directors. Of course theres the greats i.e. Keaton, Chaplin, Kurasawa
Watched (again) Lost in Translation this night. Nice movie, slow and aesthetic. It moved me emotionally, even more because last time I watched a decade ago it was a special moment.
>>4819 I like that show too :)
>>4833 For me movies from the '80s and early '90s are like cinematic security blankets, but I find movies from the '20s and '30s to be the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of things like camera work and editing. Eberry decade prior to the 2000s after movies really got going in the 1910s had tons of good stuff to watch, but there's something about those decades I find really appealing.
Open file (18.13 KB 250x375 Causeway_(film).jpg)
Watched this yesterday. For some reason Jennifer Lawrence never fails to portray a struggling woman. From Winter's Bone, the Hunger Games and now this (and probably some other movie from her I've yet to watch). It's a basic but well made flick. Like all other movies from her it always let you wonder what will habben to the characters when the movie ends. Don't want to spoiler anything but it's a worth a watch in my opinion.
Open file (78.73 KB 600x800 affiche.jpeg)
I'm watching Fear and Trembling (Stupeur et Tremblements in its original language). It's based on a book by Amélie Nothomb, a popular french writter. I msut admit I never read anything by her but the movie is berry kino.
You know it feels a bit childish but I just cannot stop watching Bluey, it's my ultimate /comfy/ show. I'm not exactly sure what it is, the cute character design, the fact that it's written with a level of respect that I think most TV shows now period don't have, or the fact it's just about characters growing up and living good lives. It's just so beautiful...
>>7990 Sounds berry comfy Anon. I've never seen it, I don't think.

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