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Open file (289.17 KB 2048x1246 EprfPO7UUAA6SVy.jpg)
Comfy Jigsaw Thread Anon 03/26/2023 (Sun) 02:16:09 No.4861
I wood like to invite anyone browsing to come and solve a few puzzles together. Post an image and I will make a jigsaw of it if you want. https://jiggie.fun/comfy
>>6470 Done
Open file (283.73 KB 677x855 drowsy.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy273 And one last one for day anons.
>>6472 Done!
Open file (216.43 KB 681x831 circle + rectangle.jpg)
>>6476 Done.
Open file (176.44 KB 603x759 attack of the 90s.jpg)
Open file (292.87 KB 1020x1324 2023-07-26_20-26-05.png)
>>6478 > 37%
Open file (317.87 KB 926x1339 2023-07-26_20-53-24.png)
>>6478 > 79%
Open file (239.03 KB 809x797 surn&turf.jpg)
>>6482 Surf's up dudes!
Open file (267.17 KB 751x849 not Orth.jpg)
Open file (176.38 KB 645x800 Thomas W Schaller 4.jpg)
>>6486 Done.
>>6490 It's not loading for me. None of them are in fact.
>>6491 try incognito
Note : ask /agdg/ for a proper /comfy/ jiggle game.
>>6490 done
Open file (454.09 KB 1129x727 city.jpg)
https://puzzle.aggie.io/HoPftm Oops sorry new puzzle!
Open file (471.40 KB 2132x1332 2023-07-27_21-54-46.png)
>>6498 > 32%
Open file (401.93 KB 1979x1309 2023-07-27_22-29-27.png)
>>6498 > 58%
Open file (662.03 KB 1885x1358 2023-07-27_22-44-49.png)
>>6498 > 81%
Open file (196.01 KB 675x755 a sepia past future.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy280 Let's see how this one goes.
>>6501 Done.
Open file (229.04 KB 1280x853 1674419719171676642.jpg)
>>6505 done
Open file (229.31 KB 623x815 miami dawn.jpg)
Here's one for the day crew. https://jiggie.fun/comfy282
Open file (190.02 KB 1400x899 sunset10.jpg)
>>6508 done
Open file (382.70 KB 965x745 almost a month late.jpg)
Open file (507.48 KB 2114x1320 2023-07-29_02-00-49.png)
>>6510 > 33%
Open file (505.27 KB 2085x1345 2023-07-29_02-37-44.png)
>>6510 > 50%
Open file (593.08 KB 1971x1341 2023-07-29_02-53-32.png)
>>6510 > 72%
Open file (1.89 MB 1776x1333 2023-07-29_03-25-46.png)
>>6510 > 90%
Open file (332.78 KB 1043x847 future.jpg)
>>6529 Oops.
Open file (798.00 KB 1334x728 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6534 Done. Sorry I wasn't able to download the image to post here. NEW ONE https://jiggie.fun/comfy287
>>6541 Done
>>6548 Done.
Open file (199.26 KB 745x837 donut.jpg)
Open file (373.78 KB 1236x1337 2023-07-29_20-31-25.png)
>>6550 > 37%
>>6552 Done.
>>6555 >digits Done.
Open file (497.15 KB 2332x1335 2023-07-29_22-57-26.png)
>>6558 > 25%
Open file (515.44 KB 2023x1343 2023-07-29_23-30-17.png)
>>6558 > 75%
Open file (237.62 KB 755x661 blue snow.jpg)
>>6563 Done.
Open file (257.57 KB 863x859 industrial.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy293 Remember the Sunday Hard pic is today so the sooner this one gets done the sooner we can move on to the main course!
Open file (228.82 KB 567x557 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6566 Done, give us the hard stuff!
>>6568 Sorry I'm late! :P > Sunday hard-day > 1'200
Open file (298.24 KB 1139x827 sunday hard 7-30-2022.jpg)
Open file (816.54 KB 2343x1298 2023-07-30_16-49-08.png)
>>6570 > 25% SEND HALP PLOX
>>6572 Ey, I recognize this photo from /late/
>>6573 Hehe, yep I stole it from there. Not the first one, either :^)
Open file (612.84 KB 1925x1330 2023-07-30_20-47-56.png)
>>6570 > 45%
Open file (649.77 KB 1897x1332 2023-07-30_23-05-54.png)
>>6570 > 60%
Open file (813.23 KB 2351x1279 2023-07-31_00-02-24.png)
>>6570 > 74%
>>6570 >>6572 >>6573 >>6574 >>6575 >>6576 >>6577 Done after a multi hour marathon.
>Slept through it Oh well. ;n;
>>6578 >the madlads did it in one go Nice work! :)
Open file (2.31 MB 3600x2391 wp5005623.jpg)
>>6580 done
Open file (231.68 KB 931x813 sodium vapor.jpg)
Open file (61.92 KB 1400x1050 2am by_5ldo0on.png)
Open file (1.74 MB 1400x1050 2am by_5ldo0on.gif)
>>6585 Done.
>>6586 Well I don't know if spoilering bypassed the problem or if this one wood have went through regardless. I'll have to keep testing.
Open file (213.27 KB 729x839 blocks.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy297 New. Should be easier than the last one.
Open file (262.77 KB 1078x1324 2023-07-31_23-32-50.png)
>>6588 > 52%
Open file (303.36 KB 943x795 adobe.jpg)
Open file (84.72 KB 966x725 1502000508-1.jpeg)
>>6593 Done.
>>6596 maybe i should have scaled it down, if it doesnt load in a few minutes for anyone then i will remake it.
>>6597 I'm loaded now
Open file (68.14 KB 537x601 thin.jpg)
The thinnest piece that I think I've seen yet.
>>6594 I'd like to live in a house like that.
Open file (550.83 KB 2344x883 2023-08-01_21-51-56.png)
>>6596 > 64%
>>6600 Yeah I saw that. Don't see how it could get much thinner tbh! :)
Open file (773.97 KB 2350x1071 2023-08-01_22-16-41.png)
>>6596 > 82%
Open file (16.76 MB 7763x2874 AdobeStock_278264399.jpeg)
>>6596 done
Open file (235.65 KB 865x745 hot summer evening.jpg)
Open file (12.29 KB 512x384 SRT22 by Trixs.png)
>>6606 Done.
Open file (25.97 KB 483x273 tor banned.jpg)
Tor seems to be functionally banned for me.
Open file (637.41 KB 1163x814 302.png)
New here : https://jiggie.fun/comfy302 >>6610 Seems lie someone has misbehaved using this exit node, try to use a new Tor circuit maybe.
>>6612 It seems to do it regardless and then kicks me to the puzzle creation screen.
Open file (119.56 KB 1077x649 63.jpg)
>>6612 >63%
>>6612 Done.
>>6616 done
Open file (243.23 KB 823x717 wave.jpg)
Open file (87.12 KB 700x700 mistake.jpg)
>>6618 >tfw there are fake corner pieces too
>>6618 Done.
Open file (101.99 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (21).jpg)
>>6621 done
Open file (156.81 KB 857x733 sun up.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy306 Here's a tiny one for morning crew. And if that is too much read for you here's another. https://jiggie.fun/comfy307 Enjoy!
Open file (3.92 KB 512x384 Tailwind4.png)
Open file (173.14 KB 757x667 60%.jpg)
>>6624 Done.
Open file (7.53 KB 229x195 thiiiiin.jpg)
>>6631 Now that's thin! :)
>>6630 done
Open file (252.16 KB 813x779 dry and comfy.jpg)
>>6634 Done.
Open file (239.57 KB 773x843 agean.jpg)
>>6636 Done.
>>6637 In case anyone wants one https://jiggie.fun/comfy311
Open file (9.20 KB 512x384 City Car by dman.png)
>>6638 Done.
Open file (252.29 KB 945x871 whispering a riddle.jpg)
>>6640 Done. Spoilered for subjective eeriness.
And so we end the week as we began it. https://jiggie.fun/comfy313
Open file (185.64 KB 1125x756 brdr.png)
>>6642 My eyes hurt.
Open file (268.87 KB 813x881 flowing earth.jpg)
>>6643 >>6644 Glad you enjoyed it anon(s)! https://jiggie.fun/comfy314 New.
>>6645 Done.
Open file (143.26 KB 713x837 mystical.jpg)
Open file (652.82 KB 591x756 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1010.41 KB 1255x992 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6679 Thanks to the participants, nice to meet eberryone.
>>6678 Done (quite NSFW but nice esthtetic).
It's refreshing to see new anons join here and having some easier puzzles to solve. I don't really have time nor the feeling lately for harder ones.
>>6687 I'm still half sick so I've not been up to it since friday. I'm hoping I'll be able to do one later.
>>6688 Take care of you anon, jigsaw will be funnier when not sick :)
>>6686 No offense, but the image risks our SFW status with the Cafe.
I hope we're still doing Sunday Hard this evening.
>>6701 I don't see why not? > Sunday hard-day > 1'200
Open file (337.84 KB 1119x807 sunday hard 8-6-2023.jpg)
>>6692 I wasn't sure as it wasn't too NSFW for my taste. Sorry.
>>6705 No worries, Anon. The admins here are stringent b/c they have to be with the laws they deal with.
Open file (690.11 KB 2084x1314 2023-08-06_20-35-20.png)
>>6704 > 70% Send Halp Plox :)
Open file (629.41 KB 1767x1347 2023-08-06_22-13-19.png)
>>6704 > 91%
>>6704 >>6712 >>6716 >>6718 Done! Good job eberryone!
Open file (312.00 KB 999x861 skate or die.jpg)
>>6720 Done.
>>6722 neat! thanks anon.
Open file (206.71 KB 751x879 cliff side.jpg)
Open file (462.27 KB 1240x1333 2023-08-07_02-04-32.png)
>>6724 > 70%
Open file (467.48 KB 1194x1353 2023-08-07_02-25-15.png)
>>6724 > 85%
Open file (279.13 KB 739x841 redundant.jpg)
Enjoy morning crew. https://jiggie.fun/comfy322
Open file (440.20 KB 1528x1320 2023-08-07_07-01-17.png)
>>6731 Yes, the jigsaw thread being hosted /comfy/ implies the puzzles have to be comfy in some extent. Animals are cool though. Try to calm down with the booze anon, alcohol is bad for your health :(
>>6730 >>6733 I sincerely apologize, I won't trouble you saints any further.
>>6728 Done.
Open file (299.03 KB 1059x755 deja vu all over again.jpg)
>>6737 >I sincerely apologize, I won't trouble you saints any further. Lolwut? You're fine Anon. There's nothing wrong with your pictures. And don't worry too much about the board's culture either. Great accomodation should always be given for honest newcomers by the old hands. Just stick around and you'll fit right in! Cheers. :)
Open file (76.43 KB 770x434 Bentley sultan 3.jpg)
>>6739 Done. See also >>5864
Open file (275.82 KB 847x741 Tallinn.jpg)
>>6737 >>6740 This. Enjoy the comfyness :)
NEW since no one is making a new one might take a min to load https://jiggie.fun/comfy325
>>6746 just to let you anons know i'm having network issues. i'll join in if i can straighten things out. otherwise i should see you tmrw.
Open file (11.46 MB 3840x2160 wp7827096.png)
>>6746 done
Open file (226.41 KB 907x779 revving up.jpg)
Open file (10.53 KB 512x384 Racer by Trixs.png)
>>6751 Done.
>>6753 done
Open file (175.39 KB 1015x745 silver and blue.jpg)
>>6756 that engine's clean as a whistle.
Open file (968.41 KB 3000x2169 CBJxG6pWoAAzM_o.jpg)
>>6760 done
>>6761 Done.
>>6764 Done.
Open file (234.00 KB 859x739 RADICAL!.jpg)
Open file (336.02 KB 1429x962 vintage-toys.jpg)
>>6768 done
Open file (234.75 KB 771x889 many.jpg)
Open file (198.99 KB 677x831 screens done.jpg)
>>6770 >64%
Open file (412.36 KB 1203x1208 2023-08-09_21-19-37.png)
>>6770 > 85%
>>6770 >>6772 >>6773 Done. Tetris Computers! :)
Open file (221.62 KB 687x847 backyard patio.jpg)
Open file (215.14 KB 844x890 61.jpg)
>>6776 >61%
Open file (400.92 KB 1101x1328 2023-08-10_00-00-25.png)
>>6776 > 63% >>6777 >digits Thin piece is thin :) >>6778 Lol I didn't know you had done one
>>6780 Sorta new to this cafe and am curious how often the puzzles are done. Haven't had this much fun in a while!
Open file (286.77 KB 627x841 kitsune nike.jpg)
>>6781 We try to keep one up all the time. Sometimes there'll be a lull around middle of the day or so. We have slow puzzle days/weeks on occasion of course too. Sundays are reserved for doing hard puzzle(s) which can turn into multi-shift marathons. New! https://jiggie.fun/comfy346
Open file (294.62 KB 597x847 pink 40.jpg)
>>6782 >40%
>>6785 Nice work :)
Open file (269.29 KB 805x893 majestic creatures.jpg)
>>6787 Done.
>>6790 done
Open file (218.08 KB 653x841 bulbous.jpg)
>>6792 Done.
Open file (382.47 KB 1049x837 japanese.jpg)
HOLY COW WE'RE ALREADY AT 350 https://jiggie.fun/comfy350
Open file (205.99 KB 820x571 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6795 Done.
>>6798 Done.
Open file (236.80 KB 717x793 deepest jigsaw lore.jpg)
>>6809 Done!
Open file (272.39 KB 933x845 grand gate.jpg)
>>6810 Jeez that was fast I guess I should make another https://jiggie.fun/comfy353
>>6810 Doesn't that image in the billboard up top look familiar?
>>6811 Done.
>>6812 Yes, I noticed that too but my memory was a bit vague. Thanks for the post Anon, now I feel sure of it. :)
Open file (263.66 KB 689x847 living the dream.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy354 New. A little harder this time.
>>6819 Just a man tending his gourds.
>>6825 won't load
>>6826 loaded right away for me, maybe keep trying and let it sit for a few minutes
>>6826 if it still doesn't load i will make a new one with only two images and do the other two after
>>6825 well now i am getting an error message. made one with just two images and still an error message. made one with just one image and still an error message. i dont know what the deal is, if the original ends up working then cool, if not then someone else can make one.
https://jiggie.fun/xtDCif Ran a pic through the grinder to see if jiggie was broken. Should go fairly quick.
>>6831 Thx this is fine.
>>6831 Done.
Open file (295.47 KB 761x893 ULTRA games.jpg)
I'm going to drop one semi hard puzzle before the actual sunday hard one gets made. Please enjoy. https://jiggie.fun/comfy357
Open file (702.96 KB 2560x1600 2551651.jpg)
> Sunday hard-day > 1'400
Open file (329.95 KB 1023x783 sunday hard 8-13-2023.jpg)
>>6835 Sunday Hard is Ready! https://jiggie.fun/comfy358
Open file (420.79 KB 1321x1338 2023-08-13_05-59-18.png)
>>6834 > Exactly % done! :DD
Open file (1.47 MB 1554x1339 2023-08-13_06-57-16.png)
>>6837 > Come a long way as you can see. Now at % done. :D
>>6834 >>6839 lol misslink, pls. :P
>>6837 yo this caca's addictive
>>6834 >>6838 >>6839 Done. On to sunday hard >>6837
>>6841 Yeah it is!
>>6844 >missed the sunday hard puzzle because of insomnia and heat I'm a little sad.
>>6845 Well, I mean we can always do another one Anon. > Sunday hard-redux > 1'000
>>6846 Actually, this wood be better as an 850-900pc one, I think.
>>6824 That's a nice-looking kitchen.
Open file (320.58 KB 1121x827 sunday hard redux.jpg)
>>6846 Just now woke up again and saw it. >Sunday Hard part 2 https://jiggie.fun/comfy359
Open file (195.18 KB 751x779 a gift for ralph.jpg)
>>6851 Done. I wanted to get the week of to a good start.
Open file (216.03 KB 917x775 ye olde mobile device.jpg)
Open file (470.58 KB 1784x1320 2023-08-14_14-05-23.png)
>>6853 > 1% (!) done
Open file (504.54 KB 602x477 jiggie pc.PNG)
>>6854 100%
Open file (75.07 KB 800x593 Kaypro_wikipedia.jpg)
Open file (131.14 KB 831x835 summer interlude.jpg)
>>6861 Done!
>>6861 >>6867 I'm really sorry eberryone. It wasn't suppose to end up like that.
Open file (129.63 KB 577x671 sleepy library.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy363 I promise this one is easier.
>>6869 Done.
https://jiggie.fun/comfy364 New! Hoping this is OK.
Open file (4.23 MB 1564x2048 81772224_p0.png)
>>6872 Done.
Open file (194.99 KB 733x845 lazy fall view.jpg)
>>6876 Done. I'd like to live in a place like this tbh! :)
https://jiggie.fun/lkuu2i A cacophony of colour
>>6878 Done. This is quite beautiful. Who's the artist?
https://jiggie.fun/comfy367 New. 2 for 1 special!
>>6881 Double done.
>>6882 I'd imagine puzzles that are pixelated wood be tricky to do
>>6880 Leonid Afremov
>>6883 That's the reason I try to keep the puzzle size low so that it matches the resolution. For example I always make the ZX ones 391 pieces because that just about matches the native resolution. For some of the pixel ones I even go smaller. Those last two, despite what they might look were really easy to do. >>6884 Thanks anon.
Open file (245.24 KB 1177x681 sleek and green.jpg)
>>6886 Done.
Open file (257.31 KB 615x785 don't cry for me.jpg)
>>6889 Complete
>>6891 Done. Thanks whoever made it!
Open file (340.35 KB 1415x519 happy little welcome.jpg)
I decided to do another twofer. https://jiggie.fun/comfy371
>>6893 Happy little bullet train.
Open file (236.44 KB 644x1440 2023-08-19_21-12-52.png)
>>6896 > 16% SEND HALP PLOX
Open file (420.92 KB 833x1440 2023-08-19_23-22-50.png)
>>6896 > 59% Anon did a good job!
Open file (376.31 KB 306x684 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6896 finish'd
Open file (196.01 KB 705x1600 red canyon 2.jpg)
>>6901 Time for sunday hard soon.
> Sunday hard > 1'350
Open file (424.67 KB 1073x781 sunday hard 8-20-2023.jpg)
Sunday Hard! GET IN HERE FRENS! https://jiggie.fun/comfy373
Open file (623.05 KB 2295x1326 2023-08-20_09-22-13.png)
>>6905 > 29%
Open file (695.01 KB 2559x1320 2023-08-20_10-38-34.png)
>>6905 > 47%
Open file (1.06 MB 2559x1302 2023-08-20_14-26-52.png)
>>6905 > 60%
Open file (1.09 MB 2557x1312 2023-08-20_15-18-50.png)
>>6905 > 70%
Open file (235.79 KB 903x511 almost there.jpg)
>>6905 >95%
can you guys not make so many progress posts please? you're clogging up the thread and erasing the previous images at a rapid pace. just post the puzzle link and the finished image please.
>>6914 >can you guys not make so many progress posts please? While we appreciate you having an interest in the thread Anon, that's a request we won't be fulfulling. This thread is for the people who actually participate in the puzzling. As such, they are rightly-proud of their progress and want to show it off to each other and onlookers. You could think of it as players/fans wanting to watch replays of a sporting event. >you're clogging up the thread and erasing the previous images at a rapid pace. Actually 500 posts for a cyclical gives plenty of time for any anon who cares to to save images they like locally. And there is no such thing as 'clogging up' a thread with on-topic posts, Anon. The fact the thread is moving relatively rapidly is, in fact, a good and cheery thing.
>>6913 https://jiggie.fun/SvSKdk A small puzzle of blues and greens after Sunday's barrage of browns and reds.
>>6914 Anon if you've missed a pic just ask us to upload it to one of the other threads. I'm sure at least one of us have saved it.
>>6917 i do participate in the puzzling, i just can't be here for eberry single one. only a handful of people do the puzzles or even visit /comfy/ for that matter, so there is no reason to post 5 update images on any given puzzle. also i am not going to save eberry image that is posted here, but i like to scroll through the thread and look at all the puzzles we have done in the past and maybe even read the chat. i know i can manually fill in the link, but i have no idea what puzzle each link wood be to. in my opinion it does clog up the thread because it is becoming that there are more redundant posts to eberry novel post and it's annoying to sift through. if you guys really want to post the updates then go ahead, but i think it's pointless since the people working on the puzzle already know how much progress we are making.
I don't take part in doing the puzzles but have no problems with all the progress posts. If anything, I like seeing all the activity.
>>6921 Done.
Open file (849.77 KB 2144x1330 2023-08-21_20-25-31.png)
>>6928 > 66%
>>6928 Completed.
Open file (238.70 KB 775x777 turtle.jpg)
Open file (21.71 KB 186x327 smile.jpg)
>>6933 :^)
Open file (326.82 KB 1175x1324 2023-08-21_23-26-38.png)
>>6933 > 31%
>>6934 Heh
Open file (269.12 KB 757x883 staircase.jpg)
Open file (4.76 MB 1564x2048 81772224_p1.png)
>>6944 Done! Same artist as >>6873 btw
New puzzle. Consider this one a little experiment to see if we can make single color areas easier. https://jiggie.fun/comfy-378
>>6963 Yuri had another successful mission.
Open file (241.88 KB 693x697 pink swordsgirl.jpg)
Open file (185.28 KB 657x815 desert moon.jpg)
First evening puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy380
Open file (32.77 KB 427x640 White Sands.jpg)
>>6978 Done.
Open file (247.58 KB 665x827 moon crossing.jpg)
>>6980 Done.
Open file (229.17 KB 1321x565 snale.jpg)
>>6983 Complete
>>6988 This is 栄螺堂 (Sazae-dō) or sea snail temple. There's actually several of these but this is probably the most well known one. Unlike the others this one has a sneaky double helix staircase that I'm almost certain was an inspiration for a puzzle in one of the later stages of Nioh.
https://jiggie.fun/CfE_c6 Time for another puzzle
>>6991 Complete. Part of the astronomical clock in Prague.
> Sunday hard-day > 1'250
Open file (434.22 KB 1165x833 sunday hard 8-27-2023.jpg)
Open file (2.25 MB 2197x1331 2023-08-27_15-34-42.png)
>>7001 > 58% SEND HALP :)
>>7009 I'm caught in a cloudflare verification loop. I'll be in when I can.
>>7001 >>7009 We're done!
Hopefully a nice and easy after puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy385
>>7014 Done.
Open file (224.67 KB 901x783 VROOM.jpg)
Open file (54.68 KB 500x375 Helicron- 1932.jpg)
>>7017 Done.
>>7013 Posting the result.
Open file (202.38 KB 793x855 another desert puzzle.jpg)
I misspelled the name -_- https://jiggie.fun/comfy387
Open file (392.20 KB 500x516 pupfish.png)
>>7020 Say hello to the Devils Hole Pupfish.
Open file (322.05 KB 1033x861 comfy getaway.jpg)
>>7009 That's exactly where I left it. You can thank my mum for like half of it because she saw I was doing puzzles on the PC and she loves them.
>>7023 THANK YOU ANON'S MOM Give her a hug for all of us.
Complete >>7024 Will do anon
>>7022 Done.
>>7023 Hi anon's mom from /comfy/ :)
>>7027 sorry but I don't seem to be able to connect, Anon. :/
>>7029 Try again it's loading for me. If not I'll remake it.
>>7030 I don't think it's anything to do with your puzzle. I just get the > Connecting... msg and nothing else (after like ~1hr of waiting). Attempting across Tor BTW. I'm thinking it's the server choking traffic again. Possibly glowneighbors attacking him again with Clarified Pierre?
>>7031 Oh I had that problem all last night. Took me 3 or 4 hours to get in. Have you tried a different Tor circuit?
>>7032 >Have you tried a different Tor circuit? Yes, repeatedly, and spread out over time.
>>7027 Done. >>7033 Try to check one of the recent ones in a couple of hours and see if you can connect. I'll hold off making any more until then because others may be having problems as well.
>>7034 >Try to check one of the recent ones in a couple of hours and see if you can connect. Willco. I'm trying 3 of them r/n (nojoy), and will check in 1hr, then 2hr.
>>7034 OK, after one hour these thread still are 'Connecting...', with no results. https://jiggie.fun/comfy386 https://jiggie.fun/comfy387 https://jiggie.fun/comfy388 Maybe Tor is offlined for jiggie.fun again? Also, my apologies, but it's time for me to call it a day Anon. I think we've clearly-established the situation r/n. Cheers.
Open file (251.36 KB 1015x737 ruins.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy390 I hope all the connection problems have cleared up for eberryone.
>>7036 update: I was able to access this today. https://jiggie.fun/comfy386 I'll presume the others are fine too.
>>7037 Eberrything seems OK now Anon.
Open file (720.41 KB 2347x1283 2023-08-29_21-25-23.png)
>>7037 > 0% That's one impressive pre-sort Anon! :)
Open file (148.49 KB 1072x588 halp.jpg)
>>7043 >35% Calling all hands!
Open file (4.48 KB 198x201 ♥.jpg)
Open file (259.29 KB 1043x693 The Ice Princess.jpg)
>>7060 Done.
>>7066 Cool ride!
Open file (259.92 KB 1027x805 golden crystal.jpg)
Open file (349.38 KB 1280x782 Remains by Hayapi 2.jpg)
>>7069 Done.
Open file (242.96 KB 1025x767 fish.jpg)
Open file (140.46 KB 1000x563 flat,1000x1000,075,f99.jpg)
>>7075 Eerie fish.
>>7076 >fish Lolwut? See that sign? Those are berry clearly Antelope playing, home, home on the range. back in the 60's :^)
Open file (10.11 KB 282x164 FG-ogDzaIAYPKpy.jpg)
>>7078 lol
Open file (218.43 KB 759x837 ready for fall.jpg)
>>7080 lol
>>7081 Done.
Open file (254.54 KB 807x727 autumn village.jpg)
>>7085 gg Here's another if anyone's still around tonight. https://jiggie.fun/comfy395
>>7086 Done.
Open file (479.90 KB 511x600 Ott - MMII.png)
>>7090 Done, хорошо́!
>>7092 Done.
> Sunday hard-day > 1'350
Open file (378.11 KB 1065x765 sunday hard 9-3-2023.jpg)
>>7100 Sorry I got up late Sunday Hard https://jiggie.fun/comfy398
Open file (886.04 KB 1275x695 2023-09-03_22-10-06.png)
>>7102 > 75% Send Help!
>>7100 >>7102 >>7105 We're Done!
Open file (326.71 KB 1070x759 2023-09-04_21-58-48.png)
>>7107 > 73%
Open file (410.83 KB 1065x775 please wait warmly.jpg)
WE'VE REACHED OUR 400TH PUZZLE! https://jiggie.fun/comfy400
>>7111 >auspicious digits
Open file (25.98 KB 278x202 Haro.jpg)
Open file (154.13 KB 1445x1080 2haP4.jpg)
Open file (407.26 KB 1077x803 train stop.jpg)
Open file (628.33 KB 1145x722 2023-09-06_04-54-17.png)
>>7116 > 36%
>>7116 >>7117 Done. Cute image! :)
Open file (260.07 KB 911x811 diagonal.jpg)
>>7118 Glad you liked it! https://jiggie.fun/comfy402 New!.
Open file (226.94 KB 1103x751 2023-09-07_03-32-08.png)
>>7119 > 28%
Open file (413.33 KB 1024x768 1321730205137.jpg)
Open file (264.82 KB 1005x791 that one banner.jpg)
Open file (116.19 KB 1920x1200 Pizel Art Autumn.png)
>>7130 Done.
Open file (321.81 KB 709x891 404 not found.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy404 New. Tell me if you have any trouble loading this one and I'll remake it.
>>7132 seems ok to me anon.
>>7132 Done. A cute! :)
Open file (367.56 KB 863x853 ship.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy405 Thought I'd better get this one out of the way before we're too much further into fall.
>>7135 Good Job! Done.
>>7137 neat-looking tbh.
>>7139 Done.
Open file (171.41 KB 661x815 soviet scifi.jpg)
Open file (381.15 KB 1280x1728 Cosmostrator.jpg)
>>7144 The Cosmostrator (Kosmoskrator) from The First Spaceship on Venus (The Silent Star).
> Sunday hard-day > 1'250
Open file (281.63 KB 719x833 sunday hard 9-10-2023.jpg)
>>7146 Done :D
>>7149 My apologies for being unable to join in the fun today Anons. Looking forward to one or two 'progress' capps maybe? Cheers. :)
Open file (207.71 KB 805x849 12% frame.jpg)
Open file (200.01 KB 803x863 23.jpg)
>>7149 >23% >Send halp!
>>7151 I've not had any time to work on it today either. All I managed to do was help with the border.
Open file (204.65 KB 829x885 37.jpg)
>>7149 >37%
Thanks for the progress updates guys. Makes me feel like I'm a part of it all.
Open file (234.50 KB 799x839 43.jpg)
>>7149 >43% >>7156 No problem!
>>7157 Nice. I see you're getting the colors sorted, and have those bigger sections connected together now. GG.
Open file (715.13 KB 872x923 jiggie 12.09.2023.png)
>>7149 50% done, halfway there!
>>7159 Coming right along.
Open file (222.79 KB 841x893 60.jpg)
>>7149 >60% >those white boulders were actually sheep
>>7163 >>those white boulders were actually sheep Eheh. :^) Looking good anons. Berry Fall'y -looking.
>>7165 I really apologize for not having more time this week to contribute to puzzling than what I have. Eberryone's actually doing quite well but it seems like we're all having a hard time syncing up our play times right now.
Open file (245.02 KB 881x821 83.jpg)
>>7149 >83%!!!
Open file (247.40 KB 747x791 90.jpg)
>90% Trying to make up for my lack of time earlier in the week.
GO GO GO :) Thanks kindly for all these updates Anon. It's like I've almost been able to be there with you anons. Cheers.
>>7148 >>7149 >>7152 >>7153 >>7155 >>7157 >>7159 >>7163 >>7171 >>7172 We're finally DONE! Thanks for eberryone's work this "Sunday" ;).
Open file (165.50 KB 565x831 Wolf.jpg)
>>7181 My blocks look all quacked up in firefox, does anyone know why? They are fine in Falkon browser
Open file (10.54 KB 424x99 rendering.jpg)
>>7182 What rendering method are you using?
>>7182 Hi fellow Falkon user :) On Firefox, did you use some canvas alteration add-on ? Or maybe in the about:config options ?
Open file (582.73 KB 1245x2406 73680286_p0.jpg)
>>7181 Done.
Open file (234.83 KB 1375x665 Senpou.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy411 New. Smaller one. With a twist.
Open file (3.71 MB 3300x900 101334038_p0.jpg)
>>7189 That was fast.
Open file (647.42 KB 1025x774 ClipboardImage.png)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy412 Something a bit different.
>>7184 Chancing it to processor fixed it, thanks
>>7194 Done.
Open file (245.76 KB 679x885 Orthodox autumn.jpg)
>>7205 Neat one, Anon. :)
>>7206 Done.
Open file (390.88 KB 1335x805 cruise.jpg)
> Sunday hard-day > 1'150
Open file (244.64 KB 711x823 sunday hard 9-17-2023.jpg)
>>7211 Sunday Hard engaged. https://jiggie.fun/comfy415
>>7213 Don't start on this one yet. I need to fix something.
>>7214 Something break anon?
>>7215 I'm not sure. I seem to have found a bug where align to grid basically auto solves the puzzle under certain circumstances.
Open file (52.63 KB 391x609 glitch.jpg)
>>7216 If you stack all the pieces on top of each other in one corner and then use ctrl + space it will line the pieces up in order and make it way too easy to solve. If the "disallow solving by stacking" option is suppose to disable this then it's bugged and not working. This needs to be reported to the dev I think. Play around with it here it https://jiggie.fun/gradient it makes it obvious.
>>7213 >>7215 OK go ahead anyone. I left a disclaimer in chat.
>>7210 Done :D
>>7213 I hope you're making good progress, anons. :)
>>7223 We've got a bug we wood like you to report.
>>7223 Also I want you to know that I really like this pic.
Open file (7.31 KB 192x197 thin.jpg)
>>7224 What's habbening?
Open file (125.72 KB 493x493 jumble.jpg)
Open file (3.88 KB 344x300 stacked.jpg)
>>7228 See >>7217 Long and the short of it is that some bug is causing control + space to not randomize the sort to grid option. It's extremely obvious when you stack all the pieces together and then sorting but I've noticed a less obvious manifestation of the bug even when they aren't stacked. It's making puzzle solving way too easy as you can imagine.
>>7229 That's interesting. I presume this is something new? It appears that stacking it first causes that pieces to be sorted in some sort of luminance/chroma ordering? Am I understanding this correctly Anon? BTW, have you tried this with the ctrl+shift 'stacking' first, vs. the 'jam eberrything into a corner'? Also, how does this effect work out when the puzzles is a color/pattern jumble, and not a gradient type? Still sorting by luminance/chromo then?
Open file (2.94 KB 400x573 gradient (2).png)
>>7231 > It appears that stacking it first causes that pieces to be sorted in some sort of luminance/chroma ordering? Am I understanding this correctly Anon? I don't think it has anything to do with the color. I think it's literally just sorting them by the internal puzzle ID or something. This is the pic I used to make it clearer. If you look at the 3rd one >>7229 you can tell the top and bottom it's just going row by row in reverse order. >ctrl+shift That doesn't seem to be working for me.
Open file (128.38 KB 577x583 second gradient.jpg)
>>7232 Here's a second gradient pic. https://jiggie.fun/gradient2
Open file (145.34 KB 465x441 third gradient.jpg)
Just to be sure I did another. It's almost certainly puzzle piece ID and not anything to do with the color.
>>7232 >>7233 >>7234 OK, I understand the claim. I'll plan to submit an issue soonish (probably during the next 12 hrs), Anon.
>>7246 Thanks a bunch. I'm holding off on making puzzles for the time being. All of /comfy/ is sick rn so anons probably need the rest anyway.
>>7249 Nprb. Eberry anon please get to feeling better soon! :)
>>7249 Seems the dev team have patched the issue. Please test their example (and any others you'd like), and confirm? https://git.coom.tech/coomdev/reaggie/issues/88#issuecomment-1708
>>7256 Ah, my mistake then. Well hopefully this'll get QA'd and pulled into the tree soon.
Open file (83.49 KB 1700x1600 Hue_squares-272.jpg)
Open file (104.74 KB 387x403 test1.jpg)
Open file (106.82 KB 402x376 test2.jpg)
Open file (108.50 KB 377x403 test3.jpg)
Open file (116.06 KB 394x417 test4.jpg)
>>7255 >>7256 >>7257 It seems much better than it was before. I'm still detecting a semi deterministic tendency but unless you're Rain Man I don't think it's going to allow anyone to "cheat". No more auto solving.
>>7258 Great news then Anon, glad eberrything's worked out. Nice detective work discovering the issue! Have fun puzzling. Cheers. :)
i don't think it's a coincidence that shortly after i showed this to a few people on 4chan that it spread to other places but that's what i get for sharing it with others i guess. been using this bug for quacking weeks lmfao. should be noted, though, there's still a "pattern," to be found, like with the previous sorting method. It's just less obvious.
>>7261 >should be noted, though, there's still a "pattern," to be found, like with the previous sorting method. It's just less obvious. Yeah I mentioned that above. I can sort of see it but I don't think it will really be usable most of the time since most of the puzzles aren't going to be nearly as obvious as this >>7258 and additionally no one will be making multiple iterations to find the pattern. And there'll be many pieces in normal puzzles that'll look almost identical anyway. AND anpns will be grouping pieces by type to solve which will add even more noise into the pattern. Even before this week I had been noticing for months that there tends to be two or three places in puzzles where two connecting pieces wood be placed right next to each other on puzzle generation. Never mentioned it because it wasn't a problem but I filed it away as something to keep a watch on.
>>7261 You can see from Anon's OP, that we started doing this here on /comfy/ about 6 months ago.
>>4861 You can reuse the room name by typing /del if you forgot to check self destruct
>>7264 Bretty sure we like keeping the names. It's how we count the puzzles tbh. (eg, #416 now, >>7260)
>>7260 Done.
>>7266 Nice. Looks like it was a lot of rain that year.
>>7267 I think those are cottonwoods, they're not the right color for aspens. I've got some more fall desert pics for later. But right now... One of these. https://jiggie.fun/comfy417
Open file (348.32 KB 1259x541 HUH.jpg)
>>7268 What the heck?
>>7268 Nice scenery. These pixelart with flat colors are nice.
>>7269 Lol, what habbened there Anon?
>>7271 I have no idea. I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. That takes the fun out of it. >>7270 Yeah I think so too. Flat bright colors basically amount to high contrast and really make the pic stand out boldly. I'll keep making some like this along. I had almost burned through my supply earlier this year but I lucked out and found a Russian ZX Spectrum community so it looks like I'll have an endless source now :D
>>7275 >I have no idea. I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. That takes the fun out of it. I thought there was some bot activity too, it didn't look natural at all for someone to do one column then not do another, and the placement of the pieces were weird too but there are users that always tidy the pieces soo idk.
>>7275 >I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. Well, we already know that glowneighbor troons are attacking his system with Chocolate Parfait. Also, during the issue report, the topic of bots was mentioned by the devs themselves.
>>7276 >>7277 We can always start using the password system. That might help.
Open file (310.12 KB 989x771 low poly.jpg)
>>7279 Never mind it requires twitch or discord. Here's a little one. https://jiggie.fun/comfy-418
> Sunday hard-day > 1'250
Open file (325.26 KB 879x877 sunday hard 9-24-3023.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy419 Sunday Hard is a go.
>>7280 Complete.
>>7287 Don't even ask me which game it's from, I don't have a clue.
I hope Sunday's going well for you Anons. :)
>>7290 I actually haven't even checked back in on the puzzle yet. Woke up not feeling berry well.
>>7291 >Woke up not feeling berry well. Please get feeling better soon Anon. Eat chicken soup. :)
Open file (296.26 KB 839x835 frame.jpg)
Got the frame finished at least.
>>7293 Nice. I hope the piece count is suited to the image resolution. Did you see any of the 'pattern' thing mentioned before, in this one too?
>>7295 >Did you see any of the 'pattern' thing mentioned before, in this one too? No I didnt. Of course I it wasn't autosorted either. In other news I'm not merely "under the weather" but have actually developed a cold.
Open file (159.93 KB 751x711 55.jpg)
>>7293 >55% I wasn't feeling well enough to help much but I think I've got most of the greenish pieces at the bottom right.
>>7299 Neat! You anons have made good progress. :)
Open file (181.51 KB 849x631 62.jpg)
>>7300 >62% Someone got the sky done.
>>7303 Now for the fun parts. :^) Looks like you've gotten a lot of the mid-lower greens grouped up. Keep going!
Open file (166.86 KB 859x569 71.jpg)
>>7303 >71% Gosh I hate being sick. I've not been able to help much at all.
>>7312 Please get feeling better, Anon. You're doing well! :)
>>7313 >You're doing well! Well the other anons have been doing well, I've basically just been piddling at the puzzle all week. Also I want to apologize to that anon yesterday where I came in and then left 20 minutes later without saying a word. Didn't mean to be antisocial. -_-
Open file (142.82 KB 735x585 81.jpg)
>>7312 >81%
Open file (243.63 KB 875x767 91.jpg)
>>7316 >91%
>>7282 >>7285 >>7293 >>7299 >>7303 >>7312 >>7316 >>7318 AHHHH IT'S FINALLY DONE! Thanks eberryone! You all did a lot more work than I did.
>>7319 GREAT JOB ANONS. :)
>>7320 You betcha! I hope that coming up you'll have a chance to work on some puzzles with us. I've got some nice choices for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastide.
>>7321 >I've got some nice choices for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastide. I'd enjoy that during the Winter break -era, sure. :)
Open file (169.60 KB 719x859 sorta halloweenish.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy420 After a short break we're back. Please enjoy the new puzzle!
Open file (123.25 KB 563x800 14049234_p0.jpg)
>>7326 Wow that went quick!
Open file (185.86 KB 663x869 glowing carpet.jpg)

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