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Open file (289.17 KB 2048x1246 EprfPO7UUAA6SVy.jpg)
Comfy Jigsaw Thread Anon 03/26/2023 (Sun) 02:16:09 No.4861
I wood like to invite anyone browsing to come and solve a few puzzles together. Post an image and I will make a jigsaw of it if you want. https://jiggie.fun/comfy
Open file (25.98 KB 278x202 Haro.jpg)
Open file (154.13 KB 1445x1080 2haP4.jpg)
Open file (407.26 KB 1077x803 train stop.jpg)
Open file (628.33 KB 1145x722 2023-09-06_04-54-17.png)
>>7116 > 36%
>>7116 >>7117 Done. Cute image! :)
Open file (260.07 KB 911x811 diagonal.jpg)
>>7118 Glad you liked it! https://jiggie.fun/comfy402 New!.
Open file (226.94 KB 1103x751 2023-09-07_03-32-08.png)
>>7119 > 28%
Open file (413.33 KB 1024x768 1321730205137.jpg)
Open file (264.82 KB 1005x791 that one banner.jpg)
Open file (116.19 KB 1920x1200 Pizel Art Autumn.png)
>>7130 Done.
Open file (321.81 KB 709x891 404 not found.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy404 New. Tell me if you have any trouble loading this one and I'll remake it.
>>7132 seems ok to me anon.
>>7132 Done. A cute! :)
Open file (367.56 KB 863x853 ship.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy405 Thought I'd better get this one out of the way before we're too much further into fall.
>>7135 Good Job! Done.
>>7137 neat-looking tbh.
>>7139 Done.
Open file (171.41 KB 661x815 soviet scifi.jpg)
Open file (381.15 KB 1280x1728 Cosmostrator.jpg)
>>7144 The Cosmostrator (Kosmoskrator) from The First Spaceship on Venus (The Silent Star).
> Sunday hard-day > 1'250
Open file (281.63 KB 719x833 sunday hard 9-10-2023.jpg)
>>7146 Done :D
>>7149 My apologies for being unable to join in the fun today Anons. Looking forward to one or two 'progress' capps maybe? Cheers. :)
Open file (207.71 KB 805x849 12% frame.jpg)
Open file (200.01 KB 803x863 23.jpg)
>>7149 >23% >Send halp!
>>7151 I've not had any time to work on it today either. All I managed to do was help with the border.
Open file (204.65 KB 829x885 37.jpg)
>>7149 >37%
Thanks for the progress updates guys. Makes me feel like I'm a part of it all.
Open file (234.50 KB 799x839 43.jpg)
>>7149 >43% >>7156 No problem!
>>7157 Nice. I see you're getting the colors sorted, and have those bigger sections connected together now. GG.
Open file (715.13 KB 872x923 jiggie 12.09.2023.png)
>>7149 50% done, halfway there!
>>7159 Coming right along.
Open file (222.79 KB 841x893 60.jpg)
>>7149 >60% >those white boulders were actually sheep
>>7163 >>those white boulders were actually sheep Eheh. :^) Looking good anons. Berry Fall'y -looking.
>>7165 I really apologize for not having more time this week to contribute to puzzling than what I have. Eberryone's actually doing quite well but it seems like we're all having a hard time syncing up our play times right now.
Open file (245.02 KB 881x821 83.jpg)
>>7149 >83%!!!
Open file (247.40 KB 747x791 90.jpg)
>90% Trying to make up for my lack of time earlier in the week.
GO GO GO :) Thanks kindly for all these updates Anon. It's like I've almost been able to be there with you anons. Cheers.
>>7148 >>7149 >>7152 >>7153 >>7155 >>7157 >>7159 >>7163 >>7171 >>7172 We're finally DONE! Thanks for eberryone's work this "Sunday" ;).
Open file (165.50 KB 565x831 Wolf.jpg)
>>7181 My blocks look all quacked up in firefox, does anyone know why? They are fine in Falkon browser
Open file (10.54 KB 424x99 rendering.jpg)
>>7182 What rendering method are you using?
>>7182 Hi fellow Falkon user :) On Firefox, did you use some canvas alteration add-on ? Or maybe in the about:config options ?
Open file (582.73 KB 1245x2406 73680286_p0.jpg)
>>7181 Done.
Open file (234.83 KB 1375x665 Senpou.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy411 New. Smaller one. With a twist.
Open file (3.71 MB 3300x900 101334038_p0.jpg)
>>7189 That was fast.
Open file (647.42 KB 1025x774 ClipboardImage.png)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy412 Something a bit different.
>>7184 Chancing it to processor fixed it, thanks
>>7194 Done.
Open file (245.76 KB 679x885 Orthodox autumn.jpg)
>>7205 Neat one, Anon. :)
>>7206 Done.
Open file (390.88 KB 1335x805 cruise.jpg)
> Sunday hard-day > 1'150
Open file (244.64 KB 711x823 sunday hard 9-17-2023.jpg)
>>7211 Sunday Hard engaged. https://jiggie.fun/comfy415
>>7213 Don't start on this one yet. I need to fix something.
>>7214 Something break anon?
>>7215 I'm not sure. I seem to have found a bug where align to grid basically auto solves the puzzle under certain circumstances.
Open file (52.63 KB 391x609 glitch.jpg)
>>7216 If you stack all the pieces on top of each other in one corner and then use ctrl + space it will line the pieces up in order and make it way too easy to solve. If the "disallow solving by stacking" option is suppose to disable this then it's bugged and not working. This needs to be reported to the dev I think. Play around with it here it https://jiggie.fun/gradient it makes it obvious.
>>7213 >>7215 OK go ahead anyone. I left a disclaimer in chat.
>>7210 Done :D
>>7213 I hope you're making good progress, anons. :)
>>7223 We've got a bug we wood like you to report.
>>7223 Also I want you to know that I really like this pic.
Open file (7.31 KB 192x197 thin.jpg)
>>7224 What's habbening?
Open file (125.72 KB 493x493 jumble.jpg)
Open file (3.88 KB 344x300 stacked.jpg)
>>7228 See >>7217 Long and the short of it is that some bug is causing control + space to not randomize the sort to grid option. It's extremely obvious when you stack all the pieces together and then sorting but I've noticed a less obvious manifestation of the bug even when they aren't stacked. It's making puzzle solving way too easy as you can imagine.
>>7229 That's interesting. I presume this is something new? It appears that stacking it first causes that pieces to be sorted in some sort of luminance/chroma ordering? Am I understanding this correctly Anon? BTW, have you tried this with the ctrl+shift 'stacking' first, vs. the 'jam eberrything into a corner'? Also, how does this effect work out when the puzzles is a color/pattern jumble, and not a gradient type? Still sorting by luminance/chromo then?
Open file (2.94 KB 400x573 gradient (2).png)
>>7231 > It appears that stacking it first causes that pieces to be sorted in some sort of luminance/chroma ordering? Am I understanding this correctly Anon? I don't think it has anything to do with the color. I think it's literally just sorting them by the internal puzzle ID or something. This is the pic I used to make it clearer. If you look at the 3rd one >>7229 you can tell the top and bottom it's just going row by row in reverse order. >ctrl+shift That doesn't seem to be working for me.
Open file (128.38 KB 577x583 second gradient.jpg)
>>7232 Here's a second gradient pic. https://jiggie.fun/gradient2
Open file (145.34 KB 465x441 third gradient.jpg)
Just to be sure I did another. It's almost certainly puzzle piece ID and not anything to do with the color.
>>7232 >>7233 >>7234 OK, I understand the claim. I'll plan to submit an issue soonish (probably during the next 12 hrs), Anon.
>>7246 Thanks a bunch. I'm holding off on making puzzles for the time being. All of /comfy/ is sick rn so anons probably need the rest anyway.
>>7249 Nprb. Eberry anon please get to feeling better soon! :)
>>7249 Seems the dev team have patched the issue. Please test their example (and any others you'd like), and confirm? https://git.coom.tech/coomdev/reaggie/issues/88#issuecomment-1708
>>7256 Ah, my mistake then. Well hopefully this'll get QA'd and pulled into the tree soon.
Open file (83.49 KB 1700x1600 Hue_squares-272.jpg)
Open file (104.74 KB 387x403 test1.jpg)
Open file (106.82 KB 402x376 test2.jpg)
Open file (108.50 KB 377x403 test3.jpg)
Open file (116.06 KB 394x417 test4.jpg)
>>7255 >>7256 >>7257 It seems much better than it was before. I'm still detecting a semi deterministic tendency but unless you're Rain Man I don't think it's going to allow anyone to "cheat". No more auto solving.
>>7258 Great news then Anon, glad eberrything's worked out. Nice detective work discovering the issue! Have fun puzzling. Cheers. :)
i don't think it's a coincidence that shortly after i showed this to a few people on 4chan that it spread to other places but that's what i get for sharing it with others i guess. been using this bug for quacking weeks lmfao. should be noted, though, there's still a "pattern," to be found, like with the previous sorting method. It's just less obvious.
>>7261 >should be noted, though, there's still a "pattern," to be found, like with the previous sorting method. It's just less obvious. Yeah I mentioned that above. I can sort of see it but I don't think it will really be usable most of the time since most of the puzzles aren't going to be nearly as obvious as this >>7258 and additionally no one will be making multiple iterations to find the pattern. And there'll be many pieces in normal puzzles that'll look almost identical anyway. AND anpns will be grouping pieces by type to solve which will add even more noise into the pattern. Even before this week I had been noticing for months that there tends to be two or three places in puzzles where two connecting pieces wood be placed right next to each other on puzzle generation. Never mentioned it because it wasn't a problem but I filed it away as something to keep a watch on.
>>7261 You can see from Anon's OP, that we started doing this here on /comfy/ about 6 months ago.
>>4861 You can reuse the room name by typing /del if you forgot to check self destruct
>>7264 Bretty sure we like keeping the names. It's how we count the puzzles tbh. (eg, #416 now, >>7260)
>>7260 Done.
>>7266 Nice. Looks like it was a lot of rain that year.
>>7267 I think those are cottonwoods, they're not the right color for aspens. I've got some more fall desert pics for later. But right now... One of these. https://jiggie.fun/comfy417
Open file (348.32 KB 1259x541 HUH.jpg)
>>7268 What the heck?
>>7268 Nice scenery. These pixelart with flat colors are nice.
>>7269 Lol, what habbened there Anon?
>>7271 I have no idea. I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. That takes the fun out of it. >>7270 Yeah I think so too. Flat bright colors basically amount to high contrast and really make the pic stand out boldly. I'll keep making some like this along. I had almost burned through my supply earlier this year but I lucked out and found a Russian ZX Spectrum community so it looks like I'll have an endless source now :D
>>7275 >I have no idea. I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. That takes the fun out of it. I thought there was some bot activity too, it didn't look natural at all for someone to do one column then not do another, and the placement of the pieces were weird too but there are users that always tidy the pieces soo idk.
>>7275 >I hope someone from elsewhere isn't using a bot or anything. Well, we already know that glowneighbor troons are attacking his system with Chocolate Parfait. Also, during the issue report, the topic of bots was mentioned by the devs themselves.
>>7276 >>7277 We can always start using the password system. That might help.
Open file (310.12 KB 989x771 low poly.jpg)
>>7279 Never mind it requires twitch or discord. Here's a little one. https://jiggie.fun/comfy-418
> Sunday hard-day > 1'250
Open file (325.26 KB 879x877 sunday hard 9-24-3023.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy419 Sunday Hard is a go.
>>7280 Complete.
>>7287 Don't even ask me which game it's from, I don't have a clue.
I hope Sunday's going well for you Anons. :)
>>7290 I actually haven't even checked back in on the puzzle yet. Woke up not feeling berry well.
>>7291 >Woke up not feeling berry well. Please get feeling better soon Anon. Eat chicken soup. :)
Open file (296.26 KB 839x835 frame.jpg)
Got the frame finished at least.
>>7293 Nice. I hope the piece count is suited to the image resolution. Did you see any of the 'pattern' thing mentioned before, in this one too?
>>7295 >Did you see any of the 'pattern' thing mentioned before, in this one too? No I didnt. Of course I it wasn't autosorted either. In other news I'm not merely "under the weather" but have actually developed a cold.
Open file (159.93 KB 751x711 55.jpg)
>>7293 >55% I wasn't feeling well enough to help much but I think I've got most of the greenish pieces at the bottom right.
>>7299 Neat! You anons have made good progress. :)
Open file (181.51 KB 849x631 62.jpg)
>>7300 >62% Someone got the sky done.
>>7303 Now for the fun parts. :^) Looks like you've gotten a lot of the mid-lower greens grouped up. Keep going!
Open file (166.86 KB 859x569 71.jpg)
>>7303 >71% Gosh I hate being sick. I've not been able to help much at all.
>>7312 Please get feeling better, Anon. You're doing well! :)
>>7313 >You're doing well! Well the other anons have been doing well, I've basically just been piddling at the puzzle all week. Also I want to apologize to that anon yesterday where I came in and then left 20 minutes later without saying a word. Didn't mean to be antisocial. -_-
Open file (142.82 KB 735x585 81.jpg)
>>7312 >81%
Open file (243.63 KB 875x767 91.jpg)
>>7316 >91%
>>7282 >>7285 >>7293 >>7299 >>7303 >>7312 >>7316 >>7318 AHHHH IT'S FINALLY DONE! Thanks eberryone! You all did a lot more work than I did.
>>7319 GREAT JOB ANONS. :)
>>7320 You betcha! I hope that coming up you'll have a chance to work on some puzzles with us. I've got some nice choices for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastide.
>>7321 >I've got some nice choices for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastide. I'd enjoy that during the Winter break -era, sure. :)
Open file (169.60 KB 719x859 sorta halloweenish.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy420 After a short break we're back. Please enjoy the new puzzle!
Open file (123.25 KB 563x800 14049234_p0.jpg)
>>7326 Wow that went quick!
Open file (185.86 KB 663x869 glowing carpet.jpg)
>>7329 Puzzle complete
>>7330 Autumn is around the corner! :)
>>7330 Imagine the smell it must be pure enjoyment
https://jiggie.fun/comfy422 One quick small one before Sunday Hard.
Open file (44.64 KB 499x521 8620684615016.jpg)
>>7333 I've had this one ready to go for October for about 2 and a half months.
> ''Sunday Hard-day' > 1'150
Open file (242.25 KB 711x827 sunday hard 10-1-2023.jpg)
Open file (221.10 KB 851x897 22.jpg)
>>7337 >22%
Open file (203.24 KB 775x895 40.jpg)
>>7338 >40%
>>7340 Woohoo! Keep going anons. :)
Open file (190.88 KB 897x733 68.jpg)
>>7340 >>7343 :D >68%
>>7344 Nice. Now for the fun part! :)
Open file (187.25 KB 597x891 well.jpg)
Open file (22.31 KB 482x473 smile.jpg)
>>7344 DONE This is a comfy little lake side cabin/house.
Open file (296.50 KB 851x855 flying my colors.jpg)
>>7346 Lol. Indeed looks berry comfy! Nice work. :)
>>7348 Anon left a little smiley face behind for whoever came in to finish the puzzle.
>>7349 That was thoughtful & /kind/'ly.
>>7347 Done.
>>7357 Spoopy bears! :)
New and a little bigger than the last several weekday ones. https://jiggie.fun/comfy425
Open file (262.75 KB 1179x819 72.jpg)
>>7361 >72%
>>7361 Done.
>>7366 Done.
Open file (252.22 KB 1031x745 autumn dunes.jpg)
>>7369 Done.
>>7374 Berry nice. The desert is so clean. :)
Open file (232.42 KB 751x879 pumpkin street.jpg)
Fresh puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy428 >>7375 Not White Sands this time. I do know of other deserts :D
Open file (180.64 KB 793x741 71.jpg)
>>7377 >71%
> Sunday Hard-day > 1'250
Open file (286.22 KB 733x855 sunday hard 10-8-2023.jpg)
>>7380 Done.
>>7383 Berry bretty. Have a good one, /comfy/ ! :)
Open file (219.46 KB 653x847 frame and horizon.jpg)
>>7382 Made a start for the next anon.
>>7386 Nice work! Cheers. :)
Open file (218.86 KB 587x863 sorded.jpg)
>>7386 I took the opportunity to do a better sort.
>>7393 Neat! That 'align-to-grid' thingy is bretty cool tool. BTW, I think I perceive a gradient in the sky section, so that might help a bit as well. I think all the blue-ish pcs in the lower section are a kind of 'sort me' gimme. Keep up the good work Anons! :)
Open file (240.45 KB 667x843 37.jpg)
>>7394 > I think I perceive a gradient in the sky section, so that might help a bit as well. Sure did. >37%
>>7395 GG!
Open file (139.97 KB 557x665 58.jpg)
>>7395 Thanks whoever got it to >58%
>>7399 Looking good anons! That's a nice big swath of it. Keep it up! :)
Open file (243.04 KB 795x809 76.jpg)
>>7399 OH SHOOT! >76%
>>7402 Berry nice! Looks all downhill from here. I like how eberrything's attached and most of the gap areas have been well filled-in now. Keep going Anons! :)
>>7382 >>7386 >>7393 >>7395 >>7399 >>7402 And we're done! I'll put a new one up later if no one else does. Any requests?: Pixel, anime, game, scenery, etc.?
>>7404 Nice work. :)
Open file (200.35 KB 1147x431 neon fall.jpg)
I'm going to do some smaller ZX puzzles for the next several days. Here's a double! https://jiggie.fun/comfy430
Open file (181.47 KB 969x675 last little bit.jpg)
>>7406 One puzzle down. Overall the completeness stands at >81% I did the sky on the second one because I know that stresses eberryone out.
>>7407 Good progress! :) >because I know that stresses eberryone out. B/c eyes bleeding or what?
>>7408 >B/c eyes bleeding or what? Large sections of unbroken color. I kind of enjoy the challenge but I know the other anons find it overwhelming. I try to do them to take the pressure off of other anons. I want eberryone to enjoy the puzzles.
>>7409 Ahh makes sense. That's nice of you Anon, good thinking!
>>7406 >>7407 Oh they finished over night.
Open file (203.72 KB 855x803 YES INDEED.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy431 Here's one that's both appropriate for the season and today in particular. A bit more Halloweeny.
Open file (169.85 KB 811x835 pre sorted.jpg)
>>7416 I decided to do some preliminary work to make it easier for anons to get started.
>>7416 >and today in particular. Any reason about today? >>7417 Naicu. :)
>>7418 >Any reason about today? The eclipse ;)
>>7419 Neat. During my 'quick scan' inside my head, that was about all I could think of.
> Sunday Hard-day > 1'250
>>7422 Sunday Hard is here. https://jiggie.fun/comfy432
Hope things are going well, Team /comfy/ Puzzle! :)
>>7432 I'm sick again. Not been able to puzzle. Hope someone can take up my slack. Sorry anon.
>>7433 Please get to feeling better. >Sorry anon. Lol, no apologies! Just take care of yourself is what matters most. Cheers. :)
>>7417 Well it looks like someone finished this puzzle! In other news I'm still sick.
Open file (194.51 KB 675x797 progress and sorting.jpg)
>>7423 Good news some kind anon has done some work on the puzzle. Maybe I'll be able to help later today.
>>7437 Neat! Looks like a bunch of sorting has been accomplished already as well. I hope the resolution is sufficient to give good detail on the pieces. Good luck, Team /comfy/ ! :)
> Sunday Hard-day > 1'050
>>7444 New Sunday Hard Up https://jiggie.fun/comfy433 I cropped and edited the pic slightly to eliminate whitespace.
Open file (243.93 KB 837x773 58.jpg)
>>7423 >>7437 Also last Sunday's pic is still up. >58%
>>7445 Heh, fine as you see fit Anon! :) I chose that one specifically for you to feel better, because it had lots of whitespace. :D >>7446 Looking good Anons, keep going!
Open file (133.41 KB 605x761 89.jpg)
>>7422 >>7423 >>7437 Done >>7444 >>7445 And I'll do the finish up on this one. Sorry for being AWOL for a week. I'm mostly better now.
>>7453 >>7454 Nice work! I like the gray rings around the watch Anon, berry nicely done. :)
Open file (176.49 KB 799x687 Halloween 1.jpg)
Open file (170.37 KB 869x743 Halloween 2.jpg)
Open file (213.29 KB 861x745 Halloween 3.jpg)
Open file (180.56 KB 853x735 Halloween 4.jpg)
>>7455 Please eberryone enjoy a little Halloween 4 pack puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy434
>>7456 >4-pack Neat! I wonder if the devs have an upper limit on how many puzzles can be in one room?
>>7458 4 is the max limit for their instance but they mention that it can go higher. So if someone made their own jiggie instance they have 8 or 10 or whatever.
Open file (5.84 KB 512x384 Blackthorne.png)
>>7456 One has already been completed I see. FYI it's based on the box art or maybe of the splash screen of this >>6617 game right here.
Open file (183.97 KB 985x859 progress.jpg)
>>7456 >52% overall
>>7456 >>7461 This both is and isn't for the Speccy. This is actually the SAM Coupe graphic palette. The SAM Coupe is a even less well known British home console that is based on the ZX and is one way compatible with it.
>>7456 One left. >80%
>>7467 >The SAM Coupe is a even less well known British home console that is based on the ZX and is one way compatible with it. Interesting tidbit.
Open file (1.02 KB 304x296 Sam (finished).png)
Open file (668.00 B 248x304 Sam (mockup).png)
>>7469 I only just now realized that there's a little glowing robot in the lantern.
>>7471 Kek, good eye.
Open file (199.35 KB 639x791 squashy night.jpg)
Open file (240.57 KB 700x628 sr25.jpg)
>>7471 Oh shoot I just found out that that little robot is actually the semi official mascot of the SAM Coupe.
>>7478 Nice work. >>7481 Neat, eberry movement needs a lovable little mascot tbh. :)
Open file (132.02 KB 613x819 64.jpg)
>>7479 >64%
>>7491 >big >orage >round What could it be? :D Coming right along!
Open file (123.39 KB 800x1200 starry night.jpg)
Are you there sunday hard anon?
>>7499 Sorry I got distracted. :P > Sunday Hard day > 1'150
>>7500 https://jiggie.fun/comfy436 Sunday Hard is go! I'm also going to put up some Halloween puzzles later. This is a special occasion after all.
>>7497 Nice work. That looks just like a Jack-O'-Van-Gogh :)
Open file (150.28 KB 1139x445 comfy halloween.jpg)
>>7510 And here's the Halloween puzzles. https://jiggie.fun/comfy437 I'll do another 4 pack of Halloween themed Spectrum puzzles in a couple of days. I want to give the Russians enough time to post all their artwork so that I can pick 4 really good ones.
Open file (207.24 KB 999x841 24.jpg)
>>7511 >24%
Open file (196.71 KB 859x737 halloween 5.jpg)
Open file (251.77 KB 891x755 halloween 6.jpg)
Open file (297.92 KB 897x763 halloween 7.jpg)
Open file (245.30 KB 895x767 halloween 8.jpg)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN /comfy/ Please enjoy the final spooky ZX 4 pack. https://jiggie.fun/comfy438 The other puzzle >>7511 is still up as well.
Happy Halloween, Anon. :)
>>7524 Happy Halloween fren :)
Open file (165.28 KB 970x628 halloween progress.jpg)
>>7523 Some anon has made progress on one of the Halloween pics. Probably the hardest one of the set too! >>7511 >24% >>7523 >12% SEND HALP!!!!
Have a good puzzling weekend, /comfy/ .
>>7536 The frames are complete on all 6 of the Halloween puzzles.
>>7537 Sounds like progress!
>>7538 I just wonder where all the puzzlelers went. I hope eberryone is doing well.
>>7537 Not sure Anon. Time is an issue for me. Yes I hope eberryone's well and will make some time to join in the fun again! (I'll try to do so a bit during Winter Break era.)
>>7523 >>7511 Someone snuck in and finished all but one of them. GOOD JOB WHOEVER YOU ARE! Only one left here >>7511
Open file (862.79 KB 4000x2177 1662240859973637.jpg)
>>7511 >>7522 And they're all done! Time for last week's Sunday Hard >>7504
Nice work Anons. :) >Time for last week's Sunday Hard Why don't we just call that one tomorrow's 'early installment'? After all, this was a special week right Anon?
>>7545 Sounds good to me :D
Open file (231.01 KB 763x827 12.jpg)
>>7504 Initial sort and frane complete. >12%
>>7547 Nice!
Open file (290.86 KB 1131x731 79.jpg)
>>7552 Nice work Anons. :)
Open file (277.27 KB 969x813 comfy room.jpg)
New puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy439 Also I wanted to ask anons how they feel about monochrome puzzles like >>7543 Because I have a few here and there but I wanted to know if you all felt that they're difficult/monotonous/not comfy before I do any others?
>>7555 I don't mind monochrome too much if they're the smaller ones. My least favorite are the ones where pieces end up just being noise, like that top down one we had with the trees and sheep.
>>7555 Done.
Open file (258.18 KB 719x837 strings.jpg)
>>7558 Nice work. Charming picture.
>>7560 I'm a real fan of those western slavic patterns.
>>7562 Poast moar.
Open file (139.77 KB 1367x819 uguu~.jpg)
>>7559 Done.
Open file (262.86 KB 965x815 electroscale mist.jpg)
>>7578 New. https://jiggie.fun/comfu441 Gosh I hope this works out. I've been wanting to make this one for a while but I've bee apprehensive.
>>7578 A cute. Nice work anons.
>>7580 Spoopy.
>>7579 Oh that was easy I guess.
>>7584 Interesting one Anon.
Open file (213.73 KB 705x873 warm 'n comfy.jpg)
>>7585 I'm going to make a post about it on /retro/ because it's kind of interesting but I'm not sure if I fully understand what's going on with it. New Puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy442
>>7599 >>7598 >>7588 Anon please, this is the jigsaw thread.
>>7600 Jijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijijiji
>>7587 Done.
Open file (258.24 KB 851x847 non standard cabin.jpg)
>>7608 Nice work. :)
Open file (229.42 KB 1175x719 48.jpg)
>>7609 >48%
> Sunday Hard-day > 1'250
Open file (202.91 KB 1103x805 sunday hard 11-12-2023.jpg)
>>7621 Sunday Hard, puzzle # 444, is go! https://jiggie.fun/comfy444
>>7622 >puzzle # 444 Neat!
>>7624 Nice work.
>>7626 You woodn't think an all metal cabin wood be comfy but this one looks neat. And I'm only now seeing those benches and gravel to the left. I bet this was designed as a grizzly proof cabin in a wilderness park somewhere. Maybe also one that's resistant to quick grass fires too.
Open file (165.03 KB 1013x789 s h sorted.jpg)
>>7622 Sort of sorted.
Open file (26.87 KB 225x225 carlos.gif)
>>7628 >Sort of sorted. >Sort of Carlos, pls. :^) Great start, Anon!
>>7627 >I bet this was designed as a grizzly proof cabin in a wilderness park somewhere I bet you're right. I came to a similar conclusion as well.
Hope the current puzzles going well anons.
Open file (171.68 KB 1181x817 27.jpg)
>>7622 >>7628 >>7637 I've gotten it a little over 1/4th done. Took a while to get the horizon together and it's still not complete but I have a feeling there's a tree trunk in the way. Probably the easiest parts to tackle next are either going to be the "wheat" fields pieces in the lower right or the dusk sky up top.
>>7638 Nice! It's already coming along, Anon. Wisely, you've sorted the pieces with an outline or edge together. I think that will help with getting the contours in place. Keep at it! :)
Open file (192.69 KB 1135x857 37.jpg)
>>7638 >37%
Open file (221.39 KB 1391x753 54.jpg)
>>7660 >54% Eberrything below the horizon is done.
>>7660 >>7663 Nice! It's fun to see anon's progression as the thing becomes more and more solid. Keep going. :)
Open file (210.31 KB 1365x779 60.jpg)
>>7666 you've connected the top to bottom. :)
Open file (215.34 KB 1057x835 71.jpg)
>>7666 >>7669 >71% Nothing left but sky.
>>7672 Woo-hoo! Starry, early-Winter skies. :)
Open file (162.72 KB 1353x663 shape sort.jpg)
>>7672 Final sort.
Open file (176.25 KB 1386x891 80.jpg)
>>7676 >80%
>>7676 >Final sort. Nicely done. I kinda had a feeling it wood come down to a shape sort for the sky tbh. >>7677 Most of the way there! It's nice how the little sorted patches show a clear difference in color-tone once they're together like that. Keep going!
> Sunday hard-day > 1'050
>>7684 Sunday Hard Ready Sunday Hards are lapping each other wew
Open file (154.49 KB 1059x821 90.jpg)
>>7677 >90%
>>7687 Closing in on it...
>>7685 >>7685 Man I forgot to put the link Sunday Hard Link https://jiggie.fun/comfy445
>>7690 Nice work! Congratz anons, I know that was a hard one. It was a good entrance to Wintertime tho. Hopefully this will be a good month for all! Cheers. :)
Open file (249.58 KB 1164x642 first sort.jpg)
>>7691 >>7685 This isn't a good first sort but it's all I can manage with this headache atm.
Open file (186.58 KB 785x861 61.jpg)
>>7685 >>7697 >61% All that's left is snow and snowy sky.
>>7699 Woot! You anons knocked that middle section out quick! :)
Open file (235.02 KB 695x863 warm 'n comfy redux.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy446 Here's one for eberryone to work on while I finish the snow.
>>7701 Good thinking, Anon.
Open file (184.49 KB 702x892 70.jpg)
Open file (227.08 KB 667x833 446 frame.jpg)
>>7699 >70% >>7701 Also I've started the frame on the newer one.
>>7706 Impressive efforts, Anon. :)
Open file (212.76 KB 849x863 80% snow.jpg)
>>7706 >80%
Open file (199.95 KB 923x845 90.jpg)
>>7711 >90%
>>7712 >>7713 Nice work. BTW did you already finish both of them, or the snowy one?
>>7699 >>7706 >>7711 >>7712 Neat to watch the progressions.
>>7715 This just gave me an idea: many vidya games have a 'replay' mode. How wood it be if this Jiggie.fun developer offered a rendered playback of the progression from start to finish of the puzzles? That wood be mesmerizing to watch tbh.
>>7714 Just the snowy one. I don't want to cabbage all the puzzles :D
>>7716 I tell you what wood have helped greatly with this last puzzle, an option to chance the background to white. The ground and sky color were slightly different but there wasn't enough contrast with any of the color options to pick them out. I had to wait until I had formed some white space up top to be able to drag groups of pieces on top of it to be able to re sort them. >playback That wood be really neat. Maybe it could be done without much storage required if it saved replays something like how Doom did.
>>7718 >an option to chance the background to white. Good thinking. Let's see if we can have this done.
>>7716 >That wood be mesmerizing to watch tbh. Playthroughs are hugely popular. It might almost make puzzling yet another form of the 'I played it on Youtube' spectator sport effect.
> Sunday hard-day > 1'150
Open file (260.25 KB 737x881 better sort.jpg)
>>7738 New Sunday Hard https://jiggie.fun/comfy447 Also comfy446 is still pending. I'm afraid it may have gotten lost in the reply chain earlier. https://jiggie.fun/comfy446
Open file (226.22 KB 847x839 52.jpg)
>>7739 >>7701 >52% Nice.
>>7740 Coming right along, Anons. :)
Open file (247.79 KB 907x811 79.jpg)
>>7744 Interesting looking space. Keep going Anons! :)
>>7745 Done! This one and this >>7608 other one are called rocket stoves. There's many different designs and some of them like the green ceramic one here even have cooking surfaces built in. They're suppose to be berry warm. If I ever build a little cabin somewhere I wood want to incorporate one of these.
Open file (217.87 KB 773x823 frame 'n sort.jpg)
>>7739 Most of the frame is done and pieces sorted roughly by color and shade.
Open file (226.49 KB 875x761 36.jpg)
>>7752 With another anon's help we've got it to >36%
One day, /comfy/ will have to do a jigsaw of one of their screenshots of an incomplete jigsaw
>>7754 I've actually thought about doing that lol
Open file (166.35 KB 861x545 63.jpg)
>>7753 >63%
Wow, you anons are moving right along today! >>7754 Lol. :)
>>7751 >If I ever build a little cabin somewhere I wood want to incorporate one of these. Absolutely this! Thanks for the insights, Anon. Cheers. :)
Open file (289.14 KB 1133x851 84.jpg)
>>7756 >84%
>>7738 >>7739 >>7752 >>7753 >>7756 >>7759 We're done! Are the blueberries? They're the only thing that I can think of that will make a low carpet of fall color like that.
>>7762 Nice work, Anons. Congratz! :) >Are the blueberries? Woodn't surprise even a bit if it were so Anon.
Open file (216.77 KB 961x809 peace.jpg)
Open file (122.32 KB 839x617 33.jpg)
>>7767 >33% I'm not sure if segregating the darker pieces to their own group will help with this one but I thought I'd give it a try just in case.
>>7773 >50%
>>7778 Looking good anons, better'n halfway there! :)
Open file (224.86 KB 1111x877 61.png)
>>7778 >61%
>>7782 Deer, birbs, lantern. St. Francis?
Open file (211.18 KB 929x879 80.jpg)
>80% >>7785 >St. Francis? I'm not certain but berry possibly, if not likely.
>>7789 He's one of my favorites! >TBH I'm a bit jelly of him, I wish anmals flocked to me too! :D
Open file (2.90 MB 1500x915 1695697054705454.png)
> Sunday Hard-day > 950
Open file (361.72 KB 1073x841 sunday hard 12-3-2023.jpg)
Now that it looks like the /christmas/ situation has been sorted I'd like to suggest for /comfy/ to participate. >also Send halp! https://jiggie.fun/comfy448 https://jiggie.fun/comfy449
Open file (272.15 KB 1005x743 snorted.jpg)
>>7795 I can't find the last piece of the frame.
>>7808 Heh, I'm sure you'll find it Anon! :)
>>7803 Nice work! I like that one Anon. :)
>>7810 As you can see from the inspiration piece it could be St. Francis. Or it could just be a monk or hermit. I've not been able to trace down the original piece other than it seems to be Russian or Eastern European.
>>7811 Thanks for the effort, but it's already enough that you posted it, Anon! :) >it seems to be Russian or Eastern European. Agreed. It's charming.
Open file (346.59 KB 1231x803 22.jpg)
>>7808 Another anon got it to >22% I'm having trouble sorting this one.
Open file (280.84 KB 1103x703 34.jpg)
>>7825 >34%
>>7825 >>7826 Coming along anons! >I'm having trouble sorting this one. Yeah, lots of branches and whatnot.
Open file (247.98 KB 1163x683 51.jpg)
>>7826 >51%
>>7829 >found the edge pcs Nice! Looks like the sorting is coming along well. :)
Open file (356.45 KB 1295x801 70.jpg)
Open file (119.27 KB 1383x669 new frens.jpg)
>>7829 >70% >>7830 >Looks like the sorting is coming along well. :) Yeah last night was productive. Had some help too.
>>7802 Someone finished the puzzle but didn't post it here.
Open file (229.81 KB 713x843 beary christmas.jpg)
New small puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy450 >>7832 Good Job. I've been distracted for a couple of days and didn't get a chance to go back to it.
Open file (295.29 KB 1161x715 51.jpg)
>>7833 >51%
> Sunday hard-day > 950 >>7832 >>7836 Nice work.
>>7831 >Had some help too. Berry nice, gratz anons! :)
>>7837 Sunday Hard! Ready to go! https://jiggie.fun/comfy451
Open file (304.06 KB 1359x817 first pass sort.jpg)
Open file (312.55 KB 1337x849 23.jpg)
Open file (5.04 KB 211x192 SHARP.jpg)
>>7842 Coming along anons! :) -yep that pc's bretty unusual AFAICT
Open file (221.40 KB 1037x817 40.jpg)
>>7842 >40%
>>7849 Good progress!
Open file (284.89 KB 1311x895 55.jpg)
>>7849 Anon got it to >55%
Open file (292.51 KB 1003x853 75.jpg)
>>7852 >75% :D
>>7852 >>7853 Woot! Majority finished. :)
>>7855 Nice work. >3 puzzles Wonder what they could be Anon? :)
Open file (129.78 KB 877x735 frames.jpg)
>>7855 Frames are done btw. Also jiggie got a new UI looks like. Which concerned me at first but it looks like eberrything is still functioning. >>7856 >Wonder what they could be Anon? :) I'll give you a hint: All 3 are on the exact same subject.
Open file (73.07 KB 640x492 Santa Lucia Day.jpg)
>>7863 One third has been completed.
>>7869 Nice work. Neat, I didn't even know about St. Lucy. Thanks anon! :)
Open file (200.05 KB 1325x661 65.jpg)
>>7869 >65%
Open file (190.05 KB 623x887 75.jpg)
>>7872 >75% One left.
> Sunday hard-day > 850 >>7873 Cute! Nice work.
Open file (434.81 KB 1121x911 sunday hard 12-17-2023.jpg)
>>7873 And the final one's done!
Open file (310.00 KB 1089x759 40.jpg)
>>7875 >40%
>>7882 Nice work. Thanks for introducing us all to St. Lucia's Day, Anon. Merry Christmas. :)
>>7883 >connected across the middle too Good progress, Anons! :)
>>7883 >>7885 Oh! It got finished some time today it looks like. I worked on it a little over night but there was still quite a bit to go. Nice work who ever your were. New Puzzles! https://jiggie.fun/comfy454/ I hope puzzlers do enjoy these and they aren't too much of an imposition.
>>7889 >Nice work who ever your were Nice work. I hope to play a few puzzles around this weekend's /christmas/ festival. We'll see how it goes with the schedule. >FOUR puzzles at once That's some kind of record here isn't it, Anon? :)
>>7898 bretty quick work of it. :)
Open file (298.64 KB 1119x844 rtr.jpg)
>>7889 3rd done :)
>>7910 Nice work. One to go!
>>7910 I'm a little surprised that wasn't the last one done. I figured it for the hardest.
Open file (309.92 KB 1075x855 80.jpg)
Final puzzle sorted and primed for fun :D >80%
>>7915 Looks like a good sort to start off with!
Open file (928.03 KB 1129x843 pzzl.png)
New ! https://jiggie.fun/MAiRtK Have fun :)
>>7917 Nice work. Berry Christmas'y Anon! :) >>7918 What could this be?
>>7919 >What could this be? Hehe, we'll figure out once finished ;) it may involve Chrstmasy things
>>7917 For those keeping track that final one is titled >Hot_cold_(2013) by prof4d And here's the inspiration piece.
>>7922 Did you make them yourself on an original ZX Spectrum ?
>>7925 No. Not this one. Maybe I'll make one someday. I've been collecting these pics for a while from one place or another but recently mostly from this one Russian ZX Spectrum art/demoscene site. As it turned out I found they made for good subjects for puzzles.
>>7918 Done
>>7929 Nice work. What a /comfy/ pic!
Open file (312.69 KB 915x639 aaaa)
Open file (275.04 KB 1478x1109 cats.jpeg)
>>7933 Done
>>7934 Nice work. Cute kots + puters pic, Anon! :)
>>7935 Are you posting a Sunday Hard?
I bring you TWO Christmas puzzles! https://jiggie.fun/comfy457 & https://jiggie.fun/comfy458
> Sunday Hard-day > 950 >>7936 My apologies for being late.
>>7939 OOPS! I had just made two puzzles. Anyway here's Sunday Hard https://jiggie.fun/comfy459 Hope eberryone's having a good Christmas Eve!
Open file (242.82 KB 937x809 35.jpg)
>>7938 Anons have got one done!
Open file (278.24 KB 1115x557 89.jpg)
>>7940 >89% You guy's have done a great job on this one.
>>7940 >>7944 Sunday Hard has been completed!
Open file (399.28 KB 2048x1365 4010025655_17e6baabf0_k.jpg)
>>7938 Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the desert.
>>7938 Another one down.
>>7944 >>89% Can you please explain how to show the percentage, Anon? Things have changed in the UI, and I don't really see how to now. TIA. >>7943 >>7946 Nice work.
>>7949 >Can you please explain how to show the percentage, Anon? Things have changed in the UI, and I don't really see how to now. TIA. Just mousover the puzzle piece count up in the top left.
Open file (430.51 KB 1024x1024 1703031431473634.jpg)
>>7950 Thanks! MERRY CHRISTMAS, /COMFY/! :)
>>7946 good job we did, merry christmas anons
Open file (10.68 KB 512x384 AAA_-_Zima_(2013)_2x.png)
>>7938 Only one left!
>>7943 Last one done. Good work eberryone!
Open file (153.96 KB 791x619 already in progress.jpg)
Open file (4.13 KB 153x155 (You).jpg)
Open file (61.73 KB 601x516 (you)2.jpg)
Open file (145.43 KB 531x763 (you)3.jpg)
Open file (392.08 KB 960x720 robot (3).png)
Open file (296.80 KB 977x863 zx christmas pack 3.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy461 Here's what's probably the last ZX Christmas 4 pack. I have other wintery Speccy pics but I'll post those one at a time.
Open file (130.56 KB 879x729 50.jpg)
>>7959 Progress.
Open file (239.67 KB 1349x693 65.jpg)
>>7959 Sorry for that one extra difficult puzzle. But that one's finished now. Two more left.
>>7962 >>7963 Nice work.
>>7959 Another done. >>7962 Btw the "Willy" here in question is Miner Willy from such games as Maniac Miner and Jet Set Willy.
>>7959 Finally done.
Open file (35.14 KB 712x591 aaaa.jpg)
A new one arrives! https://jiggie.fun/comfy420 (sorry, didn't make it neatly arranged by mistake )
>>7967 Done.
>>7965 >>7966 >>7968 Nice work.
>>7969 Done
>>7976 Nice work. Bretty remarkable-looking tbh. :)
Open file (305.64 KB 1033x851 green and white.jpg)
>>7976 Is that Hallstatt?
>>7980 Yes it is. It looks like a beautiful place.
>>7981 I definitely woodn't mind visiting, although I've heard it's got way too many tourists for its size.
>>7982 The main problem of tourism is tourists.
>>7978 Done.
Open file (266.17 KB 949x779 winter street.jpg)
>>7984 Nice work. Interesting pattern with the light snow.
Open file (333.92 KB 1394x1004 2023-12-29_21-50-14.png)
>>7985 some sorting got done
Open file (344.14 KB 1634x1011 2023-12-30_16-00-11.png)
>>7985 > 36% Seems anons have gotten a bit more done now.
Open file (364.30 KB 1984x1072 1702414615647258.jpg)
> Sunday Hard-day > 1'150
>>7985 Finished Berry bretty village.
Open file (279.42 KB 1011x725 sunday hard nye 2023.jpg)
>>7998 Sunday Hard New Year's Eve Edition! Likely the last puzzle of the year anons! https://jiggie.fun/comfy466
Open file (483.55 KB 1919x946 2024-01-01_07-14-10.png)
>>8001 > 25% Happy New Year, /comfy/ !
Open file (408.90 KB 1873x905 2024-01-01_10-54-19.png)
>>8001 > 33% A third of the way there! :)
Open file (441.13 KB 1766x975 2024-01-02_05-34-33.png)
>>8001 > 72% Seems anons have been busy like little bees during the New Years celebration!
Open file (364.29 KB 1984x1072 puzzle.jpeg)
>>8001 Finished
>>8008 Nice work. Berry Christmas'y! :)
Open file (196.93 KB 621x849 year of the ____.jpg)
>>8009 And a Comfy New Year! https://jiggie.fun/comfy467
Open file (247.74 KB 786x1080 2024-01-02_14-17-54.png)
>>8010 >And a Comfy New Year! Wait, wait, I've got this. It's from 'Itchy & Scratchy' show, right? :D
Open file (1.18 MB 600x1070 Jinlong by 塗壁.png)
Open file (144.15 KB 629x795 cozy.jpg)
>>8014 Done.
Open file (258.13 KB 1019x765 snowy.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy469 Brand new puzzle.
Open file (220.73 KB 1119x893 38.jpg)
>>8017 >38% :D:DDDD
Open file (494.84 KB 1832x956 2024-01-06_13-06-22.png)
>>8017 > 73% Snowy house is snow.
Open file (3.53 MB 2000x1180 night.png)
>>8017 Finished I really like this image. Does anyone know who the artist is? Can't read the watermark.
>>8032 >Can't read the watermark. I thought that was a backwards "R" and sure enough. https://www.deviantart.com/yakovlev-vad/art/Landscape-13-581441232 This is the original.
Are you OK sunday hard anon?
Open file (456.55 KB 1200x800 1702493726384070.jpg)
>>8035 My apologies dear /comfy/ frens. Just slipped off my plate today. :P > Sunday hard-day > 850
Open file (360.53 KB 961x767 sunday hard 1-7-2024.jpg)
>>8037 It's all OK anon. I was just concerned that you might be sick or something. Sunday Hard https://jiggie.fun/comfy470
>>8032 Nice work. Is that a Gondola in the window? :D >>8038 >I was just concerned that you might be sick or something. Thanks!
>>8039 >Is that a Gondola in the window? Yep. It's an edit the original is linked here >>8034 . It's a bretty good edit.
>>8034 That wasn't what i thought the artist wood be like tbh.
Open file (403.19 KB 1204x852 76.jpg)
>>8038 >76% >>8049 Me neither.
Open file (335.01 KB 640x480 smug frodo.png)
>>8051 Done!
Open file (406.60 KB 1097x885 snowy village.jpg)
Open file (106.94 KB 2304x1488 jiggie_end.png)
>>8059 Finished
>>8058 >>8060 Nice work! :) >that Frodo smirk tho If you have the chance, you should listen to the "Actor's track" of the commentaries for the director's cut trilogy release. It was bretty funny what those 4 guys had to go through when filming those "Goodbye to Frodo & Bilbo" closing sequences (that frame is from those).
>>8060 DONE ALREADY! And in only 4 and a half hours? And I was afraid it was going to be difficult with all the repeating trees.
Open file (364.74 KB 979x819 ice wind.jpg)
>>8063 Fresh puzzle. We haven't done one of these in several months. https://jiggie.fun/comfy472
>>8063 I got the bestest type of ADHD.
Open file (79.10 KB 638x478 last_jigsaw.png)
>>8064 Done Is this the last puzzle we will solve on this domain or are we gonna do one last?
>>8097 I'd think you'd want to just keep doing them here, until a move is officially completed and done? Just a thought.
Open file (10.52 MB 638x478 Ice Wind.gif)
Should I post another puzzle? Are we still doing them right now?
>>8109 I will pour a coffee and come.
>>8110 I spilled coffee over my laptop i might not come depending on how much hardware is damaged, as far as i can see the finderprint reader radiates a red light but eberrything works.
I am bored of reading the shelter threads and trying to filter the 8ch shills from genuine posters. I won't read other threads anymore. https://jiggie.fun/comfy
>>8111 OH NO! It's just like when I smashed my screen last year.
>>8112 Thanks for filling in for me I've been distracted tonight. New puzzle! Come puzzle with us weary anons! I hope no one minds it being a ZX puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy474
Open file (332.04 KB 883x849 orchard.jpg)
And if anyone does mind then here is another one. Things are stressful right now and I want anons to have a /comfy/ time. https://jiggie.fun/comfy475
Open file (24.82 KB 474x553 th-709311708.jpg)
>>8111 Sorry to hear that, Anon. I hope it's alright now. >>8113 How's that new screen holding up, Anon? I was worried about your machine. >>8114 >>8115 >And if anyone does mind then here is another one. I absolutely think this is the most healthy thing to do for eberryone r/n. Once the new board is up and running fully, then we ourselves can migrate. Till then > pic-related Cheers. :)
>>8117 >How's that new screen holding up, Anon? I was worried about your machine. It's still working fine. I thought I was ruined when it first habbened.
Open file (11.12 KB 512x384 zx_jpg_puzzle.png)
>>8114 Done(I didn't do it)
>>8119 Nice work.
>>8119 Comfy ain't it?
Open file (370.42 KB 1664x1152 1703394955251515.jpg)
> Sunday hard-day > 1'050
Open file (366.05 KB 1019x853 sunday hard 1-14-2024.jpg)
Open file (245.48 KB 1007x824 34.jpg)
>>8125 Sunday hard is here! https://jiggie.fun/comfy476 Also >>8115 is still to be finished
>>8127 Thanks! Have fun with it anons. :)
>>8115 Done
>>8132 Nice work. :) Berry interesting arts. Based Orthobros, I presume?
>>8133 That's what I'm assuming given how he's dressed. The pic, as I found it, is just tilted "monk_(4)".
Open file (331.65 KB 1157x895 border done.jpg)
>>8127 Border done.
>>8137 Thanks! >>8138 Bretty interesting color mix in this one tbh.
>>8138 Any progress updates Anons?
Open file (305.81 KB 1062x870 19.jpg)
>>8143 Ah yes, sorry. It's been a difficult week with the weather here and I haven had a chance to do any kind of puzzling. Another anon did some initial sorting and I just now cleaned it up a bit. >19%
>>8138 Thanks! I think this color selection is rather bretty. Keep up the good work! :)
>>8146 I was the other one working on it. The pieces in the center I had loosely organized by which sides were jutted out, and were 'white-ish', that way I could whittle away at the top of the puzzle. You got the right side and bottom bretty nice. Is there a button that automatically bundles them up in a square like that?
>>8156 >Is there a button that automatically bundles them up in a square like that? Yes. ctrl+space and shift+space do two related things, give them a try. Good job anons! :)
>>8156 >The pieces in the center I had loosely organized by which sides were jutted out, and were 'white-ish', that way I could whittle away at the top of the puzzle. Yeah I figured you were placing those out and that's why I didn't try to bother them.

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