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I'm quite skeptical that tatoos are berry comfy.
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>>4975 Same here. But if OP find them comfy, why not... >>4970 You got tattoos yourself anon ?
>>4977 >>4975 To be fair tattoos are painful. Especially big full color ones. I could have slept through the 1.5 line work session. It was like scratching an itch compared to the full color session. It felt like I’d been mauled by a raccoon half way through my 4 hour color session. I believe it was the short break I took. I think the human body can tolerate one round of pain. But once your body goes into recoberry mode it’s time to stop.
>>4980 So the comfy moment when you get tattoed is basically when tattoing stops. Indeed tattoos not certified comfy. I know some fellas that find fulfillment through the pain received during tattoo tho but as they are into BDSM cacas it not a valid argument. I personally have some little ones on my hand I made myself long tmes ago with india ink and a sewing needle. It was not painful but not really comfy, although I enjoyed the moment in a certain way.
>>4981 Actually I sorta said the opposite. The tattoo is actually kinda satisfying early on, when your adrenaline is rushing to brace for the pain. The healing process is the worst part, because you have to keep it clean or suffer from an infection. Even the small ones are itchy and tempting to scratch.

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