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Open file (3.12 MB 1056x720 necoarc_comfy.webm)
/comfy/ Videos Anon 04/11/2023 (Tue) 21:53:44 No.5022
Post your comfiest webms, mp4s and others. OCs welcome.
Open file (8.19 MB 960x540 GondoLum.webm)
Open file (321.62 KB 360x360 ctdnc.mp4)
Open file (3.63 MB 1280x720 1684038757068990.webm)
Open file (6.62 MB 360x360 fieldola.webm)
From leaving my apartment a month back
Open file (7.14 MB 1280x720 lucioles.mp4)
>>6385 >probably the single-coolest beetle on Earth I Love Lighting Bugs! That's a good sign that field is healthy, Anon. Lightning bugs are a great 'canary in the coal mine' of sorts for ecosystem poisoning.
Open file (101.67 KB 300x300 lampyridae .png)
>>6388 Where I live I never seen the flying ones, and even the crawling specimens, I haven't seen a lot. I heard there a good indicator of environment quality yes. It's always a good moment when nightwalking in summer to see these little folks in the nature.
Hope eberryone's having a good night
>>7094 Thanks Anon. Yes, and hope you are too! Cheers.
>>7094 Clearly not enough sleep and now I'm at work for the entire sunday. But comfy I remain :)
>>6385 I love fireflies but have only ever seen them once where I live. I'm guessing they're not as common here as they used to be. I have seen them in other places a few hours away that are more prairie-like though.
Open file (2.47 MB 640x640 1695330073016173.webm)
>>5022 >OCs welcome. I've actually made a couple... I suck at webms though, and I runa YouTube channel, so I hope you'll pardon me a YT link. https://youtu.be/naqxfCGYGfE
Happy Thanksgiving (for those here who celebrate it) Here's a little Gondola OC.
>>7726 That's perfect anon. Thank you.
>>7726 >Here's a little Gondola OC. Neat! >Peanuts I didn't know there was a Thanksgiving special (but I don't watch much telly). >ywn a meal cooked by Snoopy Happy belated Thanksgiving, Anon. :)
>>7726 Not an American, still want to know; what orange triangles are traditionally eaten and washed down with strawberry milkshakes for thanksgiving dinner?
>>7736 >what orange triangles are traditionally eaten and washed down with strawberry milkshakes for thanksgiving dinner? I think they're suppose to be folded napkins anon.
>>7768 Are they? Do people normally put napkins on their plates like that?
>>7736 Burger here. Orange triangles refer to the pie made from pumpkins, and we don't drink strawberry milkshakes but high alcohol egg nog.
>>7770 I don't get it. Are they standing the pie slices up? And why do they look folded over?
We used to call Orange Triangles Black Triangles, sir. Orange = the new Black
>>7771 It depends on how the pie is prepared.
>>5022 Checkin' in.
Open file (125.07 KB 1440x1111 IMG_20231205_051953.jpg)
feeding the birds on break at work even though I'm probably not supposed to. they sure appreciate it though. same time eberry morning, and I do the same whistle eberry time. they all come out and start searching before I even already the crackers haha
omg woops! thought I was posting on bus stop! welp
>>7805 Thanks for being kind to the birbs, Anon! :)
>>7805 When I was working in Paris, I used to go for a snack in the Tuileries Gardens. There was a whole group of sparrows there, who got to know me well and wood come and accompany me. I used to share my bread with them, and that always made me happy. I'd put a few crumbs in the palm of my hand and they'd land on my fingers to peck at them. There were also some pigeons that wanted to take advantage of this and bothered the sparrows, but as they are regulated and it is (probably) forbidden to feed them, I gently chased them away. I miss my little sparrowfrens in the Jardin des Tuileries.
Open file (51.26 KB 280x210 bus_stop.313.jpg)
>>7806 Bus Stop is certified comfy.
>>7819 It definitely is. I haven't been there in quite some time. Maybe I should.
Open file (31.50 KB 280x280 bus_stop.173.jpg)
>>7819 >>7822 Sadly, it's not as comfy as it was. For about a year now, a bunch of kids found Bus-Stop and hang out there. Most of the posts are now either venting/self-loathing, or just random phrases. Some of them have been asking for other boards, and someone mentioned /comfy/ to them...
>>7823 I pay a visit to Bus Stop from time to time and never felt uncomfyness. Sure some posts are not top quality or blogposting but nothing that can dispense me from coming back. I have seen /comfy/ mentioned here and there on generally little boards, it's not a problem as long as it don't attract goobers. I know some users crave for places like /comfy/ when you see the average level of IBs today that tend to become cacaty /b/ clones.
Here's some holiday Gondolas I have Hope eberryone here has a berry merry Christmas.
Open file (1.22 MB 800x800 3292MEM041223.jpg.png)
>>7937 Lovely Gondolas, Anon. Thanks & Merry Christmas to you! :)
>>7937 Nice gondos anon, thanks. Christmas was nice, spending time with the loved ones over some good meals. The pleasure was short-lived as I had to get back to work last night. How was your Chrsitmas ? >>7941 I know it's a coon one but it reminds me of the comfiest looking part of the dog : the dog's nose :) Merry Christmas /pro/ !
>>7961 My dog likes being rubbed on the velvety part above his nose.
>>7970 My mother's dog loves it too. I gently stroke her nose and then take my hand away, so she crawls towards me and gives me little nudges with her nose to keep me going.

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