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Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
>>5219 Becoming a ZOGbot from this point forward wood be a serious mistake in my opinion OP. Bolshevik-in-Chief Queen Neighbour Kamihaha isn't going to treat you berry well, on that you can rest assured. Do you have any skills on your own yet?
>>5220 Skills? Nope not really I'm hoping I can at least get in and fix computers because with those I'm at least knowledgable on how to fix and diagnose those stuff (ie use Google efficiently lol) What about you anon, you doing good?
>>5221 >I'm hoping I can at least get in and fix computers because with those I'm at least knowledgable on how to fix and diagnose those stuff (ie use Google efficiently lol) Well, exactly that Anon. Get a job doing computer work for your bread. If you become skilled at Linux Administration, you can bank money here on the outside. Far better than stepping into the absolute cesspool of degeneracy that the US military is being transformed into in current year. At the berry least have a looooong talk with any military/veterans so you know something about what you're getting into. >What about you anon, you doing good? Yep, learning how to program pretty much six days a week. I still have a long way to go, but I've come a long way already too.
>>5219 >finally ready to be healthy, again >after a month and a half of dieting get sicknes that won't go away clockwork
>>5260 oof the fug happened anon
>>5260 When you say 'dieting', do you mean eating healthily and avoiding snacks? Or are you referring to those 'crash' diets in which people lose weight really quickly? If it is the latter, you are basically starving yourself and depriving your body of vital nutrients and could run the risk of irreparable damage. See a doctor.
>>5219 I trully dont know. Rn I'm studying in one of the best unis in my country. Also, I already have some decent job in the field of science I currently studying. I have loving parents and no problems with health so far. But I dont know, I feel empty for some reason. I have some tasks to be done but for about a month I mostly dont have a willpower to even play a game or smth like that. Sorry, if this is wrong thread for my bullcaca but its the only place I could think of to post. Sorry.
>>5285 You don't have willpower... to play a game? That's not what willpower is for.
Open file (146.82 KB 960x720 Melon.jpg)
Just wanted to say i ate the best melon in my life some days ago. I left it out for a couple days more to ripen up extra, chilled it in the fridge for another day or two and then picked out the fruit with an ice cream scoop. Separated the big scoops from the small shavings in different plates and chilled them both for 10-15 minutes more in the freezer. Quite refreshing and sweet, at times it felt more like honeywater rather than juice. Cheaper than a dessert and as good as one from a normal restaurant.
Open file (44.18 KB 540x360 No.mp4)
To be quite honest: It could be better. I've been trying to make something, a dApp or something similar, that I can put on future resumes, but I can't stick with anything. I build a frontend, and then I get another idea and I drop the previous one. And so forth. Also, I hate my current job. But I work for one of the best employers in my region, so I don't really have a reason, and I feel guilty for disliking it. >>5285 >I'm studying in one of the best unis in my country. Also, I already have some decent job in the field of science I currently studying. I have loving parents and no problems with health so far. I'm berry jealous, anon. Don't mess it up. I had to drop out because I'm a schizo, and it messed up my life to a certain degree. Stick to it. Your efforts will be worthwhile.
Open file (447.17 KB 746x2192 0c7.png)
>>5219 Military's great if you get an interesting/useful job you can learn things useful outside with. Donr be a grunt or a truck driver. Lifes been steadily improving. Working through some life long phobias/mental health issues, learning 2 code, and spending most days reading, studying, exercising, or playing fighting games with friends Maybe cheesy, but feels like I can attribute a lot of recent improvement to mental improvement I got from implenting buddhism/meditation practices into daily life. Been a while since I felt this at ease in life, hope you all succeed in finding inner tranquility and kindness through your own ways
We finally hired a new guy and stopped being understaffed about a month ago. Things have been slowly getting better since, I'm able to relax more and I have energy to do things after work (besides sitting at the computer doing nothing useful). So I started reading SICP and got back into exercising for the first time in over a year. Feels nice overall.
I'm 5 years deep on a 6 years contract, don't quacking sell your soul to the military. That pit of purpose you might be lacking; the only thing the military can fill it with is suffering. When I was in A school 2 of my classmates killed themselves, the trend continues throughout the military only you get less sensitive to it. It never gets any better; I don't expect it to get better when I get out, I only hope it will stop getting worse.
>>5375 >the only thing the military can fill it with is suffering. You are w.eak anon >When I was in A school 2 of my classmates ki.lled themselves Maybe you should consider sui.cide we.akling
smelly post
Open file (558.77 KB 521x716 farming asiatic clams.png)
>>5380 You first friend. :-)
Open file (47.34 KB 512x512 Mmm.jpg)
I got an 87 on my asvab. Navy air. Went in for four years, quacked a bunch of kids in the orient, got out, got a cacaload of benefits that will stay with me forever, free drinks at bars, discounts at restaurants, free pills for whatever etc. Was fun, but my family company is doing well and I don't ever really have to work again. So except for last year, I just fly around finding kids of different continents and hiking/backpacking. Getting kinda old though. Gonna hit 40 soon.
Open file (2.06 MB 3600x3000 New_World_Order.jpg)
>>5219 >back in college full-time >got a job working 30 hrs/wk >running eberry other day >practicing spanish >reading more It feels nice to be doing something with my life, but I'm so tired...
>>5845 my goodness sounds like a recipe for burnout (if i were in your shoes)
Life should be going good. New job that I really wanted with lots of training and potential. Health is going OK. Spooky season is imminent. But, I'm feelin kinda lonesome. Got a case of the melancholy. Wood like someone nice to hold hands with and look at the sea.
>>5848 Wood, not wood. But I was thinking of a nice forest walk to be fair
>>5849 You shouldn't try to fight the filters, to bee honey.
Working on living the r9k life of surviving off disabilitybux. And by working I mean waiting months and months between eberry interaction with the disability offices.
>>5867 Nice dog.
>>5867 >disability ssi or ssdi? I got ssdi, I guess because I was and am somewhat working part time and my living circumstance I am living with my parents and I can't afford to pay the fair share because the cost is too high but my lawyer got me out of ssi. your mother is probably gonna control your check just like my mother is. This is why I work part time and mother feels berry controlling. I honestly don't know to do once my parents retire because they are moving somewhere far away. >>5845 >practicing spanish you have someone to speak to in Spanish? Berry good for odd jobs but language learning is pointless if you can't practice taking with someone otherwise you will only know how to read or listen but you will not what to say in real time. I think talking is the first to lost once stop using the language because I understand spanish but I can't remember any of words, like it is on the tip of tongue but can't remember what the words are anymore. I honestly want to learn Portuguese because there are lots Brazilians in my area but I am afriad I will neglect Portuguese just like I did with spanish
>>5870 Nah, I'm just building up vocab at the moment and reading/listening to podcasts. But I'm in Florida, so finding someone to talk to shouldn't be hard.
>>5358 Update: he quit. To work at the grocery store, of all places. And for some reason my boss doesn't want to hire another guy. So now I'm considering either A) finding a new job that's less stressful or B) resuming my search for a shrink, hoping to find a better way once I have the mental strength. Problem with A is that there's few/no jobs in my line of work around here, so I'd have to move. It honestly sounds really difficult, like I'd have to find both a job and a place at around the same time so one doesn't get snatched up before I can get the other. With B, I'd have to find one that's available on weekends. I don't want to regularly take time off on a weekday and have my boss ask me what's going on.
Open file (4.96 MB 1923x1080 1578736427516.png)
>>5219 woah surprised that my thread is still going dang >>5356 >>5375 >>5390 I got 81 on my ASVAB and got in for AV (Avionics Technicians) cause quack it might as well be working on some of the coolest caca on the planet (well that is if I got working on jets lol)
Open file (499.12 KB 493x274 time_keeps_on_slippin.gif)
OP here, Welp I ship out on bootcamp tomorrow and I feel funny about it. Gonna be nervous as quack by the time I ride that plane and bus though Wish me luck comfynons!
>>5976 Sorry I'm late, but good luck anon~
>>5976 pray for anon :)
>>5976 >bootcamp not comfy at all, anon.
>>5219 I'm tired of being a neet, I'm getting ready to take a job, it's really good because i can work from home and the salary is fine for my poopy country, wish me luck bros
I think my life is truly over. Sure, I didn't get to do some things I wanted to do, but I did manage to do some things I did want to do. Still, there was so much more I wanted to do. I'm not angry, I'm not sad. All I have now is a quiet acceptance of the end.
>>6083 If I can ask, did you get some terminal illness or do you feel defeated in life and don't have the energy to go on?
>>6083 May Allah have mercy on you.
Open file (50.55 KB 500x376 aeJWAuQ.gif)
Lots of mil anons here. Good luck out there guys. As for me, it's decent, but could be better. Unfortunately, I've been getting berry strong urges to self harm after I started doing it again a couple days ago. It's strange because I don't have to necessarily be sad to do it. I exploit it just because it feels good and I like the feeling of recoberry my body goes through. It also just gets me thinking, and helps me brainstorm and stuff. For whatever reason when I don't self harm my brain just feels foggy and I go through extreme lows and highs. It makes me act like a totally different person. I'm extroverted after recently cutting because of the high. Then my friends and family get concerned when I feel the effects wear off (when the high of it wears off) so I do it again to get back to my extroverted perky self. I'm just caught in a cycle where I want to let them know this isn't who I am, but at the same time I don't want them to get worried for me or worse, get sent to a psych ward. Decisions, decisions. I've only told one friend about it. They're internet-only but I think it's a good baby step into helping me quit, or at least just doing it less. Oh well. Even if/when I do it tonight, I'll still be proud of myself for trying. This is the first time I didn't do it for multiple days in a row. It's stoopy to expect to be perfect. >>6083 Sends a chill down my bones. Have you considered setting up a GoFundMe or anything similar like that? I hope you're hanging on out there wherever you are. Bless you.
Open file (3.79 MB 720x576 1635438015481.webm)
Starting a new job next week, and I'm anxious about first impressions and imposter syndrome. I really hope it works out, teaches me to socialize better and I can stop being a friendless hermit who spends too much time playing vidya.
>>5873 A bit's happened in the past month and a half. Since making this post my rent got jacked up, which spurred me to apply for a bunch of jobs. None of them accepted me. I got interviews for each one, but they all rejected me within the same day. In fact, at the last one I just had today, the guy cut the interview short and just told me to leave right then and there. I wish I knew what was wrong with me. I guess it's just because I'm too shy? I don't even know anymore. If I could see a shrink then I could start working through these problems, but there's absolutely none who are available when I am. Luckily I've spoken to my boss and he agreed to give me a raise. Work's also gotten a little easier as we've hired a new guy to replace the last one who quit. He's annoying, but it beats dealing with customers that are even more so. Still, I'd like to leave this job eventually and move to a town where there's actually things to do. People say "go outside", but "outside" here is a chain-store-ridden hellscape. I haven't made any real-life friends since high school, all the interesting people leave for the big cities by the time they're done with college.
>>6133 >People say "go outside", but "outside" here is a chain-store-ridden hellscape I know what you mean, and landscapes where I live are nothing worth writing home about either. >I haven't made any real-life friends since high school, all the interesting people leave for the big cities by the time they're done with college. I live in a small town and wood prefer to get all the way out in the country just for the security aspect for the future. I lost contact with my friends, but I realized that I'm not really capable of maintaining friendships anyway.
Open file (368.86 KB 2000x1333 bf.jpeg)
Things are alright for now. Could be a little better
>>6132 Good luck anon. You got this :D
Open file (3.59 MB 5035x3339 25.jpg)
>>5976 OP here Actually finished bootcamp (surprisingly easy lol) and graduated a week ago! It was actually a nice experience and definitely gave me a confident boost and some nice bros! Hardest part of it was definitely the starting days where you don't know what the quack to do and caca, but it all goes smooth sailing as time passes on (really eberrything became a routine, even the ITs).
>>5219 not much for me, just kinda existing. I work on some projects in my garage eberry now and then, go out for walks and put up posters, but other than that i dont really do much. I live too far away from all my friends from school so the only irl friend i have left is a guy named Greg (hes pretty cool) but we dont talk often. I dont even talk to my online friends that much anymore, im never playing the games the play or anything like that. Plus we just kinda have our differences. Im not even sulking about any of this, its been like this for so long i dont even really care anymore
>>6279 thats good to hear,
>>5219 I'm starting college in early february with a full scholarship plus i lift 3x a week and i'm starting to look good
Caca like always
>>5219 This is an interesting thread to see how things work. From what I've read and understood, Military life is great if you're looking for life-skills and don't have or can't find connections to get a job. If anons are really-quacking-desperate with living situations, you get meals, a place to live, and a paycheck. On the downside, from what I've heard, upper brass has it's head up their ass most of the time. And if you're emotionally-dysfunctional or psychologically-sensitive, military branches will just make things worse- even if you think you can "take it,". Generally it's got a great list of benefits and an equal list of downsides, other things I've heard of: 1. Gov Benefits should be saved for and spent frugally in case of a bureaucratic quack-up. 2. If you get sucked into a relationship with an abusive spouse/partner, Talk to the chaplain. They can be your support for when caca gets bad, and most-importantly, provide you a paper trail so you don't get financially-quacked by he-said-she-said bullcaca. 3. Dishonorable discharge is REALLY FUCKING BAD. Like the equivalent of a felony charge. Even then an other-than-honorable discharge (be it medical or otherwise) can quack your chances of getting back in if something happens- at least with the marines. 4. VA services are hit or miss, and those misses can be REALLY off the mark. 5. If you volunteer for eberrything and show that you're reliable, you'll be treated nice by great NCOs, and utterly-exploited by poopy NCOs. 6. Housing contractors have been really poopy lately, many which have been cooking the books (lying about the jobs they DIDN'T DO) to the point of housing units being complete and utter caca in some areas. 7. If you want a problem fixed and the chain of command is weighing you down. Military meme channels are your friend. 8. look up what to do in case the resident platoon-idiot is doing drugs or underaged drinking. There have been innocent people who had their careers in jeopardy just for being around idiots like that. Also, remember this: I'm just a civilian anon who watches a lot of military YT channels and memes. I don't know what it's like on the other side of the fence, I just go by what I've read and watched about.
Always comfy, never uncomfy
Open file (5.42 MB 1610x1256 oijoiioj.PNG)
I'm lonely right now, and I want friends I can share ideas and interests with that I can't with my current, and only friend. I can't be socially reclusive anymore, it's detrimental to my overall well-being. I'm so sick of having apathetic people in my life, it's really frustrating at this point.
Might be able to make a bunch of money selling blood twice a week.
Objectively, I have a good life. But really, I am depressed. In fact, I think I've been depressed my entire life. Still, I'll reflect on the good things in my life: 1. I have a gf that I truly love. We were made for each other, and she is heads over heels in love with me. We have complete trust in each other and are in-sync in terms of our visions and goals. The only con is that it's a long-distance relationship; she lives in Mexico. She has a claim to US citizenship, but it's complicated because her dad died a few years back; I'll have to get an attorney invovled. Worst case scenario is just to get married; I'm not opposed to getting married to her--if I was going to ever marry somebody, it wood be her--but I'm against the institution of marriage itself. Also, small negatives: her tits and butt are berry small. This isn't a huge deal, but it kind of sucks that I'll probably never get to "experience" a nice ass or a nice set of tits in my life as my gf is the only girl I've slept with. But again, not a big deal; it's better to have someone to love than some big-titted bimbo. 2. I'm relatively well off. I come from an upper-middle class family, so I was able to go to college without incurring debt. I got a degree in aerospace engineering with high honors. My parents helped me out with finances before I got a job, and I saved and invested most of what I got. My job pays decently (75k/yr) and I have about ~100k in net worth right now. 3. Over the pandemic, I've taken up a lot of hobbies and interests and integrated them into my daily life. I regularly practice guitar, read books, go to Muay Thai class, write on my blog, and learn Spanish. I've been really consistent and I've seen a lot of progress in my skills. Now on to the bad: 1. I hate my job. It's not a bad job per se; I have a good salary, good boss, remote work, federal benefits, and a good work/life balance. However, the work is completely soulless and I hate being stuck in front of a computer screen from 9–5 eberry single day doing extremely boring yet mentally intensive beuaracratic work. I thinking of doing pilot training so I can fly for UPS or FedEx; I doubt the grass will be "greener", but at least I'll be developing actual skills and working with my hands. Plus, I always loved aviation; it's why I studied aerospace engineering, afterall. I have a friend who is in a similar situation as me who has a similar plan, but he is planning on joining the military to become an officer. However, the military isn't for me so I'm going to go the civil route. 2. My parents are getting divorced. My dad has fallen off the deep end of alcholism and is slowly losing his sanity with each year. Moreover, he admitted to me that he has a mistress on the side in Mexico City and doesn't love my mother anymore. Really makes me wonder how many of those "business trips" he took when I was a kid were really just to cheat on mom. On the other hand, my mom demanded that my dad buy her a house and set her up with all the material comforts, so there goes my inheritance. Also, I love my mom, but I can't stand how she's addicted to consuming, shopping, and watching TV. Honestly I don't care, those two fought with each other my entire life and it's about time they split. Really, my parents are the main reason why I never want to get married unless it's absolutely necessary. 3. I'm still struggling with internet addiction. I've made progress, but it's hard. Hell, I'm spending a good chunk of time on a Saturday writing this post. I've gone nuclear and put blocks on all of my electronic devices, but I always find new websites or workarounds so I'm not sure how I'm going to kill this addiction without going full luddite. Indeed, one (small) reason that I want to become a pilot is so that I'll literally be unable to look at a stoopy screen to browse stoopy caca during work time. So those are the major gists of my life. Honestly, the greatest thorn in my side is the job stuff; the rest of my life is fine. I'm taking my discoberry flight to see if flying planes is something I want to do; I'm hoping it is and that it'll rejuvenate my life. I don't expect happiness from a job, but this 9–5 office drone caca is not it.
>>6324 Olá.
>>6373 Sounds like a pretty wonderful life Anon. Be sure to thank God eberry day for all your blessings yeah? :^)
>>6377 This, but unironically.
>>6378 Lol. I assure you I wasn't being ironic Anon. He has much, and will be held accountable for much by God. Same as all of us :^)
Open file (101.55 KB 1010x995 FELE8g_WYAI1kUu.jpg)
>>6380 That kind of post is what we need more of around here
Open file (1.18 MB 640x360 plsremberhappyday.webm)
Open file (1.34 MB 262x323 showertime.gif)
>>6324 You can talk to us anon. I'm the OP of this thread and I still visit it now and then
currently in cooleg, learning about stuff i'm genuinely interested with people that i am who share similar hobbies and i can easily talk to. unfortunately, it is also buttfricking expensive and i'm trying to find someway to find affordable housing for the summer or atleast an internship bc my home isn't really a home anymore. its mentally taxing to go back to my dad over there so i'm trying to find what it'll take to be an independent student here
>>6418 >>6371 Update: I'm too obese to give blood. That money was going to go to a gym membership, ironically! One with a pool so even my morbidly fatass could do cardio without destroying my joints!!
Open file (440.14 KB 392x392 hidamarimiyakodance.gif)
>>6419 nice! I myself hate going to the exercising, but I can't really have that bad mindset anymore since I joined the military lol
Open file (34.03 KB 551x752 bike autocok.jpg)
Finally got my tax return done after months of being so depressed I was sleeping 16-18 hours a day.
Open file (65.42 KB 600x450 1582866301667.jpg)
>>6498 I also applied for food stamps; I'm finally getting around to tasks I should be proud of accomplishing except the tisms and sions make me feel indifferent towards! A few more things to do and I may be living off disabilitybux like any filthy NEET wood, hopefully just enough to haul my fatass to the gym and afford food.
>>6498 I want this caca to be over soon.
>>6504 really? block bypass and a word filter? jannies do it for free!
>>6505 a new arrival, I see Where do you hail from?
>>6501 Just wanted to say good job anon, I'm glad you were able to get to where you are. I too have started being more productive since being depressed if only a little. Good luck with the future I wish you happiness.
Open file (10.53 MB 1280x720 boomhauer.mp4)
>>6532 You are berry kind, thank you! Also an update: I'm now on food stamps. Goodbye to overeating oatmeal because it and milk were about the only things I could afford!
Open file (377.20 KB 161x168 lowpolybird.gif)
>>5219 Kinda crazy to think that I made this thread several months ago. Navy life is alright so far (but that's because I'm still on school). Met a ton of friends and a cutie tomboy girl a few months ago, we've connected so much about a lot of things and we're still together happily (never thought I'd be so close someone because of the Navy). I'm so happy so far bros, but who knew I'd find so much fun here in the military
>>6872 congrats bro
>>6873 thanks! and evening comfybro, hopefully you had a comfy nice day hopefully friday will be a nice day too!
>>6874 np, and hopefully so.
>So anons, how's your life going? Oh, I still wish I was never born. The usual.
I feel like I've stagnated in terms of advancing in life given that I'm almost a wizard but am hopeful about the future.
Open file (138.88 KB 900x1000 tanya witch.jpeg)
>>5219 I've landed a full time job from my internship before I graduated college, fortunately its close by home. The flip side is I can't afford to move out since rent is high and home prices are in orbit. >Joining the Navy If only I came here far earlier I wood've pushed you to join the Air Force, the Navy is having horrible personnel issues that have been compounding over several decades. They are putting ships out to sea that are not properly maintained, not properly crewed and the promotions are competitive. If anything I wood implore you to work on a submarine which are given a much higher priority than surface vessels.Subs also are given better food since.. Well, you're underwater and if caca breaks your gonna drown or suffocate Admiralty has been pushing for aggressive deployments which has sustained a fatigue on sailors; you can talk to veterans who had to deal with 16-hour shifts or more. That's just for normal duties on a ship and not for a 16-hour combat operation >Muh Chairforce 1. Ur on land, not staring at water since the Earth is 70% water... 2. Living arrangements are similar to hotels, the food is better than the Navy. 3. Unless you're sent to sit in a bunker and learn what in the quack a floppy disk is; you'll be able to readily work on what you've trained for. Navy will have you working odd jobs for about 2-years before you can move into what you were originally trained for. Either way if you can get a clearance, especially a TS--you can get into the private world after leaving and multiply your salary.
Had to dump a relatively new online friend simply because I realized that I absolutely do not have enough time on my shoulders for the stuff we were doing. Only problem is, that's really only what I told him. I've got more friends I goof off with; he just came into the picture a lot later than he did, especially at a point in my life where I'm gonna have less time for goofing off. Only problem is, this new friend got super passionate about what we were doing and even made like, a well-organized server for eberrything that he's pretty much gonna have to sit in alone now. So now I'm wondering if I'm just a pooch for not just giving it to him totally straight instead of the half-truth and making him disgusted with me for his own good. I mean I'm sure he'll abandon it anyway and/or just use it for his next friend, but it hasn't even been a week and he told me that "people like me are rare to come by". Not even sure if this word soup I typed up makes sense in retrospect, but I'm glad at myself for having the self-control to cut off people if I really, truly don't have time for them. Been doing the exact opposite for way too long and it's quacked me over. >>7001 The Navy's totally quacked; have a friend who basically was the top of his class in the, like, preliminary tests, got recommendations eberrywhere for being in leader positions, but then they decided to do a second eye test while eberryone was on the ships -- and EVERYONE failed. They either had to take janny duty or get booted off the ship, and pretty much eberryone chose the latter. They're treating them all like prisoners while they slowly sail to land, and a fight pretty much breaks out eberry day due to eberryone being so irritable.
I just feel really tired. It's all so tiresome seeing imageboards die out slowly from 2019, and observing how it gets worse and worse as more and more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything. It's saddening to bee honey.
>>7022 >more and more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything Does that really happen? I haven't noticed it.
>>7023 I don't have any other explanation for how many boards are a lot quieter nowadays. Maybe I'm just pessimistic and they're still around, although not as active, but it's what it looks like.
>>7024 I think low activity is just a staple of places like this, that's nothing new. This board at least doesn't feel like it's less active than before, and we never had that many people in the first place.
>>7025 Also activity just goes up and down in waves, sometimes there's more and sometimes it's less. It's all a-ok.
>>7022 I come here eberry day but don't necessarily feel like I really have anything to add. I feel the same way you do.
>>7022 >>7027 >more anons leave and we're only left with the Internet addicts who can't contribute anything interesting observation
Open file (101.52 KB 604x600 1593283820002.jpg)
I am working on an ASP.NET web project for college and I am fuming. I love programming but I definitely don't like working with others, mothertruckers have broken my IDE
>>7035 What habbened? What did they do?
Open file (53.55 KB 532x309 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7036 It's complicated >partner I am working with is a 40-year-old mom >has will to do ships but not the best >when she created the repo apparently she forgot to add .git-ignore, which according to our teacher helps with bugs not habbening Now it's the tricky part >when I did a push once I may have shut down my computer far too quickly because I was working with my sister's PC and she came home, which may be why the project got fugged or >my partner did something and the program got fugged It doesn't help now that after this, I keep getting errors IDE0005 and CS0246, I searched on the internet but nothing really fixed it, tried reinstalling, repairing Visual Studio and still the same I love coding but not this
>>7037 Forgot to mention that this is habbening on all of my projects now, not just this one. So it must be something on my end that has gone wrong, but I don't know what
Open file (121.53 KB 320x262 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7037 >>7038 turns out i had to recompile the thing jesus
>>7035 I feel you anon I have been spending the better part of June fixing other people's code
>>7037 >she forgot to add .git-ignore, which according to our teacher helps with bugs not habbening That's how your teacher explained .git-ignore? You need to RTFM quicksmart anon.
>>7044 He didn't really say that. gitignore apparently is used so that certain files aren't pushed and there are less issues when merging code from one end to the repo. I just associated it with that because that is what was driving me crazy the last 4 days
I'm hungry but my food is still too hot. Other than that my life is going pretty good right now
I have not had a conversation with another human being in around a year. I am living in a foreign country. I'm learning the language. I lost eberrything of significance in my life. I currently have nothing to live for. This horrific point in my life is making me stronger mentally and physically. I started getting into FOSS, privacy, security, and anonymity a bit ago. I have learned a fair bit since then so that is good. I am also learning outside of those interests, so that is also positive. Ultimately, I hate life right now but I will probably live to see better days. You should appreciate the things of significance in your lives anons, whatever they may be. I certainly did not do that kek.
>>7047 How are you learning the language if you aren't talking to anyone?
>>7048 I never said I didn't talk to anyone, just that I didn't have a conversation with anyone, I talk to people to learn the language. I don't talk to people outside of the lingual class outside of sporadic, occasional, basic human interaction.
Open file (823.29 KB 1779x1002 ClipboardImage.png)
i can't be the only one
>>7049 My apologies if my writing style is weird, anti-stylometry. I accidentally used the word outside twice in a strange way, so I apologize if my answer was not clear, aside from some rare (a few times a month) basic human interaction I do not speak to anyone. I do not get the chance to interact with people often due to my living circumstances. This is due to change now that I have begun the language class. The class is currently cancelled but will probably restart soon. There are English speakers so I do not have to wait around to gain fluency in the language to talk to people. Even still, I doubt I will feel much better after gaining to ability to interact with others. People are pretty much the same wherever you go, all of my classmates are normies. None of them are people I wood befriend. But I cannot deny that things are looking more positive for me, I will at the berry least gain the ability to interact with other humans which will alleviate some of my mental anguish.
>>7050 Neither is accurate
>>7052 it was accurate in my head ok?
I feel so guilty, I broke my sisters laptop accidentally and even after getting it fixed the hinge is still more loose than what it was before. She will find out that I broke it and get really mean towards me. I hate this.
>>7050 I don't usually feel as if I'm fighting monsters when I'm coding, but I can get quite invested into it
>>7054 Tell her and say you're sorry, that will be better than if she finds out.
>>7057 I can't afford it right now, I asked for her help at getting work and if I told her about that she wood lose her marbles and make it tougher for me
>>7058 But if she finds out and you didn't tell her, woodn't that be worse?
Open file (181.11 KB 700x500 1641024497824.gif)
My college is so badly administrated it makes me wanna drop out of my career. I shouldn't do it, but I am so quacking tired, why can't they make eberrything right? Why make your students have to put up with so much bureaucratic bullcaca? Why lie to your students that what they've done is registered in the system? I wanna blow my brains out, this career is my main way out of the rut I am in now but the absolutely poopy administration makes me wanna drop out
>>7076 Can't you just transfer to another colledge?
>>7076 Not really, where I live other colleges don't have the career I am doing and they're far more expensive. I just hate it. They're gonna make me waste six months of two subjects I already did because of the terrible administration, but I have no other alternative to the place I am studying right now.
This post >>7079 is meant for this post >>7077
>>7079 Hmm then I don't know... You probably already tried eberrything I could think to suggest so I can only tell you to hang in there and don't let something so stoopy change what you want to do with your life.
It looks like my cat's getting close to the end of her life. A few weeks ago she lost a lot of her coordination, I took her to the vet and they noticed a heart murmur. They also suspected that she had a stroke. Since then she's been losing weight despite getting plenty of food, plus she's been going outside of her litter box despite getting her one that's easier to get into. I took her to the vet for that and he didn't even know what to do. He suspected the same thing I did, that she's been losing her mind. Now she'll barely even eat. I have an appointment with another vet on Monday and I hope we can figure out a path to take. Even if it means having to put her to sleep, I'd rather her not suffer anymore.
>>7103 I took her there last week and she turned out to have cancer. They gave her a shot that was supposed to make her more comfortable for the weeks following, but nothing seemed to improve. So I had her put to rest yesterday. And god, did it hurt. It still does. But at the berry least, I was able to let her life end peacefully, painlessly, and with her in the presence of her best friend. Had it gone any other way, I never wood have been able to forgive myself.
>>7134 Sorry for your loss anon, you did the right thing.
Open file (99.46 KB 828x820 1649882919148.jpg)
>>7001 OP here, finally on my ultimate command About thay Air Force thing, yes I wood've joined them for eberrything you said but idk, people over there are snobbish. The people here (well at least the many people that I have met) are pretty chill and willing to help. Plus it helps that I am on a squadron that detaches here and there, but we are mostly on land so yeah >>7134 Fuuuuuuck broooooo, may she go in kitty heaven bro
Will be learning a trade after dropping out and being 3yrs a NEET to make myself useful in case I survive the post nuclear world. Until then I'm just gonna continue being a leech off the rotten fabric of society once graduating.
>>6872 Which country?
>>6413 hey its me! couldn't find an internship or a job at all since i posted. no one really responds and I feel too down to really inquire since it feels like most of these jobs don't go too far. Maybe I need to arrange my resume. Still not independent but I'm still gonna try to make it habben. I need to be able to find some peace in a home thats my own
>>7241 dont give up anon.
>>7242 I dont plan on doing so!
>>5219 I'll only say that my time in the navy about 10 years ago was really fantastic. I almost want to join back in again now. I'm still at age to join back if I want to. I really caused a lot of personal damage to myself being lazy in my first deployment and with my newfound passion and enthusiasm I'm positive I'd probably promote straight from PO to commission. Don't waste your younger years. If you do it's ok Anyways I didn't read through this whole thread but it sounds like you did it. congratz. go nuke if you can. you're probably smart enough. don't fail out. don't commit suicide. go be something. i think you got it in you, mate. /comf/ vibes all around go chase your dreams
>go be something I'm the one I had to be. Somewhere in Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra Don't pretend to be something else than you. It sounds like a cheesy sport brand slogan but it's important to be /comfy/dent with yourself anyway the fails you must (and you will) encounter in your life. Stay strong and loyal to yourself. I sometimes think I burned my young years being in the destruction of myself (you know, sex drug and rock'n roll cacas). Doing drugs, don't care about education, cannot maintain good relationship with loved ones... Then I grew up. I now take the life with more pragmatism, stopped being a nihilist quack (more a cynical cool dude). Had a decent job, take care of my family, have nice hobbies, shrimple pleasures and have a way healthier life. Sure I have regrets but life goes on and the past cannot be changed, so I work to build a better future as I enjoy the present. You can do it. We all can do it frens.
>>7256 hey i didn't mean it in a way like he NEEDS to go be something other than himself. i was only promoting that he become the best version of himself that he can be. military helps with that. turned me around and saved me from an early grave anon friend, i want to make sure you're going to be ok. liste to some of your online friends. we want what's best and (worst) for you, depending on who you get to respond. i won't go back on my statement. go be yourself and be who you want to be. or at least try. if you ever stop trying, you'll fall deep into a place you won't easily get out of. past your ideology, past your addictions, past your inadequacies, past your ineptitude; persevere. and you can come out on top one day. i believe in you :)
>>5219 Bland and boring. But that's better than when I was working for about ten years. I don't want to be a live-alone wagie ever again. I'll leech with disabilitybux the rest of my life if I can.
>>7256 >Sure I have regrets but life goes on and the past cannot be changed, so I work to build a better future as I enjoy the present. I needed to hear this today, thanks.
Nice I guess
>>6373 Anon, look up the book Rational Recoberry by Jack Trimpey in regards to your internet addiction. I used it to stop my serious PMO addiction after years abuse. It's the only thing that works imo and it is actually just a berry shrimple mental technique. After using 'AVRT' for months I rarely even think of PMO and don't need any blocks on my devices. Here's a full vid on it too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVxWYUvXoXU Good luck anon, you won't need it.
Open file (84.00 KB 1024x768 FMNfCtn.jpg)
Beginning to discover Christianity. Berry difficult here at the start, while still addicted to 2D & 3D lewdz as well as being a lazy brat overall. And prone to information overload without putting any of it into practice due to being overloaded with information.
Open file (324.10 KB 960x1280 20220930_152002.jpg)
This stays on my chest all month.
>>7588 What is it?
>>7590 Heart monitor. Had berry high blood pressure readings, over 180/110 some days, without three different prescriptions.
>>7054 you can usually fix the hinge by tightening the hinge brackets inside of the laptop
>>7588 >>7591 Hope you'll doing well anon. Take care of you. >>7555 Nice trinity numbers here, see it as a sign of providence to help you fight your bad habits. Remember Jesus won't judge you but will be forever on your side to help you as long as you're willing to help yourself. Keep it up and follow the rightful path. | \ / .---. '-. | | .-' ___| |___ -= [ ] =- `---. .---' __||__ | | __||__ '-..-' | | '-..-' || | | || ||_.-| |-,_|| .-"` `"`'` `"-. .' '.
Feel empty. Been struggling to find a job and trying to finish a long overdue course that I want to finish. Sometimes I just freeze when my mom talks about her illness. Lately I feel hurt that someone who I looked up just died because of some drunk driver and eberry time I see her kiddos being angels. Makes me feel like caca. Right now I just want to find a job and maybe a place where I can just be alone and at peace. Odd that at this point I just want to find a peaceful place for myself. Guess spending my childhood and teenage life in pain and always hurt because of illness has somewhat made me yearn for that peace.
>>7604 Thank you for the kind words and the neat ASCII art! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, didn't want to say anything before anything habbened. Started going to church and Bible study, that was neat and I intend to keep going back. Had an 'episode' where I was trying way too hard to combat my strongest sin. I need to not expect perfection from myself and to turn to Jesus when I stumble.
>How's life going? Alright, about to start two more classes in the middle of the semester, they're both electives so hopefully it doesn't quack up my AnP grade too much.
Anyone knows where /kind/ went?
>>7635 Switching hosts I think. Check the /shelter/ thread.
Tired and feeling hopeless about the future.
>>7645 There always will be better tomorrows anon. Don't let despair take you down. have some rest, look behind you all the way you've walked, then go further. Don't be insecure about the future, build yours.
My dog went for the big sleep today, and I'm really sad but also grateful for the times we had and I just hope she's comfy wherever she is
>>7649 Condolences, Anon.
Open file (5.12 MB 638x360 Songe de Chien.mp4)
>>7649 I grew up with dogs so I have seen some oh them take the road to dog paradise. Nothing more heratbreaking than seeing you beloved doggo fall asleep forever. I'm almost crying writting this. Don't be sad friend, all dogs go to heaven as they are blessed creatures.
Open file (94.32 KB 500x667 1348288339008.jpg)
>>7648 I still live with my aging parents even though my 20s are over, and right when I start becoming more independent eberrything goes to crap. I've saved up a good amount of money, and it's worth less and less as time goes on. I don't see many viable options for the future at this point. >>7649 Sorry to hear that. Dogs are special and deserve appreciation, and it's tough when they go. I'm sure you'll be able to see her again someday.
Hello anons. My heart is somewhat heavy as I write this, I do not have anyone that I feel comfortable sharing this with so I am coming here under the cover of anonymity to exchange my thoughts and seek yours on this subject. Given that: Masturbation is a sin Sex outside of marriage is a sin Engaging in prostitution is a sin As a man I have a natural sex drive I wood like help and advice on defeating my sexual desires without committing sin. If I abstain from masturbation, I can refrain from engaging in sexuality for around a period of a week with little difficulty. After that initial 1 week period, it starts to encompass my whole life. I have an erection when I wake up eberry morning, and I get more throughout the day, at least one an hour and more if I have to interact with any girl under 30. I pray for help in keeping the sexual thoughts away, but it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle and I will relapse at some point no matter what. The longest I've been able to abstain from anything sexual was when I was an atheist and I lasted around a year. After a period of a few months, paradoxically my whole life was concerned with sex, I was not having orgasms however the only thing I had on my mind eberry day was "I need to find a girl to have sex with" (which never worked), eberrything was secondary to that. It culminated with me getting cock-teased by a girl I was exchanging with for around a week, getting fed up when I realized I was just getting taken along for a ride then seeking the services of a prostitute, which broke my abstinence and made me lose my virginity, if that concept even exists for a man. I regret the choices I made. After this chapter in my life, I concluded that the healthiest thing to do was to masturbate once a month to get it out of my system and to be able to live my life without being entranced by sex all the time. Eventually I relapsed and was engaging with porn at least 10 times a week, until I found the faith which helped knock it back down to something more reasonable like 2-4 times a month. However, sin is sin and I wood like to be fully rid of it. I know that the shrimplest answer is to marry a girl, whoever that does not appear to be possible for me (it appears that my fate is to be an incel which I've come to terms with), so it seems like I've come to an impasse. I can't masturbate without committing sin, and I don't have a way to relieve myself of those sexual desires legitimately. However, if I don't relieve myself of it, it quickly starts to take over my life (I had begun to call the action of masturbation "satiating the beast" in my head). I don't know what to do. I remember seeing this anon who castrated himself on old 8chan years ago and thought he had lost his mind then, though now eberry day I start to understand more and more why he wanted to be rid of his sexual desires. Additional question: Why did God give me (and other men) such a strong sex drive and at the same time put me and a lot of other men (40% of men under 30 reported no sex in the past year in a study around 2018 I believe and that was before the corona lockdowns which must have made that number shoot up even more) in an era where it is extremely difficult to rid yourself of this desire without committing sin?
>>7660 Maybe this advice can help you: The one who is struggling with desires should eat less. "Narrated `Abdullah: We were with the Prophet (ﷺ) while we were young and had no wealth. So Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse etc.), and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power."" (Bukhari 5066) Therefore a reminder that fasting is the way to control sexual desire for the one who is unable to get married. >Why did God give me (and other men) such a strong sex drive and at the same time put me and a lot of other men in an era where it is extremely difficult to rid yourself of this desire without committing sin? It is difficult, God created us with desires in a way that they can seem berry powerful. But He has also given us the tools and the ability to defeat them (namely: through faith, prayer and patience). It doesn't even really matter to God whether you manage to give up masturbation or not, all He wants is to see you try. If you keep failing and keep trying and keep failing, you may not have achieved what you wanted to achieve in a worldly sense, but with God you will have been successful. That's because you made an effort for His sake. You've fulfilled your duty.
It's all going to caca and I'm laughing. I got out of high school right after COVID started. I found out that my parents were abusive through beatings during that time. Was almost homeless after my "mother" threatened to kick me out because she wanted to sleep in my bedroom instead of in the wood be dining room. I'm currently processing the neglect and abuse dealt to me at a berry young age and it interferes with my ability to get a job. But noone cares and eberryone uses me as a punching bag now. Truly there's no escape from the honkening. On the bright side, I'm going to try to get my Cdl and go otr Trucking to get away. Hopefully I can stick with it and put the majority of the money I make into crypto and try my luck. Maybe it will get better.
>>7673 >I'm going to try to get my Cdl and go otr Trucking to get away not a bad plan. i hear they make really good money. just dont do drugs on the road and youll be successful. it amazes me how they park those damn things in the smallest of spots, they are so massive.
>>7674 Yes I figured the job wood be best for my temperament and I don't have to spend money on rent or utilities because I'll live in the truck. Also as a bonus I can travel, and since I don't have anything I want to go back too I can spend my vacation time in potentially interesting places. I'm also convinced I have ptsd and am looking to get diagnosed and get a service cat to keep me calm so even if the trucking company I go with and any hotels I stay at dont allow pets they have to accommodate. >it amazes me how they park those damn things in the smallest of spots, they are so massive. I've heard it can get really tight especially in old cities. Just takes some practice.
>>7675 I just found out only dogs and miniature horses are considered service animals. That's quacking bullcaca godamn it I hate the government.
Life in Tokyo is starting to get boring
>>7720 I wood be delighted to switch places, and you can come to LA fren. Why are you so bored in literally the world's largest megalopolis, Anon?
Open file (810.66 KB 1200x1200 earphones.jpg)
>>7721 Don't get me wrong, Tokyo is perhaps one of the greatest cities worldwide and I'm really glad I could come here. It's just that, after some months, the culture shock starts to hit and you start to long for your home country. The charm begins to wear out, new things are harder to came across and you start to notice more the bad things than the good things. Also, I feel like the language barrier is keeping me from interacting more with other people and enjoying media, like manga, or places and events, like, museums or exhibitions. So far, I have nothing but good memories here, and I'm sure I will miss my life here when I move elsewhere. Living here for this long was a great experience, so now my desire is to visit more and more of the world. Getting to know L.A. wood definitely be nice.
>>7653 >Dogs are special kek. dogs are useless mentally goofy mutants. but more worrying is the mental hobbitry of their owners.
>>7726 ok, replying to myself. thanks for the censorship. last post here. never see you again.
>>7727 kbai
Open file (483.05 KB 1168x1600 2014-May-23 Mugello 059a.JPG)
>>7726 Sounds like projection. Dogs evolved alongside humans in a way that no other animal has and are possibly the first species ever domesticated. They really are man's best friend.
I see the filter is filtering as intended
Open file (50.78 KB 385x566 Hachiko.jpg)
Open file (36.13 KB 462x359 Hachiko_funeral.jpg)
Open file (148.39 KB 910x568 hachiko.jpeg)
Open file (258.38 KB 1024x768 hachi.jpeg)
>>7729 Anon clearly don't know what is talking about. Dogs are a gift made to humanity.
>>7729 Evolutionism isn't real, it's a fairy tale.
Open file (502.53 KB 1920x2686 yuyukoconfused.jpg)
>>7736 Eberry time I've ever been near a dog they either chase me or growl at me. How do I get them to like me.
>>7726 Humans that cannot show empathy towards companion animals are inline with having the emotional intelligence of an insect. So many of them become murderers, because they only think of what's useful to them in that moment. No attachments, no feelings, just selfish existence.

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