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Pokemon's alr. 05/08/2023 (Mon) 03:07:46 No.5340
Any tips on studying a whole load of text Like compsci or cloud engineering I m trying to past these and getajob But they are so hard and confusing.
>>5340 >But they are so hard and confusing. So, maybe you should consider another job ?
>>5362 it s the only job they told me to consider, unfortunately I d rather be an artist but that makes no rice they say. >>5363 will try but that isnt cloud isnt it
>>5374 Never let them told you what you can or can't anon. Never.
>>5376 but theyre older
>>5384 are u asian?
>>5423 yes, from brazil
>are u asian? <yes, from brazil
>>5427 are u a mestre da sushi?
Open file (758.44 KB 498x280 mestre-da-pizza.gif)

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