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Open file (268.93 KB 1920x1080 w null_ff64ntbf305b1.png)
/uxp/ thread : UniXPorn new anon 06/09/2023 (Fri) 21:49:56 No.5798
share your comfiest desktops here! (image is not mine)
Welcome new anon. My modest Xfce Mint.
why the fixation on skulls guys. some kind of psyop?
>>5806 Skull anon here, nothing but a reminiscent edginess from my teen years I believe. Also a remembrance that nothing's eternal and I should stay comfy.
My desktop just looks like a modernized Windows 9x imitation. It still needs some work too.
>>5964 I love that, I turned my Windows 7 theme to the 9x and I liked it a lot. Now I'm using Linux and I love Xfce. At work we have Windows 10 computers and it's a shame you cannot theme it to looks like 9x without hacking the caca. I hate modern computer designs, they looks soulless or child toys.
Open file (45.25 KB 1670x115 windoze.jpg)
>>5968 >I love that, I turned my Windows 7 theme to the 9x and I liked it a lot. I did the same thing. I used XP like that too. As much as I love the Luna theme, it's not versatile compared to the classic WIndows 9x style. >Now I'm using Linux and I love Xfce. I'm using Cinnamon. I just wish it had better theming options. I've been considering looking into how to create themes just to tweak the themes I'm currently using. I love the gradient effect of pic related, but the buttons and the gray area at the berry top and sides bother me. I'm not even sure how easy fixing it wood be. I'm sticking with Cinnamon, but Xfce and LXQt seem to be better at imitating the classic WIndows look. >At work we have Windows 10 computers and it's a shame you cannot theme it to looks like 9x without hacking the caca. I hate modern computer designs, they looks soulless or child toys. I agree completely. I put up with WIndows 10 but never liked the way it looked, and Windows is only looking worse and worse.
Open file (74.01 KB 800x600 Chicago95_Desktop.png)
>>5987 Tried Cinnamon a bit before giving a try to Xfce and sticking to it. before that I used Lxde with Lubuntu but ditstro hopped when they changed for Lxqt. I don't like it a lot. Xfce is fairly customisable until you know how to tweak Gtk (and it's quite a pain). I currently use a slightly modified Mint theme and trying to figure how to add color border on focused Gtk windows like I did on the Xwfm ones. If you want the ultimate Windows 9x feel on a linux machine, there is some berry good Xfce themes for that (Chicago95 is the one that came to mind first) : https://github.com/grassmunk/Chicago95
Open file (47.31 KB 1280x720 screenshot1.png)
>>5991 I wood probably be using that if I wasn't on Cinnamon. I've tried Xfce and MATE but preferred Cinnamon's file browser and icon behavior more than either of those. I've also become accustomed to Windows 7's style of taskbar icons, which is similar to what Cinnamon does. It's kind of hard to find themes and icons I like with Cinammon. I think I'd have an easier time with Xfce, but KDE is the only other DE I could see myself going with eventually. And even then, I think my options might be even slimmer with KDE. Most of the themes I've seen for that look really modern, which isn't something that appeals to me in the least. I don't actually have experience LXQt, but the start menu looks more amenable to doing a Windows-style theme than Cinnamon's.
>>5964 Same here. Picrel is mine. Winamp version is 5.666. I have a Virtualbox Windows XP VM running in seamless mode. Signal is dropping support for windows 7, so the Signal application you see in my screenshot is actually running inside a windows 10 LTSC VM in Unity mode through Oracle VMWare version 15. I did this because I wanted to just have that one application run as if it were a normal window on my desktop. VirtualBox's seamless mode is great, but fails to work for Windows 10 or newer guest operating systems, so I had to use VMWare Workstation. I used version 15 because it's the last one supported by Windows 7. Thankfully, it seems to work fine, if not as responsively as just running Signal on windows 7. But I'm happy with this compromise and excited to see what I can do with VMWare. >>5968 The ugly look is one of the big reasons I won't move to 10. I tried hacking it inside of a VM and I could get it to look acceptable just at the desktop, but the hacks made it a bit buggy and once you actually used it it fell apart. I'll keep tinkering and hopefully at some point they make new tools and I can have a win10 install that looks close enough to the Classic theme I like, and then I might consider using it as a normal OS (of course in addition to running tools to make it more private).
Open file (850.90 KB 1366x768 screenshot1.png)
Haiku is comfy
>>6024 Do you daily drive it?
>>6050 Nope I installed it on an old laptop and the OS is really fast. The only thing retaining me to use it as a daily system is the web browsers. Wep+ and Otter are a bit buggy (I can't solve captchas here for exemple) and Falkon works but crash on a regular basis. Maybe because the laptop is old ? I need to investigate that more deeply. Despite that I wood Install it on my main machine because it's a really interesting piece of software and you can do all the basic stuff you need on a computer (I guess as long as you don't need bleeding edge features and tools).
>>6019 I wish ReactOS was actually usable. If it was, maybe there wood be a good way of bringing together the best parts of Windows and Linux. Since going from Windows 10 as my main OS to Mint, I've surprisingly come to prefer Mint in some ways. Windows does have a step up in program compatibility, and if there was an open-source OS that was compatible with Windows then it might be possible to integrate the two. Things are better on the compatibility front for Linux than they've ever been, but it still definitely falls short of Windows in most instances.
>>6150 Sure Linux system as a desktop is not as easy as Windows but sufficient for my needs. The only flaw that comes to my mind is vidya but the few I play are Linux friendly and all the stuff that I need run well on Linux. Sure not still the year of the Linux desktop but as the user base is growing things may be better in a near future. I need to try again ReactOS. I used it a little in the pas as I was in the need to update a TomTom GPS and they don't have a Linux compatible software for that. But unfortunately ReactOS didn't help for that specific case. For a time I used to run a Windows 7 VM for that but decided it was too painful just for this. So when I meet some relatives that still use Windows I update my GPS on their computer (or when I found a Windows computer at work that have the admin user account open)
>>6151 For me the biggest shortcoming is audio applications. FL Studio is a must-have program for me, and its performance in Linux isn't really up to snuff. I've been messing with LMMS and Qtracker for MIDI sequencing, and so far the workflow seems like a real headache in comparison to what I'm used to. Ardour seems powerful, but I don't think it's that great for composition. Bitwig and Zrythm might be worth looking into, but the latter requires a subscription to get all the features. Waveform looks like it could be good too. Image-Line says they'll port over FL Studio if it can get a userbase of at least 10% Linux users from what I understand, but I don't know how long that could take. Other than that there are some games I can't get working, but I can live without those for now. I'm optimistic things are going to get better as far as compatibility is concerned.
>>6154 I'm not into music production but I heard that the FOSS tools you cited are bretty good. Maybe you just needs to familiarize your workflow if you're usually using FL or other closed source programs on Windows.
Open file (342.87 KB 1680x986 moc.png)
Music On Console (moc) is comfy.
Open file (1.36 MB 1920x1080 scrot.png)
>>6024 how is general driver compatability, i've tried some of the bsd's and it's kind of what kepy me from using them as i have some funky audio equipment i like to use
>>7942 The few times I tried BSDs it never worked as expected (more because I'm not enough techy than hardware limitations I guess). Tried Haiku on different laptops (one from early Y2K and one from early 2010's) and it worked lke a charm. The installation process is bretty easy with a GUI installer (like the ones on Ubuntu or Mint). The only problem is the stability of some programs (web browsers needs serious improvement) but the works keep going on.
>>6154 >Bitwig and Zrythm might be worth looking into, but the latter requires a subscription to get all the features What? Zrythm is open source. Just build it yourself or get it from your distro repositories you lazy quack
>>6150 >ReactOS >bring best of Linux and Windows why not use wine instead?
Open file (266.56 KB 3251x1825 chasjkawec.png)
>>6154 *Qtractor >>6178 I'm actually thinking about learning Renoise. I've been screwing around with a different tracker and like the workflow. >>8000 The basic version is free, but you have to subscribe if you want an unlimited amount of tracks. I still am keeping the option of trying the basic version on the table though. >>8169 Because I hate dealing with Wine and want something that works with no hassle. If ReactOS was actually a usable Windows replacement, I'd consider using that for music purposes. Unfortunately, it's basically unusable.

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