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Open file (33.13 KB 699x461 1636807254474.jpeg)
Anon 11/13/2021 (Sat) 21:26:26 No.6092
What was the most comfiest time in ur life anon?
Right now. :)
Open file (1.22 MB 3072x2048 1612958422605.jpg)
>>6093 Honestly me too, and I've had my fair share of berry long depressive periods. I'm a bit lonely sometimes, but life is pretty comfy and I might find a compatible roommate (whether a partner or a friend i dont care) one day to ease my loneliness.
High school, for many it's hell but i was there back in the economic recession and the overall vibe was that we knew full well the next years wood be tough. So we went out for eating and playing sports all the time, teachers were wrestling with their own problems so they were more lenient and we went away with many things. Not many close friends but almost no enemies, one could walk to the yard and be asked to cover a position in a game by someone who you didn't talk to often. Prices were going up so we took care of food and ironically enjoyed it more too. Not too tough but also not decadent, it was a comfy time and certainly freecare compared to hellish college or confusing middle school.
>>6093 same here, life has been rough on me for past couple of months. but its getting a bit better now.
>>6092 school time, back when i was more sociable and outgoing.
The year or two surrounding the start of adulthood. Made friends for the first time, felt like I belonged to something, and overall I got to feel for a short time what all the other teenagers had been feeling since they started school. It felt wonderful being around people who tolerated me instead of seeing me as some tag-along. On top of that I finally got to upgrade my computer from the toaster I'd been using since I was 12. Thing was made in 1998, I got it in 2004, and it wasn't until 2010 that I could afford a newer machine. Wasn't able to do much else besides browse (most) websites and play a few games, mostly SNES roms and Doom wads. Once I got the new computer I started playing some of the games I missed out on in the 00s, as well as PSX games I missed in the 90s. They didn't run well at all, but at least I got to experience them.
unironically, quarantine. For almost a whole year, it was just me, my gf, and our dogs who just had a litter. We played video games all the time, and when we weren't, we were playing card games with my cousin who lived with us. Super hygge since we were indulging in sweets, coffees, teas, liquor, etc. whenever we wanted at any hour of the day. Not to mention when I needed "me" time, I wood just go to the backyard with my eldest dog, sit down with a glass of coffee, and just fiddle around with my guitar or write poetry. *Sigh* it makes me sad that I probably won't have an extended time like that again, but I'm glad I enjoyed it. Even if the world did seem like it was falling apart around us at the time.
>>6428 >unironically, quarantine Honestly, me too. I didn't have gf or anyone like that to spend time with but I played lots of vidya with mates (including one who I hadn't spoken to in a while) since we were all locked down. Only other time was after I've left school, I was severely depressed but I had a lot of time to myself thinking about stuff. It was also a great time for Youtube, remember taking comfort in a lot of those videos.
The no-school, no-work period after graduating high school.
>>6441 I think it's funny. Some of my fondest memories are of when I was most depressed. Looking back, it was a berry beautiful and comfortable point in my life. Only thanks to my friends who kept me company and distracted me from eberrything.
>>6443 Ooooh that's a good one
The H1N1 lockdown we had in early high school, it was one month or a bit more of forced vacations, we were send homework via email maybe twice or thrice and we could complete them fairly easy within a day. I had such a relaxed time because there wasn't any fear mongering, so relaxed i don't recall much of it despite being 30+ days, sometimes we just woke up and walked into a friend's house to talk, drink a soda and then walk back, sometimes we kicked a ball or called another friend to eat at the pizza buffet. It is eerie to think about it as one of the only times we felt like kids, maybe some youths nowadays will see current days as such but back then we didn't have smartphones yet and internet was still blogposting rather than micro mingling, plus the fear mongering nowadays is vastly more rampant back then.
Sitting at home playing video games as a kid when it was snowing or raining. It was super chill and extremely comfy. Also visiting the docks that were a couple of minutes away from my house was really comfy too. I loved going to that place growing up, and I'm glad I lived so close to such a comfy spot.
>>6453 one of my buddies and i were just saying how it's weird how this whole era who will be perceived by current youths a decade or two from now. it'd be an interesting social study to observe that cohort
>>6454 were you by a lake, or the see? either way sounds pretty great tbh
>>6092 I think high-school summer vacations, playing TF2 for literal hours without a care in the world! I'm going to get that comfyness back someday. >>6455 I pity current youths a bit tbh. Between web 3.0, tiktok, and possible environmental catastrophes. Well, I'm grateful for growing up when I did.
When I had life insurance money and could afford a car for the first time.
Open file (309.54 KB 700x424 612331.jpg)
>>6092 middle school for sure. Playing pokemon in 6th grade and watching anime in 7th. 8th grade onward was where the comfy times ended....
Summertimes when I was a kid, probably.
>>6092 Before I started school. Like age 5 and below. Steady decline ever since.
Open file (204.80 KB 1024x1024 bd.jpg)
>>6466 >8th grade onward was where the comfy times ended this
Probably around 14 when I didn't have any obligations, and right before caca hit the fan quickly. Didn't have any friends and lived in a poopy household, but at least I hadn't quite developed chronic mental health problems yet, and that's around when I started figuring out who I really was as a person, and finding media that's heavily influenced me from then on. Unfortunately I have berry foggy memory from then, probably because of some cognitive damage that noticeably lasted years after I stopped taking these meds I shouldn't have been taking. At least it means I can go back and rewatch things I saw back then and experience it for the first time, since I wasn't able to absorb much of anything back then, I was just a zombie.
Open file (1.58 MB 800x1240 92111178_p0.png)
There was a time when media was still able to serve as a kind of escapism for me. That is not the case anymore. I am always longing for the kind of calm and serenety that I used to get from anime and video games. But I'm afraid it is gone forever. I feel so old. I feel like I'm wasting my time. But what else am I to do? There is nowhere I can run anymore. Escapism doesn't work anymore. It's all over.
>>6556 There is only this crushing kind of melancholia of times long gone
>>6558 > There is nowhere I can run anymore. Then run nowhere.
>>6556 God this is way too relatable.
>>6556 restlessness
>>6093 My life keeps getting comfier anons
>>6556 I refuse to believe that it's all over, because if it is as you say it is, because that wood mean those before us had no autonomy over what they did or how they managed to get through.
>>6428 gf havers don't belong here
>>6821 Yes we do
>>6821 Why not?
>>6821 i did my time alone lol
Quarantine was bretty good, got laid off so I got some warhammer minis and painted while receiving government checks.
>>6821 Rood
Open file (94.15 KB 307x300 164782784724.gif)
I dunno, I got more than one, earliest I can remember? back when I was 9 and dad was working on another state, mom was working until 9 pm and we lived at a small apartment next to the elementary school; most of the time I was alone, playing PS2, watching Nickelodeon or old school youtube videos (before 2010); and if it wasn't that, then I wood be playing with my Hot Wheels on the rooftop and making stopmotion movies. From then, I wood say when my dad bought our first Full HD TV and passed me over the old CRT TV. Had my first own TV connected to an Xbox 360 and old DVD player and an Antenna to hijack cable signal from the neighbors, I was 13/14 and I was happy as quack, playing arkham city Arkham City, Midnight Club LA, listening to Audioslave and Ozzy Osbourne and watching cacaloads of porn on my old phone on 360p. I was going to write two or three more, but I'm so lazy and don't feel like it anymore. Today i feel comfy., drinking tea with milk and bread and listening to old Miracle of Sound songs
>>7117 do you still watch cacaloads of porn?
>>6092 When I started off being a NEET and I could mindlessly watch anime and play vidya for hours without ever getting bored. It is incredible how I could lose myself in that anime world. I had such a positive outlook on life still back then. How depressing eberrything has become since then... I've turned completely anhedonic and weary
>>7141 I watched anime like tatami galaxy and sayonara zetsubo sensei back then. It was also when I discovered NHK and noticed how lonely I am but I was contend with it. Now it's only dreadful and depressing.
Sleeping under my blanket on a Friday Night after eating a lot of fast food
>>6477 same here, I had a crazy girl in school who stalked me from the 3rd grade to high school graduation, I only moved once during middle school and it was only 2 blocks away from the house I used to live.
Open file (851.53 KB 800x800 pachi_butt.jpg)
I can name a couple: Coming home from school to watch Dragon Ball Z and playing video games (especially Pokemon) during elementary school. The DBZ movies aired on nights and weekends too so that was fun. I also watched and read a lot of shoujo manga/anime at this time. The second comfiest time was browsing /jp/ and watching touhou doujin music videos on youtube.
Back in 2020, during the lowest point of my life, I used to stay up until 12-2 am eberry night eating microwave ramen and browsing /wsg/'s feels threads for hours. Despite all the bad memories form that time those were some of the comfiest nights I can remember.
Spending the night cuddling with my gf, smoking heroin, listenning to some good music and playing fallout 3 on an old CRT. There was candles burning in the room that give a special atmosphere. Life was quite difficult at this time of my life because no money, drug use... But those nights with the gf were the comfier of my life. Will never forget.
playing sims 2 on my PC at 5AM on a Saturday. 4:3 is comfy
>>7455 Same. The most depressing was also the most comfy for me. I'm always nostalgic for that time when I was in my room and browsing IBs all day. I'm not all that depressed anymore. Things changed a lot for me and now eberrything's just boring and gay. There's nothing comfy about my life anymore. I long for those days of quiet solitude.
>>7457 >>6428 gf having civilians don't belong here how'd you get a gf?
>>7455 Nice webms!
>>7455 What tune at vid 3?
I have a couple. The first one was when I discovered MMORPGs. I remember I used to come back from school, boot my PC and login and lose completely the perception of time. In what it felt like 30 minutes, in reality 4 hours passed and I had to rush go prepare the kitchen table for my mum to arrive and get dinner ready. Eat fast and then go back again until I was tired enough to go to sleep. Damn I miss those days when the genre was still a novelty to me. Second and last one is probably when I finally manage to quit university. I was stuck in cycle of lying to parents that I was trying really hard to pass exams but in reality I was just slacking around sleeping, binge watching youtube/twitch and playing some games here and there. At this point is the first time I contemplated suicide as nothing really at that point mattered or brought will to see the next day. But after sometime I worked the courage to quit and began NEETing for about 3 months. Those 3 months were blissful. It felt like I went back in time to when I was in high school summer break where I wood just sit on front of my computer screen all day cacaposting and playing video games of all sorts. After that I had to start to wageslave and threats from parents started that if I didn't find a job I'd be on the street. Now days life is a bit meh. I still live with my parents so I can save up a lot of money and having money is good as I can dedicate a budget to just enjoy life but wageslaving is just overall soul crushing. Hopefully more comfy days awaits me in the future. Sorry for blogposting a bit too much. It felt like I had to let it out a bit.
>>6092 2002-2005 I was playing Yugioh with friends and doing local tournaments eberry weekend. Then afterwards we'd go down to the arcade playing DDR, Soul Calibur II, House of the Dead 2, Gauntlet Legends, Initial D, and other games they wood circulate throughout the years. After 2005 my life went to caca. The shop I played cards and hung out with people closed, the arcade closed, and I started to lose friends one by one. Ironically I also started dating girls at this time. Which if I could go back I wood have much rather stayed a virgin who never even got to hold a quacking girl's hand. Drama plagued my life and nothing was ever the same again. Drama and suicidial tendicies thinks to my addiction to sex has destroyed my soul. I don't have any meaningful relationships anymore. I slave away and instead of playing Yugioh I am a card dealer who sells cards for extra income to spend on prostitutes. I've had 5 different STDs and constantly am on medication. No I don't have AIDS or anything permanent but I'm not healthy at all from all of the drug use with these whores and quacking them nonstop. I'll even skip 2 out of 3 meals sometimes just to have more money for a woman to do crazy kinks with me.
>>6428 this is a pasta. i have seen this exact post before on this same thread.
visiting my granny and grandpa when I was a wee boy. I miss them a lot.
>>6092 quarantine
>>7455 Damn this is seriously relatable. Basically had the same experience. It was terribly depressing at the time and I was binging on alcohol as well, but reflecting back on it, it was rather comfy in its own way.
>>7562 i was on a dating app and got lucky meeting someone who was just as weird as me lol. almost five years now
>>7628 i'm pretty sure i've mentioned it in another board or thread, but no it's me

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