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Open file (148.32 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 04/06/2022 (Wed) 08:13:23 No.6652
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>4886
Open file (316.76 KB 728x410 1530663486624.png)
>>6655 Are you feeling flappy, anons?
>>6656 I woodn't say that. In fact, I don't know what I wood say.
>>6665 Oh, I hope you get flappy soon
>>6638 >>6640 Thanks Anon from last thread! Are there any more Touhous worth knowing about?
Open file (1.53 MB 4096x2304 touhou_chart.jpg)
>>6667 where to start... where to start...
>>6668 Let's start here: Which one is your favorite?
Open file (97.78 KB 600x463 600.345287.jpg)
>>6669 i don't really have a favorite. think of it like a stew or a stir fry, where all the ingredients are necessary to get the right flavor.
>>6670 Oh, I get that But surely there must be one that you like in particular?
>>6671 i'm not good at favorites and there's a lot to touhou, but since it's springtime, might as well answer lily white. as the year progresses, maybe yuuka then... but around a full moon or in different contexts there are others who i might favor, etc. my interest in touhou is really centered around the entire world being built in the various fragments of a story that's being told and how zun along with fans have constructed a sort of novel mythology around what started out as some modest games with interesting soundtracks.
>>6672 That does sound quite fascinating How does one become touhoufan? Do you have to play the game or just learn a lot about it?
>>6673 there are the games which contain lore, zun's music (with accompanying stories), manga (official and fan made), lot's of fan art and animation, even some decent fan made anime adaptations. like many, i encountered some of the art on image boards years ago, became curious, and simply dove in. there are a lot more resources to give context for things now. maybe check out touhouwiki.net if yr curious?
Open file (51.15 KB 413x600 PMiSS_yukari.jpg)
>>6673 here's a direct link to perfect memento in a strict sense at the wiki giving some background on yukari, a popular and important main character. the dive right in approach depends on your tolerance for potential spoilers, but by browsing the wiki you should be able to get a feel for the chronological order of the various mediums that tell the tales of gensokyo. https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento_in_Strict_Sense/Yukari_Yakumo
is eberryone here?
>>6676 I wonder if /comfy/ still has the same users from the beginning or it's all new people now
Open file (1000.96 KB 360x360 scrunchie.mp4)
In recent days I learned more about miku I heard she is someone who likes vegetables but also is a bit spoiled maybe Seems alright so far
Open file (1.80 MB 350x300 1435024462982.gif)
Open file (630.61 KB 480x270 e84359125237560.gif)
>>6682 That's some aggressive headpatting right there, but Apu doesn't seem to mind.
Open file (304.29 KB 320x240 hi_aquaman.webm)
>>6652 >Underwater Edition Have you seen anything unusual under the water?
>>6685 lewd headpatting
>>6683 >Hatsune Miku >Underwater Edition
>>6689 Can meekoo swim??
NU FRED!  ̄▽ ̄
>>6690 meekoo can't float because she leeks
Open file (92.97 KB 869x1024 1648440353535.jpg)
I don't like neighbours
Quacking neighbours
>>6693 heh >>6692 yees pat it
Please be here, /comfy/ friends...
>>6692 My cat is like this. She doesn't have mint green hair though.
>>6703 What's going on anon?
>>6704 I wonder if it tastes like mint >>6705 Nothing I just want you to be here
>>6707 a funky duc
>>6707 ducque
Open file (7.11 MB 2816x2112 Flaming Goose.png)
Open file (110.49 KB 1200x800 e202d503.jpg)
glug... glug... glug...
Comfy d'ucque
Are you /comfy/ on /comfy/?
Open file (64.11 KB 862x692 spectacledeider.jpg)
>>6713 Berry comfy.
>>6714 Tell me about the duck. Why does he wear the mask?
Open file (100.55 KB 1024x576 EM8Tj5HU0AAfN38.jpg)
Cranes are the prettiest water birds.
Open file (3.02 MB 3000x4000 grey-crowned-crane-10.jpg)
Open file (349.93 KB 1920x1200 302195.jpg)
>>6718 Grey crowned crane. This one looks amazing.
Open file (281.67 KB 564x254 rare deepwater jew.png)
>>6720 >crowned crane Who died and made them king?
Im gonna cry. My drive failed and i lost my comfy images :(
>>6724 Noooo!! Hope you can restore your collection. I don't have many comfy pics sadly
Open file (545.46 KB 1280x917 emerald shapery center.jpg)
>>6724 That sucks bro
>>6726 Nice pic.
>>6724 Are there any specific images that you can remember that you particularly want back? Maybe we can help.
>>6727 thanks, I like that one too.
Open file (58.37 KB 359x519 sumo.jpeg)
Open file (29.00 KB 480x639 running.jpeg)
Open file (65.01 KB 480x640 legs.jpeg)
Open file (35.79 KB 325x426 no_vogo.jpg)
I want to share some radishes with /comfy/.
>>6731 Rad
i like capybaras
Open file (1.14 MB 900x498 1635432795155.png)
>>6734 They are wonderful.
Open file (495.11 KB 584x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6734 >>6736 Why do they always look so content?
>>6737 They're wonderful and they know it.
>>6738 Ironic considering they're the world's biggest rat.
>>6737 They are the guardians of smaller things in the amazon.
>>6741 The path I take toward home, I see some ducks here and there that bath in the river and sometimes fish for food. They're the common ducks not some exotic or rare ones.
Open file (98.94 KB 768x1024 1650289668070.jpg)
Open file (80.45 KB 768x1024 1650289730182.jpg)
Open file (75.30 KB 605x713 prickly cat.jpg)
Cats can be comfy even when they logically shouldn't be.
Open file (34.75 KB 467x436 sekiro otter.jpg)
Also I wanted to share this with /otter/ but I don't know where they ended up.
Open file (24.95 KB 1106x566 D2Yz1gfXgAAOISi.png)
hangin out on my night off
>>6756 Cool Crab is cool.
>>6755 We have our own site. https://otterchat.net/
>>6759 Neat! But I thought you guys were otterchan weren't you? Am I wrong, if not what changed?
>>6760 It was, but it's otterchat now.
Open file (28.36 KB 260x340 1648149042569.jpg)
>>6761 I see, well I'm glad you guys are OK! :^) BTW, be sure to stop by for the /christmas/ party in December. Also isn't the Ottercine coming up this month? You should also shill that on the webring. Maybe even ask the Cafe Admins to link it for us again? Cheers.
>>6761 Well that explains why my link didn't work.
>>6762 Indeed, the thread is here. https://otterchat.net/res/2451.html
>Ducks, cranes, capybaras and otters So this is the comfy water animals thread
Open file (220.10 KB 625x496 5468468448.jpg)
>>6766 Sounds nice.
>>6652 I don't know what to say, but fug I need to post don't I. Glad to see that this is still a comfy shack of imageboard.
>That means no unrelated political posts, intentionally provocative posts, posts insulting someone's race or religion >religion To allow non-christians to post along side our kind is blasphemy, why must the cursed Saracens, those abominable mohammadeans be allowed to step foot on the same ground as us?
What up /comfy/ I'm nostalgia rushing the old chan days, they seem long gone, I just wish I could feel those feels again. Hope you guys are doing good, maybe some of you are the same people I used to talk to years ago.
Open file (295.99 KB 834x870 comfychristmas.gif)
Seeing this pic reminds me of wanting to make something similar in Terraria. I wish there was a game that was just like Terraria but more comfy and less hectic. Boss battles in hard mode become ridiculous and while I don't mind invasions and events per se I wish they couldn't just phase through your walls. Like if you could build a good base and then you and your friends could just stick out several days of Halloween or winter wonderland apocalypse at a time just doing base work or playing mini games or carefully tunneling out a back door. No game ever seems to get invasions right. Either it's just build a basic wall and ceiling and you're 100% safe or it's not even solid matter wil save you because monsters can dig through half a mile of steal and rock or just plain noclip.
Open file (1005.84 KB 840x623 1449552985927.png)
>>6772 I always wonder what happened to the people I used to cacapost with.
>>6772 Imagine how it feels to never have experienced the true heyday of chans, feels bad man
>>6775 I wish I was around to see the pre-Chanology days. Since I only started going to 4chan in the early 2010s, I'll always be a newfag.
Open file (1.07 MB 758x1138 ClipboardImage.png)
I'd love a bed like this
i'm the happiest i have ever been in my life remember anons, things will eventually turn out fine, regardless of what you're going through~
>>6780 It makes me happy to read that. I hope you keep getting happier!
Open file (325.84 KB 2121x1414 looks-happy.jpg)
>>6780 Glad you feel that way. >>6777 Why wood you want a bed with curtains?
>>6787 Well because it wood be comfy, that's why.
Open file (5.40 MB 480x360 seal.webm)
Open file (1.17 MB 4288x2848 pexel.jpg)
>>6789 I feel like those wood induce more anxiety in me from being closed in(?).
>>6806 Hmm, I don't know... I'd feel comfy in my sleeping cave. Plus canopy beds are warmer.
Open file (74.89 KB 1250x875 30883.jpg)
>>6807 Well, if that's what you find comfy, then I won't object or of any sort. I was just stating my feelings of it.
Hello, frens.
>>6817 Hello, to you too. I'm currently at work so can't chat for much.
Open file (659.35 KB 960x600 comfy_pc98.png)
>>6817 Hi!
>>6817 Are you new here?
Another day at work, sigh. I really need to become financially independent as soon as possible.
Night after finals and finally had a drink after a bit, bout to go to bed but feels good bros.
>>6824 I discovered this board about 3 months ago. The one you replied to was my first post in this thread but I’ve spoken in the meaning of life one and a few others. Why do you ask?>>6824 >>6824
Wood ducks.
>>6841 pretty
>>6829 Congrats fren. Hope you did well on all your uni things. If you need to save monies, buy some overproofed rum or vodka.
>>6830 I asked out of curiosity. I hope you didn't mind it.
>>6844 Nah, I don’t mind. I was just curious about what made you think I was new, like, what gave it away, you know?
Open file (282.96 KB 1920x1080 1555071186274.jpg)
hi /comfy/
>>6847 Hello fishes!
>>6845 I just thought of asking that question at the spot, instead of anything giving you away. It was pure spontaneity. >>6847 Hello, to you too fishy fren.
Open file (39.70 KB 420x370 1599587826966.gif)
>>6847 This is such a good manga. Is the anime any good I haven't seen it.
>>6851 Is that from the Castle in the Sky or another movie by the same guy?
>>6853 Looks to me like Kiki's Deliberry Service.
Open file (213.45 KB 1920x1290 ynr44w1udyx51.jpg)
>>6853 >>6854 It is indeed a frame from Kiki's https://www.ghibli.jp/works/majo/
Open file (9.71 KB 275x183 1616375366752.jpg)
>>6762 >Also isn't the Ottercine coming up this month? It's next week! May 25th, 8pm GMT on cytu.be/r/ottercine
>>6858 What are you going to stream?
Open file (46.68 KB 1900x1200 Okay Dad.png)
>>6843 Went well got a B overall in Anatomy so can't complain. I am also a big connoisseur of the cheapest vodka at the store, Taaka represent!
>>6859 We're going to watch "On the tracks of the wild otter".
>>6863 That sounds nice. I'll have to remember to stop in.
heyyy is anyone here? kinda bored right now
Open file (757.46 KB 526x701 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6869 Good evening to you too.
>>6870 Wow, that's a cool castle

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