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Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:02:01 No.673
Reminder that life is great
I don't think so
Open file (56.44 KB 720x718 memes.jpg)
It's true.
I'm going to have to disagree here.
Sometimes it is. Some you lose, some you win.
Do what you believe in and you'll never face a day filled only with despair.
It will exist, but there will also exist a shred of happiness.
Life is a gift and I cherish it even when I hate it some days.
I enjoy the simple things in life. Despite being a social recluse and retard, I still have places like this. Being able to lurk and shoot the shit and have banter and discussions with anons is enough for me. While the rest of my life is a fucking mess, I'm still fortunate enough to have small gatherings of anons to share the time with.
Open file (719.40 KB 480x270 anime girl fan.gif)
hey fuck you too buddy
Open file (8.48 KB 225x225 1575609503863.jpg)
What is great in life?
Being multicellular is pretty neat. It took a whole 3 billion years of evolution for that to happen.
eukaryote pride worldwide
>>673 Correct.
>>684 Eukaryote brothers, how do we keep winning?
>>673 and terrible
>>683 3 billion years of creatures trying to be better at running away from a predator or be better at preying upon things. Over and over and over and over. >>3423 >looks up word >shrooms and such plants have a harder time running or eating things unlike we dna havers It's okay though because the virus doesn't discriminate, it attacks both types of lifeform. Machines will win.
>>3429 >unlike we dna havers Anon, I... Machines are pretty cool, machine world soon.
Open file (35.96 KB 670x565 apu_viking.png)
>>682 To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women
>>3502 >hear the lamentation cluck ship. Original quote was something like >take their wives and daughters for your own
Open file (159.12 KB 926x1080 media%2FErtZHNYXAAI0SWJ.jpg)
Open file (100.93 KB 764x1037 EVAiJ3pUUAIpPNf.jpg)
>>3600 bger
>>3600 brug
>>3600 burgur/
>>3600 urgger
>>3600 Burger
>>673 It's great when you fulfill some cause, even by sacrificing yourself in the process . Merely existence like normalfag/npc is not.
Open file (456.08 KB 1841x2048 girl eating hamburger 2.jpg)
>>3600 Regurb
Open file (330.61 KB 1080x1123 1583516146810.jpg)
Some days I feel like my future is so bright I need to wear sunglasses, other days it feels like I will never amount to anything. It goes in waves. But for some reason the thought of "it's not gonna be as bad as you think" — something that stuck since way back when my mother wood shout my full name and then tell me to throw out the trash, after I had dreaded whatever she wood say on my way down the stairs — have stuck in my head. Perhaps it means something. The world at large is probably gonna burn down in flames, but we are all gonna make it, bros. >>682 The small things: a good cooked meal after a productive day; a fun night with friends; etc.
Life has its ups and downs and you learn how to climb and descent. I can only hope eberryone picks the right choices for themselves
>>3613 Thanks fren you too.
Open file (24.17 KB 566x584 wik0bogysgr21.jpg)
>>3600 broger
>>3627 salads are healthy until you put it in a bun? idgi
>>3628 You'd all better try a Bahn Mi next time you're in a city that has them.
How do I improve my life as a shipskin? I keep looking for constant validation from White people to call me "based" so that I can be happy. But I feel like ship for even doing that. I have a weak mind. In relation to that, does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? Or are you guys apolitical/hate ebil natzhees?
>>3812 Well first off, you're making an error automatically equating White people with Ebil Nahdzees. That's definitely Bolshevik brainwashing going on. Secondly, what do you care what we think of you? Either of your skin color or your other qualities good or bad? Learn to toughen up a bit and not GAF a bit more wood be my advice. And as far as race relations go, people each in their own lands can generally live beside each other in peace. The adage 'good fences make good neighbors' is as old as community itself, that is, tens of thousands of years. >tl;dr Just relax here Anon, be /comfy/.
>>3812 >does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? no >Or are you guys apolitical/hate ebil natzhees? yes
>>3812 Fellow shipskin here, just be yourself, as long as you're being comfy it'll be fine. This board is for enjoying yourself, not judging others,
It's an anonymous board, nobody needs to know your skin color.
Open file (97.79 KB 717x1000 motorhead.jpeg)
Life may not be great, but you have to see the good side of it, even if it's small, because there's already enough of the other side anyways
>>3822 Being a pessimistic cynic is easy. Being an optimist is rewarding. >>3812 >In relation to that, does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? Berry much no. On a similar note, rabble rousing is also frowned upon. Do have a look at the rules if you have not already. >>3628 The trick is the 'healthy salad', not the broger!

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