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Photos/art that remind you of your past Anon 08/08/2023 (Tue) 22:49:55 No.6759
Are there any types of photos or art that remind you of your past? For me, its photos of lonely roads at night lit by street lamps. Growing up, my family took me on road trips across the U.S. and I've lived in a variety suburban neighborhoods, I've seen plenty of empty streets at night. These scenes make me feel at home.
>>6759 I try to stay away from photos. The art though... Funny, I've literally just stumbled upon these arts. They've almost made me cry. They touch me, and they do remind me of most pleasant moment of my life somehow. Here's the full pack: https://dropmefiles.com/akIj8
>>7506 Comfy 'Nubis.
>>7509 Even the filenames are comfy, in my opinion. These pictures are just spot on for me.
I love these images. They feel me with a sense of sadness.
Open file (956.60 KB 1181x680 Czerwony Szalik.jpg)
Open file (898.00 KB 1181x836 Here Comes The Sun.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 1181x835 Ice Cream Booth.jpg)
>>7519 Same. Drives me really close to tears, and I can't even tell the exact reason. I've updated the fodler earlier today, by the way. Browsed through the site of the artist (Joanna Karpowicz) a bit more, searched for the paintings marked as "unknown"... Overall, it is twice bigger now. Let me know if anyone wants a reupload.
Yes there is something about these images that make you cry
Open file (984.48 KB 4000x2668 _DSC7612.jpg)
Open file (2.18 MB 3999x2670 _DSC7615.jpg)
Open file (3.07 MB 4000x2651 _DSC7010.jpg)
Photos that I have taken, mainly.
>>7589 >that wooded track tho My kind of comfy, tbh. Thanks Anon! :)
>>7589 >>7596 Looks like it's covered in foamflower or a relation.
>>7597 >foamflower Neat! You're probably right. I never wood have known what it was called otherwise, thanks Anon. :)

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