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i need to rant a bit nobody 06/14/2022 (Tue) 22:08:43 No.6970
hey eberryone, i just wanted to rant a bit, if you are not in the mood just scroll :) so I'm a 18 yo male, i just graduated high school and I'm gay but nobody knows, i live in an arab country where being gay can literally get me murdered, i want to go to college in europe or us or literally anywhere away from here. so when i told my mum i wanted to study abroad (i did not tell her I'm gay of course, she wood disown me momentarily, she loves jesus over eberrything and anything) at first she told me yes and she wood pay my fees, but now she started to say some weird caca like, "prostitutes will lure you to sining" and "I'm not ready to lose you" and similar caca
Just subtly tell her they will suffer in hell and you want nothing to do with druggies prostitutes or hobbits and maybe she'll be less worried. Subtly, don't overcompensate or you'll sound extremely gay and coping.
Have you tried, you know, stopping being gay?

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