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Open file (143.05 KB 395x486 ayyy.jpg)
Anon 11/15/2023 (Wed) 15:34:57 No.7642
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #8 Comfy UFOs and Wintertime Edition Prervious >>5351
.-"""-"""-"""--.--"""-"""-""""-. -" I I I I I I I I "-. " MMMMMMMMMMn)))).(((((nMMMMMMMMM " " M .-''''-. "MMM MMM" .-'''-. M " I M' .-'''''-. -MM MM- .'.-''''-. M I I M 'MMMMMMMMM .'''''. 'MMMMMMMMM' M I I M M M$M MM : MM M$M M M I I M MMM M -"".""- M MMM M I I """""" MMMMMMMMM """""" . I I '-....-' : MMMMMMM : '-...-'.' I " . '-....-' - - '-...-' " , '. : .'" " '....' '.....' " "-'...;' : : '....'-" "- ".-----....--." -" "- . -" "- '-...- '.' -" "-.; '-....-' .-" I"-......I" I I I '-- --'I I I I '-- --'I I I I '-- --'I I I I '-- --'I Bumbing for convenience and because ASCII art is cool.
>>7640 Glad you're back, Anon. >>7641 Roger that. :^)
ET - Best film in the world
I hope the aliens are friendly.
Open file (164.93 KB 1440x1391 _20231116_052113.JPG)
>>7651 we hope you are too!
Open file (81.41 KB 1024x989 cat at table.jpeg)
I am berry not comfy right now. I feel like I don't belong anywhere. Nowhere online lines up with my ideals. I have a list of what I want in a community and nothing meets the requirements. The webring is a disaster, eberryone hates each other and is trying to kill eberry other site or spread lies. I don't fit into any IRL groups either, except for maybe one that only meets monthly. I want friends but nobody shares even the same interests with me. It's all so tiresome.
Open file (2.03 MB 900x1200 Chochin-kozo.png)
>>7653 At least you have us. I wish the webring could somehow get sorted out too and we could all get back together. >eberryone hates each other and is trying to kill eberry other site or spread lies I honestly think it's just a handful, maybe only one or two, that are doing this and the go from site to site stirring up trouble and then go to whatever meta thread on the opposite site and to give a report of what they "found" and try to generate an outrage and drive a wedge. It's best not to give those anons the time of day and just go to what boards on what sites you want and encourage others good anons to do likewise. I hope this silly youkai pic cheers you up.
'tismed out at work a lil but managed to get through the day now chilling in my comfy dark room and checking out strange japanese artists
>>7653 What are you searching for? I am not sure why you don't fit in any community. >It's all so tiresome. It has always been like this for me but I don't want friends either, with my family I have enough. I am already too careless for them, people need so much attention and they don't understand we don't have the same needs.
>>7657 >It has always been like this for me but I don't want friends either, with my family I have enough. I am already too careless for them, people need so much attention and they don't understand we don't have the same needs. I feel the same way.
Wow this board is still going strong. I haven't visited in a year or two probably. I posted about how I got an apartment and wood make my bedroom extremely comfy. I mostly succeeded. Sunrise alarm, blackout curtains, weighted blanket. I just also said I wood keep other electronics out, but I'm not doing that, lol. I'm on my phone in bed like normal.
>>7653 I've got the same feeling expect it's something I'm looking for. I always try to not be part of something. Don't get it wrong I'm involved in some subculture circles and have a decent social life but I reject totally embracing codes of such circles. It's ok to be part of groups without being totally like-minded. I must say that's what makes it interesting, people with different opinions and nuanced views even in a same group. When you meet people they usually try to put you in boxes by asking : "who are you", I say them I'm nothing. Being nothing is nice because I can be whatever I want. Friendship is not necessary a matter of having the same point of view nor interest on eberrything. Sure it helps having shared ideas but that's not the most important thing imo.
>>7661 Welcome back Anon. I recall that berry post. Glad to hear you've worked it out and sounds like things are going well for you. Cheers. :)
>>7661 Good to see that you're doing well anon. >I haven't visited in a year or two probably. In that case please check out the jigsaw thread anon. We can always use more help.
>>7661 Welcome back anon, I remember your posts yes. Nice you finally found your room comfyness.
Open file (53.84 KB 640x480 White-Marth-Skin.jpg)
Finally got around to playing in a local melee tournament. Good times and some new frens, even if I got my ass handed to me. We must remain comfy by any means necessary.
I'm craving for a hot shower and my bed rn. Still 3 hours.
>>7689 Glad you got back in the groove Anon. >>7707 Little by little, Anon. Just stay focused as possible on the tasks at hand, entertain yourself, w/e. Soon enough you'll have rest for the weary. Cheers. :)
I'm learning how to play Heroes of Might and Magic and keep getting the crap beaten out of myself.
>>7710 Good luck Anon!
I woke up sick today. I hope this doesn't spoil my Thanksgiving. >>7720 Thanks. I seem to be doing better after changing factions.
>>7721 >I woke up sick today. I hope this doesn't spoil my Thanksgiving. I hope you get to feeling better berry quickly, Nonymous.
>>7721 Stay well anon.
Open file (415.38 KB 1549x1500 hbrtw53b7xz11.jpg)
Happy Thanksgiving, /comf/ ! May your holiday be blessed!
Happy Thanksgiving!
>>7722 >>7723 I haven't been able to do much other than sleep. I think I'm gradually getting better and am hoping I can go back to work next week. At least I was able to shave today.
Open file (408.89 KB 1376x577 4 small pumpkins.jpg)
I did finally get a chance to take a picture of my pumpkins that I promised in the last thread. I wish I could have done it earlier. They were all quite green colored at harvest but as you can see they're slowly becoming the standard orange tan color a month on.
>>7725 Haha, you too Anon. >ywn a super-gigantic Turkeysaurus drumstick >>7727 > At least I was able to shave today. One step at a time Anon. >>7730 Nice! Congratz Anon. Looking forward to a much bigger harvest of them next year. In the meantime, do you think they'll be ripe enough for a Christmas Feast pumpkin pie?
>>7731 >do you think they'll be ripe enough for a Christmas Feast pumpkin pie? They probably wood be but since I've got some store bought pumpkins and because these are good keepers, I need to let them go till some time after the first of the new year. I also want to make sure the seeds are as fully developed as they can get.
>>7727 Sometimes, you just need to have some good rest. >shave I was really busy lately and haven't took time to shave, will do it today and I can't wait. This week-end will be under the sign of max comfyness, hope eberrybody's have a good one to.
Open file (138.15 KB 1400x1400 Shaymin-Doinging-Hard.jpg)
It's good to take care of yourself anon, but don't let yourself fall into bad habits! Keep working hard, but give yourself a little gift eberry day for the effort. I'm so, so proud of you
At work and sleepy, looking forward to getting to my comfy home
>>7747 You a security guard or something?
>>7746 Thanks, Anon! :) That's berry encouraging. And the blessing back on yourself, too.
Open file (533.10 KB 1200x1600 Photo-0003b.jpg)
>>7748 Not him, but I am myself a security guard. >>7747 I really know the feel here anon :) I was so happy this morning as the night was cold to go home, take a hot shower then going to my bed. Just want to add, I really love this little place, I don't spend lot of time anymore on the internets now but this is one of the few I visit eberrydays.
>>7760 /comfy/ beats.
Just went out to fancy dinner and sat with an old couple we didn't know. They paid for our dinner, over $100. Life is good!
>>7774 Good times. Enjoy Anon.
I managed to save not one but TWO sprouts of may fig-leafed pumpkins and they're doing well. Also what is apparently a white flowered hyacinth bean that came up volunteer.
>>7797 Excellent! So, how to take care of them all until planting time in Spring, Anon?
>>7774 How did the arrangements end up habbening in the first place if you didn't know them?
>>7760 Did you make those, they are lovely.
>>7798 They're just all together in an oversized pot under florescent lights and next to window. And there's plenty of heat in the house. The biggest issue is managing water. You have to thread the needle between too wet and too dry. They're all producing new leaves so that means they're actively growing. I wood like to get the pumpkins on some new roots asap though. I don't fully trust the old vascular system to make it through to march/april.
Open file (218.03 KB 313x311 Falling_Snow.gif)
I might get snow tonight.
>>7812 Woohoo! Sounds like a /comfy/ night for hot chocolate & snuggled under a warm blanket! :)
First visit to /comfy/. I wish I was comfy, but I got a toothache.
>>7812 I don't get snow, please mail me some to my area
>>7814 Can you get some kind of topical anesthetic meant for this? Even melting an aspirin on it can help till you can get to a dentist.
>>7816 I remember what I use to do when I had a broken tooth and it wood flare up is that I wood use alka seltzer and hold eberry mouth full over on the tooth to numb it.
I'm also getting some snow and drinking on some coffee while watching it fall under the street light outside of my window while listening to some comfy music. Feels bretty good.
>>7821 High comf quotient. :)

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