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Midnight Drinks & Snack Anon 12/30/2022 (Fri) 12:54:08 No.813
There is nothing more comfy than midnight coffee with a light snack during some nightly watching or playing. I prefer quick sandwiches so it's usually honeyed and buttered toast, PB&J/PB&H, or bean toast.
>>813 I habben to enjoy hot fries or pork rinds from time to time. Generally for snacks I'll just cut a small hole into an avocado and spoon it out, or I'll slice up a little bit of salami, maybe with some cheese & crackers if I'm feeling extra indulgent. Salami is god's work. For drinks, the best "snacking" drink is probably green tea, or red bush "tea" if I'm avoiding caffeine. Lemon-Lavender isn't bad either.
Open file (392.86 KB 1385x1200 teagan sip.png)
>>814 I've been wanting to get into tea, but the sheer variety is impressive. One of the these days I'll go through /a/ and /ck/'s tea resources and start from there.
>>814 >red bush “tea” Rooibos is lovely. When your body is looking for a caffeine fix it just tastes bland but once you kick the habit it’s a great little drink when you want something warm and soothing.
>>813 My snack preferences change based upon what I'm up to. If I'm watching something then sliced apple, crackers, cheese, and maybe salami is good. Popcorn is also really satisfying. If I'm playing something or reading a physical book then tea and cookies or biscuits is my go-to. White or green tea if it's by itself. Black tea if pairing it with something else. I just don't like having to constantly clean my hands so I don't mess up the pages of a book.
bought some panama coffee beans from a local boutique roaster ground with a porlex and filter through metal filter top notch coffee
The official midnight snack will always be grated cheese from the bag.
someone often sleeps on the couch so I dont have midnight snack for fear of waking them. maybe i can sneak packets into my room
>Midnight Drink Water never hurts but I also enjoy a glass of pulpy orange juice since that texture just goes down so amazingly well. >Midnight Snack A guilty pleasure wood be chocolate covered raisins & mixing them with roasted peanuts still having the skins on them.
Open file (644.58 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
No better snack than a good piece of bread
>>822 At least put some butter on it anon.
>>823 No, bread alone is just fine
>>824 But it's so dry
>>825 And?
>>822 Make it sourdough with olives in the bread and then youre talking
>>827 No, bread alone is just fine. It's easy to pick up, doesn't require any preparation, and it's spongy and crunchy enough to feel great to eat.
My favorite is bismark donuts or chocolate cheesecake with almond milk.
brb midnight crisps
Open file (33.42 KB 391x261 proxy-image.jpg)
Donuts and milk are tasty.
>>831 They surely are. Don't eat too many of them though.
>>815 Try Yorkshire tea, it's the only stuff I drink. With milk to taste, of course.
i enjoy a nice muffit of tea, usually with some crackers or something to dip in it >>833 whats yorkshire tea like? never had it. earl grey is just right. a little bit of brightness from the tangerine, with the overpowering bitterness from the black tea ive also never put milk in tea, just not something we do where i live. maybe i should try it
>>835 It's a deep, stronger tasting tea with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. I suppose you could drink it black, though I've never seen anyone do so. Personally I like mine with extra milk to mellow out the bitterness.
turns out mangos are really good for midnight snacks. highly recommend it >>836 sounds great, guess ill have to try it out, and some tea wilk milk as well.
Pickles and pickle juice is nice. and I just looked it up and surprisingly the pickle juice has a few small health benefits (esp. the dill).
Open file (313.25 KB 1600x1067 iweynmrtbwt4.jpg)
Ginger snaps are pretty comfy with a cup (or mug) of tea or coffee.
Some cheese on a crispbread slice or some plain yoghurt when we have it, or just plain small portion of oatmeal when nothing else is around.
I have a small cup of coffee with evaporated(not sweetened condensed) milk as I settle in front of my desk, if I intend to stay up for at least a couple hours. The evaporated milk has a distinct flavor I like in coffee. If I don't want that then Jasmine tea if I still want caffeine, or Rooibos if I don't. I prefer savory snacks and always keep a good variety of cheeses, pickled vegetables(stuffed olives, cucumbers, bean salads, beets, jalapeno slices, etc...), crackers/crispbreads, dried and fresh fruits, nuts, and cured meats. I pick a selection of what I feel like. To me, sweets are treats. I don't eat/drink anything sugary berry often and am quite sensitive to sweetness. Crisp apple with a quality aged cheddar is my most reliable and berry shrimple go-to snack. It reminds me of hiking with my grandparents when I was young, something we wood always sit and eat in silence together with the landscape. I should revisit some of the places we went and post pictures in an appropriate thread. >>827 Olive sourdough anon has the right idea.
i just made black tea with condesned milk, its so so good, really rich and sweet, i can recommend
>>842 Sounds great anon, I'm about to make some tea myself
>>843 what kind of tea anon?
I usually have breakfast at 12am due to me being on a cut cycle in terms of weightlifting and starving most of the day beyond that but I enjoy honey bunches of oats cereal fused with crunched up chips ahoy cookies inside the cereal. It's probably the only sweetness/"bad food "I get in my diet the rest is just extremely healthy and bland things or protein for the rest of the day. Oh, and I usually watch anime while eating it.
Peanuts. In the shell. From the freezer. Ice-cold peanuts are excellent.
>>846 >Ice-cold peanuts nteresting. Never had, sounds good tbh
Open file (27.78 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>midnight snacks make way for the unmatched champion
>>848 >unmatched champion Yessuh! The only thing to argue from here is WHICH flavor of champion: Mexican/Taco is my pick.
>>851 >Taco cheese >Taco flavored >Mexican style cheese taco Are these actually mexican? i raise dry plums with peanuts.
>found flavored corn chips that are actually reasonably low amount of salt Time to finally stop being thin!
>>848 Plain mozzarella is underrated.
Open file (354.90 KB 1920x1080 it's ok.jpg)
Since my parents may lock the door without me knowing I have a stock of ramen in my wardrobe It's the most miserable food ever, but it works if they don't cook anything
>>855 What? Which door? Do your parents lock you in somewhere, Anon?
I don't know what you call these in America but they're my favorite snack, although they're not berry good for you, so I don't eat too much.
Open file (3.06 MB 500x350 raisin dance.gif)
>>856 I was a bit of a rabble rouser with my family so they decided to make a room apart from the house. It's in it, but not connected to the dining room.
>>813 For me its kompot with whatever i find in kitchen, it can be bread with cheese, mayo, onion chips, or bread sticks. Winters in eastern europe are getting comfy.
>>857 I think they're called "beer nuts" for some reason.
>>859 why?
>>861 I guess people eat them with beer, regular salty peanuts go better with beer imo
>>855 >>859 Anon, yours is a curious case. Tell us more?
Open file (288.73 KB 1040x650 tears_delicacy.png.jpg)
>>864 >>862 I'd rather not, it's a berry complicated thing that even I cannot describe. I'll just say that eberryone seems happier thanks to it.
>>815 spent a lot of money on tea
It's not even midnight but preparing some hot tea with red poppy and clary sage before working on some thread restoration. Before that I need to tweak some config things on my 'puter but count me in for tonight.
>>865 You are lucky to have your parents, they found a way to make you happier while keeping care of you.
>>833 yorkshire tea is my favourite make of black tea, really great.
>>815 theres this really comfy place in galway ireland that has my favorite in the world, its called secret garden and you can order it online. look under the infusions category on their website for the good stuff
>>4792 Thanks for the tip anon.
If eberrything is right I'll be making myself hot crispy buns stuffed with veggies tonight. Should be fun
>>4796 It was bretty good. I'll have some left overs to eat tomorrow too
>>817 What is white tea?
>>4840 I think it's berry immature green tea.
>>4841 Does it taste any good, I like black coffee and black tea, wood you suggest I try it?

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