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Open file (1.20 MB 1233x1406 new girl.png)
Welcome to /cuckquean/! Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:13:55 No.1 [Reply]
/cuckquean/ lives! This is the successor board to 8ch's /cuckquean/. /cuckquean/ is a board all about the fetish of cuckqueaning - an arrangement where a woman enjoys her partner having sex with other women. In real life it is open, consensual and encouraged by the woman - distinguishing it from cheating - but may be secret and/or non-consensual in fantasy. It can be done for joy (compersion) or with a flavour of humiliation; both types are considered cuckqueaning. It was once also known as "female cuckold" or "reverse cuckold", until the cuckquean term entered general use. All combinations of compersive, humiliation/degradation, and other cuckqueaning are relevant on /cuckquean/, as are related topics such as harems or polygyny. Porn (2D & 3D), discussion, information, questions, stories and so forth are all very welcome! The rules of /cuckquean/ are: >/cuckquean/ is not for male homosexual content. Do not post male homosexual content on /cuckquean/. >/cuckquean/ is not for male cuckoldry content. Do not post male cuckoldry content on /cuckquean/. >Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post. A catalog of all threads is available at https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/catalog.html or by clicking "Catalog" just a little up and to the left of this post. Welcome back to our new home. I'm the same board owner as always. Now, let's keep discussing the world's comfiest fetish!
Edited last time by cuckqueanadmin on 11/27/2020 (Fri) 08:04:05.

lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486 [Reply] [Last]
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
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Open file (2.98 MB 4200x4200 87428642_p0.jpg)
Not entirely cuck themed, but it felt too nice to not post.

Open file (1.22 MB 850x1183 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 850x1202 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.67 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (924.45 KB 360x640 boingy.mp4)
Breast Thread Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 04:52:29 No.2022 [Reply]
Let's talk tits! Breast envy is best envy. What is your preference for your man to fuck in an ideal world? Bigger than you or smaller? Completely flat chested?
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Open file (653.26 KB 864x1119 73828612_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1250x1000 73855475_p0.jpg)
Open file (465.92 KB 800x1142 73831219_p0.jpg)
>>2212 Oh! I loved the pictures you posted! First time I fantasized about being a flattie helping a titmonster vixen, better not get used to it, though. >Was she Japanese-Japanese She was the real deal, even showed me her passport. That's why I got air headed, I was thinking about all the possibilities so much that she easily managed to swindle me. Just imagining my honey being meekly served by a yukata wearing vixen, oh my! Another little thing. In that post I said I was a cake, what I meant to say is that I'm a "Christmas cake" now, I'm over 25 (actually in my 30's) and that's why I'm so interested in younger vixen and the japanese girl I mentioned, she was 22 years old. >letting them delude themselves into thinking they're in charge Yeah, good idea. They're like chihuahua dogs, barking a lot, but incapable of doing much. Let them believe.
>>2211 >Have you ever heard that? The female human wearing the belt?! What's going on in this world?! That's pretty crazy. As a human woman, I find that quite unacceptable, the idea that I, a human, would be denied while the elf is allowed free reign. At the same time though, maybe it is for the best. Clearly the husband is enjoying the elf a lot, and that's what it's really about. So if he's got to sacrifice his wife's sexual satisfaction so that he can enjoy pounding that elf pussy while she cums all over his cock, maybe it's not so bad. Not that the elf cumming is the important part, but I have to think that she would gush all over him, again and again.
>>2211 >They want to be "raped" in a controlled way, that's one way I can describe. This here is important. Fantasy has the fantasizer in complete control at all time, even if the fantasy is of the loss of control.
Open file (1.46 MB 1500x1500 d81e0j4t69k61.jpg)
So sad when friends have a falling out
Open file (360.35 KB 950x659 71705706_p1.jpg)
Open file (806.70 KB 1770x1254 71390189_p0.png)
>>2217 >As a human woman Sure thing, knife ears. Go back to cleaning and being a cum rug, your kind disgust me. You and your petite body, always tight pussy and cute moans. Damn all of you! I'm better than you, I've got some knockers, you're all flat as board. That's why you will aways be just the cock warmer, a side dish to our husbands.

Asian Thread Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 12:49:05 No.149 [Reply] [Last]
I remember there was a thread about oriental girls...
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>>1644 salaryman money
>>1644 Asian men are cucked so hard by their women over here, real nice guys are left in the dust. If a half decent white girl is willing to give an Asian guy the time of day, she can easily score a family oriented high earning guy well above what she could in other "circles". if only my sister had stayed with her two real nice nerdy asian boyfiends in HS, now an engineer and a doctor respectively, instead of the cholos and Mafia wannabies she wound up with, her life might have been much better
What about Asian men who cuck their women by fucking white women?
> ingtld I miss this person so much!!
Old ingtld image I had

Cuckqueaning in Two Dimensions Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 23:19:08 No.46 [Reply] [Last]
Just because they don't really exist doesn't mean they shouldn't be cucked.
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Open file (3.26 MB 1919x1079 cuckquean.png)
Open file (3.23 MB 1919x1079 cuckqueveniclean.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1079 Cuckqueeveniclean!.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1078 this game is totally.png)
You girls may wanna try this game. Evenicle
Open file (3.26 MB 1919x1079 cuckquean.png)
Open file (3.23 MB 1919x1079 cuckqueveniclean.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1079 Cuckqueeveniclean!.png)
Open file (3.24 MB 1919x1078 this game is totally.png)
You girls may wanna try this game. Evenicle
Open file (7.08 KB 132x123 alicesoft grin.jpg)
Open file (76.61 KB 387x100 akamaru.png)
>>2196 >>2197 Awwww yeah, that's an Alicesoft game for sure!
>>2198 How could you tell lmao
Open file (1.62 MB 1356x975 cuckqueantag.png)
This game really need Cuckquean Tag

Open file (290.03 KB 1600x1309 Gotham High.jpg)
Fan Art Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 03:39:47 No.180 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for cuckquean fan art (of cartoons, comics, video games, whatever). I'll dump what I have saved from 8chan. Feel free to contribute.
229 posts and 673 images omitted.
Open file (1.26 MB 850x1200 87508490_p0.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1061x1500 EtYjGtwWgAA4lkz.jpg)
Open file (842.18 KB 1061x1500 EtYjKLvXEAE6l5J.jpg)
Open file (4.01 MB 1558x1800 87194541_p0.png)
Lilia Greyrat (although I guess she's not Greyrat yet) being the little homewrecker she is. You can see the wife's hair in the last image.
>>2186 Goodness gracious, I certainly don't know what I'd do if my attractive, agreeable maidservant seduced my husband and joined me in matrimony. What a hussy!
My Life As a Teenage Robot
Open file (444.21 KB 1535x2048 1604195608909.jpg)
Open file (423.22 KB 1535x2048 1604195672129.jpg)
Hazbin Hotel
Superman cucks Lois with Maxima.

Mainstream cuckqueaning thread Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 05:58:02 No.695 [Reply] [Last]
Post any non-pornographic movies, tv shows, commercials, books, comics, etc. involving cuckqueaning.

I'll start with this Pewdiepie video which I found interesting. It's about ads for a mobile game, Lily's Garden. They feature the main character having her fiance cheat on her with her own mother. In a later ad she falls for a hot new guy, and then in yet another ad the new guy is making out with her friend. The actual game may have nothing to do with this, it just looks like a puzzle game. Interesting that cuckqueaning is popular enough that it's being used as clickbait though. I've noticed similar ads for other mobile games in the past too.
100 posts and 100 images omitted.
>>2014 >she's going to human our tea
>>2016 Haha, well, I didn't make the caption so I'll let the anon who made it (and probably checks this board still) have the first crack at fixing its textual issues.
>>2016 >You can fuck my boyfriend all you like, just don't human my tea!
Open file (82.14 KB 900x275 1613933634178.png)
Open file (472.07 KB 400x623 1613733006815.png)
>>1991 Starfire also got cucked. By a shapeshifter pretending to be her, I guess?

Open file (100.29 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Cuckqueaning in anime Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 00:53:00 No.967 [Reply] [Last]
We had a good thread about this on the old board, so let's start a new one here. Obviously there are a lot of harem anime, but it's usually of the 'competing for one guy' type rather than the 'sharing one guy type'. I've been watching this isekai, 'The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?'. In the 5th episode, the protagonist gets engaged to a girl and his 2 female party members start plotting to become his concubines. I just watched the 6th episode, and already the fiancée has said she is fine with the girls being his concubines and he's agreed to it! And they're all living in the same house together.
68 posts and 76 images omitted.
Open file (357.08 KB 1100x1000 feelas.jpg)
>>2116 My God. Is this aired on TV?
Open file (1.33 MB 2559x1444 Lick.jpg)
>>2122 Yes. It has some pretty hot sex scenes as long as you can tolerate the darker elements mentioned here >>2047 It's about as close to hentai as you can get without directly showing genitals/penetration. There's a censored and uncensored version, both of which air on TV at night in Japan.
Open file (27.62 KB 474x237 iu[1])
Last episode of AoT, who do you think the father is? My money is on Eren, get cucked Mikasa
>>2174 Regarding Mikasa/Eren/Historia, kinda hoping for a Domestic Girlfriend type ending: marrying one, babies with the other.

Open file (333.27 KB 607x497 cuckquean.png)
Open file (286.73 KB 540x304 sekai middle.gif)
Open file (14.27 KB 225x225 ToraDoraTriangle.jpg)
fixer-uppers Anonymous 12/02/2020 (Wed) 09:29:47 No.1759 [Reply]
what do you think of the trope where there's a girl trying to fix up a guy with another "better" girl but you secretly root for all three of them even though it never happens?
I think I would be interested to know more.
You might not want to use School Days as an example here.
>>1759 I quite like it! I remember one triplet (quadruplet, actually) that I rooted for and (to my absolute surprise) got was in Asobi no Iku Yo! where the three girls just say "fuck it, we like each other enough to share him" and humanity gets a space elevator as a Christmas present. That was a fun anime.
>>1759 Funny thing is, the original School Days visual novel has an ending where they DO start a three-way relationship.

Open file (44.63 KB 640x640 4.jpg)
Actual Cuckqueaning General: Caught in the Act Edition Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 06:55:25 No.1465 [Reply]
I thought I'd try making a general to concentrate discussion of actual cuckqueaning in one cozy thread. Talk about real life cuckqueaning here! Things like >When was the last time you were cucked? >Have you had a favourite vixen? Has your man had a favourite vixen? >Does cuckqueaning mean Compersion or Humiliation for you? >How close do you like to be when they're in the act? >Have any of your girlfriends slept with your man? Do you think it's a good idea for them to do it? >Do you have any post-cucking rituals once you're alone with your man again? (If you're a man not participating in the IRL cuckqueaning lifestyle, please refrain from posting in here.)
27 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>2172 I should think it doesn't even get to the point of whether it appeals to the fetish or not. Going to a hooker is kind of gross and risks him catching something.
Open file (211.09 KB 1200x800 camwhore wage cage.jpeg)
Open file (199.57 KB 759x2192 onlyfans power law 01.jpeg)
Open file (180.58 KB 639x2071 onlyfans power law 02.jpeg)
>>2172 My opinion is in >>1870 >One time when we were still experimenting with the idea I paid for my man to see a higher-end escort and helped him research it. It doesn't give you the full "punch" but it was okay as training wheels. Only applies if you live in a place where the sex trade doesn't consist entirely of those who are trafficked, STI-ridden, worn-out, or all three. It was okay as a "am I okay with him having sex with other girls" trial but I wouldn't get off to my man seeing hookers, no way. Nothing sexy about it and the majority of the sex trade in most places is pretty damn sketchy. He doesn't particularly enjoy it either. I dunno, maybe if there was a kind of escort who specialized in having sex that was fun to watch we might consider being customers. Maybe humiliation-type queans might enjoy using professional dommes who specialize in humiliating them? I can't see it working, personally. Side note: I bet Corona-chan's savaged the sex industry pretty bad, what with Onlyfans and camsites reducing online sex work to a power law distribution worldwide-competition hell.
>>2176 Are those images trying to claim that Onlyfans is somehow at fault becuase some of its posters are more popular than others? Of course a small portion of content creators are going to be wildly popular, that's the case with everything ever. They throw around words like "unequal" as if there's some reason every e-whore should make the same amount of money. Should Onlyfans disallow users the choice of who to support and instead forcibly assign fans to each girl so that they all get the same number? These creators are essentialy selling a product, some will always sell better than others. Don't get me wrong, Onlyfans is a blight on humanity, but they're not doing anything wrong in that specific way.
>>2177 The images point out that sales made through OnlyFans follow a classic "winner takes all"/power law distribution like any most online "creator" economies and that the "I just bought (and didn't totally rent for an hour) this suspiciously AirBnB-like home with OnlyFans money, you should sign up to sell pics of your butthole through my referral link so I collect a cut of your paltry sales" posts that flood Twitter etc. are unlikely to be genuine projections of earning power. >They throw around words like "unequal" as if there's some reason every e-whore should make the same amount of money. Should Onlyfans disallow users the choice of who to support and instead forcibly assign fans to each girl so that they all get the same number? Jesus, Anon, calm down. They're using the word "unequal" in a factual sense, not a pejorative one.
>>2177 From what I understand OnlyFans started out trying to be a competitor to Patreon, it's the thots that chose OnlyFans not really a conscious effort by OnlyFans My bet is it probably started when Patreon banned porn creators because of a US law that made websites liable for sex work organised on their platforms, OnlyFans is UK based so would be safe from it,

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