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Open file (1.20 MB 1233x1406 new girl.png)
Welcome to /cuckquean/! Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 03:13:55 No.1 [Reply]
/cuckquean/ lives! This is the successor board to 8ch's /cuckquean/. /cuckquean/ is a board all about the fetish of cuckqueaning - an arrangement where a woman enjoys her partner having sex with other women. In real life it is open, consensual and encouraged by the woman - distinguishing it from cheating - but may be secret and/or non-consensual in fantasy. It can be done for joy (compersion) or with a flavour of humiliation; both types are considered cuckqueaning. It was once also known as "female cuckold" or "reverse cuckold", until the cuckquean term entered general use. All combinations of compersive, humiliation/degradation, and other cuckqueaning are relevant on /cuckquean/, as are related topics such as harems or polygyny. Porn (2D & 3D), discussion, information, questions, stories and so forth are all very welcome! The rules of /cuckquean/ are: >/cuckquean/ is not for male homosexual content. Do not post male homosexual content on /cuckquean/. >/cuckquean/ is not for male cuckoldry content. Do not post male cuckoldry content on /cuckquean/. >Any guro must be spoilered and accompanied by a warning in its post. /cuckquean/'s bunkers are at https://8chan.moe/cuckquean/ ( http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/cuckquean/ ) or https://endchan.net/cuckquean/ - please record these addresses and fall back to them if Anon.cafe becomes inaccessible for a long period of time. Anon.cafe's fallback instructions file is at https://anon.cafe/special_static/anoncafe_fallback.txt as well - please save it to your computer. A catalog of all threads is available at https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/catalog.html or by clicking "Catalog" just a little up and to the left of this post. Welcome back to our new home. I'm the same board owner as always. Now, let's keep discussing the world's comfiest fetish!
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Open file (100.29 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Cuckqueaning in anime Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 00:53:00 No.967 [Reply] [Last]
We had a good thread about this on the old board, so let's start a new one here. Obviously there are a lot of harem anime, but it's usually of the 'competing for one guy' type rather than the 'sharing one guy type'. I've been watching this isekai, 'The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?'. In the 5th episode, the protagonist gets engaged to a girl and his 2 female party members start plotting to become his concubines. I just watched the 6th episode, and already the fiancée has said she is fine with the girls being his concubines and he's agreed to it! And they're all living in the same house together.
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>>2357 >Re: Zero treading dangerously close to 'Peter Grill' territory. I didn’t think they’d go that extreme on Emilia’s hyper-purity. Who cares anyway, everyone knows that Rem is overwhelmingly best girl.
>>2412 Don't get your hopes up though, it's likely more to do with the rape themes than with harem building. There are more girls that want to get forcibly taken than there are girls that want to get put in a harem, otherwise generic isekais would be far more popular with women than they currently are.
>>2464 Second link is down so here's another version of that clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n013UnKQ5Kg

Cuckqueaning and harems Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 20:47:26 No.2503 [Reply]
I wonder how cuckqueaning might work when it comes to harems, whether in the broader "one guy, three or more gals" sense or the narrower, more historical sense.

QTDDTOT #1 Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 03:08:40 No.2465 [Reply]
I'll start. What would your ideal living situation be? Would your vixen live with you and your man, would she live separately, what?
Open file (626.17 KB 656x926 1605686732482.png)
Open file (28.59 KB 256x256 938.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 500x382 500.gif)
>>2465 >What would your ideal living situation be? Would your vixen live with you and your man, would she live separately, what? My home's MY home, so I wouldn't want a vixen living with us. If she was a sister-wife that'd be a different story, but not a vixen. Conversely, I wouldn't want a sister-wife who I didn't want to live together with or who didn't want to live together with me. Likewise for hypothetical IRL kemonomimi girls owned as pets, who in my own taxonomy register as a kind of very junior sister-wife. Fucking war on drugs, where are my domestic animal ear girls?
Open file (292.87 KB 1072x1500 2.jpg)
Open file (493.85 KB 1072x1500 ErdROSuU0AA_ZfE.jpg)
Open file (334.59 KB 1072x1500 3.jpg)
Open file (465.70 KB 1072x1500 24.jpg)
Open file (316.23 KB 600x1770 25.jpg)
>>2465 >>2483 Kinda like yeah, I don't want vixen to live permanently. She would come for the weekend, have fun, then return back on Monday. That way there would be looking forward to something and not fatigue the cuckqueaning magic. Theres an ongoing with ghosts from TV come out and instead of killing they fuck. When another ghost comes, they have a threesome and the vixen ghost return happily back into tv.
Open file (56.09 KB 521x412 cute ghost returns.jpg)
>>2497 That TV vixen ghost is cute. >That way there would be looking forward to something and not fatigue the cuckqueaning magic. Exactly. This is very important.
>>2498 Thanks, its called Fear and Scream https://exhentai.org/g/1894131/317dbc1f53/ It has horror comedy and thicc ghost

Open file (591.12 KB 1407x2000 tei_00.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1391x2000 tei_03.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 1391x2000 tei_04.jpg)
Open file (827.24 KB 1391x2000 tei_05.jpg)
Open file (637.81 KB 1391x2000 tei_06.jpg)
Cuckquean Eromanga/Hentai Manga Thread #1 Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 15:09:27 No.6 [Reply] [Last]
This new place is looking nice. Time to decorate it with some good old fashioned smut. This thread is for cuckquean eromanga. Without further ado, let's try the one that I was posting when Endchan died weeks ago...

Kanojo ga Iru noni Uwaki Shite Tewi-chan to Sex Shita by Ippongui
featuring Udonge as a clueless and frigid girlfriend, and Tewi as an aggressive bunny-vixen.
202 posts and 698 images omitted.
Open file (462.76 KB 1748x2400 baka.jpg)
>>2424 Wait, why's the vixen-mother referring to herself as a "cuckquean slut"? That's the opposite of what it should- >find gallery on exhentai >scanlator used second-hand downscaled raws >yet placed a TL notes page at the start of the file instead of the end so they could show off how well they understood the title's pun and sound effects >but fucked up and translated 差寝取りアクメキメ (netori akume kime) in shallow context as "cuckquean slut" (probably meant as a gender inversion of "cuckold" even though that wouldn't make sense there either) without understanding what they were looking at I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if someone's going to try and show off as a scanlator, a fundamental chunk of their translation at least needs to be not completely wrong. Judging from their Twitter, (https://twitter.com/tengokuoh) they're Indonesian, so I suppose they don't grok the target language of English so well?
Open file (1.81 MB 1500x1077 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2425 It goes further than that. The full phrase fragment they were trying to translate was >年の差寝取りアクメキメさせてもらいます They read the first part as >(年の)(差寝取り) and translated as "netori of the year" (absurd result) instead of properly reading it as >(年の差)(寝取り) meaning "age-difference netori" (i.e. a lover being stolen by someone much older or younger than them, but usually older). Simply Googling the phrase would have turned up endless JAV results of young men cheating on girlfriends with said girlfriend's MILFy mother. Then they translated アクメキメさせてもらいます as "claim the title (of cuckquean slut)". アクメ here is an orgasm and キメ look like emphasis katakana, rendering the latter part of the phrase as きめさせてもらいます, that being read (アクメ)(決めさせて)(もらいます) meaning here to "receive a clinching orgasm" (same word used when the outcome of e.g. a judo match is decided), indicating she's been defeated - which matches the pictures. The whole phrase sounds hilariously like it's being shouted by a sports commentator. So the full phrase would be - accounting for the usual Japanese love of pun-rich mouthfuls in the climactic moments of their porn - something roughly like: >I've been defeated in a man-thieving-MILF orgasm by my daughter's boyfriend - fifteen years my junior - using me as a meat toilet!
Open file (704.71 KB 632x904 ClipboardImage.png)
Even machine or amateur translation is fine. There are many interesting untranslated "Cuckquean" or "Reverse NTR" out there...Like this one. A story about a couple who went to a woman for sex advice and end up being her...Slave. I think this kind of relationship happens a lot irl too. [Sho-Kun, isnt it bad if you just selfishly cum by yourself?] [Ah, Amamiya-Chan, did you put the collar on?] [Aaah, playing with toys sure is fun]
>>2442 Certainly, but if you’re going to have a crack at amateur translation, then you should at very least be familiar with the language you’re translating to. I’m as amateur as they come, and I still managed to figure out >>2426 with some quick googling and dictionary use. Overconfident ESLs and their consequences have been a disaster for the scanlation race.
Open file (772.40 KB 1390x2000 01.jpg)
Open file (959.14 KB 1400x2000 02.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 1400x2000 09.png)
Open file (1.40 MB 1400x2000 11.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 1400x2000 12.png)
Here's a lovely SAO doujinshi called Etsuraku no Sono/Garden of pleasure by Geiwamiwosukuu!! (Karura Syou) https://exhentai.org/g/1898042/e2f08aab91/ Asuna and Kirito will soon consummate their marriage in the real world, and Suguha is worried that she'll no longer be able to serve as Asuna's substitute. Asuna here is a lovely, understanding cuckquean - and her reaction to seeing a dripping creampie will be of no surprise to anyone on this board.

Fantasy Cuckqueaning Thread 10/04/2019 (Fri) 00:19:30 No.357 [Reply] [Last]
It's October, and as such, I feel it's time we have a proper fantasy thread, to discuss all the elves, monstergirls, and other supernatural beings that are almost certainly going to steal your bf.
135 posts and 129 images omitted.
Open file (1.73 MB 500x281 smug albedo.gif)
Open file (511.68 KB 480x270 luv.gif)
>>2486 >lovable bond between quan and living man What's wrong with an un-living man, huh?
Open file (180.20 KB 1024x1449 ktd9jnauxfe61.jpg)
>>2487 Absolutely nothing.
>>2476 What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? Do you want your titty weighed against a feather and your man stolen because the titty is less hefty? >>2484 Are they pointers or are they preferences? I think there's a mix here.
>>2496 >What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? Do you want your titty weighed against a feather and your man stolen because the titty is less hefty? /monster/fag here. Not the one you are asking, but Anubi are mostly made a huge autists, which they mostlikely are with stuff like playing with legos and such. They usually have plans for everything even dates and stuff preplanned. They are the "managers" of pharoahs in mge. They are also more of a submissive nature.
>>2496 I claim this board's 2500th post in the name of lego-enjoying Egyptianesque jackal girls and the eventual penetration of one of them by my beloved's fat cock. >What do you enjoy about the anubis? Is it just fluffy doggo or is there more? She's cute, I love her design, I want to touch her fluffy ears, her big meaty paws are great, I like her Egyptian elements, and I think the personality that her encyclopaedia profile describes - a loving administrator who goes to flustered pieces the moment the man makes a forceful move - is sexy. I'm not into the whole "forcing other women to become their mummy-cursed subordinate" part, but that's a matter of taste. I suspect I'd get along with one (absent any silly attempts to mummy-curse me or make me into her subordinate). Plus I think the whole shy "autism wan" fanon that /monster/ has given her is funny and sweet.

lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486 [Reply] [Last]
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
234 posts and 100 images omitted.
>>2470 Sounds like you had fun and they made you very welcome! Wonder why they decided to confide in you? Gotta admit that I lol’d when I got to the horsecock part - maybe they picked you because you just give off a horsecocked homewrecker vibe. But I’m curious: Were you relegated entirely to strap-on duty? If so, did you find that particularly satisfying, sexually? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why’d it end? They’d had their fill? Not a lot of vixens tend to drop by here, like >>2473 says I don’t think the majority of girls who fill a vixen role think of themselves in those terms. You’re welcome all the same. Thanks for adding “watch boyfriend cockslap a brash lesbian” to my never-to-be-finished cuckqueaning bucket list.
>>2489 >Sounds like you had fun and they made you very welcome! Wonder why they decided to confide in you? I did have fun! I think they decided to tell me because I was good enough friends with her gf and I guess they thought I was attractive. One aspect I think might have made me more attractive to them or at least to the quean was my feet, oddly enough. I have actually had experiences with foot fetish before although that's a story for another time and it's not /cuckquean/ related. but I didn't think it could happen with girls. During that time period I was going to college in that area, a friend of mine had got me a nail salon gift card so I was getting my nails done a lot. more specifically, I kept getting a french pedicure and I guess it really turned the quean on. >But I’m curious: Were you relegated entirely to strap-on duty? If so, did you find that particularly satisfying, sexually? I wasn't entirely relegated to strapon duty. That was certainly a very fun part of it. I actually admit the part that I enjoyed the most was wrecking that dumb slut's gf. I wasn't a large fan of her at first but once I realized she was just kind of dumb feminist slut who was a cuckquean, it turned me on even more. There was this one time in particular that me and her gf were dirty talking her and I fingered her before calling her a dumb feminist cuck and she had an orgasm. >Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why’d it end? They’d had their fill? the relationship kind of ended when I left college. I had finished the classes for what I needed to do and then I left. We had one final session together where they licked my feet like image related and I had them take turns riding the horsecock strapon. We left on a good note. Speaking of that, I have a question to ask for the lesbian cuckqueans. Do you have foot fetish? How do you integrate it into your sex life?
>>2490 >I have actually had experiences with foot fetish before >but I didn't think it could happen with girls I briefly looked into this a while ago and I've only heard of it manifesting in lesbians in any statistically significant amount. I've seen a couple of apocryphal accounts of women attracted to men's feet at a fetish level, but the supermajority of both male and female foot fetishists seem to be attracted to women's feet. (This isn't counting women who like to briefly kiss feet as part of a submission ritual or be stepped on for masochistic/submissive reasons, of course - that has more to do with feet as a symbol pointing to the actual locus of arousal rather than as a fetish object in and of themselves.) On a side note, weirdly your experiences register to me more as a cuckolding "bull" type of role rather than what one would think of as the classic cuckqueaning vixen. I think it's because all members of the arrangement were women and your role strongly involved wielding an exaggerated strapon. (Is "wielding" the right general verb for what you did with that strapon? It feels right. "Wearing" seems insufficient.) This is the first time I've seen an account of this particular arrangement with these particular dynamics involved.

Chastity Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 15:53:53 No.161 [Reply]
Is there a better feeling than being locked away snug and secure in your belt while hubby rails some tight pretty thing? Not all underwear is made of steel, just the best kind.

This thread is for discussing female chastity play, chastity devices, chastity practices including orgasm denial, chastity life, and so on.

Do you own a belt? Two? More? Talk about them. How long do you wear them for? Who holds your key while you're locked away?

Do you want a belt of your own? Of course you do. Which are you thinking of picking? Why? How're you going to use it?

Just have chastity fantasies and aren't interested in doing it in real life yet? That's okay too! Post fantasies, porn, stories, hentai, whatever, as long as it involves female chastity play!
31 posts and 44 images omitted.
>>172 >>1620 >>1622 I understand how hot orgasm denial can be but people sewing themselves up makes me feel sick. >>1516 Kind of defeats the point
>>2055 The sewing and supergluing stuff is pretty extreme. I don't like it myself. I think tape can be hot. >anal defeats the point Orgasm/pleasure denial isn't the only point of pussy+clitoral chastity. The feeling of having such a fundamental part of your body under someone else's unconditional control is a big part of it for many. Besides, getting fucked in the butt is quite different from getting fucked in the pussy. Don't knock getting assfucked in a belt until you've tried it!
>>2070 Superglue dissolves with sweat. It's pretty much a temporary arrangement. As for piercings, I'm not a fan either, but whatever floats your boat.
Open file (2.07 MB 1600x1471 1618178286016.png)
>>2070 I will add to this that having to do it consistently is a big part of it. Belted anal really helps hammer home that you're a sex object.

Open file (986.67 KB 500x324 1611544498625.gif)
Male advice Containment Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 20:29:38 No.2371 [Reply]
Just as the title of thread says, this is a containment thread for male advice. Other guys are welcome to post here as well, if there are any. Primarily making this because I need advice on how to approach and proceed on a few things and honestly have no idea how to go about things. The most that Im hoping for in my specific situation is at least a long, possibly awkward, conversation with my wife and at least getting her to be more willing to discuss various kinks that she has. Its not so much that Im incapable of talking to her about such, its just she tends to clam up about anything outside the social and religious orthodox that we come from. That isnt to say I dont know about other more conventional things, but engaging her about things outside that is rather tough. Its not as if I could flat out ask and not expect things to go poorly if I happen to be wrong. Again, Im mostly hoping for an awkward conversation and for life to just go on as normal. There are numerous things that lead me to believe she's into quean stuff; whatever dynamic I can only guess as she's rather demanding for control of things. Maybe a vixen? Ill go more indepth about this in another post, but what really seemed to make it clear was when having our last child we were unable to have sex for a good 4+ months and I was given permission to get a girlfriend so long as she knew about it. I didnt do this as like the other prior times such had come up, primarily out of an assumption that it was a shittest. Though other conversations about engaging in polygyny make me wonder. Some of these conversations are joking, teasing, and others are oddly serious. Even if nothing comes of it, I basically just want advice as to go about approaching such a conversation or leading into being able to get her to acknowledge such if only be closer to her. I think her reluctance is mostly based on our background which doesnt really allow for such and maybe other sexual things, whereas polygyny isnt exactly forbidden, just frowned upon and considered "illegal". Any kind of general advice would be welcomed, as well as any questions. Ill do my best to answer what I can overall without giving away too much.
9 posts and 3 images omitted.
Went with a light push on the voyeurism and posing hypotheticals as well as claiming that I had a dream where I had a harem of multiple wives of only her. Pretty significant results and some mildly amusing stuff. At this point Im definitely certain she is rather into cuckquean but likely not entirely comfortable with it or the certain aspects as well as worried that I'd somehow be stolen away/be tempted to leave. So, to start with I decided to go over the 'dream'. Which was interesting. She seemed to have a mixed reaction but turned on by it which lead to an interesting conversation. >she suggested that we do roleplay >floated the idea that she could be a hooker or just some girl I picked up at a bar >I offered back that thats too sleazy, offering instead a girlfriend or co-wife scenario >she didnt like the girlfriend suggestion and at first refused to address why co-wife wasnt good >eventually settled on "its too realistic" while her face was red >asked for an explanation and all I got was weak deflections >"Youre too handsome, someone might try to steal you." Im honestly rather average and absolutely nothing special, >"besides, most women out there are nuts." >"where would we all sleep? Itd be awkward." When I offered, jokingly, that I could change my office into a bedroom she kind of sputtered and told me I was mean and went back into other deflections >"well, Im greedy. Id want you more often." Pointed out that that wasnt a no >"well you arent allowed to date, most women are nuts and thats a weird situation."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>2391 Ill see you guys in a week or so, going to see what she'll be willing to open up on. Thanks for all the replies so far
Bit more than a week, sorry. But I do have updates and seem to be making reasonable progress. Otherwise Im honestly having a ton of fun as Ive been pushing all sorts of buttons lately. >polygyny discussion Came up a few times, usually at her prompting and often resulted in her playfully getting "upset" with me or turning red and suddenly deflecting. Discussions are usually less than 30 mins, but this is a step up from occasionally touching on the subject tangentially and saying oddly cq themed things and parachuting out of it or only maintaining a less than 5 mins convo Telling stuff though >"well at least we know that any kids you'd have would be just as cute as ours," >"its not like a second wife would change the outcome, you'll practically only shooting Xs. Do you really want to have twice as many daughters?" Said a didnt mind >"Well that many kids would drive you nuts, besides you really think you could handle more than one woman?" Suggested that I could and that its not as if there arent two spots to sit on. She then demanded that I prove it >"w-well, its not like youd get to go dating or anything, I wont allow it." Rebutted with "because you said you'd get to choose who." She simply turned red became physically demanding. Noticed a bit of correlation that any discussion of either watching me or being involved with some other woman tends to result in her wanting to jump my bones. Dunno if this is because its turning her on or if she's turned on by the idea of having to restake her claim to me. >"Besides, itd be dangerous if you had more than one wife. We'd be constantly pregnant."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>2448 Continuing, post is too big >>2386 >polygyny discussion next time Seems to be a general mix of threesomes or watching, while permanent sleeping arrangements being a indeterminate. Suggests being picking up on that Id lose my office or that we'd need a King sized bed. She seems less sure about this than other things, responses vary >Does she think of polygyny only as a "backup" for when she's out of commission, or as something she'd be happy with in general? It seems like "backup" is a bit of an excuse to hide from that she's at least interested in the idea and unsure how Id react. Overall it seems like something she'd love but doesnt want to admit >How does she think she'd get along with a co-wife? See above. Basically she'd want to vet them and be friends with them first, so theres definitely be a bit more thinking on this than even I realized. >You'd be having sex with another woman under her nose. What does she think about that? Outside of the "I want to watch you have sex" vague conversations, not necessarily sure. She seems to get off on the idea of watching me, but whether thats her or someone else she hasnt been specific on. Does seem to be excited at the prospect of me engaging in fetishistic stuff, again phrased in a way that seems to imply a girl who isnt her; anal only apparently being a favorite that drives her insane. >One big bedroom or separate bedrooms for each wife? Pros/cons? Mix, see above >How would dating to find a co-wife work? She has to be involved in the selection process, after all... She hasnt elaborated but has obviously thought/is thinking about it. >What's the best number of wives?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>2449 Sounds to me like your wife's into it, yeah. >"And its not like we could just pop out and pick up a second wife for you. Haha, I-I mean... How would we even do that? Haha, its not there are places where we could go and find someone and say 'h-hey, come by and fuck my husband.'." Good work Anon's wife; I had a gud laff. >how likely is social dynamics an issue overall for some of you? How did you guys overcome this (assuming co-wife sort of situation)? Don't know, never had a co-wife and am not presently contemplating such an arrangement. But I think a good rule of thumb should be that all wives like each other and are good enough friends that they can live together in the same house. >for those of you who have, how do you deal with neighbors, relatives, kids, etc? The usual method with neighbours is to just keep things low-key and only confirm the nature of the relationship if asked directly. Don't hide it (suspicious) but don't go out of your way to point it out either (obnoxious). Relatives? Who knows! At the very least, all sets of parents should know and be OK with the arrangement. Exceptional care should be taken to assure everyone involved that both women are OK with it and nobody's getting exploited. For kids, the only reference point I've seen for handling it is that the women do have limited authority over each others' kids but that the kids should call only their actual mother as mother, and the other women as "aunty <name>". Expect them to be very confused and curious as to why other kids don't have households like theirs, and for them to catch some flak at school etc. But overall the main thing is for them, like any other kids, to have their needs met in an age-appropriate way and to be raised with love in a loving household. All else pales in comparison. >are there any kind of cq themed media that isnt porn to kind of help along a conversation?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (290.03 KB 1600x1309 Gotham High.jpg)
Fan Art Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 03:39:47 No.180 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for cuckquean fan art (of cartoons, comics, video games, whatever). I'll dump what I have saved from 8chan. Feel free to contribute.
281 posts and 743 images omitted.
>>2409 I like to think so. Doomguy is just the right fit for this kind of thing, since he's partially born of memes, thus our collective consciousness of what we want him to be. The new games gave him personality, but they were mostly just interpreting what we'd all decided he was. Hyperviolent, but only to those who deserve it, no patience for bullshit and hypocrisy, shows kindness and restraint to those who are not his enemies, prefers actions to words. In short, he's an avatar of pure, distilled masculinity, which makes him a perfect insert when you need that. Especially important when you're performing demonic lesbian conversion.
Open file (376.38 KB 2048x1358 EyrBM4RVcAMit-T.jpeg)
Final Fantasy VII
>>2433 I really like the art style of this one; super soft and cute.
Open file (153.54 KB 1280x720 Calm0000yv01.jpg)
Open file (142.19 KB 1280x720 Calm0000ze01.jpg)
Open file (125.40 KB 1280x720 Calm0000zg02.jpg)
Open file (155.03 KB 1280x720 Calm0031.jpg)
Artist - Calm No specific cuckquean images, just lots of ffm. Very good artstyle.
>>2433 SauceNAO doesn't return any results for this. Sauce? >>2459 Something about their style sticks out at me. It's very... Blizzard-esque? I don't know enough about art style lineage in Western ero art to say more, but I do note that the artist seems to have a thing for girls with big shit-eating grins.

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